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Echoes of Eternia is a classically influenced, yet modernly designed, RPG video game. It embodies the essence of old school gaming.
Echoes of Eternia is a classically influenced, yet modernly designed, RPG video game. It embodies the essence of old school gaming.
1,456 backers pledged $43,196 to help bring this project to life.

Official Update #9

Hello again everyone!

This weeks update will be short and simple. We have a lot of things that we are working on, but they are not yet ready to be shown.

Here is our first screen shot inside our new engine with our all new graphics set! Everything is turning out really well. Also, you can get a look at our new sprite style! We went for a more detailed look, and it definitely paid off. Some of the tiles may look a little out of place. That is because they are placeholders and will eventually be made by our tileset artist. I will also post up a more zoomed in version of this same shot so that you can see the tiles in more detail. Just to be clear, this is not an official in game map. This shot, along with some that we will be showing you soon, are tests to see what is possible with the tiles that we have and to show us what else we need to create in order to make everything possible. Please enjoy. We removed the screen shot due to the graphics being out of date.

The launch of our voice acting auditions is taking a little bit longer than usual. We are currently writing all the information for it, but it keeps getting pushed off by writing the actual story line! We promise to have it up by the end of this next week.

Finishing up this update is a new boss battle theme. Last week, we showed off a mini boss theme which you all seemed to really like. This theme is very VERY different than anything that has been produced yet. This song will come in very late in the game and in a setting that matches its vibe. Please let us know what you think about it!

Edit: I totally forgot to mention our amazing new backer characters! You guys have been coming up with such great characters and quests. I look forward to sharing them to you all very soon.

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    1. E.o.E.Games Creator on

      @ R Wilson: You should read our other updates where we already said that we are working on the graphics to suit the comments of our funders. You also have to take into consideration that these graphics have only been in production for a little over a month and a half. Things will be fixed.

    2. R Wilson on

      DO NOT LIKE -- as many have commented. Will our voices (the ones who funded this 4x over) be heard?

      Way too cluttered to be enjoyed, unappealing to look at, just looks short of cartoon porn.

    3. Virago on

      I liked the original artwork better, too. I prefered the brighter colors and better contrast. This is very busy and monotone. Adding more detail to every little thing isn't always "better."

    4. Missing avatar

      Tyler Hand on

      Can't wait to see some more updated SS! :) Good luck and keep on kickin!

    5. Missing avatar

      Tyler Hand on

      I agree with dao2...That screenshot looks way cluttered and looks like it would not be fun to navigate.

    6. cyxceven on

      Awesome stuff in this new tileset. Naysayers gonna neigh.

    7. Missing avatar

      dao2 on

      Also a fan of the original style.

      The little chibi characters looked great. The colors were but you mentioned that. But also the shot looks just way to cluttered, I can barely make out a few paths and while it does give a "foresty" look it's never fun when you go into blind spots on a map in a rpg and this shot is full of em.

      Over detail is a lot higher but the colors, clutter, and character definitely don't look as good as the original (the original was quite nice, had some stuff sure the big tree looked off and the grass didn't go to the edge but it looked like a winner to me).

    8. E.o.E.Games Creator on

      Here is a little update within an update:

      The tile colors are already being worked on and already are showing improvement.

      Also, the voice acting auditions are live!….

    9. IamHowie on

      It looks... almost like Chinese paintings. Are the trees on different layers which moves while your character moves? Looks awesome, but the color hues look too close so i can hardly tell the difference of the ground and the trees. Not sure if this is intentional.

      I think I like the characters to be more chibi style while moving around the map, but I'm not too insisting in this department.

    10. Frank Talbot on

      Also liked the original style much better but we'll see how the final product looks like. Love the music though.

    11. Christopher "DarkWolfNine" Muzatko

      VERY good point Matthew, Thanks!

    12. Missing avatar

      Matthew Kozachek on

      @DarkWolfNine keep in mind this screenshot is pretty small and it likely won't look bad at full resolution.

    13. Michael Judge Brislin on

      I kickstarted you guys too, and I am a trained, professional actor, I would also love to voice act in your production! Let me know if this is a possibility!

    14. Christopher "DarkWolfNine" Muzatko

      I think that the new vibrant colors will help a lot. I guess the thing that jumped out to me the most (first impression) was the tiles are almost too detailed. (Too many contrasting colors in them) I love the detail it provides, it just seems to make the entire screen look busy, because of all the extreme color changes to provide the detail. (like the tress, or the basic grass (dark green) etc.) I love the detail in the blown up picture though. It just gets really really busy/grainy/pixilated (pixilated might not be the best term for that.) Maybe just making the detail lines a bit more subtle. and/or the color changes perhaps.. Maybe the lighting in the engine will help the latter anyway.
      Just my opinion, first impression, constructive criticism.

      Thanks so much for this update. I love the updates we keep getting. Keep up the great work!


    15. Missing avatar

      Ryan Morgan on

      When do you guys plan on holding the voice acting auditions? I would very much like to audition for a character.

    16. Suzie Q Sailaway on

      Personally, I dig both looks. I do see a bit of difference in vibrancy, but I think at least part of it has to do with the fact that different settings are being shown- this one looks more forested. :) I really love 'n' appreciate all the updates! Thank you.

    17. Justin Passmore on

      I looked back to compare older pics to these new ones. The overall quality is much better on the new ones, but yea overall it's not as vibrant. The character sprite quality is WAY better in the new pics. She's looking great!

      I also really like that boss theme. It's something new, and I'm looking forward to the setting it's going to be played in.

      Keep up the great work, I can't wait to experience your game!

    18. David Sherman on

      Is your new game engine capable of adding filters like Bokeh (depth of field) or lens flaring, that kind of stuff really can add some spice to a game.

    19. Eric Ring on

      I love the concept it's great and really pushes the project into a more hand-made game than just a RPG Maker. Glad to hear you'll work on the colours and lighting loving the updates!

    20. Missing avatar

      Christopher on

      I happy that i invested some spare Money in this Project :) Not that much but from what i see i think i will like this :)

    21. Missing avatar

      meiam on

      Ooooo love the battle theme, got's tension in it.

      As far as the style, I really like it but I'm wondering how much variation there'll be from area to area. This could also go along with the color scheme being used. But really like it, modern pixelation, wish more company did stuff like that (cough SE cough)

      Thanks for responding to comment, do be careful not to take too much of what we say at heart, we can be...very fickle XD.

    22. E.o.E.Games Creator on

      Thanks a lot for raising these concerns everyone. Changing the colors is something that we always had planned, but for later on. I will spend the majority of my time the next few days working closely with our tile set artist on finding a suitable variation.

    23. Missing avatar

      Matthew Kozachek on

      Awesome, glad to hear it Ryan! And I completely understand - I'd rather see the actual in-engine lighting than a photoshopped screenshot. Not to mention it's less work to use the engine lighting (when it's up and running) than to use photoshop.

      Seriously, it's good work so far. I appreciate you guys taking your time to do everything right.

    24. E.o.E.Games Creator on

      @Matthew, Thanks a lot for your suggestions. Our engine will have a built in lighting system, but that wont be implemented for a while now. In our original screen shots, we simulated the lighting via photoshop, we can still do that, but proper lighting looks far better. We will still have all the glows and such that we had in RPG Maker, and much more.
      @Jacob, Thanks! We're so glad you like them.

    25. Seizui on

      Alas, was hoping to see the backer characters soon, too!

    26. Jacob on

      I think the new style blows the original away. can't believe people are saying they preferred it O.o the difference is night and day
      I liked how the tree obstructs view of the path, but maybe thats why people think it's cluttered lol
      keep up the great work!!

    27. Missing avatar

      Matthew Kozachek on

      If I may make a suggestion, one of the things that's so wonderful about the concept art is the lighting. Vibrant colors are wonderful but if you don't have proper lighting and/or a little bit of glowy-ness, it may not have quite the same feel as, say, the picture you're currently using for your profile. Though I completely understand how much of a rework that might be for the tilesets to get everything right, especially in a 2D game with (I'm guessing?) no built-in lighting engine of any sort and everything done via sprites.

      As a second bit of this comment, it's very awesome to see you posting in response to the feedback!

    28. E.o.E.Games Creator on

      @Geek2theRight, We totally understand. We do have plans to test out different color combinations on these sets. My original goal was to make this a bright and vibrant game and that has not changed at all. Our main goal now, however, it to make the tiles. Please do not worry about this aspect! It will be handled before our official maps are made.

    29. Missing avatar

      Geek2theRight on

      Stylistically, I don't see anything wrong. But color-wise, well, where did the bright, vibrant colors go? This screenshot is drab, like a picture that's been left out in the sun for a while so it got all faded.

    30. E.o.E.Games Creator on

      Could you all be more specific on what you do not like in this screen shot? Remember that this is just a test shot to see how to tiles all work together. Final maps will not be this cluttered. We wanted to show you a screen shot this week and this is all that we had ready. I apologize for it not being the best representation.

    31. Nathan 'neokinesis' Karklins on

      Also liked the original artwork. Thi looks like the hatch work on an old quilt.

    32. Missing avatar

      S on

      I like both, but I think I prefer this second one. Gives me a phantasy star vibe, which is always a good thing.

    33. Christopher "DarkWolfNine" Muzatko

      I agree too. I like the original artwork better. Tomatoes - tomatoes I guess.

    34. David Hosea on

      The boss theme is definitely interesting. Sounds like background music for a timed boss battle (always hated those in jrpgs). I personally am digging the style shift though I will have to see the game in motion before I can make a more valid opinion about the new style.

    35. Shaxs on

      I agree....this is a huge style shift. I like the original much better.

    36. Magentawolf on

      That's a heck of a style shift.

    37. Brian Watzig on

      diggin the music with this one

    38. E.o.E.Games Creator on

      Hmm, Kickstarter seems to degrade the quality of the pictures a little. Don't worry, these shots are perfectly clear!