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5 Kenyan slum boys band together as a dance crew to compete in the country's hottest hip hop dance reality show.


Kenya Boys is a documentary that is the type of life changing adventure that as film makers we live to tell. We were fortunate enough to visit Kenya last year in January. While visiting a friend who was there working to found an education empowerment NGO we met the boys of our story while searching for a few locals to take us around and observe life in Mathare Valley; one of the most impoverished slum communities in the world.

Though we came and learned about student education, poverty, the standards of living and the difficult circumstances of the poor and underserved, we also discovered through these boys a story of hope, triumph and the courage of 5 dancers who embody the spirit of a nation and people.

We quickly became close friends with these five high schoolers who displayed an amazing energy for life and an other-worldly passion for hip-hop dance and choreography and who were coincidentally auditioning for a spot on a local Kenyan dance inspired television show called “Sakata”.

A true underdog story combined with the layers of story revolving around each of these boy’s lives, the immense challenges they have yet to overcome: challenging living and family conditions, abject poverty, the need for quality education, an opportunity to pursue their dreams, and of winning the dance battle contest and ultimately to open a dance studio in the slum, this story is unique as it is beautiful.

The story doesn’t just end here however. Between the results of their long journey to the finals of the show, to the challenges of overcoming tremendous social and economic odds, the ability to afford to buy dance uniforms, a safe space to host dance practice, a near fatal car accident, life after high school, and the desire to dance versus finding jobs to support themselves, for the “Kenya Boys”, the show must go on.


The Project is two fold:

First, our primary goal is the completion of this documentary.
Your kind donations help us achieve this in many ways:

  • One more trip to Kenya to finish shooting our story.
  • Print/Digital materials for marketing the film.
  • Film editing.
  • Hiring of composers or acquisition of rights to music.
  • Post production processing. (Color, Visual Effects, Output)
  • Submission to Film Festivals around the world. (It can really add up when the avg. entry fee is $40-$50 each)
Second; upon completion our next goal is for 100% of proceeds generated from our distribution & DVD sales to provide educational opportunities for the 5 boys to receive skills training beyond high school, and gather support for a future Art & Dance center for the Mathare Valley slum.

You can follow the story of their journey via the movie website, as well as our Facebook page. And if you are inspired to take your part in the story, this is a powerful way to contribute and be a part of changing the world and a slum in Kenya, please consider donating and spread the word. 

Thanks for all your support and love.

Asanti Sana, 

Alvin Shen


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