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Echoes of Eternia is a classically influenced, yet modernly designed, RPG video game. It embodies the essence of old school gaming.
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Official Update #22 Early Battle Demo!!

Posted by E.o.E.Games (Creator)
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  • Early Battle Demo!!

With more fireworks than the whole of July, we finally programmed our battle system into an alpha mode. Here it is: your first look at the combat for "Echoes of Eternea!" Many changes are head of us as we implement features and playtest the dungeons. For now, though, we are thrilled with what we have managed to put together in the Red Game Engine.

For the sake of the demo, we decided to feature Namie and Apollo along with the plant enemy "Onndo." There are still many features and such to implement into the engine, so this is by no represents final quality. In fact, we will be rewriting all our path finding code soon since that is really the only big issue we have with the battle system currently.

Now that this demo is out of the way, we will be putting most of our time into creating an actual playable demo that will feature all aspects of gameplay. To avoid the issue we had with this battle demo, we will not yet give a date you will see this demo as we really want to take our time and not rush it out.

Until next time!

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    1. Anthony Tarallo Jr. on

      An increase in speed would be welcome for sure. I think Chrono Trigger had 3 settings for the battle speed if I remember right, may be an idea to do!

      Those sword animations are nice but need to move faster, by around 50% or so. Would make them feel more satisfying and keep the battle flow more even.

    2. Shaxs on

      I also agree. Sword animations are waaayyy to slow. I would also like to see the pace overall speedier as well.

    3. Jared on

      Looks great, things are coming along nicely

    4. Anthony Tarallo Jr. on

      I am so looking forward to this!

    5. E.o.E.Games Creator on

      @ Seizui: Although it is not currently implemented, you will have the option to choose where you character will move to. It will cost a turn though. Also, the enemy deaths right now are just a simple fade out. We will be doing something far more cool and stylish for their deaths, but didnt bother to put it in the demo for the sake of time.
      @ Dominic: Defending is actually a very useful option in our battle system. There are many accessories and weapons which give enchantments that activate on Defense. Some examples are higher defense, restored HP/TP, etc... Also, through the defense option you will be able to move your character, so all these things together make it a pretty viable option in battle!

    6. Seizui on

      I know that this is an alpha footage, though I would want to note a small thing that I observed.

      1) Will you be able to reposition your characters in combat? Based on the screenshots long ago, you'll be having them use attacks that are heavily reliant based on their position. So, you'll want to reposition them so you can use the techs.

      2) Enemy deaths after you defeat it, I noticed that it had the same expression instead of the damaged look. Could you guys change it to have their 'damaged' look be the expression as they fade out?

    7. Jacob on

      Lookin great!

      just need the sound effects to complete the experience really. a good monster dieing sound effect goes along way with a special one for bosses.

      animation looks great, but I do agree with speeding up the sword swing animation a bit. and apollo and namie need another leg animation so they can run :P

      will have to disagree with Gonetotheedge over battles being to slow. this seems perfect for weak monsters and should take alot longer tougher mobs/bosses.

    8. Dominic Aquilina on

      It looks pretty good! It's still a little clunky, but the structure looks solid. As an aside, I find that guarding tends to be really useless on its own. The character who defended in the above video didn't take much less damage by doing so (which I realise is a balancing issue for later), and as is usually the case would have been better off damaging the enemies. Are you looking into ways to mitigate this common problem? Maybe a character with an ability that takes aggro when they guard, or becomes immune to a certain type of damage. This would make blocking a more viable option in combat.

    9. Missing avatar

      Will on

      Sound would certainly help add some weight to the animation. Although it could be complicated, it would be interesting to see different looking slashes for different characters. Or maybe some that thrust instead.

    10. Missing avatar

      Sigel on

      I like it a lot. The graphics are great and the animation feels really smooth but I agree with previous comments that the sword swings are a bit too slow to feel real. That feeling is increased by the lack of hit sound so it may be less apparent in the final product.

    11. Matthew Katcoff on

      Damn, can't wait. I've literally been waiting over a decade for someone to pick up the Lunar style combat system.

    12. Missing avatar

      Will on

      For the sword swings, maybe it is because they make such a wide arc, or maybe the swing is too slow. I had been noticing something off when I watched it yesterday as well.

    13. Missing avatar

      Matthew Segrest on

      The music is flipping great.

    14. TrueStoryGuy on

      Looks great! I love the fact that you included Active Time Battle. Game is shaping up to be something super great. So proud that I backed your project! :)

    15. E.o.E.Games Creator on

      @Gonetotheedge: We really wanted to include magic in this demo, but it would have taken a little bit longer. Once things like magic, special attacks, and more party members are added, the battle speed will be quicker. We know exactly how grating some RPG battles can be, so we will do all we can to avoid that.

    16. Gonetotheedge

      looks good, but would like to see some magic or special attacks. I would like to see the battles move a bit quicker, they seemed to be really slow and i can see people getting a little annoyed with that. just my observation.

    17. E.o.E.Games Creator on

      @Matthew Katcoff: Yes! This battle system was very much inspired by the Lunar series. Each character has a specific distance they can move, some more than others. These distances can be increased or decreased by equipment as well. You will also be able to move your character to an area of the battlefield on demand, though that option has not yet been implemented.

    18. E.o.E.Games Creator on

      @samjaza: Could you better explain your thoughts on the sword swings? We will be adding in slashing animations soon that go over the enemy to give a better feel of "impact."

    19. Matthew Katcoff on

      Looks nice been waiting a long time for another game with this type of battle system. Out of curiosity, are you guys doing a battle system similar to the Lunar games ie characters/enemies can move a certain amount? If so is there going to be a way to move you characters away from he enemies?

    20. Missing avatar


      it looks good and very smooth, but the sword swings just look wrong to me, more like some type of dance then actually trying to hit something.

    21. Paul Marzagalli on

      Considering we had to build this puppy from scratch, fantastic work, Ryan and the programmers!