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Tradable cards meet board games and strategy in a fresh experience: shape the battlefield, collect resources and destroy your opponent!
Tradable cards meet board games and strategy in a fresh experience: shape the battlefield, collect resources and destroy your opponent!
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      James Daley on

      it's 100% clear, but again, how do you compensate someone who spends $50+, to include those that spent $60+, by taking away the game we KS'd for, which I actually like btw don't misunderstand, and giving us LESS value than someone who could have just paid $16. And I'm not talking about Physical rewards. We play tested a nothing game. All we did was give you some mechanics ideas... that's it, F2P style modeling changes the whole picture. And us KS backers get the shaft with all encompassing (lazy) rewards to go along with the new changes.

    2. Abrakam Creator on

      Sorry if the reward upgrades part wasn't 100% clear, please refer to… for more information!

    3. Missing avatar

      James Daley on

      Before you answer, If I get a response at all. Yeah I get it 25-50 paid for the full game and in essence we are still getting that. HOWEVER, a $50 explorer gets what really? We didn't get to play test anything, we play tested a false product. Apparently, the real product is soon to be on steam EA? So what value did I get for $50? I got a game, that I could have received at lower cost.

    4. Missing avatar

      James Daley on

      So now you're completely throwing out the rewards tiers and the cost to which we paid for them and lumping people together with people who invested less.

    5. Ber on

      Thank you for the update. It is clear now why you have not launched Faerie before now, and your reasoning makes good sense, the market has indeed changed. I wish you well for the upcoming launch :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Gary Concepcion

      Interesting; and I've gotta say good on you for offering more to those that pledged more! There was another game I back that decided to go ftp and I wasn't pleased. I contacted them directly and asked what would be given to those that paid money to help fund it they said nothing was being given. Needless to say I got a refund.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jeremy McConnell on

      I am definitely looking forward to where Faeria is headed. Obviously things change and markets change, so it is very understandable. I am disappointed, however, on how the game changed. It feels like it turned into a poor iteration of Hearthstone and has not felt like Faeria felt 30 project updates ago. This is the only kickstarter project that I have ever backed, and time will tell if I will be able to love Faeria like I did before. Regardless, thanks for the update!

    8. Mark Brenner on

      Your link is broken.

    9. Abrakam Creator on

      @Daniel: It will indeed!

      @Deborah: Honestly, it took us a few months to get this right. We wanted within the Faeria team to agree on every bit in there

    10. Missing avatar

      Cory Kalsbeek on

      The link in the email is missing ".html" and currently gives a 404 error. It should be "".

    11. Deborah Schumacher

      I'm not creating another account to ask questions about this, so I hope you are still responding here at KS.

      Why did you hold back on telling us about this? What made the rebranding and new logo so critical that it was your central update for weeks?

    12. Daniel Picazo

      Thanks for the update, though I'm always weary of a free to play model, I understand the reason to go that route. I look forward to being able to play the revamped version of the game. Oh and will your account cross over on the PC over to mobile?

    13. Abrakam Creator on

      Should be good now!

    14. Missing avatar

      Ole Bittner on

      Hey, the link is broken.