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Echoes of Eternia is a classically influenced, yet modernly designed, RPG video game. It embodies the essence of old school gaming.
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Official Update #21

Posted by E.o.E.Games (Creator)


  • Backer characters!
  • Update on the Battle System Demo.
  • A look at the Main Menu System.
  • A call for artists.
  • Check this out: Soul Saga!

Hello Everyone!

Though we have been updating our Facebook page ( regularly, it has been a while since our last Kickstarter update. We were holding off until we had completed our battle demo. Unfortunately, we are still ironing out the kinks, but hope to have the demo ready to show shortly. We love the Red Engine, but when we gave up RPG Maxer VX, it meant starting from scratch. As we began implementing our systems, the amount of fine-tuning required has been daunting. We are getting there, though, and look forward to giving you a taste of what's to come.

Backer Characters!:

We have two backer created characters to show off today.

First is Reize Seatlan created by backer "Seizui." We have talked extensively about Reize and how much we like him in past updates. 

The second character is Eris Helbrant, created by backer Gregory Bernal. Gregory gave us literally pages and pages of detail and back story for Eris. She is a really unique character and one that fits right into the "EoE" world. (We can always use more prominent Female characters :P)

Both Eris and Reize will have very cool and unique side quests and you will be seeing them more than once throughout your journey, perhaps even becoming a guest party member!

For our other backers whom have given us characters, don't worry. We have all of them implemented into our game world, their side quests designed, and almost all have their artwork finished. You will be seeing them very soon!

Concept art for Reize and Eris along with their sprite counterparts.

Update on the Battle Demo:

I would like to inform you all that this update will not contain a video of our Battle System. I sincerely apologize for the delay that this demo has faced and the delay it caused on our update.

Now that the formalities are out of the way, I would like to announce that the video for our Battle System will come with it's own update during this week. The demo would have been included today, but after viewing the most recent version of it, I decided that it needed a little more work before being shown to the public. A large majority of Team E.o.E. are perfectionists, so anything short of near final quality just wont do!

A look at the Main Menu System:

A while back, we discussed our idea for the game's main menu and showed some mock-ups of it. The beauty of Kickstarter is that dialogue between developers and fans, and that proved to be the case here. We received a slew of good feedback and have completely re-worked the menu since then. After iterating on it for a few months now, we finally felt that it was ready to be shown. We really hope you like it, as you had a hand in getting us here. Thanks!

As you can see, the menu has received a significant visual upgrade from our previous mock ups. Our main goals were to keep it simple and quick, but also visually appealing. At the forefront is our character art, complimented with the same minimalist style of GUI used in our Battle System. We also felt it was important to keep the game world visible behind the menu in order to create a better connection between all aspects of the game.

In future updates we will go over other aspects of the Main Menu like the Equip Menu and Eirin Gem menu and how they share a connection with our Battle System.

To see a larger, higher quality version of the picture above, please go here:

A Call For Artists:

E.o.E. Games is looking for talented artists interested in helping us create the artwork needed for our Maiden's Quest mini game. Maiden's Quest is a card game and will feature artwork in the same vein as MAGIC The Gathering and similar card based games. If you or someone you know has the chops to do this, have them contact us at ( with links to their portfolio or sites.

Check This Out: Soul Saga!

If you haven't heard of it yet, "Soul Saga" is a high quality JRPG kickstarter project led by Mike Gale. It boasts full 3D graphics, an awesome soundtrack, voice acting, stylish art, and turn based battles!

Mike and I have been talking for months now after he initially contacted me about helping him set up his kickstarter page and to give him tips on getting noticed. Since then, we have been discussing ways to cross promote both "Echoes of Eternea" and "Soul Saga." In the near future you can expect to see some cool stuff developing between us. :)

For now, you can help him out by donating to his on-going kickstarter here: 

Soul Saga has already been a big success, but your donations can help him to snag those last few stretch goals!


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    1. Grégory Bernal on

      I'm really happy to see how Eris turned out and to hear she will have a notable implication in the story! Thank you! And I simply love her and Reize's designs, I can't wait see them in-game and discover their quests!
      I really liked your previous main menu screens, and now I see the changes... It's simply gorgeous! I love the old style icons and fonts, mixed in a more modern and visually appealing interface. The slight gradients in the gold borders and 'Menu' looks really nice.
      As for the battle demo video, I personally don't mind to wait a bit more and see something more representative to the final product than have something rushed that will be heavily changed soon :)
      I was a bit late for Soul Saga sadly... But it seems they put up a way to continue to contribute through PayPal, I'll check this out!

    2. Missing avatar

      meiam on

      Not a huge fan of the italic/tilted character portrait in menu, it just mean you have lots of free space on one side with a cut character portrait on the other. But that's really incredibly nitpick

      I just can't get excited for soul saga, the visual just make it look like just another portable JRPG of which we are seeing slew and slew of. I want JRPG to go back to being mainly console already : (

    3. Seizui on

      Eris's design is sweet. I like the outfit and the armor pieces. Of course, Reize down in this artwork is lovely. I am in love with it. :D

      Also, cool, a battle system video will come up his week.
      The menu looks a lot better. Yeah, it's nice.

    4. randalthor on

      Outstanding work! That has to be one of the most beautiful menus I've ever seen in a game. And yet, it also looks easy to navigate. Keep up the good work.

    5. Missing avatar

      Graskell on

      Good to know as that was really my only complaint. Cheers.

    6. E.o.E.Games Creator on

      @Ben Thomson

      That is certainly something that we really want to do. Again, nothing will happen till after our PC release, but Vita, Wii U, and Mac are up there as our top priorities.

    7. Ben Thomson on

      Apologies if this has been answered but I just backed Soul Saga, noticed they had a Vita version. It made me wonder if we may ever see a Vita port for E.o.E ?

    8. E.o.E.Games Creator on

      Those character portraits are just placeholders for right now. They are each in their Neutral emotion so they do look close to one another when viewed side by side. In the future we will have specific character portraits just the the Main Menu, so that will not be an issue.

    9. Missing avatar

      Graskell on

      Hate to be a bit of a wet blanket, but I only think it's fair to point out that at first glance all the character portraits in the menu mock-up appear to have the exact same facial expression and it's kind of weirding me out. Otherwise the new menu design looks fantastic and I'm loving the designs of the backer characters.

    10. Paul Marzagalli on

      Wow...Eris may be the best-looking character yet. She came out wonderfully. Reize, too. At least the character/quest backers can't say they aren't getting their money's worth. The sprite work continues to blow me away, too. Fabulous stuff. Every time I see a new art asset come to life, it inspires me!