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Proper release of Vulfpeck's debut single — 7" / 45-rpm vinyl.

In five years, 'mp3' will be a lost technology amounting to unreadable text files stored on a single Lenovo netbook. 

The previous statement in bold is not true.  But you need to accept it's not untrue — after all, it's in bold.

Fermisht, I've decided to stamp our best song onto 7-inch circles and spread them around the world.  Tangible, accurate representations of Vulfpeck that will survive MP3-Y2K.  When Joe Dart plays louder, there's a bigger hole type-of-thing.  I'm being told we can put another song on the back of the circle — great news.

the vinyl

Ⓐ SIDE — Beastly

Ⓑ SIDE — It Gets Funkier

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Barring a black swan, production and fulfillment will happen quickly. I fulfilled a previous Kickstarter project called Funklet, and backers were happy with the product and turnaround.


  • We will send out an email survey when the project ends asking for specifics (shipping address, shirt size, patron name . . . )

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    DIGITAL You'll receive a high-resolution download of Vulfpeck's debut single ripped from vinyl. Plus, recordings of Vulfmon calling Apple technical support regarding the sonics of his iPod Shuffle.

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    VINYL You don't need a turntable. Just a milk frother and some electrical know-how. Maybe this is the first 45 you buy? I don't know. And you do. That puts you in a position of power + ⬆ (all the above).

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    SHIRT We're confident this shirt will make your rotation. Joe Dart's mug, printed on American Apparel, using water-based ink, means this Kickstarter exclusive is soft and totally fierce at the same time + ⬆.

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    PATRON Honored as a supporter, guardian and protector of the arts, your name will appear on the back cover of the record along with other influential philanthropes + ⬆.

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