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Echoes of Eternia is a classically influenced, yet modernly designed, RPG video game. It embodies the essence of old school gaming.
Echoes of Eternia is a classically influenced, yet modernly designed, RPG video game. It embodies the essence of old school gaming.
1,456 backers pledged $43,196 to help bring this project to life.

EoE and OUYA

Hello Everyone!

I'm sure you have all heard about OUYA by now. We absolutely fell in love with it at first sight! It is such an amazing opportunity for us and all other indie developers.

We would love to take Echoes of Eternia over to OUYA once completed. Of course, our main goal is PC, but this would come soon after. We need your help to make this happen sooner rather than later.

OUYA has posted a survey of games that backers want to see. OUYA said that they will do all they can to bring those games over to their console. That is why we would love it if you voted for us! Even though OUYA is specifically for indie devs, there are many bigger indie developers who are taking the attention from smaller developers like E.o.E.Games. Cause an uproar and lets get this ball moving! We also encourage you to do the same for your other backed kickstarter projects or any indie games you know about.

The top 20 games are already listed, though you can still vote for us. This survey was only posted 24-ish hours ago and we did not expect it to be tallied so fast! Show OUYA that you want EoE on their console! 


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    1. E.o.E.Games Creator on

      @ Hailinel: What you said is completely correct. Our team has lost some interest in OUYA as of late. Now, it is simply an option for after the PC version is finished.
      We would love to bring EoE over at some point, but it is not a current concern.

    2. Missing avatar

      Hailinel on

      @R Wilson, any talk of OUYA development at this point is just that; talk. The people behind OUYA still have numerous questions that need answering. If it's a viable platform, then it will hopefully attract a great number of projects, but at this point, all they have for us is talk. It's all well and good to express a desire to support the platform, but the desire and the actual ability are two different things.

    3. E.o.E.Games Creator on

      @ R Wilson: The PC version is our first and currently only priority. A port to OUYA or any other console/mac/linux will only be done using funds from selling EoE. You guys funded the PC version of the game, and we are using 100% of that funding for the PC version.

      @T Crew: We would not be content with a simple mobile port of the game. We would take our time and redo the entire interface to be intuitive with touch control. If a move to mobile were to ever happen for EoE, it would take some time.

    4. R Wilson on

      First kickstarter I ever funded. I feel like focus on delivering what was described is lacking.
      I wish you the best of luck in future conquests, but please dont use our funding to expand your profitability from other avenues unless we are going to get a piece of the action. Such as a free copy on PC and android.

    5. Tcrew on

      just an android app would be good xD

    6. MrWahloh on

      @blakezilla, you my friend hit the nail on the head. This thing will and should be used for anything, every app in the android store could be ported easily.

    7. Missing avatar

      Christopher on

      I dont buy OUYA ;) Im a PC purist :P

    8. Missing avatar

      blakezilla on

      It seems to me that a lot of you are missing the point of that list. That is list is what OUYA is gonna flaunt in the faces of the big name devs. On the original posting for the OUYA there is the spot at the bottom that says we want to have some 1st party AAA games. Well Im pretty sure they aren't gonna make em. I think they are putting up this survey to show the EAs and Activisions that the people who are buying/funding OUYA would be interested in seeing those AAA titles or some form of them on the system. It's marketing tool for OUYA. Do you guys remember when no big name games came out for the wii, and phones and tablets? Well Im pretty sure this is the OUYA folks attempt to show the big devs that there is interest for their games. Basically it's free marketing for them. I am also pretty sure that the indie game market part is gonna be second fiddle once this is all said and done if their "marketing" succeeds. BUT since it is android based and so far they (OUYA) are just representing themselves as a Marketplace type service there will still be plenty of room for indie/old school stuff and all the gimped AAA stuff. The ratio of content just might not be what was expected.

      My hope for OUYA is that there will be a time when I can play all these kickstarter games on it, in addition to my old Good Old Games stuff via an app or something. I am concerned about the "free to play" model. It feel like it can be abused in a way that will drive people away. Overall though I am more or less I am hoping someone hacks the hell out of it and basically makes it into a sweet roku/media player type box that can also play good games. With that "everything media" idea in my mind it seems like it is def worth $99. I know the OUYA people are saying it's about games, but I feel the android people are probably gonna make it about anything and everything and add all sorts of cool functionality to it.

    9. Missing avatar

      Hailinel on

      I'd like to see this become a success, and will gladly support EoE on it. I just hope that OUYA doesn't turn into the next Phantom. (For those that don't know, the Phantom was a console that was purportedly in development by an upstart company that, despite any veils of legitimacy it wore, ended up being a fraud and, if I recall correctly, a scam to take investment money and run.

      I'm not saying that's what OUYA is, but it is unfortunately the first idea my mind associated with it when I first read about it.

    10. Peter Jacob on

      I actually had never heard of OUYA (and was annoyed that while plugging it, you offered nothing but what I thought was some mysterious acronym). Thankfully I DID look it up out of faith in your word and am glad I did, I'm now into OUYA up to my neck. ^_^ Thanks EoE.

    11. Missing avatar

      meiam on

      I don't get OUYA, I just don't see the point to having a weak console, probably weaker than most people computer for game. Especially using android system, considering every update is going to break half the game. Maybe if every single game ever release for android could work then that'd be great, since you could avoid having to buy a smartphone just for game, but that's not the case.

      I got no problem with game heading for OUYA, but just don't see the point. And yeah expecting next gen game on the OUYA is pretty crazy, 100$ console been on par to 400-600$ is whishfull thinking.

    12. Suzie Q Sailaway on

      Happily voted for E.o.E.! :D

    13. ShinKagato on

      Glad to see lots of the recently kickstarted games getting onto Ouya, it is to me what the console is all about. I dont need a 4th console that plays Skyrim or Assassins Creed, what i want is a console that i can play game slike EOE on, games ive helped kickstart and then get to play on the console that i also helped kickstart lol.

      Im in agreement with pretty much everyone here, the guys funding the project have totally lost sight of what the machine is all about, i other machines to play high end big budget titles on, this machine is special because of where it is coming from and what it means to the indie community and the people who want the best possible experiance with the games coming from there.

    14. Grégory Bernal on

      I'm also interested in getting an OUYA and I sincerely hope E.o.E. will be ported to it someday! I frowned a bit by reading the offered list of games but in any case it won't change the fact it's a console for indie developers first so I'll just ignore these titles for now. And anyway even if these console games somehow make their way to the OUYA, I'm taking this console for the indie games.
      If E.o.E. makes it to the OUYA expect me to buy this title for this console as well! :)

    15. MrWahloh on

      @Frank, though I agree on your view of things. You've pledged to them because of their idea/project/product, why would you cancel your pledge because other people are misunderstanding the concept. Does not make sense to me. The people that misunderstand the concept are the ones that might lose interest but that is the small minority.

      Also, who says that the games they're asking for can't be ported to the OUYA? Just because it's a Opensource Android console does not mean it'll be used for indie games only, although the focus is aimed that way.

      I fully believe in the OUYA and I wish them best of luck. Looking forward to trying mine!

    16. E.o.E.Games Creator on

      @ Frank: My thoughts exactly. The problem with OUYA isn't the console itself. It's all the backers horrifically unrealistic expectations for it. This is a console made for indie dev and indie games. If you want to play Battlefield/Assassin's Creed/Etc... buy an Xbox 360.

      Though it would be very cool so see a lot of core games and ambitious titles on OUYA, so long as it isnt some dumbed down spin off.

    17. Frank Talbot on

      I've spent a while reading the comments on their update and while I'm glad the campaign has been a huge success already, it's really disappointing the read what the people are expecting. I've seen several people asking if it would be comparable to the PS4/Xbox720, and how much better than the current gen it would be. Suggestions for the stretch goals are all over the place but people seem to want something next gen for under $100, which not only isn't possible, but doesn't really fit in the indie games philosophy. I still can't believe the most asked titles for this are Battlefield and Skyrim. I'm keeping my pledge for it but I might cancel it before the end. And as much as I'd love to see Echoes of Eternia on the OUYA, I'm afraid that crowd will lose interest fast once they realize it won't play Assassin's Creed 7 and GTA VI, and won't bother with the old school games :( Anyway, I'll try to vote for EoE as many times as possible, and good luck!

    18. Frank Talbot on

      Voted. I can't believe their Top 20, like you said it feels like people are expecting a Xbox. Skyrim on a Tegra 3 device...why?? Those are also games that are already available on so many platforms... Really disappointing. Hope Echoes of Eternia will make their list at some point, as will other real indie games or even mobile only offerings like the Kairosoft games (Game Dev Story and others).

    19. Muk on

      EoE was the first game that came to mind for the Ouya, follow up with Jamestown, Meat Boy and a few others...

      Classic's will be reborn by the Indie Devs. =D

    20. Devon Rampe on

      I wanna see all the funded Kickstarter games get on OUYA

    21. E.o.E.Games Creator on

      @ Paul: Couldn't have said it better myself!

      Looking at the list of games, it seems OUYA supporters have already forgotten that this console is for indie devs. That line up is basically an Xbox 360...

    22. Paul Marzagalli on

      Voted. Also, if you are a fan of Echoes of Eternia, tweet, retweet, Facebook, and all that fun stuff! Get the word out. There's no way we'll tally anywhere close to the listed items, *however* if we make a nice enough dent as a write-in, that will raise some eyebrows and draw attention.

    23. Missing avatar

      Junai on

      Voted for you as well. This would be killer.

    24. Adam Bertoni on

      Entered. Lets get it done!! :)

    25. Justin on

      Done. Even if I don't know what OUYA is, google is next.

    26. E.o.E.Games Creator on

      @Devon, Thanks! Every vote counts!

    27. Devon Rampe on

      Ok I just typed up Echoes of Eternia on there. :) I'm so happy that I'm an Early Bird for the system! =P