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Take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally - trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy.
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Update #16 - Teaser video and a call to arms!

Posted by Frontier Developments (Creator)
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Hi everyone,

Michael here with a big update!

Thank you to Chris Roberts for giving us a shout out in his latest Star Citizen update. The Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter is now sitting at over £810,000 and we have over 16,500 backers.

This is good, but we still have ~£450,000 to go, and just 16 days to do it in – we need your help now and over the Holidays!

We need to spread the word far and wide. We’ll of course be doing that as well, and thank you to those who have already been doing it, but we now need a big push from as many people as possible to try and make sure we hit the Kickstarter total and get to make this game.

Tell everyone you can as you see them over the Holidays; tell your colleagues, tell your friends, tell your family. Everybody, try to recruit 5 fresh pledgers.

If you are on Twitter, tweet about the Kickstarter (include the #EliteDangerous hashtag) and ask your followers to re-tweet.

If you’re on Facebook, update your wall and those of all your friends who’ll be interested.

If you’re on Google +1, publically recommend the project.

If you’re on Linked In, share the news about the project.

If you blog, or are part of any online communities, post about the game.

You get the picture... any way you can spread the word, please do so.

People can learn more about the project, gets links to and pledge via either the Kickstarter campaign or directly via PayPal from our website here:

To help with the push we have a new teaser movie about the great game we want to make:

You can also help by supporting the novels looking to make the writer’s pledge. Each of these is another £4,500 towards the Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter. T James is intending to write a novel called ‘Out of the Darkness’. You can pledge to his book here:

Thanks again to you all for your continued support.

Enjoy the video and then, let’s spread the word!


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    1. Luca on

      @Braben, Michael, etc.
      You've asked for it... you got it! Raised my pledge instantly.

    2. Manolis Krestas on

      the 10k limit on the digital copy will slow down the fund... the jump from 20 to 30 pounds are a lot for some (50% more)

    3. John Purcell on

      Cool vid. Good to see some space station action.

    4. Muttley on

      I just creamed in my pants... Awesome vid

    5. Missing avatar

      Michael Cook on

      Okay, I'll join in with the elite stats guys by saying that I'll pledge all the ad revenue generated from my Elite fan site; to the project.

      @Michael, I just this second made a comment on update #10. Basically, it's asking if you're still going to include some backstory involving Dream-Ware? It would be cool if you could. :)

    6. Robert Price on

      I have a payday next week, I can go from £20 to £400 then :)

      In the meantime I'll keep sharing the page.

    7. Missing avatar

      weltysparrow on

      Very cool, definitely will be increasing my pledge towards the end.

    8. Missing avatar

      DJ ODonnell on

      Great teaser video for the game - did like the few cords of the 'Blue Danube' at the end, a nice touch.

    9. Missing avatar

      Rob Evans on

      Kickstarter needs a "Share via HTML" widget so I can copy and paste a button or widget in my blog etc. My site gets just over 1m hits a month but I'm way too busy to make a quality looking button and whatnot to put up on the home page.

      Do you guys already have something like that?

    10. Nats on

      Superb video - now we have something real to sell the project with lets get spreading it far and wide around the net!!