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Take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally - trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy.
Take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally - trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy.
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    1. Theta Sigma 2 days ago

      Your desperation is obvious Oldschool %^]

      FDEV up 1000%+ since all time low.

      £12.20 vs £1.06

      Keep trying though.
      You never know, one day your daily obsessive excrement-posts might cause a dip in the price.

    2. Oldschool Shadowrunner 2 days ago

      Remember that $60 game called Elite Dangerous? Frontier "improved" it so much that It's now down to $13.

    3. Oldschool Shadowrunner 2 days ago

      Frontier fights back against the negative vibes! Calls for positive vibes on ED! All you Frontier shareholders here - time to get vibing for the cause!

      "Edward Lewis‏

      Hey Elite Dangerous fans. What do you like about the game? Reading through Reddit and the forums it gets easy to focus on the negative. Would love to share some positive vibes! For me it’s the awesome and unique community groups that couldn’t happen in any other game."

      Desperate move from a desperate company.

    4. Missing avatar

      Phil. 5 days ago

      First time I've logged in here for several years. Comments still going on I see ...

    5. Oldschool Shadowrunner 6 days ago

      FRONTIER "I understand that there is a large amount of fear and anxiety about the future. It's a time of change and that means there is uncertainty, but we'll endeavour to allay those uncertainties as much as we can going forward when we talk about the future some more."…

    6. Oldschool Shadowrunner 7 days ago

      PLAYER: "Lets be honest there... Its the VERY poor choice of lead designer and MAIN reason why every update was so bad and the game is at bad state as it is right now... Just look at his old previous projects (one of the WORST console games ever created) and you will straight understand whats going on here... Its very sad that David doesnt see this..."

      FRONTIER: "Thread will be closed for moderation. Thanks all."…

    7. Oldschool Shadowrunner on November 15

      "Dude if you saw the “brochure” of promised features while FDev were on kickstarter you would shit yourself. In a good way. The game concept back then was truly a thing of beauty. This half assed shell is not it. I backed the game as early as the first beta, and the eye candy and sound design, as top notch as it is, can’t forever distract people from the fact that this is mostly as “fun” as watching paint dry."

    8. Oldschool Shadowrunner on November 15

      "After me and other people backed game based on certain promises, later we found out that developer either outright reneged on them (claiming "it won't be a significant change" to avoid outright fraud accusations) or moved the goalposts ("it will be done, 100%, but later (c)", again, to avoid outright fraud accusations).
      Since we've paid our money based on original designs (and wouldn't paid it or wouldn't paid as much if we knew the *actual* thing we will be getting in certain timescale) - we absolutely at our right to demand that original obligations are met, without indefinite "will be done properly, but later". Or at least be grumbling about it"

      Can't speak for other people, but I am still playing (episodically) because I am trying to wring at least money I've originally paid worth of the gameplay from whatever is here - which admittedly sometimes as hard as wringing water from stone. But Frontier won't see any more money from me, rest assured - neither I'll advise it to anyone who asks me if its worth it. Not unless they prove themselves capable at properly completing their previous goals they made *years* ago"…

    9. Theta Sigma on November 13

      ...says 'Dice Man' - Kickstarter Backer of such unrivalled success stories as Godus and Star Citizen.

      You certainly know how to pick 'em bro.

      Let me guess: in the real world you're an (extremely) unsuccessful gambler.

      Careful! Looks like those dice might be loaded.

    10. Dice Man on November 12

      Hey, we are still commenting! I understand the continued posts - for me, this has been the single was disappointing gaming event ever. ELITE was the game of my childhood - utterly amazing. Elite Dangerous, whilst pretty, just never delivered on the game play. It never will. I'll pop by again in a month or so.....just for the lulz.

    11. Oldschool Shadowrunner on November 10

      1) FD launched ED to great fanfare and hype after dropping the online-only bombshell causing many players to seek refunds.
      2) FD launched with glaring content gaps, missing core features and riddled with bugs.
      3) FD unviels an ambitious plan to update ED and add content.
      4) The "roadmap" was abandoned after just ONE expansion, ONE.
      5) Every update or patch is bug laden with seemingly little or no QA.
      6) For the next year FD will concentrate on QoL fixes with a little "premium" content which we will have to pay extra for.
      7) The much hyped Thargoid "invasion" we were all looking forward to consists of badly thought out and scripted crud re-using existing game mechanics with very few players (single numbers last time I looked) attending the CGs."…

    12. Oldschool Shadowrunner on November 10

      "This will be a short one, since I think everything that has to be said has been said, but the answer to why the game is in its current state is this one.
      Fdev has uhh "difficulties" making Elite a game, right now is a SUPERB tech demo+simulator, but has very little on actual "game-y" content, and I feel its because Fdev is focusing on "HYPE(tm) and EXCITING(tm) content, that will last week tops.
      I bet this wastes a fuckton of resources, that couldve been used to fix what people hates the most, powerplay, multicrew, exploration, etc etc
      Edit: Ive been playing since before Horizons, and now the only thing I can do in elite is...follow the content THATS EXCITING, through reddit and youtube"

    13. Synchromesh on November 9

      @ Richard ...

      Don't believe it mate ... Oldschool Shadowrunner loves Elite .. No one in their right mind would play a game they hate so much ... Na he cant get enough of it ... You don't fool me you little closet Commander :)

    14. Richard Walker on October 31

      A month of talking to....... yourself ?

      With the amount of negativity you pour out it’s a wonder you still bother with the game.

    15. Oldschool Shadowrunner on October 30

      "The last few posts have really summed things up well. Elite remains an empty shell / hollow framework with gameplay that's more like reading a book. One has never seen all these great things that have been told through Galnet. I like the comment about the game being similar to a museum - it really is, isn't it? "Elite: History" where one plays to go look at the history of a fictional galaxy.

      Had zero expectations for 2.4 and these were achieved. It wasn't hard to call since the game really lacks the gameplay design and content for anything more than what we have basically seen since release. Enjoy reading Galnet as it's likely to continue to be "the game".

    16. Oldschool Shadowrunner on October 24

      "People say this game will get better.....sooo when is that? I've been waiting a couple years already. They have my money. Frankly my patience ran out, which is why I don't play ED anymore."…

      "CQC Dead on arival feature. Nice design, but Fd don't care about it for a single bit. Why should we? After 2 years nothing has changed. Not even one thing..

      Powerplay - Dead on arival feature from a gamedesign perspective. Also dead because FD literally don't care about it for a bit. Also dead because FD don't understand what is it and how it should be played.

      2.0 and 2.1 updates so far the best and probably the most of what FD can or ever will deliver to us.

      2.0 bring to us the most huge mechanic in game so far - planetary landing and SRV. Things that completely change our gameplay and the gameworld. Thing of beauty from a gamedesign perspective.

      2.1 bring to us second huge mechanic in game so far - Enginers. Not entirely good in terms of gamedesign, but really changed not only our gameplay but every single part of a game. Introduce the most important part into ED - geography of a world.

      2.2 bring to us lasyest, lacking of common sense and gameplay - Passengers, completely broken for 6 months (they really couldn't fix it for 6-7 months) "main content" as Guardians (ruins), pretty usefull fighters, and what is more important a tonns of QoL improvements. The most important thing ever. First time ever.. 2.2 was not entirely bad.. but.. bad really. That is exactly time that they are developing Planet Coaster and i gues JWE with a PS4 version of ED.

      2.3 Multicrew - Dead on arival feature from a gamedesign perspective. But also dead cause of bugs and connectivity problems in core. So that whould be a COMBO DOA feature. Yep, they even managed to do combo DOA. Pure nightmare of FD that they are even scared to talk about, in any expo, gamescom, or whatever else. I think they probably really shame of that.

      2.4 The Return or.. CGs. Dead on arival? Not sure yet. Badly designed? Worst gamedesign i ever see in my life. I whould call this update as..

      2.4 WAITING FOR RETURN. Someday.. eventually.. something will happen. Or not? Or will it be buged? Or is it even in game?

      So far 2.4 is the most lasyest thing they develope ever for ED. It is both bad gamedesign, bad story telling (and this is a CORE of 2.4.. is this thing even exist in fact?), NOTHING TO DO IN THIS UPDATE. They even managed to make the worst possible gamedesign mistake you can ever make.. They forget to give us MOTIVATION to kill all these thargoids. I killed few of them.. and well.. this is it. This is a 2.4 content. I am done with it. Now i have to waiting.. For what? When? Where?

      Wherever it is, it is not in this game i will waiting for it. Just as others i play mostly in Youtube ED and Reddit ED and Forum ED now. I am still waiting for a moment in 2.4 when i really gona play ED once more.

      Now, 2 more weeks of waiting.

      Awesome, exciting, so much fun.

      I don't want to mention The Beyond piece of.. It is too painfull to even talk about it. Some players really belive that they can deliver Q1 update in Q1.. I bet it will even Q3 at best.."…

    17. Oldschool Shadowrunner on October 21

      "After a year break with ED I had high expectations on my return.
      - I thought atmospheric landings would be there.
      - I thought PP would have changed entirely
      - I thought I would be able to walk on surfaces of the planets
      - I thought they would fix harmless black holes
      - I hoped for some navigational improvements
      - I expected the war with the aliens to kick off finally
      - I hoped for the return of stealth ships maybe
      - I hoped for less grind in order to obtain engineer parts.. vision of that grind made me quit days before Engineers were released. In the past you could have been relatively competitive in PvP without much of the grind, but with engineers it's just a time sink of tedious repetitive tasks I didn't want to take part in.
      - I hoped for HUD colour variety, this ugly orange makes me want to vomit

      All I found was a bunch of useless to me options. And the ONLY thing that definitely 'IMPROVED' is added variety of optional packs in FD shop (paints, add-ons, decals, merchandise) for real money. So monetising is what FD was working the hardest on from one-year-absence perspective.
      I have no doubts FD team would love to sell ships too, but not gonna do it (for now) because that would upset a lot of people.

      PS. Oh and free-view camera is broken, I can no longer take a decent picture."…

    18. Oldschool Shadowrunner on October 20

      "love the fact that after this update all the menus in starport services take forever to load. Nice job frontier, keep breaking 2 thing every time you "fix" one."…

    19. Oldschool Shadowrunner on October 19

      "Ah, Elite. An entertaining simulation but such a horrible game.

      It fails as a sandbox, since nothing you do lasts.
      It fails as a MMO because of instancing and no way or reason to interact with others.
      It fails as an RPG because the procedurally generated content is quickly exhausted. Even coop can´t save it.
      It fails as a competetive game because you can influence faction play while playing in solo.

      You can do two things in elite. Enjoy flying your space truck and watch youtube videos about how louder, more obnoxious players do the whole story progression for you."

    20. Oldschool Shadowrunner on October 19

      "Ah, Elite. An entertaining simulation but such a horrible game.

      It fails as a sandbox, since nothing you do lasts.
      It fails as a MMO because of instancing and no way or reason to interact with others.
      It fails as an RPG because the procedurally generated content is quickly exhausted. Even coop can´t save it.
      It fails as a competetive game because you can influence faction play while playing in solo.

      You can do two things in elite. Enjoy flying your space truck and watch youtube videos about how louder, more obnoxious players do the whole story progression for you."

    21. Oldschool Shadowrunner on October 18

      "Oh man, on the last show they put up on stage they had Sandro and the first minute he spoke I was like "Dude, are we talking about the same game, here ?" You have to be kidding me, it seems like they live in a fantasy world where their game is very complex and has very rich gameplay with amazing stuff in it and things you've never saw before, a true breakthrough in the gaming genre ... he seemed so ... disconnected from reality. Like he was talking about a completelly different game. It hurt me to realize that, no, ED will sadly not, all of the sudden, become a really good game now that they've build some basic features and they're going back to really make them awesome, now. The game was released years ago but still adds new basic elements to it, often broken or unballanced.

      Do you know what this stage is called in software developement ? An alpha stage. ED has been in public alpha for years. And we've payed 90€ for it. Plus, if you buy cosmetics. This is not even early access, where you'd pay 40% of the price for it.."

    22. Oldschool Shadowrunner on October 11

      "This was their Expo... And all they showed after hyping it all up are minor tweaks and fixes. They have nothing. The game is in maintenance mode while the stars like Planet Coaster and their new toy JW take the front seat and get all the talent.

      So I`m not disappointed, because i expected they had nothing, and at least the fixes are for the things that bother me (but this is like 10% of what`s needed ASAP), so its all right. But it shows that the grand plans from the KS will never ever happen. At this point, this is not the fourth instalment of Elite, its Sandro`s and Loach`s adventures in space"…

      "The fact, that they have no more content to sell is the very worst. It means they gave up on ED bringing more money. It only makes sense, that they would reassign the best people to projects that will bring in more money and keep the bad crowd doing support for product that no longer brings much. Kinda sad. I was hoping they will keep it up."…

    23. Oldschool Shadowrunner on October 5

      "The current management have proven beyond doubt, that they are incapable of releasing a consumer ready product. At no stage do I blame the developers. Sure there have been bugs etc, but the most outstanding thing for me is that release after release, we see disjointed additions, and new fixes, which invariably give us more bugs.

      2.3 was a disaster network wise. It took 2 months to get back to a stable working system. Additionally, MultiCrew has been a failure, not sue to players, but players being unable to leverage the promised functionality. It is also disjointed. Has no Explorer bonus and nothing for miners. Engineers was a fiasco, not least by the knowledge that FD knew about the cheat modules, their ability to create them, and did nothing to stop it, until, it became common knowledge.

      2.4 one would expect to be a glowing success as lessons would have been learnt. It was and is continuing to be a disaster in relation to the overall mission system. In relation to the Thargoids, we are led to believe, that A. they just suddenly showed up, B. They adapt to weapons, but we decrease the weapon effects and C. They are at war with us. Really? All alone in a USS? What clever designer decided that reducing a weapons effects would be better to achieve more damage?

      Bottom line is we need a new management team, with proven knowledge in testing, quality and release production. Only after this can we look forward to what else is possible. What is not possible is to expect the userbase to accept shoddy amateur releases."


      The team in charge of this game is incapable of making anything more than a series of disjointed tech demos that never gel into a coherent, enjoyable game.

      We have the driving tech demo. Shoot rocks. Seriously, shooting rocks is a FEATURE. Granted, in any other game it would barely qualify as a proof of concept, but's a game mechanic.

      We have the flight system tech demo. It's really, truly great. On the rare occasions we fly our ships as opposed to staring blankly out the cockpit, it's a joy.

      We have combat. The most fleshed out piece of game play. It doesn't matter, has zero visible consequences, exists in tiny, pointless, horde mode instances...but boy does it work. It utterly lacks balance, drags dogfights out for 20 boring minutes and generally serves no larger purpose, but wow does it work.

      We have Exploration Spectator mode. And mining and Salvage proof of concepts.

      Now all we a management team capable of combining all these disparate mechanics, into a GAME."…

    24. Oldschool Shadowrunner on October 4

      "so amateurish FD so amateurish

      Instead of adding ingame visual cues and changing the looks/behaviour/strategies/types of anemy FD just releases a nerf patch and pretends its content.... i thought you couldn`t get worse... but you amaze me every time despite the fact I`m expecting less than nothing every time

      Just lol, 6 months... wow.. pathetic... oh i know i just lack imagination.... i should just imagine the content... tune in on galnet... lol"…

    25. Oldschool Shadowrunner on October 4

      "Chris Roberts would look at a pile of shit like this 2.4 patch and say "over my dead body.""

      "And this is exactly why I find the weekly microtransactions to be so insulting. They've pushed out more cosmetics at this point than any other game has ever come close to doing, to the point of having quite literally thousands of dollars worth of stuff to buy.

      2.4 is a year overdue, and it is loaded with bugs. Including bugs from 2.3 and before, which have been in the game for at least half a year. It's also the last of the new content updates coming out for the foreseeable future."

    26. Oldschool Shadowrunner on October 3

      "Frontier, get your fucking shit together. Don't you test changes before pushing them live?"

      "They can't test it, they haven't done the grind to have access to everything like a lot of players on here."

      "The game presentation is CHAOS now. Not in a good sense. It's a freak show of bugs and fixes after a release we all waited so long for."

      "I thought about logging back in to play the game. I see now that that is pointless. I've been following on reddit and logging in from time to time but honestly, I think I'm just done. This is just another dissappointing failure by FDev, that's all they seem capable of."

    27. Oldschool Shadowrunner on October 3

      "I just don't understand how all these years go by and ED is still only 5% of the experience promised to backers."

    28. Theta Sigma on October 2


      So, let's get this straight:

      Approaching 3 full years following initial release, A. Random is predicting "at most" another 2 years remain for Elite:Dangerous?

      I wonder if you can recall yourself and Wyzak predicting - not only the death of Elite:Dangerous within a year of release (i.e. December 2015) - but also the complete collapse of Frontier Developments.

      Yet, here we are, 3 years on with the Frontier share price fully 10 times its all-time low price.

      #doom %^]

    29. Oldschool Shadowrunner on October 2

      "This game has at most another 2 years. It's badly developed, badly thought out, badly managed, badly supported, badly implemented. The fact that I'm finding more interest again in Flight Simulator that is decades old over this new sim, speaks volumes.

      Every new 'version' is delivered devoid of captive gameplay, but awash with bugs.

      Heere we are at 2.4 and MultiCrew still does not work, the mission system is a shambolic disaster. Even docking, a mundane task, still does not work correctly.

      It's sad that a company is just out to make quick bucks of a playerbase. Even sadder is some of those players accept it like it's norm."…

    30. Oldschool Shadowrunner on September 29

      Business as usual at Frontier Developments - another last and bug-infested update for Elite Dangerous.

      "Their bug fixing is akin to a retarded chimp humping a football in effectiveness. At this point I will not purchase another FD product. E:D has demonstrated their gross inability to achieve their ambitions."

    31. Oldschool Shadowrunner on September 29

      @el_tel "AND in your post below, you made up the answers David Braben gave (probably committing the offense of false representation in the process)."

      It's called satire, thicko, and the credit for it is not mine - as you'd know if you could be bothered to click on the link to the source.

    32. Theta Sigma on September 28

      Seriously, heed the advice of el_tel: seek help buddy

      Looks like #doomsday came and went %^]

    33. Oldschool Shadowrunner on September 28

      "two years ago I would have foamed at the mouth at a single frame in a trailer showing a new ship or a new type of station. Now I can't even watch a Frontier trailer from start to finish, without feeling sick to my stomach at the thought of what this game might have been."…

    34. el_tel on September 27

      Lol. Oldschool Shadowrunner, IMO (with respect), you need psychiatric help.
      I check out this page about once a year and am not surprised to find you still here posting your rants, although now you're resorting to reposting other people's rants.
      The interview you linked to is 2 and a half years old, AND in your post below, you made up the answers David Braben gave (probably committing the offense of false representation in the process).
      Honestly, for your own sake, get some professional help before your hatred destroys you.

    35. Oldschool Shadowrunner on September 27

      "RPS: Do the players have a right to be angry about unfulfilled promises?
      Braben: Players often screw up and then cry about it.

      RPS: How do you deal with the anger, then?
      Braben: I feel I am the victim here.

      RPS: It is remarkable you committed to releasing the game before the end of the century and then actually did. How good do you feel about yourself now?
      Braben: Pretty damn good and also people should pay us for patches.

      RPS: The larger ones, right?
      Braben: Yep.

      RPS: How do you stop that from splitting the community?
      Braben: We don’t worry about it.

      RPS: Don’t you need an influx of new players to keep this online-only game alive?
      Braben: Sorry, I don’t understand the question.

      RPS: Do you even play the game?
      Braben: Not much.

      RPS: How do you play the game?
      Braben: Just explore a bit. Died quite a few times.

      RPS: Yeah, you need to put in the time to avoid dying. Will you provide an alternative?
      Braben: It’s not impossible.

      RPS: You can’t just play the game on a lunch break.
      Braben: Depends how long your lunch break is.

      RPS: That’s true.
      Braben: Yeah.

      RPS: What is the breakdown in terms of percetnage of players who play for 50 hours versus 1000 hours versus 5 hours?
      Braben: Huh?

      RPS: Were you surprised about players’ expectations?
      Braben: I think most players were delighted, but just coy about it.

      RPS: Do you feel you need to exaggerate to get funding?
      Braben: We are an ambitious bunch."

    36. Theta Sigma on September 21


      So many years in, you've gone so far past pitiful that it's just tragic.

    37. Kerrash on September 21

      Oh DeusX you over for FX17? Would be great to catch up buddy

    38. Theta Sigma on September 20


      "And If you've invested £10,000 in FDEV two weeks ago you'd have lost around £3000 as of today."

      ...on paper, only, OS.

      If that hypothetical £10,000 investment from 2 weeks ago is held until the SP is £30 or £100 that's £30,000 or £100,000 respectively.

      ... and the hypothetical investment of £10,000 at £1.06, well, that's £283,000 or £943,000 respectively.

      'Buy Low, Sell High'

      Did Elite '84 teach you nothing? %^]

    39. Oldschool Shadowrunner on September 20

      Frontier shareholder Theta Sigma wrote: "Analysts are confidently predicting £30 to £100 per share within 2-5 years."

      Didn't they notice the share price has lost nearly 30% over the last two weeks?

      > If you'd invested £10,000 in FDEV on November 29th 2013 you'd now have £112,052

      And If you've invested £10,000 in FDEV two weeks ago you'd have lost around £3000 as of today.

    40. Oldschool Shadowrunner on September 19

      "I've been playing this game for months on and off and I've never felt that I've had any actual fun. There's just no substance to the gameplay. I've asked many people and they say I need to have "patience". Like wtf does that even mean. Grinding Quince scan missions for six hours straight? I'm not sure how anybody has fun playing this game, it's just one massive grind. Anyway, if anybody can tell me the secret to enjoying this game then that'd be great."

    41. deusx_ophc on September 18

      @theta u ok bud? how did i get mixed in with @wazzok and @os?

    42. Oldschool Shadowrunner on September 15

      Another gameplay-free trailer from Frontier.

      "I gotta say Fdev are very good at "tone setting" it's a pity the gameplay is never close to the tone."

      "Hey FD how about less cinematic videos and more "get the tail end of your very delayed season out the door already"."!…

    43. Theta Sigma on September 13

      @Oldschool Shadowrunner @deusx_ophc

      If you'd invested £10,000 in FDEV on November 29th 2013 you'd now have £112,052

      Analysts are confidently predicting £30 to £100 per share within 2-5 years.

      Just think, you've wasted the last 4 years of your lives spreading lies, rumour and hearsay, when you could both have been millionaires before the decade is out.

      Don't give up your day jobs %^]

    44. Oldschool Shadowrunner on September 12

      A demand to Frontier Developments to change the emphasis of development on Elite Dangerous

      We, a community of Elite Dangerous players, are making a call for a change of emphasis of project development towards faster correction of existing problems, expanding the game mechanics, more effective work of the QA-department and more open project development and informing the community about the current state of work.…

    45. Oldschool Shadowrunner on September 9

      "The only thing that will make Frontier change is if everyone stopped playing. But that will most likely result in the game getting cancelled."

    46. Oldschool Shadowrunner on September 6

      "This fucking update better be fucking good and full of shit to do because all the teasing of teasings of announcements of excitements are getting old really quick. This has to be the only season pass I've ever been unhappy with, from the lack of content to the lack of clear communication, all the way through the doubled delay to deliver features that were sold. ED's development cycle is a fucking joke. Put a bit of all the damn money FDev makes into a bigger, faster, team. Change your management ways, your designers, change something for fuck's sake, you can't just be slow as fuck, under-deliver all the time and when one of the few patches release, only deliver some messed up, crappy, random script and 20 strings of lore, here are there, for that 2% of the community that masturbates to spectrographs and spreadsheets. Deliver content, deliver gameplay, deliver mechanics. Power play is dead, multicrew was dead on arrival, the guardians were bugged and lasted days, weeks tops, CQC is dead and forgotten, the engineers needed you to cheat by giving 3 materials for each one picked up just to make the grind bearable, your new heatsink synthesis "for explorers" need bubble bound manufactured materials, making it useless for explorers but fucking up a somewhat balanced pvp : what more do you need, to see that something is terribly wrong in the design department?

      This game terribly needs competition, because without a wake-up call, Braben's driving ED straight into the wall"

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