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The Victory Theatre hosts a workshop reading of American Cola, a satirical musical that lampoons advertising, education and romance.


American Cola 
is a new musical satire over 4 years in the making. The story takes place in a small town high school that is facing budget cuts. Meanwhile Barbara, an aging advertising copywriter who's lost her edge, visits the school (her alma mater) in an attempt to revitalize her career. Her mutually beneficial solution of advertising in the school is met with cheers from the entire faculty, save for the idealistic music teacher Alan, who happens to be her high school boyfriend. As the debate between the ex-lovers escalates, Barbara eventually seeks the aid of Russell Sterling: the world's greatest advertiser.  Russell's plan for the school goes further than simple advertisements. The students are soon pitted against each other in a venomous political struggle which leaves the school in worse shape than when things began. The only hope for the students is Barbara and Alan finding a compromise, but history and personal convictions stand in their way. 

The score, composed by Ryan Pena, is eclectic to say the least. The musical numbers vary in style and range in genres from blues, rock, hip-hop, reggae, gospel, pop, country, punk, and even a cabaret number.

The book, written by Aaron Buck, is an ensemble piece in which multiple storylines weave in and out of each other with ease. The dialogue is always filled with sharp, sarcastic wit and every scene is filled with political and social commentary.

The lyrics, co-written by the creators, reflect the cynical and satirical nature of the show. They cover topics ranging from anti-intellectualism, (People Are Stupid) to the objectification of women, (Always Your Fault) to blue-collar pandering (Simple Hard Working American Man).


We are doing a staged reading of the show. This is basically actors, with minimal sets, costumes and props, reading from scripts, performing a rough version of the show. The purpose of this is so the authors of the show can observe an audience, gauge their reactions and get feedback following the show so they can fine tune the production.


Well, we need about $500 dollars to cover the costs of the theater rental, script/program printing, and food for the poor, starving actors and crew who were kind enough to volunteer for this reading. We know it's a drop in the bucket, but being poor artists ourselves, we thought we'd reach out to kickstarter.


It's a good show. It's smart and original and there's not enough of that out there. The Victory Theatre, where we're holding the reading, is known for developing new shows by unknown playwrights. Their most recent endeavor was just picked up by an Off-Broadway theater. American Cola is set to go down the same route, we just need to polish the show and we need your donations to do so.


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