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A robot inventor falls in love online and journeys to Nepal to meet his fiance for the first time. They marry the next day.
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Jenni Nelson

138 backers pledged $8,134 to help bring this project to life.

Your Tim quote of the day and some press!

Hi all of you Love Hackers!

We have about two weeks left to fundraise and we are getting so close.  We have to reach our goal in order to keep the funds we have raised thus far so keep spreading the word! Perhaps you can re-post today on your social networking sites.  This works wonders!

We have had some great developments.  First, we were featured on Indiewire last week.  Here is the link if anyone missed it.  Scroll down the page.

We have also made it onto some blogs and other interesting places in cyberdom.

I also think it is time I came through on my promise and shared some more nuggets from THE TRANSCRIPTS OF TIM.  I came across this quote this morning in regards to finding love:

"There was a Star Trek movie where, if you get the Nexus, you feel this infinite joy... and when you are taken out of the Nexus you want to do anything to get back!"

Here is hoping all of you have the Nexus!

THANKS AGAIN for all of your support.  Keep spreading the word and sharing our Kickstarter link!

Much love,



    1. Creator Amanda B on June 3, 2011

      Good luck getting the last bit! We're cheering for you over here in Zurich!

    2. Creator Dianna Kearney on May 26, 2011

      I can't wait to get my own copy of the film. I really want to see those outtakes - with Tim they will be hilarious. It was amazing to be at the wedding and now you have preserved this experience for us. Thanks again, Jenni!