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Generate amazing ideas with our reusable whiteboard notebook!
Generate amazing ideas with our reusable whiteboard notebook!
Generate amazing ideas with our reusable whiteboard notebook!
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    1. Lorenzo Pappalettera on

      Just letting everyone know.. It isn't as clean and easy as you think xD It can become pretty darn messy and even when you carefully try to clean it, especially with a slightly damp cloth or anything with water on it will destroy your wipebook pages.

    2. Logan Taylor on

      Did you ever figure out anything for the ghosting?

    3. Missing avatar

      Eagertolearn on

      Hi Frank

      I'm still waiting for my wipe book :( do you have my shipping info?

    4. Frank Bouchard 4-time creator on

      Again, just forward you questions over to if you still have issues with your order. We had so many different customer support systems in place over the course of the campaign ( we were juggling so much crap at the same time), so a handfull of issues might have fallen between the cracks. None the less we still want to resolve your issues as soon as we can just send our support team an email and they will gladly help you out.

    5. Missing avatar


      I would like to know when my damaged book will be replaced.

    6. Missing avatar

      kick963 on

      Wrap up?! I'm still waiting for a follow up for this:

      "We are currently looking into a permanent solution for the ghosting that some people experience when using the Wipebook. We assume that this is a matter of consistency of the gloss used to laminate the pages. We hope that you can enjoy your uber set in the meantime. "

    7. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      This is the kickstarter item that I use the most - very happy with it.

      Now if only I could get a good deal including shipping to the UK I'd buy more !?

    8. Frank Bouchard 4-time creator on

      Hi all,
      If you still haven't received your reward or you are having issues, simply send an email to where we have a ticket system in place. We are essentially down to 265 backers with issues that we are resolving one by one.

      I know it's frustrating if you are one of the last ones to receive your rewards, but international orders are pretty tricky when you are dealing with 68 different countries, some are bound to get lost and we are doing our best to resend (when possible) or refund if you haven't received your reward.

    9. Robert Khoe

      Pfff, I am not surprised I am not the only one not satisfied.

      I am now in discussion about a solution where they first propose something themselves and if I accept they can't do it.
      And still no solution...

    10. claudia on

      This project is in my list of never being fulfilled. Disappointing.

    11. Missing avatar

      janotterstetter on

      I didnt get mine too :-(

    12. natalia farre lopez on

      Hi everybody... Maybe I have bad luck with my wipebook, but I tried in some pages with my notes and drawings (storyboards) ... first time that erase just I make a mistake no problem, unless that a few days later, try it again .. then seems like was "permanent", with a wet paper (with water), starts to "erase"... and after that, some alcohol ... and appears smudges and circles where if you write again.. forget it to use it. Other friends that have wipe book doesn't have this issue :(((
      Any idea Frank, whats up this this ? I really love wipe book but if works like as described ...

    13. Gaetano Di Giovanni on

      Didn't received mine yet... still waiting... will I ever receive it?

    14. Fernando Ducloux on

      Hi Frank. I pledged for 2 white wipebooks with markers, I received one back in May, sent you a message about it.. will I ever get the second wipebook?

    15. Missing avatar

      Thomas Vikström on

      I received my blank Wipebook already in May and was (still partly am) quite satisfied with it. Yes it leaves some smudges and some alcohol/ispropanol is needed from time to time.
      What I'm most disappointed with is that the product is very sensitive to humidity. I had it in my "waterproof" backpack when the sky suddenly opened. I did not get water inside the backpack, but did get humidity. My two laptops and paper notebook survived without issues, but my Wipebook soaked a lot of humidity and is now useless as all "papers" are curvy and the surface has also suffered when the "papers" stuck to each other.
      Unfortunately it is not possible to order to Finland, otherwise I might have ordered one more and been more careful with Wipebook than with a paper notebook... I've e-mailed Wipebook persons with my findings but haven't received any feedback.

    16. Faisal Omar Aljabri on

      Frank, Big Thank you ! i just got my books! what excites me is that you've come through, it made me feel happy to have backed you, though i had my doubts earlier; hay you come through and kept your promise that;s more important than the book! Thanks again

    17. claudia on

      Up to last year Kickstarter was a place for dreamers trying to achieve something different. Now it looks more and more like a store that can't promise to deliver what you asked for. Getting really disappoint whit the last projects I backed.

    18. Robert Khoe


      I now know what you did wrong with the sending of my package. I just recieved a letter from Dutch customs:
      1. It was a pledge towards a reward, but you put the (total) commercial value on the onvoice. Kickstarter is not a shop!
      2. I was eligable for something extra as a gift, but for that you also put the total commercial value on the invoice.

      All this made the import duties exceptionally high as I earlier reported.

      You once promised that I would be contacted by someone. That still hasn't happened.

      I am very disappointed in your project.


    19. Frank Bouchard 4-time creator on

      @Araceli: You never sent us your shipping address which is why you haven't received your reward. Please send it to or complete it on

      @Lorenzo: Glad you love it!

      @Peter Terry: You never sent us your shipping address. Please send it to so we can ship it to you. Thanks

      @Janotterstetter: Unfortunately you are part of about 200/8000 orders who are still stuck in transit. We sent over the 200 claims to canada post to see if they can resend the order

      @Claudia: You are also part of the unfortunate batch of backers with shipments still stuck in transit. We've submitted the claim to canada post about 2 weeks ago so we are still waiting for an answer from them :(

    20. claudia on

      Very disappointed. No reward, no contact, no response to my emails.

    21. Missing avatar

      janotterstetter on

      @TeamWipebook, how about my wipebook, any News?

    22. Missing avatar

      Peter Terry on

      Backer 82 any progress on my wipe book ....?

    23. Lorenzo Pappalettera on

      I just got the new steadtler correctables which work great on my wipebook^^ The only downside is that the remover on the back of the steadtler correctables aren't removing all of the ink so I'd have to wipe it away with a wet cloth/paper (not too wet ofc).. But besides that, I love it!

    24. Chelly on

      I still haven't got mine... It's not even international shipping. All my other pledges from last year got here ages ago.

    25. Missing avatar

      kick963 on

      I sent out this email 3 weeks ago.. so far not a single response are acknowledgement..
      Why am I being ignored?

      From: MyName []
      Sent: Thursday 24 juli 2014 18:56
      Subject: wipebook issue


      Currently not so happy with my wipebooks. I ordered the über set so have a bit of materials to test with.

      The blue smudge (using blue correctables) I commented about on kickstarter seems to only be an issue for my grid book and the grid and isometric grid pages of my mixed book where the normal grid has it a lot worse than the isometric grid.

      I’ve attached 2 photographs where you can see the residue left after writing with 4 different blue correctables. I’ve also uploaded a few video’s to show the process I used.
      URLs for these are:, and

      Since the issue is A LOT worse on the grid pages this does not seem to be an issue with the markers but rather the wipebook laminate itself.

      Please advise on a solution for these issues.

    26. Frank Bouchard 4-time creator on

      Riccardo Sarijoen: Checked your tracking number and it looks like it's been delivered

      Robert Khoe: Checked your status and it looks like your books have also been delivered

      Faisal Omar Aljabri: Sorry about your custom order, the reason yours took so long is because we prioritized the designs that were submitted properly. We are finnishing the last of the custom orders tonight though.

      yoose: I'm pretty sure your issue was resolved. Let me know if it hasn't

      claudia/shilohtd/Icey: Sorry to hear you haven't gotten your book yet. It looks like you were one of the unlucky ones that got permanently stuck in transit with Canada Post. We are currently working with them to find solutions for people in your situation, but we are resolving it. If canada post isn't able to find the package, the packages are insured, so they'll be able to process the claim.

    27. Missing avatar

      Icey on

      I'm still waiting for my wipebook.

    28. shilohtd on

      If I could just get my wipebook I'd be so happy.

    29. claudia on

      You know the lesson I learned with KS? The more successful the project (more money it makes), less chance of you to get you rewards...

    30. Robert Khoe

      "Sorry for the lack of communication, your messages were being flung to multiple people." (PM from Frank Bouchard).

      I really don't understand this statement, but I see I am not the only one ...

    31. claudia on

      Adding my voice to the disappointment with the lack of contact or effort to delivery the rewards. It's a shame when apparent success can derail an interesting project.

    32. Daniel on

      I was just erasing a page with a list I wrote yesterday with the blue dry erasable pen. It took some effort! Had to grind that felted back really hard onto the page to get most of the ink off. Last half of it I cheated and breathed on it first to dampen the ink, and then it was way easier. The first few sketches I did several weeks ago was not as easy to remove. But just with a slightly water-dampened rag I was able to remove it all, even the faint ghosting. I will hereon only correct stuff the dry way half an hour or so at most after drawing (and never whole pages). Damp rag = super! No alcohol needed for me. Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with my wipebooks. :)

    33. Faisal Omar Aljabri on

      Frank, i am heavily disappointed due to your very very slow responds and lack of action to effectively deliver my reward since Jan-2014; this kind of attitude taints the crowd funding spirit.


    34. Missing avatar

      yoose on

      Can I have my refund now? I have been asking for months and this is getting ridiculous, it takes you on average over one month to respond to my emails. I have been very patient with this. You said I would get my refund soon 3 weeks ago. Please just issue my refund.

    35. Robert Khoe


      Heavily disappointed Olivier hasn't contacted me. I managed against all procedures to extend the period before they return the package with one day.
      But I am out of options tomorrow.

      PM, general comments nor e-mail won't work apparantly.

      Heavily disappointed.


    36. Robert Khoe

      Hi Frank,

      Ok, I am thinking I have to conclude that you are not interested in solving this one.

      I am afraid if I don't hear anything today the package will be returned in a couple of days automatically by the shipping company.
      I was hoping to reach a solution, but you seem not to be interested in that.

      Pity. I was hoping to use your Wipebook and some were intended as gifts.


      (Also send by mail and PM.)

    37. Chelly on

      Hi there. Im curious about why I haven't got my wipebook yet. Is not international shipping. Can you help me here please?

    38. Robert Khoe


      Haven't heard of Olivier yet ...

    39. shilohtd on

      has it been six weeks yet?

    40. Riccardo Sarijoen on

      I've been waiting patiently for a while, but now I'm getting curious where my custom wipebook is at.. The status on Wipekit says that 0% has been processed and shipped, however the updates state that several have been shipped on July 3rd. Any ETA or update on my specific order?

    41. Missing avatar

      Romel on

      Did my wipebook ship? Will you let me know? I don't get emails from you when it ships. Just message me on my kickstarter cause I think my inbox is deleting your automation emails.

    42. Robert Khoe


      I PM-ed and mailed you.

    43. Frank Bouchard 4-time creator on

      MTN: We've had several people tell us the same thing and others say the opposite so we've looked extensively to try and see the root cause of the issue. It seems that the ink the correctable pens seem to change slightly from pen to pen. Sometimes the pens are great and work wonders, other times, the colored ones leave. If your getting the same effect with dry erase pens, send an email to because that's probably a defective book. On very rare occasions, some pages are not glossed properly. Thanks for the feedback though, were definitely looking into it.

      Lee Stevens: Glad you got it finally!

      Peter Terry: You never sent us an address. Please send an email to

      Martin Juul Petersen: We aren't currently shipping in all countries around the world, so we haven't sent the coupons to many international backers yet until we have a sustainable shipping solution. We are definitely working on it though with various shipping providers.

      Kevin Owens: That's really disappointing to see because we essentially paid as much in shipping ourselves. International orders have just been hugely frustrating, but I'm glad you did receive your rewards finally!

      kick963: Like I mentioned to MTN, send us pictures or videos to We really want to see if these issues are issues with the pen or with the manufacturing process. The pens seem to vary a lot, and this is out of our control, but if it's an issue with the film, we definitely want to try to find a solution to your issues. Try a dry erase to see if you get better results.

    44. Missing avatar

      kick963 on

      I unfortunately have to agree completely.
      Just drew a blue schematic and tried erasing it.. with just cloth or the back of the markers it leaves a very visibly blue 'film' that is just too obvious.
      The paper can not be used again unless cleaned with some alcohol which isn't at all how it was presented.

      Sofar I've tested the grid and mini version.. both have the same problem for me.
      Sorry to say, but I'm quite disappointed and will certainly not recommend.

    45. Missing avatar

      Kevin Owens on

      Hello Wipebook,
      My Uber Set has just arrived. Thanks folks. Well packaged. Knew it had arrived in the UK on Friday when I received invoice for import taxes (£43 / $73CAD). I think we've all learnt something from the campaign. Good luck for the future.

    46. Robert Khoe

      @Creator I PM-ed you.

    47. Martin Juul Petersen on

      Hey Wipebook team,

      I live in Denmark and have been considering buying the Wipebook 2 Mini and I'm also a backer who should receive both mystery gifts. Are one of these mysteri gifts a coupon code for the Mini / your site, and in the case it is, when can I expect to get it so I can buy the mini?

    48. Missing avatar

      Peter Terry on

      Hi frank I'm backer 82 from England just wondering when I'll receive my wipe book?

    49. Lee Stevens on

      Hi Frank, Thank you i got mine this morning in perfect shape!! Out of the book the look amazing yet to use!!

    50. Missing avatar

      Romel on

      Here's what they said in their facebook message:

      Hello Romel, You will be sent a tracking number when your order ships. We sent out email confirmations the last time too. Please remain patient, we are finalizing out Kickstarter shipments right now. Thanks

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