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Her first away mission since the incident could be her last.
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Almost Half Way!

Posted by Margaret Doyle (Collaborator)

Greetings Cadets!

News from the bridge is that we are almost 50% funded!  It's been a good week, but let's send this one off in style.  Can we get to 50%?  Can we get to 75%?!?!?!?

We do face a galatic threat however....the Chibichan have found out about the Kickstarter. We must stop them from destroying Matt Vancil. We must complete our mission!

The challenge awaits you cadets. Go forth into the stars and spread the word of the Great Vancil and his works! 

--Maggie Doyle

P.S. Feel free to share the above meme OR make your own! We would love to see what great things you can put together to help spread the word about The Fatal Frontier! 

(Also, thanks for all your comments, we love reading them!)

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    1. Matt Vancil 4-time creator on

      Aim all cannons at the Chibicruiser! DESTROY THAT THING!

    2. Raphael

      Recalibrate the plasma injectors!