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Rediscover over 35 of the original artists of Magic: The Gathering® reunited to create new paintings for this limited release art book.
Rediscover over 35 of the original artists of Magic: The Gathering® reunited to create new paintings for this limited release art book.
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Hot Off The Press

Posted by Full Steam Press, LLC (Creator)

It feels good to finally write that...


In late December, Jeff was sent preview copies of the softcover for his approval. The full run of softcovers is now off the press and about 600 are at the fulfillment center (for 1 or 2 book orders) and the rest are going to Jeff to deal with for the larger orders.

Here's a couple of shots of the book. The left shows the late Quinton Hoover's beautiful two page spread, the right gives you a little taste of the spot gloss treatment used on the cover:

And here's a pic of just a few of the boxes that have arrived at Jeff's place!


This edition's interior pages are off the press and they're currently being bound into the book casing. Once the initial sample is approved by Jeff, the rest of the run will be bound and prepped for shipping.

The Numbered Collector's Edition

The extra elements that make these volumes different from the regular hardcover edition all present additional steps in design and production. Finding a sufficiently heavy, quality material for the slipcases gave us fits, but that is finally resolved to our satisfaction.

This edition's additional elements - hand-numbering, hand-fitting books into slipcases, including a special page inserted in the text block - all add significant time. All of this was expected but the delay due to the slipcase issues means that the numbered collector's edition is running further behind the other editions. Jeff is pressing to wrap it all up, but It will be a little longer before this edition will be ready to ship. As soon as we have a date, and samples, you'll see them here.

It's entirely possible that if you ordered more than one book, they may arrive separately. Jeff doesn't want to sit on books unnecessarily. Everything will go out as soon as it is ready.

The Promo Cards 

It's time to unveil the four promo printed sketch cards every backer will be receiving. Here's Jeff's modeling the four cards -

From left to right, that's Melissa A. Benson's Nightmare, Doug Shuler's Serra Angel, Bryon Wackwitz's Urborg and Ken Meyer Jr's Erhnam Djinn.

While the full set of 400 cards are numbered, these four cards are labelled as "Promo" though they are effectively cards 401 through 404. These four artists were chosen for the promo cards because they produced the largest amount of pieces for the set, and this was our way of saying "thank you".

Anyone who purchased a book in advance of the December cut-off date, through Kickstarter or Paypal order, will get the four promo printed sketch cards with each book purchased. Yes, each book, not each order. So for those of you who ordered extra books as gifts you don't have to sacrifice your set of sketch cards to include them with your gift.

The hundreds of sets of promo cards are currently being stuffed into envelopes so they can ship with all the books. This is just a teeny tiny segment...

The Printed Sketch Card Sets

The extremely limited 400 printed sketch card set is currently on the press. More on the card set soon.

Oh, and the promo cards will be included in the card set too, so it's actually a 404 card set.

And One More Thing...

If you've gotten this far, then we have a small treat for you. Here's a brief leafing through the book as a preview of what you'll soon be able to do yourself...

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    1. David L. Orosz on

      Any idea when the TRUE COLLECTOR shipments will go out? Just anxious, that's all. Thanks, Dave

    2. Missing avatar

      Clinton K on

      I have been a vocal critic of your missed deadlines, so I am glad to see the physical manifestation of your work. Good job.

    3. Full Steam Press, LLC Creator on

      @Mike Eaton. Yeah, every artist was given a page to share something about themselves, their art or their relationship to the game. People had free rein, so there are a few "How I met Jesper" stories, especially in the first half of the book but there's also fascinating stuff like one of the artists got to play in the first games that used finished printed cards.

    4. Full Steam Press, LLC Creator on

      @ Floyd. Yup, Glen K is correct, the image is one that can be viewed from two directions, like a playing card. You don't think we'd make a mistake like that do you? ;-)

      As we said when the Kickstarter campaign was running, we're not adding signatures to the Numbered Collector's Edition. That was always a statistical nightmare as the artists are scattered across the U.S. and we certainly don't want one more thing to complete to wrap this project.

    5. Glen K on

      This looks fantastic. Can't wait to get it.
      @Floyd Santiago - If you go all the way back to update #3, that image is featured. It's one of those images that can be viewed both ways

    6. Mike Eaton on

      I had no idea there would be that much text! To clarify, this makes me twenty times more pleased with my contribution, and will welcome the special edition with open arms whenever it's able to arrive :)

    7. Floyd Santiago on

      On a separate note, it's quite serendipitous that Serra Angel and Nightmare are promo cards as they were a staple of my B/W deck.

    8. Floyd Santiago on

      At 18 seconds, the page with Ms. Benson's Nightmare, the artwork to the right looks upside down. Also, the Promo Cards looks great! Lastly, since you have the actual books and will be sending them out, how about signing the numbered collectors edition while you're numbering it? Make it a little extra special since we'll have to wait longer than everyone else.

    9. David L. Orosz on

      Absolutely beautiful. Congratulations and thank you for the update. Well worth the wait.

    10. Carla Graça on

      WOW!!! Much better than what I payed for!! Thank you sooo much! :)

    11. Hobbit on

      Looks gorgeous, can't wait to sift through it myself!

    12. Full Steam Press, LLC Creator on

      @Michael I figured it was too good an opportunity to miss. Also, it proves the book really does exist! It's not a mock up! ;-)

    13. Mike Costello on

      Thanks for the flip-through video! That has me looking forward to receiving my books all that much more. It looks great!