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Her first away mission since the incident could be her last.
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Halfway Funded and Halfway Done!

Posted by Margaret Doyle (Collaborator)

Greetings Cadets!

We have some new recruits and want to welcome you to The Fatal Frontier! Thank you for supporting The Fatal Frontier and joining us on our mission to fund this novel! 

We have just under 2 weeks to go in the campaign.  Things are looking promising but we aren't out of the woods yet.  We have just under 6k left to raise. We need your help getting the signal out.

One fan recently said this:

"He's an author who when I'm done reading his books I try to find something similar because I want to keep living in that space, but all I find are pale imitations." 

I imagine Matt is already backtracking and avoiding the compliment, but the quote rings true.  The worlds that Matt creates are as real as this one. They grab us and consistently make us wish we could easily go through a portal to them; I know I would jump to Fartherall in a heartbeat.

 What is exciting about this story, however, is that it is a world we don't already know. We all get to explore and discover something new, and we get to do it together. We get to be the first to read his new novel. The first to explore a new world. The first to fall in love with Webb and other characters (some YOU may have named!). We get to say "I helped make this happen". 

The only way, however, we get to go on this journey together is if we get this Kickstarter fully funded.  

We can do this. YOU can do this. I am beyond excited to see what The Fatal Frontier will bring us.  Let's make sure this dream is one that becomes a reality. 

--Maggie Doyle

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