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Take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally - trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy.
Take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally - trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy.
25,681 backers pledged £1,578,316 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Theta Sigma about 12 hours ago

      Hmmmm... are you sure about that, you checked Steam or FDEV SP recently? %^]

      os: "the person that needs evidence"

    2. Creator Oldschool Shadowrunner about 14 hours ago

      "I'm sure FD is doing their best to fix problems as best they can."
      I'm sure this is true. The problem is that their best is really very poor indeed. The "house that needs furniture" that is Elite Dangerous just gets more dilapidated and ramshackle as Frontier try to build more and more extensions to distract from the fact that they are not up to the job of getting the house itself in a state fit for habitation.

    3. Creator Theta Sigma about 20 hours ago

      Hey, @Wyzak, have you checked out the 'Star Citizen' Kickstarter comments recently?

      You could consider hooking up with 'Arrakisdef' as you both seem to share some common... er... 'traits' %^]
      (I'd suggest os, too, but thankfully for Cloud Imperium and Chris Roberts, os didn't back SC on KS)

      I wouldn't be at all surprised if Arrakisdef soon starts posting links to the recent 'The Escapist' and 'Forbes' articles regarding Star Citizen's alleged 'feature creep', 'disgruntled ex-employees', 'Glassdoor' "evidence" and numerous other allegations against CR and his wife, his personal life, Cloud Imperium and talk of legal action against SC (I wonder if there are any minor yet-to-be-implemented features/bugs that Arrakisdef can research and highlight in order to blow out of all proportion?) [sigh/]

      Sound familiar?

      Which side will you choose in that particular meta-game?
      The role of "wide-eyed fan-boy" or "angry backer"?

      Choose Your Own Adventure™

      - - - - - -

      Arrakisdef on 16 September
      "Two and a half years later and no update."…

      - - - - - -

      Arrakisdef on 18 September…
      "Thankfully, courts are starting to make judgments on Kickstarter projects that don't fulfill their promises. "

      - - - - - -

      Arrakisdef on 18 September…
      "@Damon Czanik Star Citizen has an obligation to everyone that pledged to them on Kickstarter to keep them informed, on Kickstarter."

      Arrakisdef on 18 September…
      "@Damon Czanik, I don't want some random person "informing" me about a company and its obligations."

      - - - - - -

      Arrakisdef on 25 September…
      "Just so everyone knows. I've been messaging someone at Cloud Imperium Games. They are refusing to update their Kickstarter page."

      - - - - - -

      Arrakisdef on 25 September…
      "@Damon Czanik The fact that you feel like you need to post updates on Kickstarter shows that they are doing something wrong. They should be posting updates here.
      I didn't mean to say that you weren't trying to be helpful, but you shouldn't be doing it, the company should. Like I've said, they haven't updated their kickstarter page in over two and a half years. They received funding from kickstarter, so this is where they should post updates.
      There is no current FTC investigation. I was just mentioning that courts are finally starting to rule against kickstarter programs that do not fulfill their requests."

      - - - - - -

    4. Creator Theta Sigma about 20 hours ago


      1. Chat != fundamental feature of Elite:Dangerous that the majority require

      Chat may be on a todo/fix list, but it clearly isn't a priority, and your 30+ "nasty" and "rude" posts (not my words) on the topic over the past nine months clearly aren't affecting that prioritisation.

      2. Originally Posted by Virgil Kyle 10/02/2015, 12:08 AM (in response to Wyzak)…

      "Hey, I know you're having problems with the game, but do you really need to fill all your interactions with such venom? I'm sure FD is doing their best to fix problems as best they can. Their efforts obviously won't be perfect, no one's actions ever are. What I am SURE of, is that they're not trying to ignore you and tick you off on purpose. To say otherwise is insane.

      This issue with comms may have truly 'fallen through the cracks', as it were. It happens. I know it's frustrating - I've had many of my tickets languish for a long time, too. It shouldn't happen, but it does. It's good that you say something about it, but is there any reason to be so nasty, so unbelievably rude to everyone who's trying to help? The answer you're looking for is "No", by the way. I am sick and tired of all the hate. It's poisoning the forums, and causing just as many problems as any of the bugs are. Try showing some basic respect to your fellow man, or just go away. Seriously."

    5. Creator Oldschool Shadowrunner about 20 hours ago

      Game must be fit for purpose, and no bait and switch. Hear that Frontier?

      "Changes to the Consumer Rights Act have come into effect in the UK today, and with key amendments designed to deal with software purchases and digital goods, there are some important gains for gamers.

      Most obvious is the provision of a clear 30-day period in which consumers can return goods that they deem to be faulty, and ask for a refund or a replacement. In the past, the act ambiguously required that goods needed to be returned within a “reasonable time”, which allowed more wriggle room for retailers, who could also insist on just offering a repair.

      He explains: “If the company says, this is how the game is going to work, and later they pivot and say, actually it will be slightly different, players could complain that, well I bought it under the belief it was going to be something else, so I want a refund.”

    6. Creator Wyzak about 21 hours ago…

      "My 12 year old begged me back after many months of not playing. We were going to wing up.....BUT IT IS STILL BROKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There MIGHT be a bit of an excuse if it was being worked on, but what did I see when I got back? That you are getting ready to release an expansion. Are you serious? Releasing an expansion when basic chat has never worked? My son and i are on the same network, same switch, same cable modem, and in the same room. After both of us doing multiple game restarts and being in the same stations, over the entire night, we were never able to text each other or get a wing request to work. Pathetic for a game that has been out this long.....especially in light of the fact that an expansion is ready to release soon."

      Date first reported: 18 Dec 2014
      Date fixed: TBD

    7. Creator Theta Sigma about 22 hours ago


      objective verifiable facts >> re-posting opinions of others


    8. Creator deusx_ophc 1 day ago

      oh sweety - so glad to have you back ^^

    9. Creator Oldschool Shadowrunner 1 day ago

      " where are all the commanders?
      been off for a few months, decided to patrol around before I went back out exploring -- hit zaonce, lvae, diso, lesti, in a few hours cruising, came across maybe 4-6 commanders.
      Are these no longer hot spots any more?"…
      "Many stopped playing. I used to be on every night; now, maybe once every two weeks or so. Boredom wall hit and hit hard. And there's been no new content to expand the entertainment value. Sorry, not into twitch/arcade games like CQC will bring next week.

      Horizon's needs to get here quickly..."…

    10. Creator Oldschool Shadowrunner 1 day ago

      @do "it was always clear that FDEV would not go down the central server route."
      But they did, dear Deus, they did...
      That's why players are so often unable to play the game. FD are just hopeless at keeping the central server working.

      "A Weekend of CQC Stress Testing...
      ...should have started for me this morning. Finally I get a whole weekend off and had planned to put some hours into the CQC stress test.

      Then along comes the latest patch and I can't even log in. 'Unable to communicate with authentication server'."…

    11. Creator Oldschool Shadowrunner 1 day ago

      More bad news for sh*t-shovellers Frontier. First Steam follows the ED launch by offering free no-questions-asked refunds to all purchasers. Now in Britain:
      "A new set of consumer rights laws comes into effect today that give buyers the right to a full refund on any faulty digital purchase for 30 days."
      We're looking at you, Elite Dangerous.

    12. Creator Theta Sigma 1 day ago


      "Commander Peter Griffin's rating is 'harmless' which is surprising when you consider the equipment and cash he has managed to amass. In fact as his status suggests this has been achieved with considerable business acumen."

      So, Quahog's finest is also a share-dealer interested in FDEV...

      Who knew? %^]……

      Member Since: Thu, 3rd May 2012
      Number of Share Chat Posts (all time): 6,457
      Number of Share Chat Posts (last 30 days): 173

    13. Creator deusx_ophc 2 days ago

      GBX 222.50 - Var % (+/-) +2.30% (Up +5.00) #justsaying
      enjoy the last weekend of mayhem!
      below the link to the ED stream with ED, ED and ADAM from last night. fun as hell, FDEVs doing a great job there imho ^^

    14. Creator Theta Sigma 2 days ago

      Objective Statements of Fact regarding Elite:Dangerous [Stardate: 01102015]
      (including independent references for verification purposes)

      - Steamchart for Elite:Dangerous reached its all-time peak of 13,163 'average concurrent players per hour' at 8pm BST on 27th Sep (~5 months after Steam release, ~9 months after PC v1.0 release)

      - Over the course of six days, 'Last 30 days' figure increased circa. +21%
      from: -15.09% (24th Sep) on previous month (August)
      to: +5.39% on previous month (August, figure now September's result)

      - Last 30 days average now 0.75% below 'all-time average of all completed months April to August inclusive'

      - Elite:Dangerous at position #33 in SteamCharts

      - Elite:Dangerous at position #16 in 'Top 100 Games in the last 2 weeks by total time spent'

      - Over the course of four trading days, FDEV Share Price increased +12.4% from a 'six-month-low' of 193.5p to a 'three-month-high' of 217.5p [wiping out 20% of the preceding ~128 trading days' losses over four trading days]
      Ask Price: 220.0p
      (...or 215.25p on GoogleFinance for those so-inclined)……

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
      That's it for the facts. I've checked and double-checked them. Please feel free to verify.

      Now for the conjecture part...
      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

      Q1: One question

      Are the above significant increases due, in the majority, to...?

      A) objective/positive-spin-but-factually-correct posts on forums, or:


      i) the recent (predicted-to-be-positive-months-ago) RNS which was immediately followed by 100,000s GBP share purchases in FDEV and/or
      ii) Expo reveal by Braben/Brookes/Sammarco of huge amount of upcoming Horizons content at EGX and Newsletter #92 and/or
      iii) 40% off purchase price (E:D Season1 reduced to £17.99 - offer ended 6pm BST, 28th September)
      iv) Mayhem Contest and Stress Test

      Observation: The facts in 1) and 2) cannot seriously be disputed since they are objective and verifiable from independent sources.

      Please Note:
      If you believe the answer to Q1 is in the majority A) be prepared to fully explain how, conversely, a majority of objective/positive-but-factually-correct posts over the past six months _exactly_ coincided with a 37% _decrease_ in SP from 307.5p (28th March 2015) to (60% of the 'all-time-high') 193.5p (22nd September 2015)

    15. Creator Oldschool Shadowrunner 3 days ago

      Another sane (though overly generous) review of Elite Dangerous

      Cubed3, 5 out of 10.
      "The team behind Elite: Dangerous deserves the utmost respect. Its game is a technical masterpiece - a confluence of extensive procedural generation, scientific accuracy, and insanely detailed mechanical systems, creating a singularly absorbing and realistic space sim. Just because it deserves gamers' respect, however, does not mean it deserves their money. Actually purchasing Elite: Dangerous is not recommended; its content is stretched as thin as possible, it's as unwelcoming to new players as any game of its genre, and for all its grandiosity and complexity, it's extremely repetitive. With it, Frontier Developments has basically declared itself the game development equivalent of session musicians - remarkably talented people who have no business creating their own material.

      Come to think of it, "aimless" would also make for an excellent one-word description of Elite: Dangerous. Frontier Developments has crafted a first-rate simulation and supported it with meticulously-detailed systems, but then failed to do anything with it, except drop it into the widest, emptiest sandbox imaginable. Perhaps that's all that hardcore space sim fans want, but hardcore fans have likely already bought the game and exhausted most of its content. Anyone else is better off hoping the developer finds work somewhere else, where its incredible talent can be put towards a game that is actually worth playing."

    16. Creator Theta Sigma 3 days ago


      Happily, facts don't require the belief of others in order to be proved true: the simple passage of time can perform this admirably - as the history of these comments (will) confirm.

    17. Creator Kerrash 3 days ago

      That's a good write up. Sadly I think many won't think of any of these technical advancements as an achievement until many years later.

    18. Creator deusx_ophc 3 days ago

      just adding my few pennies
      central server = significant monthly fixed cost = subscription based game. it was always clear that FDEV would not go down the central server route. It shows as much in the very first BBC video.
      the reason is because subscription based games are dead (except WOW) as the large majority of gamers are not prepared to pay for the box, that monthly cost and any expansion.
      the new model is the plague that is free-to-play with all its pay-to-win/pay-to-advance models. modern mmo games are offered for free and monetise players once they're hooked. and thankfully FDEV did clearly steer away from that, they only added cosmetic items after polling in the ddf and main forum.

      in the same way there is an argument that central server is technically outdated, too. and that the physics of a game like Elite:Dangerous requires an instanced and p2p network. p2p is not without difficulties, though FDEV have moved on since the days of the spinning cobra ^^

      the question if there is anything massively multi about the game doesn't depend on the network architecture imho. it depends on the players. looking at the buzzing community goals like the Hutton Mug or the core worlds you always find plenty of players.

      once you get out of the center you quickly find it a single player game (ie you do not meet anyone) but the galaxy still evolves through the hands of others (central server, galnet, that often quoted living & breathing galaxy that is more and more shaped by groups of players, the new minor faction function is a good example)

      FDEV have been very modern to go this way. they are, as with VR support and their cobra engine, technically driving game development, too. a trait they have kept since the original Elite.

      the monetisation of ED seem fairs and future development sensible. the ED lifetime expansion pass is the best value for money you find in gaming today. as everyone will agree in many years from now ^^

    19. Creator Michael Taylor 3 days ago

      @Avalanche - I think the MMO thing was probably one of those tags slapped on the game to generate a few more sales (like "DRM free" or "Offline" haha) but needed a bit of flexible thinking to accept it - DBraben said, back in Nov 2012, "I don't see this as an MMO in the traditional sense, unless you think of Call of Duty as an MMO." I don't recall seeing the game described as an MMO until log after the campaign had finished.

      Player interaction was envisaged as being "rare and meaningful" which is probably why they weren't too fussed about the player number limitations inherent to Peer-to-Peer networking. It was definitely a money saving measure, FDev only have to maintain the servers for the much-vaunted Background Simulation (which, the last time I read anything about it, still wasn't an autonomous system but one that has to be heavily "curated" by FDev) with most of the grunt work done by player's computers (as an aside, but related: it always slightly amused me to see arguments against Offline saying that hosting a 400 billion star system galaxy would be impossible on an average player's PC -when over 20 years ago Frontier Elite 2 fit around a billion star systems, planetary landings included, on a single 3.5" floppy. Procedural Generation ftw!). It does seem to have lead to problems for those who like to shoot other players in the game though, with 'combat logging' and various cheats being used, the only solution to which appears to be manual reporting, with evidence, of the incidents. Less than ideal for some, I'm sure.

      I think a player will only get put in an instance with another player if they're in the same location and the arcane workings of the matchmaker see fit to do so, based on connection speeds, geographical location and whatnot. I don't *think* there's a distance limit once the instance has been formed, but you'll only ever see those you've been instanced with. There could be thousands of players in a system and you'd only ever see a maximum of 15 as past experiments have shown.

      I think you missed two *very* important words from the advertising gumph: "up to", because when internet speeds are "up to" (x) times faster then it includes the speed of "bugg'rall faster than wot you have now" :D

      It may seem that I'm pushing Carrier Command now, haha,- patch 1.04 removed all DRM from the game so if you got the disk version you'd only be DRM'd for the length of the installation procedure. I'm with you on the waiting thing though - any game that has pre-order bonuses or Day 1 DLC or any of that tosh now gets put on my "get the Game Of The Year version in a sale" list, sometimes the wait is not that long. I've got myself about a year out of sync with new releases now, the hardest thing is avoiding spoilers! Plus, lots of golden oldies on GoG keep me busy - System Shock being a recent cracker, much easier to play than my boxed copy lurking in the attic somewhere.

      Hmm, I wonder if I'll be able to play a certain game in 21 years time..? ;)

    20. Creator Avalanche 3 days ago

      @ Michael Taylor [… ]

      I... did not know their network is partially Peer-to-Peer. That does add *some* information about why instances were to feature so heavily, which I have wondered about, as that didn't seem to fit. It also explains the very limited Player count that I had heard pieces about and now some more details with your comment.

      I do wonder if that reflects even worse on the events of last November onwards. Ultimately I know very little about how they've done things, but I do wonder if that was to cut costs. It seems to me that although Peer-to-Peer can fulfil the obligation of Multiplayer, it does so at a limited capacity due to the inherent limitations of Peer-to-Peer, which would additionally lead to Players being at the mercy of many different factors outside of their/Frontier Development's control, subsequently leading to wild variations in the quality of the fundamentally limited play, to save money on severs and bandwidth, despite the insistence that the servers were *so* important to play the game.

      But what do I know :o)

      Seriously, very little. I did read that Peer-to-Peer was supposed to reduce lag, but... I have no idea how that is supposed to happen. I would have thought the opposite as (you said) more Players try to join an instance, it get *increasingly* worse. I think what you said about how one might define an MMO is fairly important, as I still don't know how it works. 400 billion star systems, but with a large number of Players online, but are they always visible to everyone? Or just a few closer by? And when does an instance happen and... why is it needed? Doesn't that cut off the rest of the galaxy to form a bubble that kinda breaks immersion or is that needed as part of saving resources at Frontier Developments? I've read that people rarely meet anyone at all just playing.

      It's totally fine for you to not answer any of those questions :o) as I could look it up myself. I was just thinking back to the whole 'technically an MMO' and how important the servers were supposed to be and all the other things and I just didn't know that there was a whole load of Peer-to-Peer stuff at the heart of some things. It just seemed like a bad system. Surprised me is all.

      I did play WoW (stopped before even the first expansion came out) and Everquest 2. I quite liked WoW, but not EQ2. I did pretty much treat both as single player games though. Outside of the instanced dungeons in WoW, my *very* limited forays into partying up were very spontaneous and actually very good, but really I soloed the game. I disliked the instances as they required a party and took way too much preparation to get all the quests done, so I made sure I read up on *everything* so I would only have to do each once. I even soloed earlier parts of some instances wherever possible and soloed all the elite bosses in the non-instanced areas. What I'm saying is, I avoided other players! :o) So I think I'm with you on that one. Playing with strangers just isn't my thing either. Even the instances I mostly partied up with an existing friend who got me into the game in the first place. I looked at The Old Republic and... Guilds Wars 2, I think, and just didn't really go beyond thinking "Hmmm... interesting.", so never looked likely to actually play them. I think I'm done with MMOs, which I'm fine with.

      I think I should add that maybe it would be best to keep "super-duper quantum entangled wibbly-wobbly interwebs" quiet? Otherwise ISPs will start advertising it as "5x faster that current speeds*", where their asterix goes to the small print making it very unclear how their claim doesn't *actually* mean anything* :o)

      * yes, I have a thing about ISPs and the way they advertise. Or, maybe I just have a thing about advertising in general :o) I've also gone totally DRM Free only, so maybe Carrier Command will appear on GoG one day, otherwise I don't see me playing it. I can *very* much wait for such things though and it could very well appear one day, so I'll take a look another look at it if it does.

    21. Creator deusx_ophc 4 days ago

      the mayhem schedule for tomorrow 1 OCTOBE
      All Day - Xbox One Fight Night
      Test your skills in CQC on Xbox One and cause some Mayhem.
      PRIZE: Signed artwork from the Frontier Dev team for the best screenshots of the day. Details can be found on the EliteOne Subreddit. MODE - Team Deathmatch
      7PM - Official Mayhem Livestream
      The E:D, Ed, Eddie and Addy EDstravaganza. Brought to you by Edward Lewis with Elite: Dangerous, Eddie Symons, Adam Woods and Edward Lewis. All of the Ed and Ad!

    22. Creator Theta Sigma 5 days ago

      "It was the VR experience I had built up in my head during the last year of people bragging about it to me, and holy **** it worked."

      'Virtual reality never worked for me until I got to try the HTC Vive'

    23. Creator deusx_ophc 5 days ago

      hehe, yes ofc - my typo skills are lacking these days.
      though i do have to say that what is being sold as mmo is most times a sumo. instancing galore :/
      well "camelot unchained" will put that right !

    24. Creator Theta Sigma 5 days ago

      _Sometimes_ Users Meet Online

    25. Creator el_tel 5 days ago

      I assume you meant MMO

    26. Creator Theta Sigma 5 days ago


    27. Creator deusx_ophc 6 days ago

      #cow ^^

    28. Creator el_tel 6 days ago


    29. Creator deusx_ophc 6 days ago

      @Theta Sigma
      yep, working as intended
      how about another red rag?
      guess what computer game is the global no.1 seller on steam today ?
      that game is also no.1 in the categories #moo, #action and #simulation

    30. Creator Theta Sigma 6 days ago


      I suspect that showing a Braben Bobblehead to an ex-backer is like showing a red rag to a bull.

    31. Creator deusx_ophc 6 days ago

      and following an early christmas present for the the ex-backers, refunders and offliners still writing their rage of their chests.

    32. Creator deusx_ophc 6 days ago

      and to keep everyone up to date on the most recent VR developemnts, here a quick media report fresh from EGX
      its title you ask?
      First Look: The ‘Elite: Dangerous’ Experience on HTC Vive is the Best Yet

    33. Creator deusx_ophc 6 days ago

      and its another week of #mayhem in the Elite:Dangerous beta stresstest

      28 SEPTEMBER
      All Day (recurring 27th) - Kicking the Mob out of Azeban City
      Since Commanders have left the i Bootis region of space, the Mob of Eranin and Brotherhood of LP 98-132 have expanded their influence considerably. We'd like to see if Commanders can use mechanics like destroying system authority vessels and completing missions to reduce their influence and restore the Eranin People’s Party back to power. Or, of course, you might support the freedom fighters and want to spread their influence even further!
      PRIZE: £25 paint jobs or digital content from the frontier store for the top two commanders that have influenced either of the factions over the two days.

      Midnight - Xbox One Anaconda Buyers Club

      At George Lucas station and push your weight around in your Anaconda! Join the Xbox party and get chatting! Feel free to take screenshots and recordings! Xbox One only
      Come to George Lucas Station in an Anaconda

    34. Creator deusx_ophc 6 days ago

      markets up on another fine monday morning. let's see what are FDEV doing?

      ops, they are doomed and their game Elite:Dangerous failing its loyal & growing player base GBP 2.14 Var % (+/-) +1.18% (Up +2.50)

    35. Creator Theta Sigma 6 days ago


      Thanks for the links.
      Looking through the FDEV share chat history it transpires that many posters over a period of many months have questioned "biglittle456" on the point of whether he/she owns shares in FDEV.

      I think even you would have to agree that's a very reasonable thing to ask on a 'share chat' when a poster is posting relentlessly negative conjecture and plain untruths. Why would someone post there if not to deramp in the case that they _didn't_ hold any shares?

      It's also interesting to note that the people asking "biglittle456" that question of share ownership had been members of lse and posting on the subject of FDEV shares well-prior to the offline decision. Perhaps you will now claim that they are all 'aliases'?

      Tellingly, "biglittle456" joined lse on 29th Nov 2014 (a few days after the offline decision), and the history of his/her comments show that he/she has posted entirely to FDEV (and no other share) almost exclusively on the subject of the offline decision and, as observed by many posters, posted only wild claims, negativity and blatant untruths about FDEV.

      This led to many posters on FDEV share chat questioning his/her reasons for posting there.
      None of these posters requested anything other than information that might be pertinent on a share forum, namely the issues of share ownership, the issue of E:D ownership due to his/her sole interest in E:D despite E:D being far from FDEV's only product, and the issue of the strange coincidence of he/she joining in the week after the offline decision and posting in the majority about the offline decision.

      It would have been helpful if you'd made the above clear to other posters on here, no?

      Anyway, any chance you can cease with the ad hominem and return to the facts regarding Elite:Dangerous on this Kickstarter comments section?

      Perhaps we could make a start with the recent and current Steamchart figures and the Horizons expansion reveal at EGX and Newsletter #92

    36. Creator Wyzak 6 days ago

      @theta sigma -…

      Oh I see, you don't respond to question lists but you don't mind making them yourself? See the last post titled "...through the lens of biglittle456"…

      And you don't mind revealing what you believe to be personal information and use that to try and bully? But when the tables have turned you cry foul? Interesting, but not surprising. See…

      "In addition, it has been brought to my attention from various contacts that you may have invested significant effort in attempting to obtain such information from various sources. " Please do provide sources or examples of this supposed significant effort. All of the information that I have was obtained in the public domain through mistakes that you and your alias SyntheticGenetic made.

    37. Creator Theta Sigma 6 days ago

      @Oldschool Shadowrunner

      You've been conspicuously silent on the recent (and current) Steamchart figures and share price. On the other hand, I've lost count of the times this month you've felt the need to repeatedly point out the declines in both.

      It's very interesting that you have nothing to say when the recent increases have virtually wiped out the previous losses. Someone looking 'objectively' would surely report both states of affairs as and when they arise?

      So, any commentary Steamchart figures and share price at all?

    38. Creator Oldschool Shadowrunner 6 days ago

      "You've already screwed people like me out of offline mode, so why are you trying to turn players like me away from this game? I'm still going to play for now since I love space sims, but this is making me look more forward to the other space games that are coming out soon. So please, FD, don't go out of your way to push players like me away. You only have the genre cornered for a few more months before Star Citizen and No Man's Sky come out. Don't you want to keep people playing your game?? Now before anyone starts trash-talking my stance, I've already said I don't like playing with other people and therefore expect some sense of leniency when playing against AI. If the AI is going to be made to act like people in their griefing, then my time and money will go to a game that caters to people like me. Some of you will tell me to go ahead and leave already and stop playing this game, but those of you who don't play well with others, like me, will understand this frustration. So please, just don't make the AI any worse then you already have."…

    39. Creator Theta Sigma 6 days ago

      Oldschool Shadowrunner 6 August 2015…

      "@Theta Sigma - You really believe that posting on a kickstarter comments section that was abundant months ago would affect Frontier stock shares? What is going to torpedo their stock is their performance."

      Nope. In no way at all do I think that posts made to forums affect the Frontier share price.

      At least we agree on something os:
      Posting in forums that have been abandoned (or otherwise) does not affect Frontier stock prices.

      How's that share price looking following their recent "performance", though?
      Not so much torpedo'd as rocketed, wouldn't you say?

      Immediately following latest Annual Financial Report:

      In just three days, FDEV Share Price increased 10% from a 'six-month-low' of 193.5p to a 'three-month-high' of 211.5p

      Glad we agree at last:
      - Nothing to do with forum posts.
      - Everything to do with their performance.

    40. Creator Oldschool Shadowrunner 6 days ago

      Theta Sigma a.k.a. Frontier Developments
      "As a point of principle I generally don't respond at all to online demands (most especially repeated demands) from forum posters to reveal personal information regarding: - personal employment situation".
      OK, so the FD employee who spams this forum under the alias Theta Sigma and the share chat forums under another alias Synthetic Generic with up to 15 messages a day promoting FD without no mention of the fact that he works for FD is not is not prepared to discuss his employment situation.
      Got it!

    41. Creator Theta Sigma 7 days ago


      As a point of principle I generally don't respond at all to online demands (most especially repeated demands) from forum posters to reveal personal information regarding:

      - employment situation of family members
      - personal employment situation
      - identity
      - financial situation/financial investments

      In these comments you have repeatedly made unsubstantiated claims regarding all of the above, for instance variously implying/stating that I am a Frontier employee or similar, and repeatedly demanding that I answer your questions regarding the above items.

      In addition, it has been brought to my attention from various contacts that you may have invested significant effort in attempting to obtain such information from various sources. In addition, Oldschool Shadowrunner seems now to have begun analysing forum statistics in order to cast aspersions on posters' 'objectivity' See:

      deusx_ophc, 25th September…
      "@os worst thing is now i feel really creeped out by you stalking me *ack*"

      At this point I think it most pertinent to remind you of your own statement and view on matters such as these:

      Wyzak on Jun 18 2015…
      "Word of warning though, there are laws governing private information, so you might want to think twice before posting"

      I am making these points now, as a reference point for Kickstarter Administrators and others should any investigation need to be made in future into the likely identity of the person, or persons, who may have researched and obtained personal information of other forum posters.

      I find it of note that you and Oldschool Shadowrunner seem unable, at this point, to discuss the factual matters regarding Frontier and Elite:Dangerous, resorting instead to amateur sleuth-work into the backgrounds of those who oppose your views.

      Polite request:
      Stick to discussion of the issues and facts that you disagree with, rather than the people stating the issues and facts that you disagree with.

    42. Creator Theta Sigma 7 days ago

      Wyzak, 23rd September…

      "My point is somebody like Theta Sigma who has a significant conflict of interest is self-obligated to promote the share/company/product in the best possible light, and not necessarily the truth. He might not even realize this himself."

      Incorrect. I'm fully aware of the reality of the situation, as I've already made abundantly clear:…

      "3) due to their emotional/monetary investment in E:D/FDEV most backers tend to view everything E:D/FDEV/Braben in a positive light, and/or report events with a positive spin
      4) due to their emotional/monetary investment in the offline decision most ex-backers tend to view everything E:D/FDEV/Braben in a negative light, and/or report events with a negative spin"

      Your confusion seems to arise from your belief that if you believe an alleged 'conflict of interest' exists then _all_ of the statements _cannot_ be objective in any way = Ad hominem.

      Challenge to Wyzak:
      Please feel free to locate and highlight any of my preceding posts in these comments in which anything stated as "Fact" regarding Elite:Dangerous or Frontier has then subsequently transpired to be completely untrue or been pure-conjecture without reference to independent sources. Then:

      - Compare the number of these incidents to the corresponding number of statements and predictions that have been entirely correct.
      - Compare also the ever-increasing 'List of 8 claims made by ex-backers that have all failed to transpire'

      You will find that the claims and statements made by backers are more often than not correct, whilst the claims and statements of ex-backers are more often than not incorrect.

      A reasonable conclusion, therefore, is that backers tend to be more capable of assessing the situation objectively than ex-backers.

      Wyzak, 23rd September
      "The safe thing to do in this situation is to take everything from said person with a pinch of salt and verify everything through independent sources. But you'll only know that you have to do that if the person admits that they have a conflict."

      The safe thing to do _in_any_situation_ is to take _everything_ typed in forums with a pinch of salt and verify _everything_ through independent sources.

      Are you really so naive as to believe that what people write in forums is taken at face-value and accepted as fact without checking those 'facts' or independent data?

      If we all followed that logic 'The List of 8 claims made by ex-backers that have all failed to transpire' would have been accepted, 100%, by those of us who instead deconstructed the nonsense within those claims at the time.

      Do you seriously believe that the comments in forums serve as the "evidence" upon which traders invest 100,000s of GBP in a company? Reality check required, Wyzak:

      Serious traders who can seriously affect the SP wait for positive official RNS data released to the stock-market before making huge purchase decisions.

      Do you _really_ think it's just a coincidence that...?

      - FDEV SP was _UP_ 10% on Friday 25th to 211.5p after six months of continual decline of 60% (60%!) from its peak of 307.5p

      - SP rise and very large purchases of 100,000s _immediately_ followed publication of very positive 'Final Results' and 'Annual Financial Report' on 21st September (incidentally, just as predicted would happen - months ago)

      It's very interesting to note that during that six month continual decline period from the peak to low-point there were _more_ positive posts to the FDEV share forum than negative posts, and yet the share price _still_ declined by 60% during that period.

      According to your "reasoning" these positive/objective posts should have caused the SP to rise, _not_ fall.

      If you need "proof" of how little 'stock' people take in forum comments, you need look no further than that one, simple, objective fact.

      Your logic that posts to a forum outweigh the hard financial facts published by the company to the stockmarket is utterly broken.

    43. Creator Oldschool Shadowrunner on September 26

      A quick glance at the frontier forums shows want a wreck Elite Dangerous still is. Multiplayer is still deeply broken over a year after first release. So sad.…
      Villious Mostly Harmless

      Thumbs down This game is HORRID at.......
      ......playing with your friends. I've been PC gaming for 24 years, and this game is at the top of the list of "pulling my hair out while trying to connect and play with friends". How they advertise this as an MMO, multiplayer, play in a wing with your friends, is almost to the point of false advertisement.

      Two of my buddies and I purchased this game to play together. They are in the UK, and I'm on the US east coast. They can find each other easily and see each others ship. We can all form a wing, but they cant find me and I cant find them, to actually see their ship in game. We can form a wing, drop nav beacons and see each others beacons, but in no way can we "touch" each other ship to ship (they can touch each other, but not me).

      I've checked my router settings, disabled my software firewall completely, but no-joy on anything I've tried. What an amazing game to have such a crap multiplayer system.

      dc83 Deadly

      Yeah, I always felt trying to turn the Elite universe into an MMO was a mistake. Especially since Braben just hasn't done it before. Should've stuck to what they knew; maybe collate all pilot data into a persistent universe, but leave it primarily as a single-player game with maybe some head-to-head between people who connect to each other directly. That's what I would've done. At least if they were gonna make it an MMO, they should've made some lesser MMO's for practice first.

    44. Creator Theta Sigma on September 26

      Did you back at the £80+ tier? If so, even more goodness coming soon™ %^]…

      tbh, I kind of envy you not being involved in the past year of comments on here.

      RE: ED d/l per @Harbinger and my previous:

      You should register at:

      ...using the email address that was registered on Kickstarter at the time the Elite: Dangerous campaign closed. It should appear automatically in "My Downloadable Products" You can even link your account to Steam and generate a Steam key from the "Partner Keys" link if you'd prefer to add it to your Steam Library.

      If for some reason it doesn't work or you no longer have access to your email address from the time of the closure of the campaign you should open a ticket at:

      ...and they should be able to sort it for you within a short time.

      Fly Safe CMDR!

    45. Creator Oldschool Shadowrunner on September 25

      @Alan "Can anyone help me in how I can download the game. I backed the project and never got round to downloading the game when it became available. If anyone can help I'd appreciate it. "
      Hello Alan. Good Luck! You're about to find out why David Braben and Frontier were too afraid to actually come and post an update here telling everyone who paid to make this game possible about the piss-poor substitute the company actually delivered.

    46. Creator Theta Sigma on September 25

      @deusx_ophc @Harbinger @el_tel

      Well, I suppose that's it.
      Final confirmation:

      Elite:Dangerous is doomed.

      So long, and thanks for all the fish %^]

    47. Creator Theta Sigma on September 25

      @deusx_ophc @Harbinger @el_tel

      "Can you think of anything that talks... other than a person?" %^]…

    48. Creator Harbinger on September 25

      @Alan: You should register at using the email address that was registered on Kickstarter at the time the Elite: Dangerous campaign closed. It should appear automatically in "My Downloadable Products" as Theta Sigma pointed out below. You can even link your account to Steam and generate a Steam key from the "Partner Keys" link if you'd prefer to add it to your Steam Library.
      If for some reason it doesn't work or you no longer have access to your email address from the time of the closure of the campaign you should open a ticket at and they should be able to sort it for you within a short time.

    49. Creator Theta Sigma on September 25


      RE: E:D download

      You may have missed the following useful information due to recent high posting frequency by those of us on here involved in an endless, tedious, circular, and ultimately utterly futile discussion %^]

      Here it is again:

      Login, then select:
      'My Downloadable Products' from the small rectangular left-hand pane.

      'My Kickstarter Rewards' will then appear at the top of the large right pane.

      Fly Safe CMDR!

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