Echoes of Eternea. A modern take on a classic design.

by E.o.E.Games

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      Remi D. Finjord on

      Isn't that the same backer character that you shared info about before?

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      Remi D. Finjord on

      Thanks for the update anyway, sounds good, and really looking forward to playing the game when it is ready! :)

    3. E.o.E.Games Creator on

      @Remi: Oops! That was so long ago we completely forgot! This description of him is more in line of his actual writing and implementation in game instead of just a simple description. Thanks for being so attentive!

    4. Missing avatar

      meiam on

      Hey glad to hear from you guys again, hope the new artist won't cause too much problem, I probably don't speak for everyone here, but don't be afraid to scale back if you feel like too much work is pilling up and you'd end up shipping with a bunch of half finished feature (if you want to, read up on sword of stars 2 development and actual shipping).

      Keep up the good work.

    5. Missing avatar

      Hailinel on

      Good to hear that you're still going despite the setback of losing an artist. I hope the new artist does a great job!

    6. Frank Talbot on

      Yeah add me on the list of people who'd rather see delays than a rushed version with unfinished features. Same with the updates, I prefer once a month (or maybe twice) than you guys wasting too much time updating all the time, even if I do like reading updates for EoE.