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A unique set of fantasy miniatures inspired by the days of 80s & 90s cartoon adventure.
A unique set of fantasy miniatures inspired by the days of 80s & 90s cartoon adventure.
A unique set of fantasy miniatures inspired by the days of 80s & 90s cartoon adventure.
117 backers pledged $3,878 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Tom Mason 3-time creator on

      Awesome!!! Can't wait to see how you all paint them. Man I need to prime a set and start painting them myself :)

    2. Maarten on

      The models have arrived! Now to start painting...

    3. Tim Chase on

      Arrived today... they look great!

    4. BoardGameGuy on

      Mine arrived yesterday. They look great. Can't wait to paint them.

    5. Tom Mason 3-time creator on

      @ShinRido thank you so much! It's been a fun ride and I'm excited things are moving along so well. So many ideas for what's next. Time to start narrowing them down :)

    6. ShinRido

      Hey Tom just dropping in to congratulate you on a successful KS Campaign. Looking forward to your next one! Keep up the GREAT work!

    7. Jefferey McDowell on

      @Tom, Heck you could even kickstart it with a couple new miniatures? Just a thought! Waiting for the Pledge-Manager now.. I know it takes time, so not rushing you, just want to get that Owl too.

    8. Tom Mason 3-time creator on

      Oh man! Jeff, you are REALLY making me jones for doing a comic book. I'm not joking when I say, this is a SERIOUS consideration.

    9. Jefferey McDowell on

      Oh a comic is so needed. Great character design, and logo. Who know maybe Cartoon Network would make it a new series. I'd watch.

      Your Kronan guy is so my DnD character growing up, so I had to have him.. now if you could make a Drow Bard with two small hand held crossbows.. you would have my best buddies character too.

      Keep up the great work, and keep bringing us kick ass miniatures like this.. and really get a comic done, even if it s small 3 book set. Id Buy it.

    10. Tom Mason 3-time creator on

      Doing a comic for these characters would be incredible!

    11. Sinister Jester on

      Couldn't let this one go without my support! Maybe a one off comic book KS?

    12. Emil Westgaard Henriksen on

      "The Forgotten Turtle" you are not alone about that! Just added 20$ to my pledge lets get this owl! ;D

    13. Tom Mason 3-time creator on

      Glad to have you here Tim!

      So close to the Owl Swordmaster!

    14. Tim Chase on

      Another Myth fan here... I love your work!

    15. Tom Mason 3-time creator on

      Woo hoo!!!! I'm so thrilled it happened less than a week in (even if just by a little). That was my personal goal and can't thank you guys enough for making it happen. Special thanks to Emil for pushing us over the top!

    16. Deano C. Ware on

      Your funded Tom! Hi Tre and Sean!

    17. Emil Westgaard Henriksen on

      Now you're there Tom! Congratz! �

    18. Tom Mason 3-time creator on

      @Troschan thank you so much!

    19. RH

      Nearly there! =)

    20. Troschan on

      Just added 10 bucks because I love your work and the work you did on Myth & Myth JM, shipping is to steep for me to Europe, so no minis for me though! :)

    21. tre manor on

      almost there!!

    22. Jeffrey "V" Visgaitis from Inner Circle on

      Happy to be a backer. Glad to see this is off to such a great start!

    23. Tom Mason 3-time creator on

      @Elliot thank you so much for coming over to back the project!

      @isaac ABSOLUTELY! Just add the base amount. Shipping will be the same as for one set. Thanks!

    24. isaac on

      If I wanted to grab a figure or set for a friend can I just add the amount to my pledge?

    25. Missing avatar

      Elliot on

      so excited to finally get my hands on some of your work. been a fan of your youtube channel for such a long time.

    26. Loig

      thanks, that's awesome!

    27. Tom Mason 3-time creator on

      @BoardGameGuy HAHAH that is awesome! I just hope they survive. That game is brutal!!!

    28. BoardGameGuy on

      I will use Kronan and The SwordsGirl in Kingdom Death Monster and if they have a child it will be Little Knife :)

    29. Tom Mason 3-time creator on

      Thanks for the comments! I'm very excited to see how you all paint the minis.

      @Loig, shipping does seem ridiculously high these days. I looked into it and I'm pretty sure shipping a single mini will be cheaper. The shipping section has been updated to explain that shipping for a single figure should be cheaper.


    30. Loig

      minis are sweet but shipping is crazy... 15$ to ship a 10$ miniature to EU??????

    31. Bob Cohoon on

      Nice miniatures here Tom! Hopefully we will catch you at Gencon again this year.

    32. Sean Sutter on

      Nice work Tom! I can't wait to paint up my set. I need brighter paints to go full cartoon.

    33. Iain Lowe on

      Good luck, Tom! I've enjoyed your YouTube videos very much and am very glad at this opportunity to not only support you but to obtain some of your work for my collection. Thanks for putting this project together!

    34. Tom Mason 3-time creator on

      @NickyB added to the FAQ!

    35. Mike Callahan on

      Good luck Tom! Looking great so far.

    36. NickyB on

      Woohoo glad to be first mate. Now answer my FAQ question ;-)

    37. Tom Mason 3-time creator on

      Thanks Nick! I'm thrilled with the response so far.

      By the way, I received a lovely email from Kickstarter congratulating me for you being my first backer. So congrats to you as well! :D

    38. tre manor on

      $1000 thus far and not even all teh way through the first day!! Awesome!

    39. NickyB on

      Awesome glad to see this going! They are awesome models!