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Her first away mission since the incident could be her last.
310 backers pledged $15,392 to help bring this project to life.

70% funded!

Posted by Margaret Doyle (Collaborator)

Good work Cadets!!! We are 70% funded! 

We are getting very excited about bringing this campaign home but we aren't ready to pop the champagne bottles yet.

See...there's this thing that happpens...

A lot of the time our friends, family, chibichans, and followers see our posts about The Fatal Frontier and think "That's cool. I'll have to back that next week!"

And then that week goes by...and they have forgotten.

And then the Kickstarter ends and they've lost their chance to back this awesome project!

What does this mean? Well it means we need you to get the word out that there are only a handful of days left to back the Kickstarter. We need to make sure no one misses the opportunity to help create this novel and help become a member of the Galactic Coalition. 

Let's ramp things up this week. Our stretch goal of hiring Brian S. Lewis to record the audiobook isn't impossible! We know we can make magic...and you know why? Because of you. You, the best fans, friends, and supporters in the world.

--Maggie Doyle


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