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To Explore the dive sites of Guam (USA), Palau, and Philippines with 2d & 3d videos of Shipwrecks, Sharks and Exotic Critters

To Explore the dive sites of Guam (USA), Palau, and Philippines with 2d & 3d videos of Shipwrecks, Sharks and Exotic Critters Read More
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Wes Seleen
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Wes Seleen

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About this project

Underwater Exploration at Home

The goal of this project is to bring the underwater world of Guam, Palau and the Philippines to the rest of the world.  More importantly to do so in a fun and exciting manner :) 3D :)  and of course some regular 2D as well.  I first became inspired when I was having a conversation with my sister and she had asked me to create something that she could show my nieces and nephews to let them know what I truly enjoyed and found exciting.  It was not long before I realized how much fun we have making them movie clips about diving. So I thought that others might like to explore with us.

UPDATE ****************************************************************************

So I've been here in the Philippines for a few days now, and so far I've discovered a Mola Mola! Something that none of the guides nor the owner of the dive shop have seen here before! I will post a picture here and the video up on my Kickstarter Backers channel when I get some more bandwidth. 

I teach people not only to dive but I also train instructors as well.  I teach Digital Underwater Photography as well as Videography.  I have already invested in the scuba gear, the boat, the travel vouchers, even the computer software to make the movies.  So this Kickstarter is not to fund a trip or anything like that it's to getting the necessary equipment to go 3D HD and produce the Movies.  

The Tech

We researched our options and found the GoPro Hero 2 line would be the most cost effective route.  It will allow us to capture 720p @ 60fps and 1080p @ 30 fps.  The only problem the GoPros present us with is that their domed lens port doesn't work well with the added refraction of water so all the housings have to be repurchased with after market flat lenses and still be waterproof to over 7 atmospheres of pressure.  So that should handle the high quality 2d and 3d video capture.  We can create Active, Passive and Anaglyph (Red and Blue) 3d videos.  So you can play it on a regular TV or Computer or on one designed specifically for 3d.

The Excitement

The next trick is not only to bring you the amazing critters of the underwater world but to make it a little more exciting.  Put some speed into it :) You see usually you  have divers swimming along at a nice leisurely pace while they record the things around them. That's fine for 2d and looking at smaller critters, but for 3d to feel more like 3D you need a little pace to help draw you into the picture.  I've put in a few hundred hours of dive time on underwater scooters and they are definitely the way to get some speed into the picture except that most way about 50lbs out of the water and are fairly large.  Recently Bladefish has released the Bladefish 7000 underwater scooter. I worked with the Bladefish 5000 and it was just a tad slow for me. Well the 7000 has kicked in another gear to bring the speeds up to where they should be.  The best part is they only way about 10lbs so they can travel!  

The Funds

So the true funding goal really is about double ($5k), as this would allow us to purchase two 3d sets and allow for a better production value with multiple angles for presenting various critters and wrecks. But we can develop a great product if we reach our initial goal. If this Kickstarter gets high enough over goal we may look into getting into Blu-Ray or even adding a bonus video - Whale Sharks which we have planned for December of this year. 


Guam, USA  

Some of these videos will highlight very unique dive sites with World War I and World War II vessels, Geological formations with 100+ feet visibility, and many beautiful sites featuring Turtles, Corals, and Exotic Sea Anemones. 

The Republic of Palau

These dive sites feature tons of Sharks, Napoleon Wrasse, and myriad other fish. My favorite dive site in the entire world is here: Ulong Channel. It was voted the worlds Best Adrenalin Dive. Palau is often referred to as the Mecca of the Diving Community, everyone should go at least once :)

The Philippines

The Philippines is home to some of the most exotic and hard to find critters in the world. On my last expedition we found Blue Ringed Octopus, Pigmy Sea Horses and the elusive Star Gazer, not to mention Thresher Sharks. This is also the home to the Mimic Octopus and the Whale Shark!

And So Much More to Explore....

All our $10+ Kickstarter Backers will be given access to the Preproduction videos clips for ALL further expeditions we produce! 


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    You get backstage access to a private video channel where you'll get to see all the Preproduction video clips before they get compiled into the full length Videos.

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    Welcome to the show! You get your choice of one of the production DVDs. Available in either 2d or 2d &3d. You also get full access to the Preproduction clips.

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    Your Own Personalized DVD Not only do you get to view all the clips, but now you can Customize It and select which ones you want on your dvd. Many videos will be available in both 2D and 3D. This pledge gets 1 DVD.

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    The Complete Set. You get of all 3 of the final production DVDs in either the normal 2d version or the 2d & 3d compilation DVD.

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    The Premiere Package. All 3 production DVDs and 1 customized DVDs where you pick the clips.

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    The "Producers" package. All 3 production DVDs, that you get to provide input and feedback on and a vote on the final release version.

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    The "Executive Producer" Package. You get the 3 production DVDs and you will get 3 Personalized DVDs at production quality, customized to your picks. Plus your vote counts Triple.

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