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Backer Feedback/Discussion #3

Posted by E.o.E.Games (Creator)

Welcome back everyone!

Before we get into a discussion, we would like for you all to know that our graphics production has been going great! We WILL have screenshots for you next week! We are currently polishing up the graphics that have been made so that they can be shown at their intended detail.

For this week's discussion/feedback, we wanted to ask you a very personal question. 

Has an RPG game ever made you cry?

I actually look for games with very emotional and involving story lines to play. I find that if a video game, or other media, can evoke enough emotion to move someone to tears, then they have succeeded in whatever they were doing!

I'll go first.

There have been many times in my time playing video games where I have been moved to tears or otherwise emotionally struck. Most recent examples include the ending to Zelda Skyward Sword and the first few hours of Xenoblade Chronicles. Both of those games had excellent music and dialogue to accompany those scenes and it really created a wonderful viewing experience.

Of all the RPG games I have played though, one stands out as the most emotionally moving game, Lost Odyssey. I believe that everyone whom has had the pleasure of playing this masterpiece knows exactly which scene I am referring to. Of course, I will not include spoilers, but there is a scene that happens around Ten hours into the game which is the most intense, depressing, yet hauntingly beautiful scene that I have ever witnessed. From that point on I knew I was in for a ride, and Lost Odyssey certainly delivered!

So what about you? Care to share any personal stories? We would love to hear them!


Moving on to our second question, what do you think about love stories in an RPG game? Do they have their place? Do you often find them cheesy, forced, or otherwise lame?

I am often a sucker for a game with a love story. There are some that I really loved like Tidus and Yuna, Kaim and Sarah, and even Emil and Marta! But I do find that many RPG games are plagued with terrible love stories. These are often found in games with stereotypical characters and cheesy dialogue.

Knowing your input of this will greatly help us in how we write some of our characters. Obviously we will hide all the details so as not to spoil anything ;)


We will have a nice update for you next week which include screenshots (Finally!) and new music! We would have shown you some graphics this week, but decided to add in a little more polish just for good measure.

See you all then!



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    1. IamHowie on

      When it comes to video game stories, it's always BG2 and PS:T for me. Those are the only games that made me feel something for the characters, not that others are bad, they just don't touch it for me. I recall really crying when listening to Les Miserables 10th anniversary edition, and FF8 almost, almost touched me. I think the only time when I might feel something is when I saw a woman died XD

    2. Ryu on

      I don't know if there's a game that's truly made me cry, but there's been plenty that have left me with shivers or just an empty feeling after playing certain parts. Several older games in the Lunar series ring true in this case, and in a more recent example, I would say that Bastion definitely touched some heartstrings. Planescape: Torment was able to evoke an acute sense of sadness and regret in me at times, which in some ways was torturous, but I don't think that I could imagine the game without those moments.

      As to romance, I do believe that yes, it has its place in RPGs. However, in most cases romances in games are "cheesy, forced, or otherwise lame" largely due to not being thought out or considered carefully enough. A lot of Devs seem to default to cliches and stereotypes because they just want to make sure that a romance can exist and be shoved into the game. That's an attitude that should never be taken when it comes to writing/creating romances. It needs to be an entire area of its own and needs to most of all, come off as natural and genuine. Someone suddenly blushing or having an accelerated heartbeat does NOT true love make; there's a lot more to it than that.

      In games, it's about characterization, character interactions and relations, dialogue, atmosphere (music can be a BIG help here), and whether or not what you've crafted is believable. If it's not, then it most likely shouldn't be there, since it'll negatively affect everything else that you've done to make the romance work.

      Hope that I managed to get my opinion across clearly, and thanks for taking the time to read comments like these.

    3. TrueStoryGuy on

      I've been emotionally moved by a video game before. It is because of the relationship dynamic, usually. Of course Final Fantasy VIII, which has a love story, is probably one of my favorite video games. I really hope you do something similar (somewhere, doesn't have to be the main character) in this video game.


    4. Missing avatar

      firesock on

      Games which leave a feeling behind are excellent, but I can't remember one which made me cry per se. It doesn't help that my memory's hole-y about these things. A romance is pretty important sometimes, it can make a good addition to already well done characters. As you've said, terrible love stories are usually a consequence of equally terrible characters.

    5. russell on

      Secret of Mana 1 and 2 (sekadesesku3 sp?) both extermly moving. th plot of FF2 (jp5) was just so sad you have a bunch of people die on you in that one and its a bitter game. ive never cried from a video game other than in a rage quit as a small kid playing battletoads.....come to find out it brings adults to tears its so hard so no loss there.

      In FF3 (jp6) poor terra and her soul being destroyed trying to save all them kids and burning homes and just sheer tyranny of kefka and his mind slaving ways. Was a pretty dark game.

      Chrono cross i think was designed to make you cry but it didnt work cuase it was so damn over the top with the deaths and mood it set.
      Chrono trigger was better , i truely felt bad for Janus/Magus, his sister and actualy kinda felt bad for the Dino's too. The final Mu's life was pretty sad also and that whole thing with chrono's death and resurection is kinda touching.

      Terranigma takes the cake for doing bad things, first you unleash the worst things in th world, turn two girls down for their love wander around killing natures creations to "save" them and bring back peace. Terranigma was a dark game for sure

    6. Missing avatar

      Tomas Drocchi on

      Some romance would be appreciated!

    7. Frank Talbot on

      I'll try to post something better later (kinda in a hurry right now) but the only game that really made me cry would be To The Moon. Nier got pretty close (especially when playing through the game a 2nd time...really worth doing) and Lost Odyssey also had it's moments, mostly the stories you had to read. Another game that comes to mind is Spec Ops : The Line which is a shooter but nailed the story and characters even better than most RPGs I've played. I'd have to think about older games, been playing RPGs for so long.
      As for the love stories, I don't mind them but they're often too cheesy to care. If you're not 100% sure about your love story(ies) I'd rather skip it as it usually ruins the game more than help it when not done right. I'm sure you'll have something great to show us though.

    8. Missing avatar

      Byron Thomas on

      I know its not something that everyone has played but Earthbound Mother 3 (the one with lucas and claus) moved me to tears. Shigesato Itoi just made human faults come to life so well all the way to the end where porky is trapped inside the Absolutely Safe Capsule.

    9. Devon Rampe on

      Final Fantasy VII when Sephiroth kills Aeris…

    10. Missing avatar

      Sigfried on

      I am a sucker for romance in RPGs.
      I love a good love story.

      Problem is, they are rare.
      Extremely rare.
      Most are way too cheesy, sometimes way to forced, and even overdramatic at times.

      But I can say I like to see some good romance in a game.

    11. Adam Boisvert

      The first that springs to mind is Suikoden V. Specifically, the big group scene where all the (dead) heroes and villains of the game are happy and smiling and look to have forgiven each other for all the horrible bad decisions they made.

    12. Thomas on

      I would say FFVIII. The relationship between Laguna and Julia is really tragic, it definitely is one of my saddest experience in video games. It's even more impactful than the sudden death of Aerith (for example) because it is built in the time and kinda complex.

      Still, if you ask me if love stories in RPGs are "cheesy, forced, or otherwise lame", I would say yes. All of these. Not always, but so often that it's depressing. Also, the best loves stories are most of the times between secondary characters. When the heroes are involved, it obviously feels forced.

    13. Seth Brown on

      FFVI, many of the story lines in that make me cry.

      As for love, as long as it's natural. I find it's usually forced, because for some reason there always has to be a relationship a brewing or on-going throughout (sometimes both). Especially with the main character and someone else, usually a party member.

      I like something that feels natural. Locke and Rachel's relationship was perfect. It wasn't a huge focus in the main story, but it really helped to develop Locke. And even though you weren't there to see it all, you knew from the scenes that were there, that they loved each other and it was something powerful.

      Locke and Celes developed fairly naturally too. And it was never just a relationship, there was always more to it because of other things in both of their personalities and histories that kept things interesting and real.

      FFVI dealt with a lot of love in different forms and I feel they did it all wonderfully. Kept it vague for anyone who hasn't played it.

    14. Missing avatar

      Kirk on

      FF IV was a very serious game for me. The sacrifices of three of the most entertaining characters (Palom, Parom, and Tellah) were especially somber. The ending to the original Fallout didn't make me cry, but I definitely swore at the game.

      I like love stories when they organically feed into the overall plot. Several games have transitioned an initial 'boy saves girl' quest into 'time to save the world' (FF's 4,6, & 9 as well as Chrono Trigger)

    15. Jeremie Lariviere

      A game to make you cry... A fairly recent one, To The Moon, on GOG, is one... The soundtrack is wonderful

    16. Missing avatar

      Daniel Alonzo Cital on

      1) There have been a few that's made me cry. I can't remember them all, but two do come to mind: Final Fantasy VII and Lunar Silver Star Story Complete. Oh, yeah, also, Eternal Sonata.

      2) I think love stories do have a place in RPGs, but it depends on the story and the setting. Lunar, for example, goes from a boy out to save the world, to a boy out to save his love. Final Fantasy VII wasn't a love story, but it did have a love story element that didn't feel forced or tacked on. In fact, Cloud's love for Aeris just adds one more reason to Cloud's drive for killing Sephiroth.

    17. Peter Jacob on

      Secret of Mana. You rescue a baby dragon thing from a monster that just killed its parents, ride him as your flying taxi for half the game when he starts growing like a weed, there was this favorite little drum toy of his you would use to summon him for pickup... come the end, turns out he was the foretold "mana beast", is driven mad becoming an agent of the Gods' wrath against humanity and turns out to be the final boss of the game. You have to kill him to save the world. Poor Flammie... had to kill him yourself man. Had to do it with a sword. The same damn sword you spent the whole game repairing with Flammie's help. He was the sweetest thing, he didn't deserve that.

    18. Missing avatar

      Nubcakes on

      Actually to add to my last post, there is 1 game that actually did make me cry. Its not a pure RPG. More of a Tactical RPG. Fallout Tactics, At the end in the last mission you have to make some VERY difficult decisions. The ending decision actually had my cry abit. You have to deal with alot of crazy hard battles, strategically speaking, and you can win people's hearts and praise who absolutely hated what you stood for. At the end of the game to be a true hero and get a great ending you have to make an ultimate sacrifice.

    19. Missing avatar

      Nubcakes on

      I have never cried from any game or any other form of media, but I have been emotionally moved significantly from RPGs. The first RPG I played that moved me almost to tears was Secret of Mana. I know the official translation is not too good, but general loss of friends really hit home since I didn't have many friends when I was younger(like 6 years old). At the time I thought the ending was pretty cruel in it's own way.

      Two games that made me completely embrace story telling within RPGs were Fallout and Lufia 2. There were so many moments in both games when I may have cried had I not been enjoying myself so much. Until playing both games I didn't realize how much games could move you emotionally. I didn't really actively look for games with good stories until I played both games.

      A newer game that also moved me quite abit was Star Ocean - Last Hope. Its hard to explain but there were many difficult situations that were, in a way, similiar to situations I have experienced. Being able to relate so closely to a few nearly brought me tears. I think that was the most recent JRPG I've been able to sit down and play. College/work have been abit too much these past couple years! I am looking to try Nier since I hear it's got a pretty touching story.

      Love in games can be fun and moving, but cliche characters in a cliche story are a good way to make me despise love stories. Now if you have 2 well fleshed out characters that begin to find an attraction to each other and it builds over time like in real life? THAT can be pretty interesting. Finding the right pace for love progression is very difficult. If it goes too fast it feels shallow. If it goes too slow, you forget what the deal with the two people is.

    20. Missing avatar

      meiam on

      I'm expecting spoiler are implied in the discussion. Crying from sadness? I'd say shadow of the colussus would be the one game that come to mind, the horse was one of the very very few character I truly cared about, best example of gameplay and story telling walking hand in hands to make you care about a character (most character, even human and so called love interest leave me unfaze when they die because there death is a) Incredibly pre visible, b) there often very 2 dimensional. Someone mentioned suikoden 5, the last scene with the queen was fairly moving, mainly because she was an actually interesting character that you can't just resume in two word. But recently journey would be the last game I cried to, not out of sadness but just overwhelming emotion, again gameplay and story working together to create something more, not just a game that periodically stop to play a movie, with the two barely connected.
      Lost odyssey is a very interesting game, not for itself I thought it was pretty much an attempt at making a FF copy (my opinion I know many disagree), but because I find it's a good example of a great concept being derailed in a attempt to make the game more accessible (bland). The short story that you read about would make an incredible game, it would have been so great to play as the hero over 1000s of years and seeing as the land changes, meeting character as child, then adult and seeing them die just to have to move on. Yet in the end we got the blandest story possible, an amnesiac need to team up with other "chosen" people to defeat evil mastermind with no real personality, I ended up dropping the game once the two kids got involved and made every scene annoying, oh and how they just decided to reverse the death of the MC daughter, which was something completely new and interesting, yet they just went ahead and removed her from the story, just to bring her back as a "deus ex machina" was so disappointing, oh and also don't shove quick time event in scene where they don't belong, it's supposed to be a funeral, not a carnival.
      Love story have there place, but there usually forced and have no thinking behind them, the girl fall in love with the MC because he's the MC and no other real reason, they usually are also incredibly obvious and generally lack subtlety. But there are a few I liked, I must be the only person who actually enjoyed Tidus and Yuna laugh scene, it was supposed to be incredibly awkward one of them was essentially committing suicide and the other one just lost everyone he ever knew, they weren't exactly happy. Lufia 2 had a great love story, one it wasn't the obvious childhood friend (playing on expectation love that) and two we actually got to see that after, you got to play as a father, that was really interesting. Tale of legendia had some interesting love triangle things going on, especially loved that one of the female character ended up choosing her dream and ambition over the MC, even if it was just temporary. I liked the drakengard one two, although it was very messed up. I'd like a game where the love story was more of a footnote rather than the second most important things in the plot.
      Sorry for long rant, was longer than I thought

    21. David Hosea on

      As far as rpgs that have made me cry, I would consider Xenogears, Final Fantasy VI, and Chrono Cross (though that is more due to nostalgia). Also, for a well told love story, again I would say Xenogears. Don't want to spoil but the main relationship between two specific characters are really well done in that game. I don't think I have played a game in my 20+ years of gaming that has had a better couple than the two main characters in Xenogears.

    22. Ratatoskr - Battle Squirrel of the Varl on

      I agree with most everybody else in that a well written love story can definitely add a lot, but I don't like being forced into one that feels ridiculous or super corny.
      And I cry at anything that's even remotely moving so I'm probably not the best person to ask there. I'm easily influenced by musical cues so if you give your tragedy a properly sad soundtrack I'm there.

    23. deadnarwhal on

      Two games I can think of off the bat that left that bittersweet feeling was "Ico", the end to that story was very moving, even without the song. Also "Persona 3", for some reason I get choked up when I think about the very end. I just feel bad for Aigis and the main character.
      "Nier" upset me as well. Just one of those good overlooked games, in my opinion anyway.

    24. Missing avatar

      Michael Connell

      I too find a good romance story helps to make an RPG experience even better. To name a few (out of so many) both Lunar games had great romance stories to it (though I will say Ronfar and Mari were a stronger subpairing than Kyle and Jessica), Shadow Hearts 1 and 2's Yuri and Alice helped give both games a good amount of heart, Fei and Elly really worked in portraying a romance that stretched over centuries, and the ending of Arc the Lad 2 would not have cut as deep emotionally without Arc and Kukuru. Also actually giving the main character of Suikoden 5 a love interest in Lyon really helped to give a silent protagonist more personality in the previous game.
      I should point out that not only the main cast being given romance stories helps to make the game memorable storyise, but NPCs as well. Two good examples include that krogan and asari in Mass Effect 2 and 3 and Cecil and Frings in Tales of the Abyss.
      I will say the only times I can recall an RPG making me cry were Arc the Lad 2's bitter sweet conclusion and quite a few times in Xenogears when quite a few of the core cast lost loved ones. Of course the closest I got with a recent RPG was Mass Effect 3 when I recovered the last words of a certain krogan.

    25. Missing avatar

      cursedseishi on

      Lunar: Silver Star Story (PS1 game, least the one I played was) definitely had a strong ending and love story tied to it. Tidus and Yuna, while sometimes an almost painful thing to watch (HA!HA!HA!HA! Dear god the laughs!), was also pretty strong, specially after the "river scene" I'm sure FF 10 players know well enough.
      Love stories in an RPG can be ridden with troubles. Final Fantasy 8 felt largely like one, while 9 had toned theirs down. You gotta find that middle ground where people know its present and can easily get into it if they like, but not so overpresent that its bashing itself into the players face screaming at them to "Look at me!", so to speak.

      And definitely agree with Lost Odyssey for an emotional game. Probably one of the stronger ones as well. Heck, Final Fantasy 13 has some rather powerful scenes in it as well, though for me mainly it is centered around Sazh and his son.

    26. Paul Marzagalli on

      Romance (or the hint of romance, like fingertips brushing over a hand) is a staple of the best JRPGs that I have ever played - from Locke and Celes in FFVI to Jansen and Ming in Lost Odyssey. Love, hate, passion, jealousy, lust, regret...these deeper, sometimes uncontrollable emotions are what make the characters in those games feel a little more real to the player for all the ways they touch on memories and feelings in the player's own life.

      A JRPG doesn't need romance to be great (most of the Dragon Quest games come to mind), but personally, I like to see my characters live life with all their hopes and dreams. Love, and the romance that sometimes accompanies it, is very much a part of that.

    27. Chris Taran on

      I'm having a hard time remembering a recent game that brought me to tears (not that there hasn't been one...), but I can clearly remember Xenogears perhaps being the first that did that to me and Final Fantasy VIII being somewhere around #2.

    28. Magentawolf on

      The ending of Bastion is the only game *ever* to make me cry..

    29. Scara

      I'm a sucker for love stories too xD tbh Tales of the Abyss was my favorite JRPG ever. Just the whole story of it and the unsuspecting plot twists, the love story between the unlikely lovers, Luke and Tear, and just the characters. <3 Just everything about that game is love~

    30. Danielle Hunt on

      For me, a game isn't complete without a good love story! I'm a hopeless romantic at heart, so it's always wonderful when a game can satisfy that part of me.

    31. E.o.E.Games Creator on


      I have heard wonderful things about the Lunar series and it's love story. I am ashamed to say I have yet to play it, but it is definitely on my list!

    32. Matthew Katcoff on

      The first RPG I played was Lunar: The Silver Star. It was quite a romantic story and I definitely cried at certain point (plus during the "epilogue" to the story in the little FMV in the sequel).