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To connect us with our food, we will timelapse a couple small farms for six months and post the videos online in the public domain.

 All of our city shopping experiences make it so easy to consume more but where do these things come from and how are they created?

It seems food is the most important of all the things that we buy. Can we better connect and understand all the hard work and time that goes into producing food?

I'm going to film a timelapse movie for six months at a couple Boston area farms. I'm collaborating with First Root Farm and Gaining Ground, two small farms in Concord, MA. I will be purchasing a few timelapse cameras and setting them up around the two farms. Some camera close up and some wide viewing. 

The cameras will capture timelapse movies automatically. Each day on the farm with become about a minute of video. Every couple weeks I will travel to the farms and collect the video footage and upload it to a social video site (ie youtube). 

At the end of the season I will compile all the footage into a movie that tells the story of the whole growing season.  In addition, the raw footage will be in the public domain so others can remix it if they wish.

The money is for the camera equipment (~%45), the time to collect and process movies (~%45), and misc expenses and fees(~%10). 

All of the rewards for the project will include handmade art from me which will be mailed to you directly.

Thanks for reading and watching! Let me know if you have any questions.


Both farms have visitation and volunteer programs if you want to get your hands dirty! First Root farm has a small CSA program as well

Other Boston area CSA programs:

If you are another farm in the metro boston area and you want to take part, drop a comment here and I will do my best to include you!


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    Name in credits. On web page and final compilation movie.

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    A hand drawn postcard mailed to you with some abstract art and a little about the project. Name in credits. Shipped in first month or two of project.

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    A 11 x 17 hand drawing folded into an envelop carrying a DVD movie of a previous six month timelapse(not farming) project. Ships with first couple months of project.

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    A 11 x 17 hand drawing folded into an envelop carrying a set of six 4"x4" prints from the six months of the project. Ships at end of project.

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    A 3 pack of DVDs containing 18 months worth of daily timelapse movies (not farming). Shipped in a 11 x 17 hand drawn, hand folded envelop. Ships with first couple months of project. more here:

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    Dinner and movie. At the end of the project, myself or someone from the farm will bring a movie and a load of food to your house. We'll watch the movie and cook dinner with the food shown in the movie. Metro boston area only.

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