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Echoes of Eternia is a classically influenced, yet modernly designed, RPG video game. It embodies the essence of old school gaming.
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Official Update #23 and New Backer Feedback!

Posted by E.o.E.Games (Creator)


  • Battle System: A Collaborative Effort.
  • Backer Feedback: Echoes of Eternea's New Logo.
  • The Last of the Indar: Summer.
  • New Area Revealed: Fire Temple and the Indar Sutan.
  • Sprite Upgrades.
  • Soundtrack Complete!

Hello Everyone! 

Thank you all for joining us for another update on Echoes of Eternea. We are excited to share with you some of the things we have been working so very hard on these last few months. We've got a lot to talk about tonight, so let's get started!

Battle System: A Collaborative Effort

We received so much feedback from everyone about our Battle System and are over whelmed by how positive it was. We made it a goal to read all the comments and to seriously consider the critiques and suggestions that were given to us. After doing so, we found Two reoccurring critiques. The First was that the overall action felt slow and the Second was that some animations (while looking good) seemed slow and awkward. We are pleased to announce that we have corrected these issues along with many others that we were aware of before the video release. 

Thank you for all your comments and suggestions. In the end, this will truly be a collaborative development process!

Backer Feedback: Echoes of Eternea's New Logo

Directly following our praises for your feedback is a brand new "Backer Feedback!" This time, we are requesting your help in selecting a new style for our official game logo. We have had plans for a long time to remake our logo into something much better, but we have just now been able to set aside time to make some prototypes! Listed below are two versions of the logo and will be referred to as "Logo Blue" and "Logo Red." Please comment below stating which logo you prefer, along with why you chose that logo.

Please note that the font choice and styling are not final.

The Last of the Indar: Summer


Continuing our look at the Indar, the strange beings associated with the months and seasons of the year, here is a list of the three Indar of Summer.

Summer is a time of hope, when crops are planted and life is teeming. It is a time of commerce when the trade winds carry the fleets of nations across the waters. It is a time of adventure when pirates take to the seas, armies clash in the field, and airships are most often seen in the sky. It is the season when mankind feels most in control of its destiny and tests itself against the world. 


Name: Ekaina 

Element: Air 

One of the Three Sisters of Harvest, Ekaina represents the harmony of nature at its most pure - the scent of life in full bloom carried by a warm wind across the land. Ekaina’s winds are a sign that it is time to plant for harvest. She appears as a farmer facing center, but her aspect facing stage left (toward the next season), and she wields a sickle and oxen crop. 

Name: Larre 

Element: Water

Larre is a powerful kraken. It is said his movements in the waters were what created the migratory patterns of all sealife, as they fled from him lest they be consumed by his insatiable appetite. Knowing that Larre will catch them eventually, the creatures reproduce and spread out so that their kind will never be destroyed completely. This is why the waters of the world give up such a bountiful harvest. Merchantmen and all who make their living off the sea have a love/hate relationship with Larre. They thank his name for the bounty of the sea, and curse him when ships are lost. He is an example of how, even though the Indar are physically locked away, it is still commonly believed by most that they still exert their will. This may be true. 

Name: Sutan 

Element: Fire 

Sutan is man wreathed in flame, wearing only a loin cloth and a set of walking chains. The legend goes that Sutan was so powerful a creation of Reia’s that he threatened to burn all of Rivera to cinder. Dovah, in his wisdom, created chains that bound him. For eleven months out of the year, these chains contained Sutan’s elemental power. However, in the eighth month - Sutan’s month - the Indar's power was such that the chains broke and his powers were unleashed. For a month, Sutan roamed the earth unfettered. Dovah understood that this would be the case, so over the course of the month, the chains magically reform and at month’s end, Sutan’s power is once again contained. The cycle then repeated down through the years. This is why Sutan's month is traditionally the hottest of the year.   

New Area Revealed: Fire Temple and the Indar Sutan

Atop the Illian Mountains lies the resting place the the Grand Eirin of Fire guarded by the Indar Sutan. Serving as Echoes of Eternea's first "true" dungeon, the Fire Temple will be considerably more difficult than any other area so far. Aside from housing the Grand Eirin of Fire, the Fire Temple serves another purpose. The towns people of Illia are protected by the cold temperatures brought on by their high altitude by piping in heat directly from the Fire Temple. That is why you can see piping all through the Fire Temple and Illia.

Sprite Upgrades:

Now that we are done producing new pixel art, we have the opportunity to go back and polish the assets to optimize their quality. While many of our sprites have received tweaks, below you will see Two examples of what has been done. How do you like their upgrades?

Soundtrack Complete!

We are very pleased to announce that last month marked the completion of the soundtrack for Echoes of Eternea! Many thanks go to our composers Aakaash Rao, Angelo Cicero, and Aaron Krough for their excellent work. Today, we are sharing a remade version to an older song that we shared many updates ago. The track is titled "That Which Brings Us Together" and was composed by Aaron Krough. We are pleased to announce that it will serve as EoE's opening track!

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    1. Daniel on

      I really prefer the Red Logo, it seems alot more striking and eye pleasing, btw when is the next update due?

    2. Chris Chamberlain on

      Late to the party, but I like the red a little better. Both are good though.

    3. Cory Waters

      I would vote for logo red here, on a non-white background. Something about it stands out to me. I really like the side profile approach, something about it just makes me feel that there's a big story waiting on the other side of the logo for me. It's hard to describe really. The reason I mention the background is because the actual title in both is incredibly hard to read with the light outlinings and white background here. Love the track, and Really looking forward to your game!

    4. Frank Talbot on

      Oh and about the sprites, I prefer the upgrade on the first set but prefer the original on the second. I think the hair looked better, especially on the side pic (the first one). Not a deal breaker which one you end up picking though.

    5. Frank Talbot on

      Red logo. Would need to make the letters stand out more though. And I'd be curious to see the red logo in blue. Good job again guys

    6. Missing avatar

      Samuel on

      Red Logo. I liked more the design, color and position of the character, the Letter need to have a better contrast.

      The soundtrack is great, hopefully you'll have it on sale!

    7. Missing avatar

      Li YiXiong, Joel on

      Red Logo is better. But the words on both logos is to faded into the background. Need to pop up more.

    8. David Sherman on

      Blue, the red makes it kind of hard to read the title.

      As for the sound track... I can't wait, it is beautiful. This game will go down as one of the most epic!

    9. IamHowie on

      Red logo. Sorry blue, you're sweet but red is just hot.

    10. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      Both are really nice but while I think Blu Logo has a more beautiful face I like the Red Logo pose the most. Red Logo also seems to convey more emotion and fit better in the logo space. I'd chose Red Logo but I wouldn't mind if you color it blue (indeed I find it would be better).

    11. Andriana on

      I like the Red Logo.

    12. Ratatoskr - Battle Squirrel of the Varl on

      There was one person near the beginning who liked the blue logo better, and I do like the color but I think the red just has a better position. And the music is great, glad to hear some more.

      Though while I do like the upgraded sprite positions, I actually prefer the original non-spiky red hair.

    13. Paul Marzagalli on

      Poor Blue Logo. Will no one speak in its defense?

    14. Missing avatar

      Cameron Nichol on

      I like the red logo for the reasons everyone else has listed, but also because the blue logo appears to be floating, implying a greater level of passivity. I do however prefer the determined look of the blue logo to the closed eyes of the red logo. The upgraded sprites look nice, but they also make it seem like "upgraded" means spiky hair. Are all the characters going to be Saiyans?

    15. Alex Crast on

      I like the red logo, it sticks out more to me than the blue one. I think a dark outline for the title over the log o would help the text stand out, too. I really like the opening track, too. Glad I pledged enough to get the digital soundtrack.

    16. Raymond on

      Definitely red logo. It invokes more of that classic yoshitaka amono final fantasy cover art in my own opinion. I also think the pose works better.

    17. SlyDave on

      red logo,

      feels more balanced with the length of the text, the center point and vanishing points keep the focus on the middle, rather than making if look lop-sided like the blue logo.

    18. TrueStoryGuy on

      Prefer the red logo. Her pose looks a lot more unique than you regularly see.

    19. Erik Birger Karlsson on

      I'm voting for the Red Logo because I think her pose is a lot cooler compared to the blue one. Also, having her eyes closed, a determined yet calm look; reminds me of Kingdom Hearts; which is always a good thing. ;D Actually ... the opening theme (which is awesomely beautiful!!!!) also reminds me of Kingdom Hearts! xD

      Keep going guys! :)

    20. Gonetotheedge

      red logo

    21. Shaun Adriano on

      Prefer the red, though if you could make the letters stand out more from the detail in the background it would make it even better. The music is great.

    22. Missing avatar

      Sigel on

      While both logos look nice. I also prefer the red one. Looking at the side of the character makes for a more stylised logo.

      I also love the sprite upgrade, specially the first set. The first one, because of the proportions makes me think of a child while the last one looks more like a young adult. (also variations in colours in the air makes gives a 3D impression instead of a flat surface.)

    23. Danton McCreadie on

      Logo Red because it stands out more.

    24. Missing avatar

      Thomas Staudt

      I prefer the red one. The composition looks better. The blue one makes me wonder why she's leaning 45 degrees sideways.

    25. Missing avatar

      [BKL]Alpha-1 on

      I prefer the red logo :)

    26. Missing avatar

      DragonForce on

      I would go with the red logo, too.

    27. Ryu on

      I prefer the Red Logo as well, since the name doesn't seem to blend into the art as much as it does on the blue logo, in addition to the position being better (and more memorable) and the girl's gaze leading you to the "E" of "Echoes".

    28. Paul Haggerty on

      red logo. it's prettier, and the direction she's looking in draws your eyes back to the other end of the logo once you get to the face, giving it a sense of motion.

    29. Michael Talbert on

      I enjoy the red logo's appearance more. I get a better feeling of depth from it (character sitting with camera facing her side) than from the blue logo (character appears to be laying down or flat-facing the camera), it causes the name to really stick out in comparison.

      The only issue I can see is that some of the lettering might get lost amidst the background in the red one.

      Really enjoy the musical and art direction; looking forward to the next update!

    30. Jose Nieves on

      Loving the artwork for the environments! As for the logo I prefer the red one, personally. Looks more dynamic / memorable, in my opinion.

    31. Missing avatar

      Hailinel on

      I prefer the blue logo. But beyond that, I am loving the art direction in the game and the soundtrack sounds great!

    32. chris dickson on

      red logo, it seems to pop out more than the blue, which seems like its hiding. also loved the song thanks!

    33. Missing avatar

      Repeats on

      The red one looks better. It has a nice contrast with the name compared to the blue one. Also, the drawing looks much cleaner. It is hard to make out the shape for the blue one.

    34. Missing avatar

      Eurphics on

      Looking good guys keep up the work don't release it if you feel it's not finished I'd prefer a working good game not a broken one hhaha

    35. juryman00 on

      I like the red logo. Very nice.