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Make W.H.D. Rouse's Exercises in the syntax and idioms of Attic Greek available on + together with the Key.
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W.H.D Rouse pioneered the Direct Method of teaching Latin and Greek at the Perse School Cambridge in the late 1800s (the picture above is Rouse with the boys from the Perse school during WWI).

Rouse taught his classes viva voce, that is, speaking the ancient languages aloud during class, and teaching Greek and Latin like modern foreign languages.

He published a number of books, A Greek Boy at Home (a reader entirely in Ancient Greek), Chanties in Greek and Latin (songs), A First Greek Course, and others.

One of his books, Exercises in the syntax and idioms of Attic Greek, is available at a number of libraries (but there are no scans online). A friend of mine had access to a quality library scan of the book however, and gave it to me. I am in the process of converting it to PDF format now.

Unfortunately, this composition textbook is only useful with its Key. Three libraries in the world have a copy of the key, but two of them are unwilling to scan it because of fragility reasons. The University of Cambridge has a copy that they will scan for me for £120.00 GBP (96 x 150 dpi Overhead Scans @ 1.25 GBP each).

With your help, I would like to scan the key, and upload it to together with the composition book. I will also prepare both scans for publishing on so that they can be had in print versions at cost ($4-$5 a copy + shipping).

Risks and challenges

I will need to wait on the University of Cambridge's schedule for getting the scans, but once they are delivered, it should be smooth sailing.

There will be some challenges in editing the PDFs for publication (the books are public domain, of course), but I am familiar with using Imagemagick to prepare these sorts of texts, and don't foresee any difficulties.

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