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Take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally - trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy.
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    1. Martin Hague on

      yes I played it on my old ZX 81 spectrum, then on my Amiga 1200, and I do believe Elite plus was released for Playstation 1

    2. Tom OConnell [Blue lights on cop vipers] on

      @tomasp3n & ray bans,

      Quite amusing that you're irking at the prospect of E:D on a console, when we all played and loved Elite on BBC Micro's, C64's etc !!!

    3. Martin Hague on

      you can use key board on the PS3 I have one from logitec , and David Braben has mentioned he would like to bring Elite to the console market and it on pre order for Playstation and Xbox on, i am sure it can be done

    4. Coz on

      @ Tamasp3n Have them plug in a keyboard and mouse.. I must admit I have to agree with you, consoles have done very little for the innovation of the gaming market. Indeed, try writing a game for one too.

    5. Missing avatar

      tomasp3n on

      @Martin: I have to agree with the sunglasses. I feel for you, but if they announce console versions that would make me withdraw my pledge as I fear it would seriously hamper the game. No offence intended, but to me consoles are one majot reason as to why most of todays games are simplified to the the point of ruining the experice for me.

    6. Coz on

      OOOH! A Dev Diary tomorrow.. Really looking forward to that Michael. Gratz to the Frontier team on making it over the 1 Mil milestone.

    7. ray bans

      @Martin if this game comes close to what is expected of it, then it would be horrible trying to play it on a Console, as it would be too complicated for that, and if they made it playable on a console, it would have to be simplified to the point it would no longer be the game some of us are looking for.

    8. JC Ford on

      @ Michael - mac version stretch goal amazing, thank you. So if we hit the magic 1.4m does that mean the £90 pledge would ship a premium boxed mac version if requested, or is that of only?

    9. Martin Hague on

      don't forget the Playstation 3 fans we want this game to

    10. namuol on

      @Karl F: I'd increase my pledge for a Linux stretch goal, but the ultimatum set forth by the user on the Debian forums is self-centered and unrealistic. As a primary Linux user and game developer, reading things like that makes me feel the same way I do about PETA as a vegetarian...

      In fact, I'll be increasing my pledge anyway, because I want to PLAY this game, regardless of what platforms can be supported. Long live Elite!

    11. Tom OConnell [Blue lights on cop vipers] on

      From the Debian Linux forum :

      Most users ever online was 810 on 2012-02-06 05:07

    12. Missing avatar

      Paul Duffield on

      I do find it sad that some people want to turn this into an OS debate (re: Karl F's quote from the Debian forum). I don't accept at all that FD are 'ultra greedy games designers'. I've been waiting hopefully for years to hear that this game will be made and if it was only going to be available on a system I don't run, I'd buy one (Linux, Mac etc.) just to be able to run it.

    13. Missing avatar

      Karl F on

      From the Debian Linux forum the following was said (which is how many people think)

      "If the game is not made ootb to run on Linux, it must not be supported in any way, shape, or form. Vote with your wallet and force these ultra greedy games designers to realize that they can't have it both ways. Ultimately, they all must start releasing game versions designed and optimized for each major OS - MS, MAC, and Linux."

      That being said, there's an enormous shortage of games on Linux, and many-many-many Linux-gamers hungry to play. People are also happy to pay for games that acknowledges Linux.

    14. Paul B on

      While I'd like to see E:D supported on Mac and Linux, I can understand the reluctance of FD to guarantee E:D on alternate platforms. I accept the argument that a lot of people here are tech minded and have a personal preference for Windows alternatives, but E:D isn't just being released for us and the 18K or so people represented here are a pretty small slice of the post-gold target market, most of which would be using a standard rig and running a Windows based OS. Companies like FD have to think long term, I'd be a bit concerned if they bowed to pressure from a small segment.

      Good work by FD to provide a stretch goal for Mac, OS X is the second largest representative OS for Desktops and I hope that if E:D is commercially successful, the Linux guys will see a port for them too.

    15. Faye Salwin on

      I know I left a message on one of the Youtube videos saying that I was backing at £20 because I wasn't sure I'd be able to run the app. I'm gonna put my money where my mouth is and double it to £40 to try to reach the stretch. Have there been samples of music themes posted?

    16. Missing avatar

      Joey on

      I'd like to know how the demand for mac over linux was measured, I don't remember being asked about my preference.

      It also doesn't quite measure up with the statistics on the starcitizen feature poll for example, where linux was way ahead of mac. Especially considering how the poll was setup, where you had to choose 3 features and linux was confirmed to be out of reach since the developers don't own the engine.

      Simply put, I for one will raise my pledge by the mentioned 15 pounds if linux support is confirmed. I also know a few non dual-boot linux-users who I'll most likely be able to persuade into supporting this project when a linux build is certain.

    17. Maalak on

      Thank you for your answers Michael, they were simple as I wanted them to be and very interesting.
      I'm not very fond of multiplayer game.
      The main point about my questionning was about exploration as you talked about.
      Knowing that I will have possibility of interaction with alien races (and maybe the possibility to steal their ships ? :p) as I will go far away in the galaxy (the fact they will not be in contact right from te start like they unfortnately were in the first Elite is also a very good point : they must be discovered and contact with them must be hard-earned) is undoubtly a very good appealing possibility that should be announced more clearly and that will certainly help me to rise significantly my pledge. :)

    18. Tom OConnell [Blue lights on cop vipers] on

      If I'm being honest, I'd much rather see a console based Elite:Dangerous in the stretch goals than Linux, and I'm sure there would be significantly more backers for a console version than Linux

    19. Frontier Developments Creator on

      @ Maalak

      I'm not sure what you mean? Elite: Dangerous is a new game, it has it's roots in the previous games, but is a different take on it. The galaxy around you evolves, you can play with your friends. We are widening what you can do, for example making exploration a more prominent role.


    20. Jos Ewert on

      If they use OpenGL for the 3D stuff, SDL for input, window management and sound, maybe OpenAL for more complex 3D sound, Posix for the file handling etc, they pretty much get a working Linux version too. As Ryan C. Gordon (who ports games for a living) said, once you have the platform independence worked into your code, all you need is one person to dedicate some of his time to his port and otherwise just works on the game like everyone else.

      So I'm not sure if only doing a Mac version but skipping a Linux version gives much of an advantage work and cost wise. Maybe there's a more Mac way of doing these things which locks them more tightly into that platform.

      (for those that are wondering here's the interview

    21. Maalak on

      No, I meant Elite 3.
      To be clearer ; will E:D only be a (possible, not obligatory) multiplayer version of Elite 3 with enhanced graphics ?
      What will be the brand new features (except multiplayer game) ? That's still unclear for me.
      The main change I see is the possibility to fight in an asteroid field and more spacecrafts involved in the fight (that's already a great thing, I conceed it).

    22. Frontier Developments Creator on

      @ Maalak

      A Linux version may still see release if it makes sense to do, the same as other platforms that have been requested.

      We'd still like some news and information services in the game, they probably won't be newspaers but will fill the same purpose.

      Humans remain the dominant sentient species in the galaxy. The Thargoids are still around but play a lesser role, but we have some ideas for them. Of course most of the galaxy is unexplored so other races may be found.

      We intend to support as wide a range of controls as possible, we tend to use controllers, but we won't be limiting the game to just that input method.

      I doubt you'll be able to access the Lynx carriers in the initial version of the game, but it might come later.

      You will have the core interactions when docked - news, trading and so forth. We'll see what else get added, but that might have to wait until you can walk around the stations.

      There's actually quite a lot of information about the game and I'm happy to answer questions if I can. Watching the videos will also give you more information.

      The game can be played single or multiplayer, you can battle, trade and explore. There are prcodeural and scripted missions. You play in an evolving galaxy (assuming you choose to connect to the server), so the universe around you changes depending on yours and other players actions.

      In all of my updates I encourage people to welcome others, we are well aware that we need more backers, but we're also aware of the strong support we receive from our existing backers.

      As for localised versions of the game that is liekly, we tend to localise all of our games. For the novel that is less likely, but if there's enough demand for it we can look into it.


    23. Missing avatar

      Chris H on

      @Maalak who said "we have to suppose is that it will be a solo with possible multiplayers Elite 3 game"
      (Assuming you mean Elite (4): Dangerous when you say "Elite 3")

      Errrr, the WHOLE POINT of Elite:Dangerous is it is multiplayer Elite. Try reading a bit more first :-)

    24. Missing avatar

      Chris H on

      I'm being pedantic here, but newspapers were NOT in Elite 2 (Frontier), they were in Elite 3 (Frontier First Encounters). (Although Ian Bell didn't agree that FFE was a full sequel...)

    25. Maalak on

      Nice update for Mac users, but if you mind me, I would say that adding a stretch goal for a linux version would have been even better considering that they linux users seem to be far more generous for what I have seen in the different humble bundles those last months.

      What I would like to see myself in next update is more informations about the game : what about the newspapers we got in Elite 2 ?
      Will there be many alien creatures like Elite 1 or will we have a human-only universe - maybe safe some legendary creature called Tharghoïds - like Elite 2 ? You say it's wait and see in the Q&A, but that's light as a response.
      What kind of controls will suit the most with the game ? Mouse, joypad or dedicated to flight-sims joystick ?
      Will we be able to get the Lynx Carriers we could see in Elite 2 ?
      What kind of interactions will we have while docking ?
      And so on ...

      We actually have very few informations about the game, so all we have to suppose is that it will be a solo with possible multiplayers Elite 3 game with updated graphics and without space-to-planet entrance possibility at the lauch of the game.

      So go on, give us some new features that would appeal more subscribers.
      You actually rely too much on people that have already backerd the game ("if everyone pledged another £15 we'd hit our target"), but we also desesperatly need new backers, so give them some dream so they will pledge at last. :)

      PS : about your novel, will there be traductions (french at least :p, spanish, german, etc.) ?
      Oh, and same question about the game itself while I'm at it.

    26. Frontier Developments Creator on

      @ Tom OConnell

      There will be mining options, tomorrow's dev diary will have more details.


    27. Missing avatar

      Craig Austin on

      Just out of curiosity - regarding a comment halfway down - how did you measure demand for the various platforms? Make no mistake, I'll be happy to just get a Windows version, but I will be ecstatic to get a Linux version. But to my memory, I don't recall putting my name down against a particular platform, so until this post, no one knew I would be a Linux backer.

    28. Tom OConnell [Blue lights on cop vipers] on

      @Michael, could you give us a bit more info on the explorer option, I'm assuming the Cobra will have fuel scoops for refilling the tanks ?

    29. Missing avatar

      Günther Hutzl on

      I desperately want a Linux version, too. I have pledged with the hope for getting a Linux version or at least a windows version that runs under wine. But that does not justify increasing my pledge more than what I have already done. I could end up with a game that I could never play. I will increase my pledge significantly as soon as Linux support is official and I could imagine many Linux users would do the same.

      Please add a Linux stretch goal!

      Thank you!

    30. Chris Brind on

      @Ian Magill - modern day cross platform development is a lot easier than 8-bit cross platform development. There was virtually no way to share code on those platforms, but it's relatively trivial to do it on modern platforms.

    31. Frontier Developments Creator on

      @ Chris Brind

      I'm not sure to be honest, I would imagine it would be a native port tomake best use of the engine architecture.


    32. Chris Brind on

      How will the Mac implementation be done? Will it be a native port (e.g. because your using OpenGL) or will be in a Cider/Wine wrapper?

    33. Alexander R on

      Meaning the front page kickstarter video.

    34. Alexander R on

      Yes another vote here for adding the Windows and Mac icons to the image above shown in the video frame. Look at what the Godus team did to theirs.

    35. Missing avatar

      Adam King on

      A Mac version would be great! Upped my pledge from £20 -> £150. I ran Linux for 10+ years, but switched to OSX three years ago - so much nicer not having X/mouse/bootup/etc break after almost each updated - and then spending hours getting Linux working again :)

    36. Ian Magill on

      That's exactly right Michael, I browse this site all the time on my I-phone but my gaming platform is PC, what a lot of the Linux guys don't seem to realise is Frontier have already said other platforms will exist after the PC version is complete but their chances of that are ZERO if the original goal is not met!!!
      This is not an uncommon thing, I remember way back many a time when I had the poor old Spectrum 48k having to wait ages for the Commodore 64 games to be released on Speccy, it sucked so mug I eventually bought one :)

    37. Frontier Developments Creator on

      @ Phil Hibbs

      We use a variety of stats, browser stats on their own are not a reliable indicator, for example many people browse on their iPads.


    38. Phil Hibbs on

      Have you checked the Browser ID OS stats from the Frontier web site to see what proportion of your users are on what platform?

    39. Stéphan' M. on

      Possibly, should be put a little "sticker" on the top screen for Elite Kickstarter campain, to show the supported platforms, would make it easier to understand for the "general public."

    40. Missing avatar

      Wim Scheyltjens on

      just upped my pledge to £70

    41. Missing avatar

      Chi-Ho Lam on


      Easy choice then - Pledge upped to £42 Pirate!

    42. Frontier Developments Creator on

      @ Chi-Ho Lam

      Yes, you can pick one of the options when you start a new game.


    43. Tony Porter on

      Looks like I'll have to up my pledge to get that Mac version!

      At least we have confirmation that a Mac version will be made, just need to reach the goal...

    44. Missing avatar

      Chi-Ho Lam on

      Just to be clear - for the kickstarter starting options - if I Pledge for the Pirate (£42) - will that also give me the option to start as Trader (£37) and Bounty Hunter (£32) as well? As it says 'plus all the rewards above' it would suggest that it would - but wanted to check.


    45. Frontier Developments Creator on

      I think they're all very similar, the explorer option is probably the most difficult as starting away from inhabited systems brings a risk. Although some good rewards as well if you like exploring.

      Bounty hunting is relatively easy to get started, you start with a fighter and off you go. The same for the trader, you have a hold full of cargo and off you go.

      Pirate is a little trickier as you are target from the very start, however you get a better ship help get you started.


    46. Jason S on

      On starting positions, could we have an indication of their relative difficulty. For novice players and for advance players this may prove to be useful information for deciding starting choice.

    47. Frontier Developments Creator on

      @ Fiachra Mac Aodha

      Unfortunately the boxed sets and the upgrades are different fulfilment chains so require separate shipping. Although any pledge upgrades can be put together in a single order.


    48. Frontier Developments Creator on

      @ Adam Simmons

      We're not ignoring any market, we've received a lot of interest in a mac version, so it made sense to include that as a stretch goal after making sure we could fulfil that task. Other platforms, including Linux remain a possibility for the future.