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Take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally - trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy.
Take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally - trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy.
25,681 backers pledged £1,578,316 to help bring this project to life.

Update #31 - We've made it!

This is just a mini-update to thank everyone for their amazing support. As I write, we are at a pledge total of just over £1,287,000 and 21,816 pledges.

Astonishingly we crossed the line on my 49th birthday yesterday, which really made my day. I was really touched, delighted, excited, relieved by the news. It is really really great.

There will be a further update later today. Another £113,000 and we hit the Macintosh stretch goal too.

Huge thanks once again.


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    1. Doctor Doom 3 days ago

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      "This week, we’re launching Elite Dangerous 2.1 The Engineers and the 1.6 update, we’re celebrating with a new trailer, giving Xbox One Commanders the chance to pick up something new, catching up with the latest GalNet news and much more.

      As always, you can hear the latest news and updates directly from the development team on our Forums, Twitter, Facebook, Community Homepage, and right here in the newsletter every week, and we're always eager to hear your feedback.

      Pick up the Elite Dangerous: Horizons Season Pass today for only £19.99, €24.99, $29.99 or RUB 1489."
      Fly Safe CMDRs!

    2. Missing avatar

      Nik Clarke on January 4, 2013

      Hi all - the design discussion forum - will that not be made up of everyone over the £300 pledge tier and if so that will be around 350 other pledgers and the frontier team...?

    3. Bromley86 on January 4, 2013

      Yep, it's reached the Mac stretch goal of £1.4m now. That means, instead of releasing a Mac version when they can, they've promised to release a Mac version within 3 months of the PC one.

    4. Missing avatar

      Rod Philp on January 3, 2013

      mac !!!!
      that would be awesome ... you mean it will be available for macs????

    5. Stephen Pointon on January 3, 2013

      Hey i just found my original elite bbc disk version manual in my cubicle! its traveled from the UK to the USA and then up and down California a few times!
      Can i ask will there be single player missions that can be undertaken that fit together into a giant story ark like babylon5? and please include the occasional Douglas Adams / comic reference to show the game dosen't take itself too seriously
      I am an aerospace engineer and professional 3D modeler, if you need any free help please contact me (that's how badly i want this game)

    6. Missing avatar

      Ian on January 3, 2013

      Congrats! Looking forward to the greatest Elite yet.

    7. WeeJocky on January 3, 2013


      Lets keep it going and get those stretch goals!

      I upped my pledge to free up a £20 spot for someone sitting on the fence (and to get myself a shiney new Eagle ;) )

    8. Missing avatar

      Dylan Harris on January 3, 2013

      Given we collectively gave Mr. Braben a quite brilliant present on his 49th birthday, might he give us the most brilliant present on his 50th, next year --- Elite Dangerous, released?!

      I'm not serious. It's a huge project, with so many things to herd, that promising a strict schedule might tempt Mr. Murphy and his law just a bit too much.

    9. Missing avatar

      Christof Jork on January 3, 2013

      It looks as if the mac version is going to be made. That is incredible, so I don´t have to buy a new computer just for Elite. Congrats and lets see if we crack the 150000 mark. Right on, Commander.

    10. Missing avatar

      Ivan on January 3, 2013

      Gratz I am glad E:D made it :) so is pledge for £80 is that also candidate for all expansions free ? Right ?

    11. Missing avatar

      kujahn on January 3, 2013

      YES! :-D
      congratulations everyone!

    12. Damien Valentine on January 3, 2013

      I just took a screenshot of the pledges at £1,337,955. Seemed fitting that at some point, Elite would be 1337 ;)

    13. LEE GREGAN on January 3, 2013

      Great stuff, you did it, i was a little concerned a month ago but wow it just went into warp drive, awesome, i'm so excited...i'm 47 and i'm even considering making an enclosed cockpit to attatch to my 50 inch TV out of cardboard lol

    14. Missing avatar

      Lee Hammond on January 3, 2013

      Congratulations to Davd and the team for making your kickstarter goal.

      Now comes the fun bit, you actually need to make Elite 4 now. I personally cannot wait!

      Elite is one of the games that put British game development on the map, hopefully you can re-capture the magic that made so many of us Elite fans in the first place.

    15. Trond Meier on January 3, 2013

      Can you please make tickets for the launch party a pledge upgrade? ;)

    16. Missing avatar

      Robert Fike on January 3, 2013

      Wow, there will even be a MAC version. The more platforms the better. That means more people playing it. The more money Frontier makes the better this game will be. If things go well maybe there will make a iPad and Android version.

    17. Chris Thomas on January 3, 2013

      I can remember seeing an advert for Elite, on the BBC Micro, on our local TV station in Wales. I popped over to Swansea a few days later, to see it in action. it did not disappoint. I've backed the game, and I'm looking forward to see how the next chapter will turn out. Congratulations to David, and the whole team. Its going to be a great project to work on!

    18. Missing avatar

      Toebs on January 3, 2013

      I would also in your shoes be scared, too - you have a MMORPG to make in a year!

    19. s4ingray on January 3, 2013

      Keeping the dream alive, one pledge at a time!! ;-)

    20. Juan Rial on January 3, 2013

      David, good to see you're committed to the Mac release, but please don't forget about us Linux users who've backed this project based only on the tentative promise of a possible Linux version in the FAQ. I know there's a few of us in the comments section.

      Just a gentle reminder that we're still here and we'd like to pepper your hull with laser fire too. ;)

      Anyway, congratulations. After all these years, you can finally make your (and our) dream come true!

    21. Luca on January 3, 2013

      Happy (special) birthday David! ;)

      ...and don't forget the planet landing unique feature (yes, I know, will be implemented subsequently)!

    22. s4ingray on January 3, 2013

      I think the message is clear, over 22,000 people want to see this game get made!! ;-)

    23. Blood Dragon on January 3, 2013

      Happy Birthday, David, and congrats, FD, on a successful Kickstarter!

    24. Missing avatar

      Cameron Goater on January 3, 2013

      Happy Birthday for yesterday, congratulations to you and the team on surpassing the target amount! Can't believe it's been 28 years since I played the original Elite on my Acorn! what a game...

    25. Missing avatar

      Andrew Milloy on January 3, 2013

      Really hoping the Mac stretch target is reached, glad to see others are keen for that too. Excited about this coming to fruition - perfect timing after all these years!

    26. Missing avatar

      seany on January 3, 2013

      Congrats! Now the fun journey can really begin!

    27. Boback Shahsafdari on January 3, 2013

      Congrats again, and I am so pleased after 20years, I get to play Elite again.

      Once we reach the Mac goal (notice the optimism), will you be testing the alph/beta versions at the same time as the Windows version?

    28. Missing avatar

      Chris on January 3, 2013

      Congrats and happy birthday! Now get to work :P

    29. Wilson Bilkovich on January 3, 2013

      I hope we make the Mac stretch goal

    30. Davor Granic on January 3, 2013

      Anyone figured out whats the first ship in this concept pic?

    31. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Herzog-Geddes on January 3, 2013

      So pleased that this is happening. Hours was spent on my mate's BBC, followed by my own copy for the C64. Upgraded my pledge to celebrate today - and to contribute to reaching the Mac version stretch goal!
      @Creator: looking forward to a well-focussed release that's not trying to go in too many directions at once, then after that - roll on the extensions :-)
      Don't know how frequently you plan to keep us all posted on the development, I personally would be happy with monthly updates - to ensure plenty of focus on the work itself ;-))

    32. Stephen Pointon on January 3, 2013

      Congratulations. This brings back so many memories of when i was playing on a BBC B. Long live the elite!!! Also are we going to see a return of the Thargons?

    33. Missing avatar

      Andrew Clark on January 3, 2013

      I still have my original BBC model B box with the tape (later i got the disk version) I loved this game and the sequels. I am so looking forward to this one,

    34. Harry Torque on January 3, 2013

      @Barry Paypal will be included to reach stretch goals, confirmed by Michael below.

    35. Harry Torque on January 3, 2013

      @Alexander, it says "add £15 to ship outside the UK" in the column on the right. I believe France counts :P So add 15 GBP to whatever tier with physical goods you have. If you're at the 90 GBP tier, you're good to go with a 110 GPB pledge.

    36. Barry Thompson on January 3, 2013

      Will the stretch goal include the payments via PayPal on the Frontier site? If so what is the current total?

    37. Missing avatar

      Emanuele Barone on January 3, 2013

      Congratulations, people at Frontier! Can't wait for the game. I noticed on page 1 of the comments somebody asking about potential need to add money to the pledge for delivery fees outside the UK, but didn't see a reply to that. I'd like to add to that question since I too live outside the UK and would like to ensure that I can receive the physical box of the game.

    38. alexander green on January 3, 2013

      Development Team,
      First of all, congratulations,, the easy part is done,, now you just have to live up to the expectations of at least 22324 people,, plus DB ( happy birthday).
      As I live in France, and would wish for delivery of my goodies at home, would I have to add extra to my pledge in order to cover it ? I've pledged 110£, but if it needs to be more, please let me know

    39. Danny B Mattissen on January 3, 2013

      Congratulations, and all the best. Cheers :)

    40. Missing avatar

      Alexander Chard on January 3, 2013

      It was worth it to listen to you talk about making video games. You are great to listen to, it sounds like you really know what you are talking about.

    41. Missing avatar

      Charles Kerr on January 3, 2013

      Congratulations, this was my all time favourite C64 game. Only 3 little boys kept me from playing it 24*7 :))) I was always sure you would surpass your target.

      I understand you wanting to support the Mac platform, but I really hope you support Rasberry Pi in particular and Linux in general. In some form. At some stage. Perhaps. Maybe. Please?

    42. Missing avatar

      Tomma on January 3, 2013

      Can we complete our pledge via paypal after the end of the kickstarter ?

    43. Missing avatar

      Chris Handley on January 3, 2013

      @Frontier Developments
      If you don't feel that you can speculate on any further expansions, then can you at least say whether you hope to use some of The Outsider's procedural story technology?

      (I'm really hoping, even if not in the first release, that Elite: Dangerous will eventually have intriguing little stories created by different (AI) factions vying for the upper hand, in which every player will have a chance to play a small but unique role, and in which they can choose who to side with, or even play the different factions of each other to their personal benefit.)

    44. Tom Minton on January 3, 2013

      Happy Birthday!

    45. ray moorhead on January 3, 2013

      @Michael Will the starting out trading be similar to the frontier experience ie , Sol - Barnards Star- Van Maan Star(with permit) just a thought as it might be a nice transition for some original players :)

    46. Martin Hague on January 3, 2013

      if gets over 2m will you make Elite for PS3????? please David please make elite for PS3

    47. Missing avatar

      Nigel Mirza on January 3, 2013

      Congratulations everybody and best of luck to Frontier Developments

    48. Martin Hague on January 3, 2013

      yes can we have Elite stretch for PS3 please, get petition together for Elite: D on PS3

    49. Missing avatar

      Matthew Guy on January 3, 2013

      Now please get busy and build the game!!!! :)
      I have also dreamed about and waited for this since 1984. :D

    50. Ken Varley on January 3, 2013

      Really DB, your 49. I guess next years pressie from your wife will be, erm let me guess "Just For Men" :P