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Take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally - trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy.
25,681 backers pledged £1,578,316 to help bring this project to life.

Update #24 - Mac Version Stretch Goal & New Concept Art

Posted by Frontier Developments (Creator)
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Hi everyone,

as I write this I'm looking at the pledge total and we're so close to the million I can almost smell it! We're currently sitting at just over £982,000 - nice job everyone with your pledge increases and new pledges yesterday. We now also have 18,215 backers, welcome to our new supporters and we hope many more will join us in these last days.

So please keep spreading the word, use every means you can. Together we will make this game. For those interested in numbers if everyone pledged another £15 we'd hit our target. Now I know that many of you have already done this and that is fantastic. 

We also have a large number of backers at the lower tiers. If you are one of those backers then please consider a modest upgrade. For £32 you get the Imperial Bounty Hunter starting option. For £37 you get the Imperial Trader starting position and a copy of the official novel (written by me - I can't wait to get started!). Remember if you increase your pledge reward, you generally get the rewards for from the lower tiers as well. Check the reward descriptions on the main Kickstarter page for more information.

Over the duration of the project we've received many requests for a Mac version of the game. We are announcing an official stretch goal for the project. If we reach £1.4 million in funding through the Kickstarter project, we will release a Mac version of the game around 3 months after the initial Windows PC release.

Calling all Mac fans, let everyone you can know the good news. We have the reach the stretch goal target to make this happen.

We also have a lovely new piece of concept art for you today, see the piece called 'Red Giant' below:

I have two book shouts for today. The first is John Harper's "And here the wheel". His crowd funding project is in it's last day. Please visit his site and provide your support:

Remember supporting the book pledges also helps fund the game project!

We also have a new Kickstarter book project call "Elite Chronicles" by C L.  She is trying something a little different- not only is she crowd funding the book, she is also crowd writing it. A bold experiment. Visit the link below to support her project:

Once again, thank you everyone for your support. 

We have to make this game!

I'll be back tomorrow with a new update.


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    1. Geoff Trueman on

      @Fiachra Mac Aodha
      Yes model kits (that don't cost £900) big money there. I'd bet that a lot of Elite fans are modellers.

    2. Fiachra Mac Aodha on

      Well if everyone agreed to raise pledge by £15 I would be happy for the excuse to add another £20 for the mug (to go with my EVE Online mug). As I am already paying £15 extra for p&p to Ireland for the £90 tier would I need add more for the mug p&p? What would really be cool are airfix kits of all the ships, that would bring in a load of money I have no doubht.

    3. Missing avatar

      Wim Scheyltjens on

      Very nice artwork, @ Andre Czausov, indeed, would be a great backdrop. As long as they keep the silhouet lighting, I hate it when you have space artwork where there's an additional, too strong a light source, ruins the mood. Dark on light, not light on light.

    4. Geoff Trueman on

      Given that the £5000 tiers vanished instantly, what if you created another 5 or 10 slots for, say, £4800 with a core Imperial system named after you and dinner with David etc...
      Mac is a great stretch goal! Keep up the great work :-)

    5. Andy The Sane on

      What? No BBC Model B version?

      Pffft, I'm tempted to pull my pledge now :p

    6. Missing avatar

      Michael Sturm on

      Cool ... Mac Version? Perhaps i must increase my Pledgelevel to £85 :D.

    7. Missing avatar

      Adam Simmons on

      How are you measuring the demand for the Mac version? It might be a mistake to ignore the Linux market. There is a lot of momentum and money behind the Linux gaming scene at the moment.

    8. Coz on

      @ DvNT : As a graduate of computer science I can tell you I have had no problems running Mac osX just fine on my PC hardware for many years now, saving myself a tidy sum in the process, I only use Windows because I game a lot. With a mac client of this game I could improve my Feng Shui by playing it soley on that platform.

      I don't know why everyone is getting their knickers in a twist over Linux not being chosen before Machintosh - it will no doubt come but Mac's are much more ubiquitous in the USA and could prove an awesome source of additional pledgers and funding.

    9. Frontier Developments Creator on

      We can't reduce existing pledge tiers and devalue them for the people who have already pledged.


    10. Germán Rojo Eguren on

      I'd like the strech goals involving beta test to be cheaper. I'm currently at 20 pounds, and would gladly go to 40 or even 50 pounds if it would involve being in the two beta-testing rounds. But at 100 pounds, that is too far fetched for me.

    11. Frontier Developments Creator on

      @ Jason

      The starting options give you a head start on a particular role, you get a different starting ship, equipment, credits and starting position. Except for the Kickstarter special the starting location is determined by the class of world and is randomly selected.


    12. Kahuna Kevin on

      Just upped to the premium boxed version. Hoping Mac version makes it even if funding falls short.

    13. mr jimmy jim jimmery on

      If you did use OpenGL, Mac and Linux could be done together.

    14. Paul Maunders on

      +1 for Linux and Raspberry Pi support.

    15. Jason S on

      looking at percentage of users on an operating system without thinking about your target market is shooting off target. There is a high proportion of technical men who are elite fans and therefore are more likely to go to Linux than a Mac. This would greatly skew the published percentages.

      If I stay at 80 tier I Have a big choice of starting points. Any possibility of more info on these. Like are they hand crafted or procedurally generated parts. Are some more challenging than others ?

    16. Polaris Penguin on

      Seems the gauntlet has been thrown down to Linux users, spread the news and have them back this/tell Frontier what they want! :).

    17. Pēteris Krišjānis on

      @Michael I understand that. Also Mac user base is where money is less or more. I just hope Linux version will be reality some day :)

      Anyway, good update. Keep it coming!

    18. Missing avatar

      Edward Macnaghten on

      For a matter of interest, is it likely to work with Wine? (If OpenGL there is a good chance.)

    19. DvNT on

      @paul davies - :) yup windows is so lame and that's why we MIGHT get Elite and you and Mac probably won't :)

    20. Steven Carrie on

      As a Mac user I am expecting that even if you don't reach the stretch goal I expect there will be a Mac version. As the FAQ already mentions Mac and Linux, even if it takes a little longer to produce.
      If not then, I hope we would be able to setup a WineSkin or some other way to run the Windows build.

    21. Frontier Developments Creator on

      Linus remains a possibility, but demand for the Mac version has far exceeded that for Linux,so it makes sense for us to support that first.


    22. Coz on

      Adding Mac client is a great stretch goal.. Lets face it Windows has a pretty lame UI.

    23. Moritz Schmidt on

      Agree with posters before: Linux would be a nice goal!
      With Valve rolling out Steam for Linux, I will kill my venerable Windows XP installation some time soon... and I'd hate to re-install it only to play Elite ^^

    24. Andre Czausov on

      Beautiful concept art, this environment would make a dramatic game backdrop.

    25. siegfried on

      Spread the word for the Mac Version! :-)

    26. Missing avatar

      ben palmer on

      Damn for some reason I was under the impression that a Linux version was part of the mix. Since I have no Windows machine, there is little point in my pledge. My mistake.

    27. Missing avatar

      carlsberg on

      agree. need a linux goal as well.
      osx is just a heavily modified version of linux anyway, so if you're doing a mac version you're already halfway done on a linux version anyway.

    28. Missing avatar

      Karl F on

      I think a lot of us pledgers are in fact Linux enthusiasts and computer nerds. Linux would be very nice, and can't be that different from making a Mac version.

    29. Pēteris Krišjānis on

      Ok, Mac version stretch goal is very good, also with concrete release date - nice. But why not Linux stretch goal? Essentially they both need OpenGL, so it shouldn't be hard to add Linux to it.

    30. Missing avatar

      Edward Macnaghten on

      OpenGL/SDL? Possibly Linux?