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The Funklet's video poster

Graphic notations of twenty classic funk beats. Read more

Ann Arbor, MI Music
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This project was successfully funded on June 25, 2011.

Graphic notations of twenty classic funk beats.

Ann Arbor, MI Music
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"I was working last night and I thought, 'man, I could really use the funklet right now.'"  —L05

previous failed funding attempt

Lemme spit

I want to make a book about drumming that looks good.  A funky beat is a great design.  Some great designers:

  • Bernard Purdie
  • James Gadson
  • Herman Roscoe Ernerst III
  • Zigaboo
  • Roger Hawkins
  • Clyde Stubblefield


***outside US backers, please add $5 for shipping. thx***

The Funklet

It's a booklet of twenty classic beats.  Each beat gets a page. The notation looks good and offers a little more information than standard notation.  

Drummers can dig the accurate transcriptions.  Cats who don't read standard notation can gain a better understanding of the classics.  Beat-makers can program with these nuggets.  Design cats'll dig it.

By pledging through kickstarter, you will also recieve a semi-personalized form letter (on Funklet Company letterhead) declaring that you are the Funklet's sole true fan and the only one that "gets" it.

The Funklet Audio Companion Buddy  

I'm going to play and record the beats on a drumset made for babies.  Hear it in action:

There'll be bass too.


Put it on your wall.  Maybe where you practice.  Let the world know you love that groove. 


  • Bernard Purdie's Rock Steady (Aretha Franklin)
  • James Gadson's Use Me (Bill Withers)
  • Clyde Stubblefield's Mother Popcorn (James Brown)


Bernard Purdie's "Rock Steady" (16x9")



Most of the money is going into production costs for the booklet.  My Dad'll edit it for free.  I'll also be buying some recording gear and tape to make the Audio Companion.  If I use other musicians, I will pay them 1967 union scale.  

Peace be with,



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