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I want to print ABUELA y los DEAD MEXICANS, my comic book about my grandmother and the Mexican Revolution.

My project is a 20-page comic about my grandmother and the Mexican Revolution titled Abuela y los Dead Mexicans. Featured chronologically are figures from the Revolution such as Pancho Villa with his elite army the "Division del Norte" and Emiliano Zapata, champion of land reform in the state of Morelos and points south. 

The comic-in-progress can be seen here:

Abuela y los Dead Mexicans begins in 1910 as the Mexican people band together to revolt against the oppressive hacienda system and the dictator-like rule of Porfirio Diaz and ends with the death of most of the key figures in the early 1920's.

Told concurrently with this 'official' history are stories from my grandmother who was born as the Revolution was winding down, but as persecution of Catholics was on the rise. As a girl, she immigrated north to the United States in 1925 with her mother and little sister and eventually settled in El Paso, Texas.

The finished comic will be printed on newsprint, 11.38" x 17" (tabloid size) in an edition of 1,000. It will be available for free as part of the exhibition Close Distance from July 15 to August 28 at the Mills Gallery at Boston Center for the Arts.

Printing and shipping costs will be around $900. The BCA will reimburse me for $100. That leaves $800 I need to raise. I am setting a Kickstarter goal of $600 and I will make up the difference. If this goal is exceeded, my own costs will be greatly reduced. Funds raised over $900 will go toward buying an ISBN number.

During the Revolution 170,000 Mexican refugees entered the US legally and at least another 80,000 illegally. With this project, I want to convey how the Mexican Revolution is also part of U.S. history through immigrants like my grandmother.

Thanks for your support!


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