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Rediscover over 35 of the original artists of Magic: The Gathering® reunited to create new paintings for this limited release art book.
Rediscover over 35 of the original artists of Magic: The Gathering® reunited to create new paintings for this limited release art book.
1,509 backers pledged $149,899 to help bring this project to life.

In the Cards

Posted by Full Steam Press, LLC (Creator)

A round-up of the few products left to ship -

Collector's Edition Books

Jeff's status update on the CEs -

"Last domestic copies of the CEs shipped out during the first week in August. The remaining international CEs are shipping first class with insurance and REGISTERED. Registered shipments take a while to process, with lots of handwritten paperwork, but we are down to less than 85 to go."

If you live in the U.S. and haven't seen your package by the end of this coming week, we recommend dropping Jeff a line at 

For those of you outside the United States, DO NOT PANIC. International shipping (and especially customs clearance) are slow processes.

The Standard Edition Sketch Card Set

Always a mouthful, that one. The printed set of 404 sketch cards came into being as a response to backer feedback. It was an idea generated mid-campaign and in hindsight it probably should have been its own Kickstarter given that the magnitude of the card set's production grew to rival that of the book.

Currently, all the card sets are being prepped for shipping. When that is done, they will ship over a few short days so there isn't the same protracted delivery that has troubled the CE and left a few of you anxiously watching your mailboxes. The cards - protected in their custom boxes - will be shipping to their owners before the end of August. We will let you know when that begins.

Here's your first look at the custom box design:

Magic cards included for scale only.
Magic cards included for scale only.

The full set comes split across two boxes. This was the best balance of maximum card capacity with the structural integrity to not tear or collapse while trying to hold all the cards. Each box weighs just fractionally under 3 lbs (or 1.355 kg to be precise)!

The Original Sketch Cards

Little by little, the lucky backers who nabbed a reward tier with the original collector's edition sketch cards have been posting photos of their haul.

If you use Facebook, there's a group dedicated to these originals. Here you'll find a number of the sketch cards already on display. The group's regulars are always eager to see what new treasures people have received, and there's also the opportunity to trade (or, shock!) sell your original sketch cards. 

One question that we hear about the cards is "why is there no visual spoiler"? Well, we wanted there to be a steady roll out of the images as anticipation and discovery is all part of the fun. Our ideal sequence of events was:

  • Backers get their 2 original sketch cards and share with others online. 
  • Backers get their complete standard edition card set. 
  • A visual spoiler is posted (by us or someone industrious) online.

We weren't beholden to this schedule as on more than one occasion it looked like the card set would be ready to ship before the Collector's Editions books, and we certainly wouldn't have held up one product to maintain our preferred release sequence. However, the card set had its share of production issues and is only now ready to start shipping.

The other reason for not just releasing the visual spoiler is because we think that the people who paid a premium for the original sketches and/or the card set deserve the opportunity to see the cards first. However, we're going to release one little snippet of information now. Below is the list of who contributed sketch cards and how many they did. You'll notice the number varies wildly but each of the artists was asked to tackle a number they felt comfortable with and here's the result:

  • Doug Shuler 36
  • Bryon Wackwitz 33
  • Pete Venters 28
  • Ken Meyer Jr. 27
  • Melissa A. Benson 24
  • Mark Poole 24
  • Drew Tucker 24
  • Anthony Waters 20
  • Pat (Morrissey) Lewis 16
  • Mark Tedin 13
  • Randy Asplund 12
  • Liz Danforth 12
  • Heather Hudson 12
  • Jeff A. Menges 12
  • Brian Snõddy 12
  • Nicola (Leonard) Beeson 12
  • Sandra Everingham 11
  • Richard Kane Ferguson 10
  • Daniel Gelon 10
  • Ron Spencer 10
  • Kev Brockschmidt 9
  • Michael Kimble 9
  • Richard Thomas 6
  • Julie Baroh 3
  • Ed Beard Jr. 4
  • Dan Frazier 3
  • Kaja Foglio 3
  • Phil Foglio 3
  • Margaret Organ-Keen 4
  • Nene Thomas 2

We'll be back soon to let you know when the card sets begin to ship.

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    1. Full Steam Press, LLC Creator on

      Due to one snafu (which is fixed) and a little ill health, the packing has run headlong into the Labor Day weekend. Boxes will ship after Labor Day.

    2. Ian Lee on

      Lol Mine arrived yesterday ! (2014/0819)

    3. Eric Dow on

      I brought my limited edition to GenCon and got my first two signatures :)