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Her first away mission since the incident could be her last.
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New Backer Level and Artwork!

Posted by Matt Vancil (Creator)

Good news, Cadets!

We've heard your cries (not the ones for mercy; we ignore those) and have added a NEW BACKER LEVEL!

You guys had a great idea (jeez,'d you miss that one?!) and we are thankful you brought it to our attention: a reward level that's just the ebook and audio book. Two downloadable versions—one to read and one to hear—that would incur no shipping charges.

Well, we've heard you! And we're happy to introduce the Technician: a $25 level that gets you both the audio book and the ebook (in a format of your choice) and lands your name in the crew manifest with the highest enlisted rank there is. (In this universe.)

So! If the Technician strikes your fancy, head on over to the new $25 level to pick up the ebook and audio book! Your eyeballs and earballs will thank you.

[Author's note: "Earballs?" Maggie, you're fired. —Matt]

Speaking of backer levels... WE HAVE ARTWORK!!!

We recently commissioned artist and good friend of ZOE Bryan Donihue to design our enamel pins for the red shirts and officers. Rather than keep those spiffy images to ourselves, we just had to share them with you!

Red Shirt motto: "Another Shall Rise"
Red Shirt motto: "Another Shall Rise"
Officer motto: "To the Stars, Our Birthright"
Officer motto: "To the Stars, Our Birthright"

[Author's note: Those are sweet. Maggie, you're rehired. —Matt]

I mean...guys...those are amazing pins. If you aren't at a level that gets a pin, you might want to reconsider because these are not to be missed.

Also: you might notice that the Latin in the images—unlike the language in the rewards text—is actually correct. Looks like Vancypants forgot himself a little grammar over the last twenty years. A full explanation is in the FAQ, but feel free to mock Matt in person or over social media.

—Maggie Doyle

[Author's note: Tibi non bene est. Matt, you're fired. —Matt]

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    1. Missing avatar

      John A on

      Pledge upgraded :)

    2. Stark

      Errare humanum est... which now that I'm thinking about it might not be entirely strictly correct either thus proving the point... Latin be tricksy and I's only self edjumikated init. Try not to beat yourself up too badly, Matt. Pins look great by the way!

    3. Matt Vancil 4-time creator on

      Bryan's a wizard.

    4. Gordon Duke

      Love the pins.