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Take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally - trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy.
Take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally - trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy.
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    1. Theta Sigma just now


    2. Oldschool Shadowrunner about 1 hour ago

      Rant: Just died. I'm fucking done, Frontier. Fix your god damn game. (self.EliteDangerous)

      Specifically the UTTERLY FUCKING STUPID piracy system. I just barely escaped this other asshole after getting interdicted for the 80th time today (not an exaggeration), I jump into a system to go to a station and repair my 11% hull and broken canopy, only to instantly be interdicted again and killed before I can do anything.
      The reason? Because I have 3 fucking engineer commodities in my cargo bay. And yet every pirate acts like I am carrying the haul of the century.
      Getting attacked by fucking Anacondas nonstop because of 3t of cargo worth less than 10k credits.
      This 0 cargo = ignored, 1 cargo = hunted by 10 ships at once in NavBeacons/RES + interdicted 3 times per star system idiocy has GOT TO GO!! I'm honestly too fed up with this game. Not buying S3 until Frontier fixes their blatantly broken systems that would really only take a minimum of effort and imagination to fix, yet they refuse to do so and pile on more and more half-assed new systems that barely work at best.

    3. Avalanche 4 days ago

      @ Joseph Pilkus ( from… )

      Yesyesyes, I know it's been a long time, but since you're still about and I logged into KS for the first time in *ages*, I thought I'd reply :o)

      No, I would say no-one was incensed about it not being an 'intensive MMO type play'. Quite the contrary. The problem was that Frontier Developments promise an offline mode and DRM free Rewards, which is the absolute antithesis of an MMO and then claimed the game was technically an MMO all along. People wanted to be able to play the game offline, that was promised and Frontier Developments took people's money. Then it was sneaked out just a month before launch that they had dropped it - unilaterally - and that it was a "creative decision". And... then Frontier Developments and Braben deteriorated from there. People pushed and Frontier Develpments eventually caved, but they dragged it out for so long that many just accepted a measly offer of a refund or just gave up. I think only Chargebacks and Letters Before Action got people their money back fully. Terrible behaviour.

      Hope the 50 mods worked out for your daughter. Or... at least some of them. Probably not good to install all 50 at once :o)

    4. Theta Sigma on February 15

      "Frontier remove Elite Dangerous: Arena from sale due to lack of players"

      Reaction in the City was swift: FDEV share price plummets on the news.

    5. Oldschool Shadowrunner on February 14

      "Frontier remove Elite Dangerous: Arena from sale due to lack of players"

    6. Theta Sigma on February 9

      Oldschool Shadowrunner:
      "Steam shows the number of PC ED copies sold in the period is pathetic."
      Hello, old buddy - let's take a look, together, shall we?
      I'll hold your hand and make sure all sharp implements are out of reach.
      31st June 2016
      Owners: 780,307 ± 22,761
      31st December 2016
      Owners: 928,601 ± 27,086
      ~150,000 units over six months to end of December 2016
      ~25,000 units per month
      ~900 units per day
      Current Owners: 1,002,578 ± 29,155

      Notes: lower-bound figure for PC ED - completely excludes ED copies bought from where Steam-key not subsequently redeemed

      - ED has now been out for 26 months
      - ED:H has been out for 12 months
      - so, we have a niche title that's still shifting a "pathetic" ~900 copies per day %^]


    7. Oldschool Shadowrunner on February 9

      deusx_ophc You need new glasses. The report doesn't give the number of copies of ED sold. It says only the total ED franchise units sold. "Franchise" includes all the cheap tat such as keyrings, t-shirts and spaceship paint jobs.

      Which is pretty much as you'd expect, given that Steam shows the number of PC ED copies sold in the period is pathetic.

    8. deusx_ophc on February 9

      @os what drives to say FDEV doesn't give a number of ED copies sold when the report details exactly that?!

      "Elite Dangerous continues to perform well - by the end of December 2016 a total of over 2.1 million paid franchise units had been sold."

      and there is not a cash loss of nearly GBP 2mio, the net cash balance is reduced by app. GBP 2mio which has nothing to do with loosing GBP 2mio~

      Revenue £18.1m (1H 15/16: £10.9m)
      · Net cash £6.7m at 30 November 2016 (1H 15/16: £8.6m)
      · Trade receivables £9.6m (up £7.1m from May 2016)
      · Profit after tax for period £3.6m (1H 15/16: £0.4m)
      · EBITDA £5.8 m (1H 15/16: £2.1m)
      · Adjusted Operating Result £2.2m (1H 15/16: (£1.7m))
      · Earnings per share of 10.7p (1H 15/16: 1.2p)

    9. Oldschool Shadowrunner on February 9

      Frontier's shareholders report out today. Cash loss of nearly £2m. No statement on number of ED copies sold. No explanation for the failure to deliver Horizons orders as promised. No news on when Horizons will be completed, if ever.

    10. deusx_ophc on February 8

      @os as you need all the help you can get read detailing the property transaction and its particulars.

      makes a lot of sense to clarify the royalty position and take it out of that llp ^^

    11. deusx_ophc on February 8

      to cite @os:

      "dishonest shareholders, only report #fakenews i don't like it. total losers!"

      to cite FDEV current annual report:

      "Both our released franchises are doing well, with cumulative Elite Dangerous franchise sales of over 2.1m units and over 0.5m units for Planet Coaster."

    12. Oldschool Shadowrunner on February 7

      deusx_ophc wrote: "3. ED copies sold 2,1mio+ "

      You FDEV shareholders are still fabricating ED sales figures, I see. Frontier has never said it has sold anywhere near 2.1m copies of ED.

    13. Oldschool Shadowrunner on February 7

      What's going on in the Frontier boardroom? Particularly with the company secretary who signed those fifty-odd false capital statements concealing millions of pounds worth of shares that Frontier used to pay another Braben company for Elite rights.

      He's been terminated.

    14. deusx_ophc on February 7

      "I am truly glad for those who enjoy the game and who feel that they got their money's worth! That's ultimately why most of us came here: To support the franchise and to get a game that offers countless hours of enjoyment. Some people surely got that, and that is awesome for them!"

      agreed that is what all of this should be about ^^

      and i am sorry that elite could not be that game for you, specially as for all of us elite holds a very special place in our gaming socialisation.

      there is a saying around here: onwards & upwards! so take care man

      ps. that share stuff is just part of playing the game. FDEV are so illiquid it is impossible to extract financial gain from any manipulation.

    15. Harbinger on February 6

      Checking the long since irrelevant Kickstarter comments section is hardly part of the due diligence of your average potential shareholder. They're not playing to an audience of potential shareholders. As Occam's razor suggests the simplest explanation is the most likely. They're simply trying to get a rise out of you much as you in turn for much of your time posting here were trying to get a rise out of them.

      Lets be honest here, practically nobody is following this comments section, least of all potential shareholders. Posting here is a complete exercise in futility, something I learned over a year ago when I essentially stopped posting here. I now only stop by once in a while for the lulz.

      I'm glad you too have finally learned what an utter waste of time it is to post here, it's about time you finally put #Offlinegate behind you and got on with your life.

    16. Missing avatar

      Wyzak on February 6

      Theta Sigma, deusx_ophc: I realise that your pump-and-dump strategy has inadvertently turned into a long game, but some of us actually have better things to do with our time.

      I've repeatedly pointed out how you guys have no ethical gripes in blatantly advertising a company in which you hold a financial interest. This group has long since deviated from being about E:D and has became a platform for two shareholders to advertise FDEV. I can't even remember when last I've actually seen somebody post about their game play experiences. For the inevitable accusation which will follow this statement: Yes, I've uploaded videos showing how FDEV's decisions have affected my ability to enjoy the game. Yes, I actually tried to like the game in spite of the creative decisions that were made. Have a look at my comments here or on the MyGaming thread about E:D. But instead of repeatedly bumping my head against a rock and expecting you two to someday realise how wrong and unethical your actions are, I'll rather go and do something else.

      This game and it's broken promises has been a massive disappointment and it's unlikely that Frontier Developments or any company that associates with David Braben in the future will ever see any of my money again.

      I am truly glad for those who enjoy the game and who feel that they got their money's worth! That's ultimately why most of us came here: To support the franchise and to get a game that offers countless hours of enjoyment. Some people surely got that, and that is awesome for them!

      This will be my last post. But mark my words Theta Sigma and deusx_ophc will say and do anything to try and bait me into coming back. But it won't work.

      I'll finish with: Caveat emptor...

    17. Theta Sigma on February 6

      @Dave Woods

      I like what you did there %^]


      #WheresWyzak ?

    18. Dave Woods [Owner of the Daffy Duck] on February 6

      So maybe it's been 'Bourne again'

    19. Theta Sigma on February 6

      @Dave Woods

      Frontier's canned 'The Outsider' project was actually 'The Bourne Redemption'

    20. Dave Woods [Owner of the Daffy Duck] on February 6

      I wonder if the franchise could be 'Bourne'?

    21. Theta Sigma on February 6


    22. deusx_ophc on February 6

      omg, you naughty!

      well i try to push #jurassicworld atm, solid yes?!

    23. Theta Sigma on February 6


      Three franchises is the magic number %^]

    24. deusx_ophc on February 6

      yep, aware of it thanks

      let's keep stumm hey =)


    25. Theta Sigma on February 6


      Thank You!

      ...and just for you:

      'Frontier Developments Secures Movie Licence For Third Game Franchise'

      What could that movie franchise be? %^]

    26. Theta Sigma on February 5

      @Jedra7609 @Harbinger @Matt Dobson

      No ship identification poster received as yet.

      I guess that can mean only one thing...

      #ThisGameIsDoomed ? %^]

    27. Jedra7609
      on February 3

      I can't see a signature, but I didn't look closely. Also one end of the tube was open when it arrived, so I don't know if anything fell out! But it is the same poster as the one he is signing in his tweet!

    28. Harbinger on February 3

      @Jedra7609 David Braben was tweeting about signing a large batch of them the other day:

      Perhaps they were originally intended to be part of the Premium Box Set? Like Matt I've also moved since receiving my own Premium Box set but I did update my shipping address on Frontier's store several months ago. Going to be interesting to see if I have one coming my way. :D

    29. Matt Dobson on February 3

      I didn't get one, but I have moved house in the meantime...

    30. Jedra7609
      on February 3

      I can't believe you guys are still at it!

      Anyway, I wondered if anyone else received a poster in the post with lots of Elite Ships on it? I just wondered if it was a long outstanding reward?

    31. Theta Sigma on February 1

      @Oldschool Shadowrunner

      Was that your last-ditch, desperate attempt to deramp the FDEV share price in preparation for a big purchase prior to the Notice of Results on 9th February?


    32. deusx_ophc on February 1

      @os so you haven taken mr spicer et all as teachers? #fakenews

      1. old news
      2. still good news
      3. ED copies sold 2,1mio+
      4. PC copies sold 0,5mio +
      5. net cash 6,7mio GBP

      to close with David Braben

      "I am delighted that, as planned, Frontier is now self-publishing multiple franchises, marking the end of its business model transition and the beginning of a new phase of growth.

      Both our released franchises are doing well, with cumulative Elite Dangerous franchise sales of over 2.1m units and over 0.5m units for Planet Coaster.

      We are now working to further the success of our existing franchises and create additional ones."

    33. Theta Sigma on January 29


      Some hilarious ED-bashing in the comments from SC fanbois.



    34. Theta Sigma on January 26


      This wins all the things...

      Death Star Coaster

    35. deusx_ophc on January 26

      @os thanks for your awesome report. so hold is what i shall do ^^
      though orders for GBP 3,20 stil open, repeat for feb ultimo and i bet you that they will sell, in week 7 to be precise.

      onwards & upwards

    36. Oldschool Shadowrunner on January 25

      "Frontier Developments PLC (LON:FDEV) was downgraded by Numis Securities Ltd to a “hold” rating in a report released on Monday. They currently have a GBX 300 ($3.65) price target on the stock. Numis Securities Ltd’s price target would suggest a potential downside of 4.00% from the stock’s current price."

    37. Theta Sigma on January 25


      The silence is deafening. One can only conclude that the evidence is now so incontrovertible that even those most wishful of fantasists OS&W have realised the absurdity of continuing to attempt to pass off their desperate hopes as facts.

      Just have to take that as a tacit admission from our old buddies that their 2 years of #doom prophecy have failed.

      So sad.

    38. Theta Sigma on January 22

      @Joseph Pilkus

      [yawn/] %^]

      PS I reckon OS&W have finally got bored of being wrong. Lulz.


    39. Joseph Pilkus on January 22

      Ha! You guys really never get tired do you?

    40. Theta Sigma on January 21


      And the very same to you.

      @Wyzak @Oldschool Shadowrunner

      Have either of you got any helpful insights into the current situation regarding Elite: Dangerous, Planet Coaster and Frontier Developments?

    41. deusx_ophc on January 21

      @theta sigma
      facts are the new #fakenews ^^
      hope you have a great weekend

    42. Theta Sigma on January 20



      _STILL_ shamelessly "protecting your investment" (from person, or persons unknown) by posting objective facts, again? SMH


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