Shards Online: Play by your rules

by Citadel Studios

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    1. Lord Omedon on

      I can't be the only one who saw the thumbnail frozen image for this movie and thought "and for our furthest stretch goal, if we get fully funded with the game released full featured with all of us at Citadel rich and comfortable, I shall give MY FIRST BORN CHILD!"

    2. Lord Omedon on

      Seriously though, your CEO is adorable! Notice how she spoke up in approval of emotes? Smart kid!

    3. Aywren on

      Fishing!!! Super excited for these stretch goals! Hope to make them happen! :)

    4. Paul Grimard on

      FISHING!!!!!!!!! You know one thing has had my from the first time I talked with you guys was the honesty and the literal lack of greed. Yes you want to raise money for the project but you are also not promising the world and you are also willing to put up your own money to bring this to life. Keep up the great work!

    5. Chiara Fattorelli on

      Way to go!!! Love your CEO!!! keep on going..... :-)