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Rediscover over 35 of the original artists of Magic: The Gathering® reunited to create new paintings for this limited release art book.
Rediscover over 35 of the original artists of Magic: The Gathering® reunited to create new paintings for this limited release art book.
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A Fulfillment Update

Posted by Full Steam Press, LLC (Creator)

Collector's Editions Questions

Common questions we're seeing regarding Collector's Edition (CE) Books — 

  • Did my CE ship? 
  • If so is there tracking / do you have my tracking number? 
  • Is there some kind of problem? 
  • I've seen that some people have got their CE. What about mine? 
  • Why is it taking so long? You've had these books since the start of May!

Yes, the CEs arrived here weeks ago (though not the start of May, that was just the early copies for final sign-off). They are now showing up in the hands of backers, in online posts, at tournaments and occasionally on eBay...

But— There are still more shipping out every day. Really. Every single day.

Both the hardcovers and softcovers were shipped, in bulk, by the fulfillment unit of our printer. It was easy because they've a large staff and all they needed to do was pack each book with a set of promo cards. The fulfillment center was able to accomplish this in roughly two weeks.

The Collector's Editions are a more complicated matter with a number of steps applied to each and every volume: QA inspection, hand numbering, placement of the numbered page insert, and special care taken to ensure that the book and its cover aren't creased or scuffed when inserted into the slipcase both upon delivery and after the numbering process. In addition, almost half of the CEs need to be paired with original sketch cards as well as the promo cards. This all amounts to lots of hands-on work that adds up quickly.

Every day a new batch of books is shipped but because it's a slow process there's going to be a measurable difference between the delivery date of the first CE and the arrival of the last. So please don't worry if you don’t have yours yet. They are here, and I’m working on it every night, until they’re all out. We’ve also hired some help to fold, tape and label boxes, so I can get to filling them faster.

A recent “Sunday run”, to the 24-hour mail kiosk… 

Each of these 18 boxes had at least two books in it
Each of these 18 boxes had at least two books in it

All current shipments going out have tracking and insurance, and we’re trying to get tracking on all international packages where possible. These steps minimize problems; it’s in the best interest of the post office to make sure the package gets there. In addition, International Mail is labor intensive and more expensive than ever, but some have gone out already, with more on the table.

One last thing; since the edition is numbered, people have asked how the numbers are assigned: They're random just like which original sketch cards some will receive. Any other option simply didn't seem fair.

The Printed Sketch Card Set

This has been an equally challenging facet of the project, with multiple print runs and tens of thousands of cards to inspect, sort and pack. We’re currently working with the last 5%, and hope to be shipping the 400 card sets very soon.

I've made two trips in the last week to review the print runs of the remaining portion of the card set and hopefully we are close to shipping. We'll let you know when that starts.

We're Getting There

We understand your desire to have your books and cards. Rest assured that we're working as many hours as we have available to see this done.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jason Spencer on

      I'm guessing he is going alphabetically since it is those in the p, r, s that are still waiting.

    2. Mike Ranton on

      How many CE books are left to ship out?

    3. Massimo Sansonetti on

      hi, is possible to let me know if my collector's edition numbered has been sent out ? it's over a year now ._. if yes, is there a tracking number for it???????

    4. Missing avatar

      Gina Pisello on

      Thanks for the update and for all the hard work. I am wondering how I will know if you are still in the process of shipping my collector's edition or if it has been lost in the mail?? I know it is unlikely to get lost, but I did have a graduation present for my son recently lost in the mail. Are you sending mail with tracking? Thanks again for all the work and I can't wait for my son to get this amazing gift. He will flip.

    5. Missing avatar

      Charles on

      Thanks for the update. I know you guys worked hard on this, and I'm glad that it looked so amazing in the end. I understand how much tedious work it is at this point, and appreciate your dedication each week in getting more out. Hope you had a good 4th of July.

    6. Brent Bristow on

      Thank you for the update. Good things are worth waiting for :) That being said I'd really like to read the book :)

    7. Full Steam Press, LLC Creator on

      @ Mike Eaton—
      Thanks Mike, your comment about the fact that this is a Kickstarter—and if we did this all the time it wouldn't be done this way—hits it right on the head. Jeff, FSP

    8. Mike Eaton on

      Oh, and mine just came today. And it's gorgeous. Thank you.

    9. 4am on

      Thanks for the update!! And thanks for the hard work!

    10. Mike Eaton on

      Thanks for continuing to take the time. I think people forget that kickstarters are by their nature not usually run by businesses that are set up to handle this much volume, and that everyone involved has other things to do. Also -- insurance, even? Thanks!

    11. William Earley on

      Thank you for the update, was concerned since the last message said they started shipping out a month ago, cleared a bunch up

    12. Chadwick Saunders on

      Sounds like a ton of work!! The quality control is very much appreciated, you'll get there!!

    13. Alistair Collins

      Thanks for the update guys :)