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Rediscover over 35 of the original artists of Magic: The Gathering® reunited to create new paintings for this limited release art book.
Rediscover over 35 of the original artists of Magic: The Gathering® reunited to create new paintings for this limited release art book.
1,509 backers pledged $149,899 to help bring this project to life.

Pressing Forward

Posted by Full Steam Press, LLC (Creator)

November is here and the book is at the printers! But what does that really mean? Over to Jeff for all the details -


The entirety of the text files went out to the printers last week. That's the content of the book from the title page to the closing "thank you" section found in every version of the book. It is the most massive part of the undertaking, and the most crucial.

Wizards of the Coast reviewed and approved the content (as mentioned before, this was all part of our agreement with them), and the printer has processed these files, which puts them in the proofing stage. I'll be reviewing the printer's files to make sure that these pages match what was sent, and to ensure no glitches arose. 

There are many different facets to the final detailing of the project; this book is being covered/bound three different ways, each one needing its own set of design specifications and mechanicals. These are being finalized now. The softcover files will closely match the hardcover's jacket and that art and text has all been approved. A little additional digital work to get the "spot gloss" treatment right has also been completed.

The printer gave me a "bound-book" date based on when they anticipated all of the files being in-house and approved. I felt that we could improve on the delivery of the files from our end by at least two weeks, so they are trying to see what can be done to improve our press time, and hopefully get it in everyone's hands that much sooner. Like you, I'm waiting to hear what they can do with that, and will pass on that date as soon as I get it and agree that it is the best we can achieve.

After the books are bound and we have approved advance copies, most orders will be shipped directly from the printer, saving time and utilizing the facilities in place for exactly that task. More complex orders that need unique inserts will be shipped to me, where those copies will be paired with their sketch cards and the like before being sent on their way.

That's where we are. More as it's available.



Sketch Card Nerdvana 

Of the forty one artists who contributed to The Gathering, thirty of them have produced sketch cards for this project. Now, as a rule we try not to play favorites, buuuuut see for yourself -

Ron Spencer has produced ten cards for the set, some of them as pencil drawings, some as tonal work and a small number of full-on paintings that frankly belong on regular Magic cards. Given an opportunity I would have happily run off with that dragon piece. It's amazing.

If you're one of the lucky few receiving some of the original sketch cards, you've a 1 in 20 chance of getting a Ron Spencer piece. Good luck.

And yes, what cards you receive is still random. No other way is fair.

Playmats Redux 

Remember, if you've received your mats and there's any problem, you can contact Inked Playmats by using the web form linked in the last update or by following this link to their main contact page. Remember to list the email address you used for this Kickstarter as that's the one they'll need to identify your order.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Glenn Wilson on

      The shortest way to type it out is to do it backwards and see the chance of getting 0 Spencers is:
      390/400 * 389/399 = 151710/159600 = 95.06%

      So the chance of getting 1 or more Spencers is 4.94%. Close enough to 1 in 20.

      That assumes the cards are truly random and people can get 2 from the same artist. If that isn't the case, the exact probability cannot be calculated because you need to know how many cards were drawn by the artist for your first card, then exclude those for the 2nd draw. 5% would still be an accurate estimate unless someone drew an absurd number of cards.

    2. Missing avatar

      Charles on

      @Full Steam Press, LLC
      I was thinking of probability and independence of events. Lets say you are limited to two draws. If you were to draw from a 400 card deck, and you wanted to know the probability that your card would be a certain card (in which there are 10 in the deck) then your chances of getting that card are 1 in 40. Now, let us say you did not draw one of those cards the first time and you draw again. The second time you have a 10/399 chance of drawing that card, which is slightly better than 1 in 40 but only by a little bit. The two probabilities don't add together.

      Now let us say you return the 2 cards to the deck and shuffle until its in random order again. Then you want to know the probability that one of the next two cards you draw is not one of those 10 (Ron Spencer) cards and one is one of those 10.
      Probability that one of those cards is not Ron Spencer card times the probability that one is:
      390/400 * 10/399 would be the best you could hope for which is around 2.4%.

      Again, I might be butchering probability math but I am pretty sure the probability of getting a Ron Spencer card is not 5% for everyone. Anyone a math professor around here?

    3. Full Steam Press, LLC Creator on

      Limited Collector's Editions were limited to the Kickstarter itself. Sorry.

    4. Floyd Santiago on

      Is there a way to get our hands on an extra, or two of the limited collectors edition? Based on the pledges, there should be some left.

    5. Full Steam Press, LLC Creator on

      @Charles. No, everyone who got a reward with original sketch cards gets two of them, so it's a 1 in 20 chance.

    6. Hobbit on

      Terror looks amazing!

    7. Missing avatar

      Charles on

      Maybe I'm bad at math, but if there are 400 unique sketch cards, and Ron Spencer did 10 of them...wouldn't that make your chances 1 out of 40 and not 1 out of 20? XD

      I'll be happy with whatever I get since I haven't seen a single sketch I haven't liked as of yet.

      But I agree that both of those sketches are amazing!

    8. Missing avatar

      eewk on

      That terror is sweet!

    9. Missing avatar

      Clinton K on

      1 in 20: AKA a critical hit.

    10. Brent Bristow on

      Looking good! Thank you for the update. Can't wait to have a copy to read.

    11. Paul Ta on

      I'm from Canada and I've received both playmats today! Very nice!!

    12. Full Steam Press, LLC Creator on

      @ Kevin. Al mats have been shipped but of course, crossing borders can add all manner of delays. If you haven't received your mats by a week's time, drop Inked Playmats a line.

    13. Missing avatar

      Kevin Martell on

      That's great to hear; I can't wait to see the finished product.
      Have the international playmats been shipped yet? I'm in Canada; I ordered one each of Mat A and B and haven't seen anything yet. Thanks!