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Echoes of Eternia is a classically influenced, yet modernly designed, RPG video game. It embodies the essence of old school gaming.
Echoes of Eternia is a classically influenced, yet modernly designed, RPG video game. It embodies the essence of old school gaming.
1,456 backers pledged $43,196 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Shazbot on

      Looks like they spent all their time re-inventing RPG Maker, and none actually making a game.

    2. Brian Watzig on

      Sucks this was one of my first backed projectd.. $70 for nothing

    3. Geondp on

      Updates? Just more kickstarter fail?

    4. Joseph Austin on

      If you cannot complete the game you should consider releasing the source code and materials for others.

    5. Kenneth Soares on

      nvm at the bottom of the post there's a button where you can ask the project creator a question.

    6. Kenneth Soares on

      That's cool of the people developing Hiro Fodder, but how do we contact them?

    7. Grégory Bernal on

      Hello everyone! This is not EoE related news, but if any of you are still following this page, the team developing Hiro Fodder would like to offer a little something to you all! Please check their update on Kickstarter for more info!

    8. Jared Seiders on

      Is there any idea whether this is going to actually be released or should I just consider my money toast?

    9. Dutch on


      Dude, even if you could, that money is long gone. Ryan was pulling from personal funds in the end. Any money you could get would be coming directly from his pockets, and would definitely take a while.

    10. Dave, Shadowrunner on


      Unfortunately no. Kickstarter doesn't give refunds.

      You may wish to look into filing a complaint with your state attorney general's office.

    11. Jacob on

      is there a way i can pull my money out?

    12. Dutch on

      Also, if you want updates on the game, it's best to visit the subreddit, since I'm the only one working on it. If you post there, I get a notification.

    13. Dutch on

      Delays on updates because I was trying to make things happen.
      Tried to find an artist. -- Failed
      Tried to find another writer. -- Failed.
      Still working on it, but I suck at meeting people, so it's gonna take some time.

    14. Missing avatar

      Krom on

      Some kind of update would be cool. I realize you're struggling, not mad about it, but would love to hear what the future brings for this. Still working on it? Project dead? I have no clue. :|

    15. Missing avatar

      Christopher on

      Will it ever happen to come out ?

    16. Alex Crast on

      Neat, I thought this project was six feet under but I just now noticed that work is still being done on it via updates on that Reddit posted below. I wish those updates could be posted on here, but I guess whoever is working on the game now doesn't have access to the account that this project was registered with. Still, though, if the current team can't petition Kickstarter for log-in access to the project so that they can post official updates then I wish they could at least post updates here in the Comments section. Delays and waiting years surprisingly doesn't bug me when it comes to these projects I back, but the silence and abandonment of projects hurts the most, so even if this game is still a long ways off from being completed it's nice to know that development is still active. Some well-done mods and fan games and translations take many, many years, sometimes close to a decade to be completed, but once it's completed that work is out there forever, so I hope whoever is still working on the game keeps at it with whatever time they can allot so that the project can one day be completed.

    17. Chris on

      It's been nearly 4yrs since this game was backed. It's a kickstarter tragic story, I wish Ryan would man up and give an update. Has everyone reported this kickstarter?

    18. Dutch on

      If you want want updates, I highly recommend checking out the subreddit.

    19. garkham

      What is pretty interesting is E.O.E. last login is on "Sep 14 2015".
      So after Ryan is gone, letting Jeremy alone to rebuild the whole game (unnecessarily...).

    20. Missing avatar

      Tomas Drocchi on

      Agree with @shibeouya
      He could at least explained what happened (people fail, people make mistakes, that is understandable), or give all the assets for free to everybody, so someone could continue the game, or simply enjoy the assets. Instead, he spent the money, gave no explanations at all, and (like a little kid) ran away from taking responsability or at least talking things through. Not nice, not nice at all.

    21. shibeouya on

      What I find hilarious is that Ryan Harmon still lists in his LinkedIn profile ( that he is still lead developer on EoE... Surely a nice way to kickstart his career when recruiters look on the forums here. I guess at that point he's just given up on his career overall after his own personal failure on EoE.
      To any recruiter reading this: Ryan is just an immature kid who is not cut out to be a developer, and will just take people's money and run away without remorse.

    22. shibeouya on

      I've submitted a fraud report a couple months ago to the FTC, and heard back recently that they started looking into it - hopefully they will contact this scam artist that is Ryan Harmon.
      If anyone else wants to get their money back and make Ryan Harmon accountable, I would advise doing the same at the FTC, it's easy to do and only takes a few minutes - the more reports they receive about this report, the more likely they are to do something about it.

    23. Brian Watzig on

      can I just get a refund? this was my first backed project

    24. Dutch on

      I'm not going to be posting updates here, so if you want to keep up with the game, you'll want to watch this page.

    25. Kris Christoffersen on

      Tried to find your update Jeremy and couldn't. Could you just copy and paste so non-Reddit users can see it?

    26. Dutch on

      Hey everyone, I posted update on the subreddit.

    27. Dave, Shadowrunner on

      Perhaps we've scared Ryan away with talk of lawsuits / legal action. Really all I want is some closure. So mistakes were made and the game cannot be completed as planned / promised. Fine, these things happen.

      Seems to me that the right thing for Ryan to do is make a final KS update apologizing / explaining what happened. And then turn over all the assets that we pledged for to Jeremy so he isn't starting from scratch. Then Jeremy can decide on the best course of action; whether pursuing another Kickstarter, an Indiegogo campaign, Patreon, etc.

      Perhaps Ryan feels that isn't fair to him because of the additional time / money he personally put into the game... He could work out a deal with Jeremy to be a "silent partner" and be entitled to X% of the games eventual profits or something.

      But to just disappear without any word is just completely inexcusable. And I agree Josep that what Ryan did is childish. Jeremy's attempt to resurrect of EoE may currently be a pipe dream, but it could become more than that with some support.

    28. Josep M. Pons on

      I am not sure to where it is moving to. It seems beautiful that Jeremy is trying to finish the game... but for who?

      He is alone. Making a game in RPG Maker. Making the character assets and the scripts and the soundtrack. It will take several years.

      He is going to be able to fulfill the rewards listed? not. He already stated he cannot do it. He has no assets, he has not the list of backers, he has no resources and he doesn't have the control of E.o.E Games account. To me it feels like a new project.

      My point is that this project DIED. It was wrongly managed and the one behind it get scared. And I understand it. It is something childish, and he had proved in past decisions that he was not mature enough for it, and it is proven that some people here thinks about unfinished projects as scam. From that scenario it is easy to understand it.

      And Jeremy project, at this point, is something childish, too. I don't say it is wrong. It is a good think to try to be responsible about your own work... but people need to know their own capabilities. And by now he has to prove he is capable, of doing it. He can had learn, from tat situation, but he has to prove it to everyone, to us and to himself.

      To me that project is dead.

      From that perspective, my recommendation to him: do you want to make a similar game to the one you envisioned for Echoes of Eternia? ok.

      Take some months, and create an initial working scenario. Something that works, a sort of first chapter or first city. Who knows. Make it work. Show it to us and to the world. Check if we like it.

      And if we like it, please create a Patreon, The ones that believe in the project will give some money, others not. Enough to pay licenses and small things. Nothing big. Use it to give updates and new versions of the game to the public and prove you can be serious with the management of this new project. The Patreon format will be way better to your real needs, right now.

      But meanwhile, let to die the things that have died. And this project is a game over.

    29. Alex Crast on

      Disappointing that the developer has given up on the game. At this point I'm not really concerned about the $35 I pledged, but for others that pledged more I understand their frustration and anger. I like the idea of just releasing the game code, script and assets to backers as a means of possibly allowing the community to finish the game, but I have the feeling the developer will never post another comment or update on here again. Oh well, such is amateur game development on Kickstarter.

    30. Justin Passmore on

      Dave, I agree with pretty much all of your points. I highly doubt this was some sort of scam. It's pretty clear that money was spent on artwork, programming, and possibly voice work.

      The thing that sucks the most is having him bail without any explanation. We've gotten information from pretty much every source besides Ryan. At this point he's completely shot himself in the foot. His name is all over this kickstarter page. If he wanted to try another game down the road, how is anyone supposed to trust him now? It's one thing to try and fail, but to leave everyone in the dark is like you said, inexcusable.

      AND it's not like he's not aware of this. If you click on the EoE Games profile, it tells you the last time he's logged in, which as of now is September 14th, just a few days ago.

    31. Dave, Shadowrunner on

      @Chris: I don't get the sense that this was a scam. There were a few signs that a game was being worked on at some point.. It's just that Ryan was completely experienced and clearly not cut out to be a lead developer; he grossly underestimated how much money it would cost to make the game he envisioned and mistakes were made... (He was supposedly paying a new programmer with money from his day job)... And IMO all of that would be forgivable if he had just been honest and stayed in regular communication with us.

      But disappearing on us like he did is completely inexcusable and unprofessional. There are things he could've done. Some developers have launched a 2nd Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign when it became apparent that they needed more money to finish their game. Others got additional funds by selling beta copies of the game on Steam Early Access. Hell, Double Fine split "Broken Age" into two episodes and funded the 2nd half with sales of the first half... or any combination of the above. It seems like he got in over his head and gave up.

      The problem is we gave him money and got nothing in return. So yeah I think a civil lawsuit is appropriate. I don't really know how to go about starting a class action lawsuit; there might be some attorneys who would be willing to do it pro bono for a big case, but $43,000 might not really be enough.

      I read more about the Asylum playing cards case and apparently some backers from Washington state filed a complaint with their attorney general.... So we should ALL file complaints with our state attorney generals' office... Maybe one of them will actually do something.

    32. Chris on

      I wonder if this project was an elaborate scam. A class action lawsuit sounds nice. I feel sorry for people who paid for the higher tiers.

    33. Dave, Shadowrunner on

      While I appreciate Jeremy's efforts to make something someday that perhaps somewhat resembles what we were promised, I'm in agreement with Tomas & others that the original creator of this project, Ryan Harmon should not be let off the hook.

      There is news today of the first successful civil court case in Washington state involving another Kickstarter project that failed to deliver rewards to backers...,2817,2491108,00.asp Now unfortunately most of the money will not go to the backers, but at least it sets up a precedent that people who run Kickstarter campaigns have to be accountable to their backers...

      If I lived in Georgia I'd definitely look into starting a class action lawsuit against Ryan. If he was still in regular communication with us that would be one thing, but He doesn't even have the decency to post a final update explaining why the game he promised isn't being released. That is not OK.

    34. Erik Birger Karlsson on

      Hi again Jeremy, I read your first longer post below just now -- I missed that when I wrote my last post. :/

      I commend you for trying to start everything from scratch and I hope you'll be able to make contact with Ryan to sort something out. Good luck in writing your Game-Bible! :)

    35. Erik Birger Karlsson on

      Jeremy, I'm really glad to hear that the project hasn't been canceled.

      I really think you should make an official update just clarifying that though -- since many people here got worried that the project was gone. I was too, since this has happened with a couple of other projects I've backed before.

      I just has to be a few words, don't need to be anything more like "We're still working on the game!" and a note about the subreddit thingy you talked about (future communication plans).

      Regards and go at it! ;D

      Erik Birger Karlsson

    36. Justin Passmore on

      Good to hear, and looking forward to the subreddit getting set up.

    37. Dutch on

      Hey everyone! I JUST got back from Seattle. Over the next few days, I'll be writing scripts, and working towards completing my game bible. Just as a heads up, there are some changes in the works. There's more to come, but the subreddit will be up within a week. Looking forward to being able to communicate with you all better!

    38. Dutch on

      Hey Guys! It's been a while since I gave you all an update, so I wanted to let you all know what's up. I'm still working on the game. I'm planning on making the subreddit in about three weeks. I'm heading to PAX, and I'm going to be gone for about a week, so didn't want to make it before that, then have a weird break out of nowhere. But I'm still alive. More to come.

    39. Silvernis on

      I still giggle about how someone said those of us asking for more frequent updates and more communication in general were being "spoiled children," and that we should just be patient and supportive. That was a year ago, and we can see how well that worked out.

      I didn't sink enough money into this project to be really upset by its apparent total failure, but it's nonetheless disheartening.

    40. Missing avatar

      Tomas Drocchi on

      The creator of this campaign and person who got all the money must return something in turn. If he wasnt able to finish the game, okay, it happens, but he should at least release all the assets (art, music, engine, etc) to the backers, so someone can continue or finish the game, or at least feel they contributed somehow. If not, let's file a complain against him. Who's with me?

    41. shibeouya on

      @Jeremy Totally appreciate what you're trying to do with what you were left with, even if it takes time I think everyone here is grateful.
      However this Ryan Harmon seems like he pretty much took the money and ran away with it. There are already existing cases of people who got in trouble because of that on KS, and I am fully intending to create a FTC complaint about him in the near future. It's a shame having to resort to that, but a person who takes so much money and then runs away should and will be held accountable.
      In the meantime it would be great to see this project kept alive in some way or another, I think your subreddit idea is a great one !

    42. Daniel on

      Any update about the Subreddit Jeremy? and good to know you are taking this on, this whole thing was so promising, I wonder why the original guy just upped and abandoned the project

    43. Missing avatar

      Gary Concepcion

      So where are we in regards to those of us that would like a refund?

    44. Dutch on

      UPDATE: Instead of an update blog, I'm going to be making a subreddit. I figure this is an easier platform to release updates and allow you all to voice your comments/concerns. I don't currently have enough positive Karma to make one yet, but I'm working on it.
      As of right now, there still isn't much to report. I'm still writing the script. Progress hasn't been fast, but I'm basically doing this all from scratch, so it's to be expected.
      I'll post more as it happens.

    45. Drucifer on

      don't ever hesitate to ask for help from us backers is how I feel

    46. Drucifer on

      keep it alive JEREMY!! I have very little experience in all this but if you need some kind of help at some point with programming or things of that matter don't hesitate to ask. I would imagine that you could get help from many people within this KS community.

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