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Her first away mission since the incident could be her last.
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Boldly Going

Posted by Margaret Doyle (Collaborator)


We hit 30% on our first day! That is absolutely incredible, and it's all thanks to you!

Our mission, however, is far from over.

We need you to help us spread the word! Every post, like, retweet, interdimensional signal boost helps and that is what we need from you!

See, this isn't a Kickstarter from a big company with its own Facebook page. This is a Kickstarter from a sole person. (Though Matt does have a Facebook page. It sucks. Suu-huuu-huuuucks. Don't tell him.)

We have some awesome companies in our corner (like ZOE and The Fantasy Network, and our new friends One Hit Die), but we know from experience the best traction comes from word of mouth. There is a shareable link on the main Kickstarter page and we encourage you to spread the word about the project.

A Familiar Face… Well, Voice.

Also! Due to our awesome start, our stretch goals are looking like they might come into play! Our first would be to replace our warbling, flimsy-voiced author on the audio book with a real-as-crap actor. And one you might even be familiar with (*cough* Brian Lewis *cough*). Otherwise, you're stuck with Gaspy McSpeakersuck. There's a reason we keep him behind the camera.

Also also, keep your eyes peeled -- we're aiming to release some of the artwork created for the rewards this coming week!

And never forget.... #spacesucks


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    1. Maxi Morgan on

      Already pledged and posted on Facebook. Love your work. Good luck.

    2. Rentier on

      I can hear Matt all day having to rap all things he does in front of a camera *hint, hint* ;) :P