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Take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally - trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy.
Take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally - trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy.
25,681 backers pledged £1,578,316 to help bring this project to life.

Update #30 - New Stretch Goal, New Pledge Reward Tier and New Concept

Hi everyone,

this morning has been incredible, just watching the numbers increase. We're currently have a pledge total of over £1.2 million, with less than £50,000 left to raise - not counting stretch goals, but we'll get to that shortly. We now also have 20,505 backers, another incredible number and a huge thanks to each and every one of you.

We are going to make this game and it is all thanks to you. But we're not quite there yet, so keep pledging, keep spreading the word, let's make the most of these final 50 or so hours!

Stretch Goals

We recently announced the first stretch goal and that was to release a  Mac version of the game within 3 months of the initial Windows launch if the project reached £1.4 million. Today we're adding a more modest stretch goal, but one all players can benefit from, more playable ships. Early in the project we revealed there would be 15 playable ships in game, if we reach £1.5 million with the Kickstarter then we'll add another ten playable ships to the game.

New £25 Reward Tier

We've also added a new limited availabilitty reward at £25. This pledge reward gives you a digital copy of the game and adds 500 credits to the default starting option of the game. There are only 5000 spots available so get in there quick. Anyone already pledged above this level gains the 500 credit default starting bonus.

New Concept

Here's a new mood concept piece some of you may have spotted from John Laws' Art Journal video:

Star Chart In Premium Box Set (£90 reward tier)

I can also now confirm that the Premium box set reward at £90 will contain a printed star map for the game.

Elite: Chronicles Book

Elite: Chronicles is one of the few books that haven't achieved their funding yet, visit her project at the link below and please pledge your support:

David Braben's Birthday

It is David Braben's birthday today - so Happy Birthday to David B! I think all of the positive activity today has been the best present he could have received.

So once again thank you to everyone, we nearly there and I'll be back tomorrow with a new update.


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    1. Doctor Doom about 18 hours ago

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      The Engineers 2.1 Trailer - Elite Dangerous: Horizons…
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      "This week, we’re launching Elite Dangerous 2.1 The Engineers and the 1.6 update, we’re celebrating with a new trailer, giving Xbox One Commanders the chance to pick up something new, catching up with the latest GalNet news and much more.

      As always, you can hear the latest news and updates directly from the development team on our Forums, Twitter, Facebook, Community Homepage, and right here in the newsletter every week, and we're always eager to hear your feedback.

      Pick up the Elite Dangerous: Horizons Season Pass today for only £19.99, €24.99, $29.99 or RUB 1489."
      Fly Safe CMDRs!

    2. Missing avatar

      Richard Hudson on January 3, 2013

      @Creator Hi I would be interested to know you get to the Mac Stretch goal, will the I be able to install both the PC and Mac version on the same MacPro? Sorry if this has been asked before!!

      Also can you confirm if I up by pledge from £100 to £137 I can download two copies one for me and the other on my son's PC or Mac?


    3. Missing avatar

      Chris Handley on January 3, 2013

      I hope you are planning a way to prevent save-game editing (aka hacking), at least for on-line single/multi-player...

    4. Missing avatar

      Hugh Reynolds on January 3, 2013

      Now be careful with those ship designs. Don't make them rectangular with rounded corners...else the space cops will be after you.
      Congratulations to all. Including the community. Great job.

    5. Missing avatar

      Matt Darnell on January 3, 2013

      Belated Birthday wishes Mr Braben.. Big congratulations to you and all Elite fans. This is great news, cant wait for the best game ever to be released in 2014 :-)

    6. Creator Frontier Developments on January 3, 2013

      @ Cristari

      If we hit £1.5 million then there will be 25 playable ships.


    7. Missing avatar

      Chris Handley on January 3, 2013

      Since you've now reached the £1.25 mil goal, it would be nice to know how much you've received via PayPal. Are we close to that needed for the Mac port? Or even the 10 extra ships?

      Also, to help people decide if it's worth paying £80+ to get all the expansions, it would be useful to know what kind of expansions you are thinking of (beyond Planet Landing & leaving the ship).

    8. Lars Haugseth on January 3, 2013

      Right on, Commander!

    9. Roger Mitchell on January 2, 2013

      Happy birthday David and Congratulations on hitting the fund target. Nice to know that I will be able to achieve Elite status again and also kick Thargoid arse. Will there be an option for us to construct our own ships or purchase ships constructed by others via some sort of DLC content ? I think it would be cool to actually create games for real that passed a submission check for quality. This would give Elite: Dangerous some extra depth. Like what Dota or Unity Asset store is doing.

      All the best. Roll on 2014 can't wait to play this game.

    10. Missing avatar

      michael kosmidis on January 2, 2013

      Happy b'day David, what a gift to see the amount reached and then some!

    11. Monty on January 2, 2013

      Happy Birthday David !!!
      Congrats on making the goal and so much more as it moves forward to release...
      Wonderful news about the star map - thank you so much....
      Cannot wait to play your wonderful game....

    12. Andrew C on January 2, 2013

      Congratulations on making the goal!

      Lets hope we can hit one of the stretch goals as well. I've already increased my pledge, I would have increased it more but I'm short this month :(

    13. James Miller on January 2, 2013

      Hi Commanders!!!

      Fantastic cant wait, for it to be out on beta , will pledge again, David just bring it out before I get to old 30 years is to long to wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Good Luck

    14. Ken Schmitt on January 2, 2013

      Any thoughts on 'email updates' or basically where it just gets on, updates the galaxy, then disconnects?

    15. Missing avatar

      Rizwan Malik on January 2, 2013

      Thanks for the clarification both of you - much appreciated!

    16. Polaris Penguin on January 2, 2013

      @Rizwan Its not going to be an MMO as that forces you to play with an always on Internet connection, ED will give yo options to play online with everyone else who chooses to play online in a persistent Galaxy, grouped with friends, or alone. Each of these modes share game meta-data with the master server so each action is collated into the one galaxy which will cause it to evolve over time. Single player offline, if it remains a separate option will never connected to the server.

    17. Bromley86 on January 2, 2013


      1. At this stage, realistically everything's liable to change.
      2. Read the FAQ about multiplayer. Apparently this isn't going to be a MMO as we understand it, but it's not exactly clear (to me) what it will be.
      3. Ships & credits. Even if this is a MMO, NPCs will greatly outnumber player ships. So even if you could pay to win (not the case, IMO), it wouldn't really matter to you in gameplay terms that someone else has started with a Eagle when you only have a Sidewinder. Even if it did, Frontier have not just offered ships/credits, but rather scenarios. So, if you want a fully upgraded Cobra, go for the £42 Pirate level; but you will have a criminal record from the start and you will begin in an Anarchy system (this is not an easy option :) ).
      4. Update, free. expansions, paid. If you select £80+, you have free expansions for life.

    18. Missing avatar

      Rizwan Malik on January 2, 2013

      Whilst I am ecstatic the game will happen, I have never played an MMO game before. Could someone do me the kindness of summarising how this version will differ from the standalone version from the days of Yore (in terms of playability).
      I am already a little alarmed at the pledge tiers offering different ships and starting credits. Will everything be potentially available to non-high pledgers during the game?
      Where do paid expansion packs fit in?

    19. Cristari on January 2, 2013

      "Early in the project we revealed there would be 15 playable ships in game, if we reach £1.5 million with the Kickstarter then we'll add another ten playable ships to the game."

      So another 25 playable ships in total then?

      Sweet! Bring on 1.5mill!

    20. Missing avatar

      Rizwan Malik on January 2, 2013

      Excellent to see the game will now happen - and on my birthday too :-)
      David B as I share a birthday with you surely that entitles me to some uber-cool secret upgrade :-)

    21. Missing avatar

      Ero Nyström on January 2, 2013

      Happy birthday David! What a great present to make the 1,25M goal :)

    22. deusx_ophc on January 2, 2013

      very happy birthday david braben. it all must have been part of the masterplan. kudos to the way you are running this campaign and stayed on target for those long 60 days.

      now looking forward to the reddit ama and to once more battle the stars to become ELITE in 2014

      thank you!!

    23. Missing avatar

      Samuel Rees on January 2, 2013

      Happy Birthday David! What a present...£1.25m+ of development money for the ultimate incarnation of Elite! Congratulations.

    24. Jason Hall on January 2, 2013

      Happy birthday David
      Thanks to all and my birthday on this Friday. So I'm getting my present as well :)
      Such good feeling round these parts, that's why the Raspberry Pi succeeded as well, great backing from people who care about the Industry. Lets hope that some of us can write program's as good as this in 20 yrs!
      Hip hip hooray !

    25. purplepete on January 2, 2013

      Happy Birthday David, and Happy Birthday to all of us with funding guaranteed for Elite:Dangerous! On an entirely different note, David, if you're going to put the Blue Danube in as docking music again, please make it optional :-)

    26. Missing avatar

      George Kong on January 2, 2013

      Congratulations David and all the Elite Frontier Development team. It started off shaky, but came together magnificently. Glad you guys took the whole kickstarter thing seriously in the end.

      Don't think you could have wished for a sweeter birthday present eh Mr Braben?

    27. Andrew Coupe on January 2, 2013

      Hurrah! I loved Elite on the Beeb and then Frontier on the Amiga. Can't wait to play this latest incarnation. It looks like it'll be amazing. Oh, and Happy Birthday David.

    28. V3teran on January 2, 2013

      I used to hate my Birthday at this time of year but i guess one good thing is its the same as David Braben, all these years and i only just found out :-)

    29. Missing avatar

      Chris Keane on January 2, 2013

      Happy Birthday and congrat on meeting your goal, I never actually bought elite, I just remember it being the free covertape of Amstrad Action issue #100.

    30. Missing avatar

      Graeme Bell on January 2, 2013

      Wooohooo! Happy birthday and congratulations! Hurray for kickstarter!

    31. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Neil Dimmick on January 2, 2013

      Just wanted to add yet another Birthday Wish to David on this propitious day, as someone who first played Elite on a BBC Micro. a bit surreptitiously in an office of the music department in the school I went to, c.1985.

    32. Eckehard Kutzner on January 2, 2013

      Oh happy day!
      Right on Commander Braben!
      Happy Birthday to you, Sir!

    33. Missing avatar

      Vlammix on January 2, 2013

      Happy birthday David and congratulations awsome day i say!

    34. Gavin Phoenix on January 2, 2013

      Happy birthday David!

    35. Simon White on January 2, 2013

      Happy Birthday David!

    36. Marc Mackin on January 2, 2013

      WOOT,, looks like you've just become Dangerous.

    37. Jeff on January 2, 2013

      And a few days ago I was worried!
      Happy Birthday Mr. B, thanks for all the great times with Elite, here's to many more :-)

    38. M Crosby on January 2, 2013

      Congratulations on hitting the first goal. Or perhaps the following is more apt:

      Right on, Commander!!

    39. Hendrik Valentim on January 2, 2013

      I am happy to see this game is going to happen !

    40. Terence Hutchinson on January 2, 2013

      Just got in and Wow happy birthday David, best news I had all day, could not stop spreading the word at work today, this game elite I never forgot about and Thank's for doing this, So much looking forward to Elite deadly, day dreaming, lots about it.

    41. Missing avatar

      Michael Joseph Pallotto on January 2, 2013

      I think ill go home and drink some Jamesons on the rocks :>

    42. Missing avatar

      Christopher Hill on January 2, 2013

      What a cracking birthday present David, and we all get to share it with you too!
      I cant wait! Congratulations!

    43. Brian Kristensen on January 2, 2013

      Brilliant news! Well done everyone. Happy Birthday David and happy new year!

    44. Jan Strojil on January 2, 2013

      I increased my pledge twice today. :) Happy birthday and congratulations! Can't wait for the game to be done.

    45. Tristan Phipps on January 2, 2013

      Happy Birthday David, double celebrations today!

    46. Saruwatari Kaito on January 2, 2013

      Happy Birthday David

    47. Missing avatar

      Tarmo Elfving on January 2, 2013

      Whee Got yourself a nice present Mr Braben! Happy Birthday!
      And a happy day for all the Elite fans too!


    48. Ronald Vicentini on January 2, 2013

      Wow David, also got in from work and its looking like its going to happen, glad that your target has be super seeded already. Being an avid Elite player for many years, its been about time that its going to be as existing as when i first played the original. Cant wait for the Mac Version of the game to come out. I would prefer that than the PC version. How times change.. Good luck..
      Ronald Vicentini... PS Happy Birthday.

    49. Missing avatar

      Daniel Harrison on January 2, 2013

      @Alan Clarke,
      Dr Christian Jessen (#embarrassingbodies), might be able to help with the sphincter twitching issue! ;-) I would imagine a few more as the project progresses to fruition!

    50. Christian J Poth on January 2, 2013

      Happy Birthday David, I've just logged on after coming home from work, and I see that the original goal has been surpassed, congrats to everyone who has got behind this game, I am really looking forward to seeing this project come to fruition. :)