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Assaz Crocante! ⚡ Banjo & Synthesizer Little LP project video thumbnail
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Clawhammer banjo virtuoso & German-American synthesizer professor record a 7" 33⅓ Little LP; 15 minutes of music. Read more

San Francisco, CA Music
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Clawhammer banjo virtuoso & German-American synthesizer professor record a 7" 33⅓ Little LP; 15 minutes of music.

San Francisco, CA Music
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About this project

We asked Marcus, one of Vulfmon's teaching assistants, to write a short description of Assaz Crocante!

For many decades, man has wondered: "What if a clawhammer banjo virtuoso and an eccentric German-American synthesizer professor decided to record a record of banjo-synth-afrobeat music?"

An enigmatic what-if, and for good reason. You'll rarely find a synthesizer plugged-in on the front porch; or a hillbilly with a ticket to Lagos.

But here are two facts. (1) The odd shape of a clawhammerist's picking-hand (looks like a claw, used like a hammer) comes from West Africa, something you'll find there and in America, but really only in those two places. (2) Synthesizers exist.

So try the phrase again, "banjo-synth-afrobeat." That's what Assaz Crocante! is.  It's what happens when a banjoist (Rob Stenson) and a synthesizer professor (Vulfmon) decide to record a record.

How will you hear them? 500 "little LPs" — 15 minutes, 7", 33⅓ RPM — will be pressed. And then recorded onto a professional computer system.

How will your money be spent?  On production: professional mastering, vinyl pressing, tape and other musicians' time.

To conclude, whether you're a consumer, an enthusiast, or a patron, you're invited to collaborate financially. Because sometimes it takes a little LP to make a big difference.




Digital Download /// 24-bit/88k Lossless, or 64kbps MP3, or any other format

CONSUMER ($10): 

Digital Download + 

Vinyl Record /// 7" 33 RPM, 70 Gram (Heavy) w/ Small Hole

PATRON ($25):

Digital Download + 

Vinyl Record +

Vinyl Jacket /// Silkscreen on Post-Consumer Recycled heavy 24 pt. board +

Ringtones /// Choice Funklet beats triggered on Vulfmon's modded Keio Minipops and mastered for iPhone +

Program Thank You /// Patrons will be listed in the program at the Assaz Crocante! release show.


***outside US, please add $10 for shipping (consumer and patron), thanks***


On May 1, 2012, at 3:30 PM, wrote:

Marcus, please put the following video of my doodles at the bottom of the e-brochure.  I think it will raise spirits and put people in a giving mood. :) 



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    ENTHUSIAST — digital download

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    CONSUMER — digital download + vinyl record

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    PATRON — digital download + vinyl record + vinyl jacket + ringtones + program thank you

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    A drum sequencing lesson with Vulfmon over brunch. (Limited considering Vulfmon teaches MTuW and is expected to live to 73 years)

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