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Athens has been the birthplace of a variety of music and art movements over the past decades - help us start a new national event!

Help us launch a new national Music, Art and Tech festival in Athens, GA, music capital of the southeast! 

Athens, Georgia, home of REM, the B-52’s, and so much American music history, is making history again.  Be part of it!  It all starts March 9, 2013.  Athens is ready. Check it out: 

ATHENS SLINGSHOT, the new national and international showcase for independent and innovative music, art and technology, takes over downtown Athens on March 9th, 2013. Spread over three city blocks, SLINGSHOT spotlights local, national and international acts on stage, presents boundary-pushing artwork throughout the urban environment, and features tech talks with big thinkers in arts technology.  We are building on the creative culture of Athens to create a national and international hub for creative and tech culture.  You can help us make this THE Southeastern event for Music, Art, and Tech.

All great things start small. We started by inviting national and international musicians and artists from around the world to perform and present work in Athens.  The response was amazing.  In our first year, we already have commitments from national and international musicians and artists from around the world.  Some amazing bands are coming from across the country and overseas. Artists from around the world are on board. All of Athens' famous downtown venues are on board.  Now we need you on board. Through the support of many volunteers, this event has come to life.  Now, we need to raise money for production, promotion and a lasting infrastructure.  Building on Athens' established music reputation, large art scene and burgeoning tech industry, we are trying to grow this festival into an internationally recognized event.  We need your help to get this off to a strong start.


Our particular blend of music, art and technology makes SLINGSHOT something new in music and art festivals.  It works like this: 

From the MUSIC side, we are bringing together and eclectic mix of independent local, national, and international bands.

The ART rubric highlights non-traditional art forms: interactivity, new genres, social media, performance, sound, site specific works, locative works, and works integrated with the urban environment.  Art and music that doesn’t quite know where to fit in fits in here!

Our TECH events, called TECH SHOTs, are calibrated to bring together the brightest minds working at the intersection of music, art and technology to advance creativity and lay the foundations for the next big thing. 

What is emerging is a festival that breaks boundaries - boundaries between genres, boundaries between popular and alternative culture, boundaries between audiences, boundaries between art, performance, music.  One festival where you can move seamlessly across pop genres to the furthest reaches of alternative and innovative culture.
Joanna Kidd (California), "Letters" - video. Killick Hinds (Athens, GA) with the H'arpeggione, a microtonal guitar-cello hybrid with sympathetic strings. The Suzan (Japan) touring their international debut album. Merja Nieminen & James Andean (Finland), "
Joanna Kidd (California), "Letters" - video. Killick Hinds (Athens, GA) with the H'arpeggione, a microtonal guitar-cello hybrid with sympathetic strings. The Suzan (Japan) touring their international debut album. Merja Nieminen & James Andean (Finland), "
Our lineup is NOW ONLINE at
  • We have award winning artists from 20 countries, including the US, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Italy, France, England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Germany, Spain, Finland, Sweden, Turkey, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and Australia.
  • We have great bands, including Baby Baby, Harouki Zombi, Thick Paint, The Suzan, Icky Blossoms, Glasscrafts, Miracles of Modern Science, Electrophoria, Grape Soda, Blue Blood, Sensual Harassment, Powerkompany
  • Irish media artist Conor MgCarrigle (2011 Venice Biennale) is creating a new iPhone walking art experience for us.
  • We are featuring music video director and filmmaker Vincent Moon.
  • We have award-winning interactive art, electronic music, audio/visual works, video and sound art from around the world. 
  • 60+ artists and musical acts in all, including 20+ premiers.
  • Plus, we have exciting TECH SHOTs on Locative and Translocal Media.

Help us make sure we can make the most of this incredible talent.  We need help to bring more of them here in person, to realize the artist’s full visions, and to compensate our performers.  We need help to produce this event like it needs to be done.  Most importantly, we need to begin building an infrastructure for the years to come.

Everything done so far is the work of a small group of extremely hard working volunteers, with partner venues and business volunteering space and in-kind support.  Even our awesome web developer has been working long hours for free.  Now, we are raising money for the bare minimum we need to produce and grow this event, so we can: 

  • Rent Cine theatre and lab space for artwork and films ~ $600
  • Rent projectors, audio, lighting, and other equipment for works throughout the urban environment ~ $1500
  • Hire two people to help install artworks ~ $500
  • Provide meals for participating artists ~ $400
  • Buy a small amount of advertising and incorporate ~ $600
  • Have photographers and videographers on deck for the event ~ $400
We would love to surpass this goal. Any additional money will immediately raise the level of what we can accomplish in the first year. Additional funds would help us support more artists with travel and materials and compensation, bring in additional acts and key technology speakers, ramp up promotional activities, hire administrative staff, and, most importantly, begin building an infrastructure for the years to come.

Thank you for reading this far!!! We're looking forward to this year and the years to come.

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Athens Slingshot is already in motion, and it's coming up very soon ~ March 9th. This event has been started by a few people who have invested much of their own time and their money. This year may be a humble start, but we felt that we needed to begin soon so it can grow into the national event we want. There may be setbacks, but luckily we're all experienced in all these creative domains, so there will be few, but surely some. If you have any concerns about the goals of this event, don't hesitate to contact me directly.


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