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Her first away mission since the incident could be her last.
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Mission Update

Posted by Matt Vancil (Creator)

Hi! Hello! Just ducking my head out of the cockpit to give you a quick status update.

That status is: good. Five chapters have been written, which represent about a third to a quarter of the total book depending on how messy the climax gets. I could have phrased that better. Momentum is steady, and we remain on course to meet our predicted launch date of December, 2019.

In the coming days, you should receive an email from BackerKit. That's where shipping is being handled and you can pick up add-ons a la carte. We’ll have a more accurate estimation of shipping costs by then—having just completed fulfillment of our previous campaign, we’ve seen some prices go up (mainly international shipping), so we’re working on ways to keep those down. Ish. Some zones are just costlier to ship to. Dang Australia being all the way over there…

Also! If you pledged for a lore-based reward such as devising the doom of a red shirt: here’s your polite reminder to please send in the grisly details. The later that information arrives, the harder it will be to fold into the story. And there are just so many red shirts to kill.

That’s all for now. Expect that BackerKit invitation shortly. Have a happy holiday season, and may the rest of the year treat you kindly.



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    1. M. Steiner on

      Live long and prosper and shine on you crazy diamond! So excited to read this.

    2. Courtney Rayle on

      Hi Matt! Glad to hear everything is coming along.

      I sent you an email about the Red Shirt, but since I didn't hear anything from you, I'm not sure you received it. Was there a specific email you wanted us to use to contact you?