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Take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally - trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy.
Take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally - trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy.
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    1. Theta Sigma about 7 hours ago

      @Joseph Pilkus

      Hey CMDR, good to make your acquaintance, and really glad to hear that you and your daughter are enjoying what Elite: Dangerous has to offer
      Well, I guess OS broke the moratorium so it's open-season again %^]
      PS Not sure if you knew, but OS received his full refund 598 days ago (almost 20 months...) on 6th February 2015…
      He originally had to wait 49 days before Frontier Developments confirmed his refund request.
      Now, as an ex-backer, he has been posting for a period more than _ten_times_longer_ than the period he initially had to wait until his refund request was addressed.
      Ever since that date he has posted - on average - more than once per day over that entire 20 month period, and almost exclusively regarding the supposed imminent demise of Elite: Dangerous and Frontier Developments
      Surely it would be reasonable for anyone reading such claims to question quite when this demise might actually occur?
      Wyzak on 12th August

      "@Joseph Pilkus ...would a vocal minority have such a large effect on the scores?"…


      Where _exactly_ is this "large effect on the scores" that you refer to?

      RECENT: 87% 'Very Positive'
      OVERALL: 72% 'Mostly Positive'

      RECENT: 81% 'Very Positive'
      OVERALL: 66% 'Mixed'

      Suggestion: if it is a "large effect" from a vocal *majority* that you seek, look no further than No Man's Sky
      Wyzak on 19th November 2014…

      "I wonder if Frontier Developments has really thought this through. Do they realize that they very same people they offended here (the 18% that said on the poll on the forum that they NEED offline and the 56% that said they WANT offline) are the very same people who were suppose to market your game come a month from now? Those very same people will now crush the scored of E:D on all public forums and the net result will be a metacritic user rating of 5, and a metacritic critic rating of 7-8 because the critics will take this disappointment into account. This will result in less people buying the game, and the community dying out quicker. Is this really the type of marketing that you want to be doing a month before release?"

      Wyzak, buddy - it looks as though your prophecy was 100% correct after all!

      ..._if_ you replace:

      'Frontier Developments' with 'Hello Games'
      'E:D' with 'NMS'
      'offline' with 'online' %^]

      #banter %^]

      Fly Safe CMDRs

    2. Joseph Pilkus about 8 hours ago

      I thought there was a 10-day moratorium on posting...but, I guess not :D

      I'm amazed that out of 26K Backers, the main conversation (>1,000 posts) has been among OS, Wyzak, Theta Sigma, and deusx. I came for the game, but have stayed for the banter.

    3. Theta Sigma about 10 hours ago

      @Wyzak, Hi there - it's been a while.
      Theta Sigma on 3rd May, 2016…
      "@Wyzak, Hi there - it's been a while.
      A few things:
      Wyzak on 10th March, 2016
      "But you know that and that's why you sold your shares Theta Sigma."
      You seem quite confused and can't seem to make your mind up on this?
      Apparently, according to you, I _both_ hold shares - and do not hold shares.
      Like I said last time, what exactly do you think the 'S' in FTSE stands for? 'Schrödinger'? %^] "

    4. Missing avatar

      Wyzak about 18 hours ago

      Welcome back Theta Sigma, are you still a shareholder in Frontier Developments?

    5. Theta Sigma 2 days ago

      @Oldschool Shadowrunner

      "What you edited out..."…

      It is a fascinating insight into your state of mind that you should immediately assume an ulterior motive.
      This is not entirely (actually: at all) surprising, though, given the ample evidence in these comments over the past few years of your out-there conspiracy theories regarding anything and everything ED-related.

      My post included the hyperlink to the original source of the data, and the chart itself clearly states "PS4"

      Nevertheless, since you cry foul (as usual... waaah) let's look at the full data available from vgchartz and SteamSpy:


      Week Ending 27th August

      NMS (PS4) Global: 1,461,211

      - - - - - -


      22nd September 2016

      NMS (PC) Global: 751,582
      NMS Grand Total (Global) 2,212,793

      OS, these are undeniably amazing sales figures for an indie studio - and so very kind of Sony to take care of their marketing and advertising budget %^]

      What a shame that the game has received such a backlash from disgruntled owners who didn't get what they expected:
      The majority of NMS sales figures were pre-orders and first-week hype - pre-release embargo on press reviews anyone?
      It is extremely unlikely that NMS will ever reach 3 or 4 million in units shifted given the current player reception:

      Steam 34% 'Mostly Negative'
      Metacritic (PS4) 4.6
      Metacritic (PC) 2.7

      How about that other indie space game developer, FDEV?
      Their ED units are shifting steadily - and have been doing for 2 years - based upon word of mouth and an actual product.

      In another twist, many unhappy NMS players are migrating to ED now that they can compare like-with-like rather than hopes-and-dreams-versus-actual-product

      As you know, E:D units currently stand at ~1.8 million - despite the game having been out for nearly 2 years the number of owners keeps on increasing.

      Shifting 1 million units in the financial year April 2015 to April 2016

      Elite: Dangerous Owners (Steam only :) have just increased by circa. 37,000 in the 3 days reported since Monday 19th

      So sad :-(

    6. Oldschool Shadowrunner 3 days ago

      Theta Sigma, a.k.a. Frontier PR man wrote:

      "NMS Total: 1,461,211"

      Nice try, Tricksy Boy.

      What you edited out was that's the total for Playstation ALONE. Put the PC sales from Steam and the total is TWO MILLION copies of NMS sold so far.

      Compare Elite Dangerous, selling so badly that Frontier has stopped reporting the number of copies sold.

    7. Theta Sigma 3 days ago


      BTW when you resort to name-calling we all know that you're getting rattled and having difficulty facing up to the objective reality that is being presented to you %^]

      So sad :-(


    8. Theta Sigma 3 days ago

      @Oldschool Shadowrunner

      Global Weekly Chart
      The week's top-selling games at retail ranked by unit sales

      Total: 1,461,211

      NMS concurrent players online have dropped 99.2% from a peak of 212,321 to a new low of 1,727 in just the 6 weeks since release.

      Elite: Dangerous is currently on more than double that figure at 3,949

      - despite ED having been out on PC for nearly a full two years, and on Steam for 17 months.

      - and both games having a similar number of units shifted on Steam…

      Evergreen vs crash-and-burn blockbuster.

      So sad :-(

    9. Oldschool Shadowrunner 3 days ago

      Theta Sigma a.k.a. Frontier PR man wrote "Not on Steam it hasn't"

      That's No Man’s Sky's download sales only. The has also been a massive seller in physical boxed editions.

      "PlayStation’s No Man’s Sky rescued August and was by far the best-selling game of the month in the UK."

      Compare Elite Dangerous' physical boxed edition. A complete flops that never even entered the charts.

    10. Theta Sigma 3 days ago

      @OS, also:

      - "No Man's Sky has sold more copies in the last five weeks than Elite Dangerous has sold in it's entire three year life."…

      Not on Steam it hasn't - most especially since those NMS owners were not simply from the 5 weeks since release...

      NMS peak owners: 793,845
      ED peak owners: 833,550
      ...833,550 > 793,845
      NMS current owners: 737,608
      ED current owners: 832,227
      ...832,227 > 737,608

      A very large number of those NMS Steam Owners are in fact pre-orders.

      NMS had been available for pre-order on Steam for over 5 months since 3rd March 2016
      In the two months to 10th May NMS had gained 170,000 pre-orders (in North America alone)
      So sad :-(

    11. Theta Sigma 3 days ago

      Oldschool Shadowrunner on 20th September, 2016…

      - "No Man's Sky has sold more copies in the last five weeks than Elite Dangerous has sold in it's entire three year life."

      OS, have you got any definitive figures for total NMS units sold across PS4 and PC?

      Thought not. So in the absence of NMS sales/accounting information from Hello Games and Sony let's stick with the Steamspy data you're so fond of:

      NMS owners peaked at 793,845 and are now at 737,608 (more on that decline in a minute...)

      - "No Man's Sky is still selling."

      If you say so, old buddy.
      However, total owners have decreased on every one of the last 4 consecutive days.
      NMS Steam reviews are also full of refund talk.
      NMS also currently has a Steam rating of 34% 'Mostly Negative'
      In general, Steam owners tend not to rush in to purchase games with a rating of less than 40%

      17/9 (766,463)
      18/9 (765,472)
      19/9 (751,567)
      20/9 (742,900)
      21/9 (737,608)

      - "Whereas if we check ED's net sales on Steam, the world's largest PC game web store, we find the number of owners has FALLEN by 16,000 in the last three weeks.

      ...and you state this as though NMS compares favourably to these figures? Wow.

      Let's take look again at NMS owners:

      Peak on 25th Aug: 793,845
      Current 21st Sep: 737,608

      That's a decline in owners of 56,237 in under four weeks.

      I note also your postimg png shows only low-res data...

      Let's take another look at the higher-resolution data for ED Owners from a 'logged in' Steamspy account:

      Peak on 9th Sep 833,550
      Current 21st Sep: 832,227

      So, in fact a decline of 1,323 in 2 weeks (...also, much smaller than the margin of error on these charts)

      "I guess that explains why Frontier has just reported it has cut its spending on games development. Another desperate move from a desperate company."

      Hmmm... FDEV share price has risen 24% from 162.00 to 201.00 in the last 3 weeks
      16% increase in the 2 weeks since Final Results were posted.


      So sad :-(

    12. deusx_ophc 3 days ago


      "Voyager Golden Record: 40th Anniversary Edition" via kickstarter

    13. deusx_ophc 4 days ago

      so very very sad (and a little bit funny, too)…


    14. Oldschool Shadowrunner 5 days ago

      Theta Sigma, No Man's Sky has sold more copies in the last five weeks than Elite Dangerous has sold in it's entire three year life.

      No Man's Sky is still selling. Whereas if we check ED's net sales on Steam, the world's largest PC game web store, we find the number of owners has FALLEN by 16,000 in the last three weeks.

      I guess that explains why Frontier has just reported it has cut its spending on games development. Another desperate move from a desperate company.

    15. Theta Sigma 5 days ago

      Wyzak on 30th March 2016…

      " - 62%* - 65%* -5.83%*, -4.29%*, -39.11%* (still negative, even though it now shows the cumulative stats for both E:D and ED:H

      And this is before the launch of No Man's Sky, and Star citizen.

      *These factual figures are posted without any shareholder manipulation."


      OS quoting 'NyuuPingu' on 22nd April 2016: "Especially with No Mans Sky and Star Citizen ariving anytime soon I doubt that Elite will ever get back a meaningfull playerbase."…
      OS quoting 'dsmall417' on 28th September 2015: "You only have the genre cornered for a few more months before Star Citizen and No Man's Sky come out."…
      Wyzak and Oldschool, old buddies, let's jump forward 6 months and reappraise the situation now that No Man's Sky has been out for a month and a half, shall we?
      EDH Recent: 86%* 'Very Positive'** - Overall: 71%* 'Mostly Positive'**
      ED Recent: 83%* 'Very Positive'** - Overall: 66%* 'Mixed'**
      ED Last 30 days: +10.57%*, August: +40.90%*, July: -0.07%*, June: +1.77%*, May: +7.98%*
      (Last 30 days Avg. Players at 9 month high, Last 30 days Peak at 8 month high)
      NMS Overall: 35% 'Mostly Negative'**
      NMS Last 30 days: -79.42%*
      *These factual figures (and **Steam classifications) are posted without any shareholder manipulation.
      @deusx_ophc, @Joseph Pilkus - I hereby propose 10 days ED Kickstarter Comments 'silence' in memory of the death of Wyzak and Oldschool Shadowrunner's long cherished hopes and dreams that the release of another space game™ would negatively affect the player base and reception of Elite: Dangerous and Elite: Dangerous Horizons.
      Cue: Last Post Bugle

    16. deusx_ophc 5 days ago

      oh and a rather polished screenshot from beta 2.2 - about to head home and plays some

    17. Theta Sigma 5 days ago


    18. deusx_ophc 5 days ago


    19. Oldschool Shadowrunner 6 days ago

      Two years since launch, and still Frontier has not managed to fix Elite Dangerous' mickey-mouse instancing and frequent server failures.

      Perhaps Frontier ought to consider adding an ...offline mode?? :-)


      Originally Posted by Chris Simon View Post (Source)
      Are you ready to start paying fifteen bucks a month?

      if I could have reliable instancing, zero SRV random explosions, no lag, no random disconnects and play whenever I wanted without worrying about Thursday powerplay tick or Sunday server hiccups .... then yes I would.

      Im getting tired of all the excuses now. I've heard them all, no one seems to be addressing the issues.

      What's the point of a Beluga or ship fighters if we can't instance properly or the servers crash every week.

      Could you imagine trying to justify this to let's say 30 employees if you managed there network infrastructure. You'd be sacked in a month, no way they would put up with it for over a year!

      We're talking about upwards of 10,000 people who play Elite Dangerous. I think these issues need to be addressed now. The game isn't a Kickstarter project anymore.

      Is there a network team? Are they working on the instancing issues? What are the time frames for fixing the issue? Who is responsible for managing the team, if there is one?

      Rant over.…

    20. deusx_ophc on September 17

      @joe great ^^ hope you enjoy the new controls
      @Theta Sigma oh! time traveling doctor has returned!! well for you my friend, here comes the executive summary of the last few months action in this most wanton corner of the world…


    21. Joseph Pilkus on September 16


      Thank you very much! I managed to set it up, but I'll also check out the URLs you provided.


    22. Theta Sigma on September 16


      Hey CMDR, is this game *still* alive?

      Can you give me a quick TL;DR of the salient points from the four months since I last posted in Kickstarter Land?

    23. deusx_ophc on September 13

      and an old yt tutorial that should be still be accurate enough...…

    24. deusx_ophc on September 13

      @joseph just mouse/keyboard into the confi menu and select joystick/mouse or custom setup. the following site has a decent enough layout for the 3d pro… - the process to set all of that up individually is a bit lenghty. i'm not sure if the 3d pro has a profile pre-setup. i customised mine too long ago and are not on my ed pc. hope this helps ;p

    25. Joseph Pilkus on September 11

      deusx: Need your assistance. So, I've plugged-in the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro but as there's no installation disk, it's simply do I convey to ED to use the joystick vice the RAZR mouse?

    26. Joseph Pilkus on September 10

      Not everyone...I'm fascinated that it's continues for as long as it has quite honestly. I follow an equally successful campaign, Scythe, but the interaction is much more...positive :)

    27. deusx_ophc on September 9

      @os hey buddy. i think we have driven everyone else away with our inane drivel ^^ #victory

    28. Oldschool Shadowrunner on September 8

      Frontier reports fall in operating profits, revenue and earnings, and a huge net loss.

      "Frontier Developments posts an operating profit of £1.2m for the year to the end of May - down from £1.6m last time.

      Revenues fell to £21.4m - down from £22.8m - and EBITDA of £4.9m was down from £6.1m.

      Chief executive David Braben said: "We have successfully transformed our business model, continued to improve and expand the Elite Dangerous offering, and are making good progress towards the release of Planet Coaster in November."…

    29. deusx_ophc on September 8

      good stuff! fully self funded now, near to complete transition to new, sustainable business model, cash rich with a great title to launch pre-christmans.

      now pls FDEVs let us know what you have in hand for franchise no.3! planet ZOooOoOo ?!


    30. deusx_ophc on September 6

      well @os wait until thursday ^^ you shall have a field day

    31. Oldschool Shadowrunner on September 6

      Poor old Frontier. They can't even announce another prize competition to drum up interest the stone-dead ED PVP mode without someone bringing up the fact that they reneged on the prize the previous time.

      Does Frontier ever miss a chance to screw their customers??

      "Come on then... let's play some CQC with the devs this week. Once on Tuesday on Xbox One, and then again on Thursday with that there PC crowd (love you all equally).
      Come along to play against the devs and be in for the chance to win some prizes. The prizes will be going to the chat as well as to those who take part in the matches!"

      "I don't know if you remember - I was a winner of one of the previous CQC vs Devs event games you were streaming.
      On the stream you've said I will be awarded with the Assassin Pack. That did not happened - so I PMed you, and again you said that I will be awarded, you even asked me for the exact commander name. Again, nothing was added to my account. I have not received any code email, nothing.
      So, my game nickname is ALLIN (Alpha, Lima, Lima, India, November). When you'll have a moment give the issue a look if you may.
      Also, that game recap was supposed to be in the newsletter. Seems it was not important enough though. I don't want to sound bitter - but it seems that lots of screenshots were more important than the event.
      So, a bit of bad aftertaste from the last CQC event.

    32. deusx_ophc on September 3

      the following link contains a fairly moderate hint to all and sundry

      ps. yeah let's argue pro "offline" for content, why not? over to you mssgr musk, bezos and gibson ^^

    33. Oldschool Shadowrunner on September 2

      Frontier are up to their old tricks again. Taking money for a game and only afterward revealing that it will be DRMed. First Elite Dangerous, now Planet Coaster.

      And is that our very own Harbinger now engaged by Frontier to doing their dirty work?

      So let's talk about Planet Coaster's so called "Offline" capability.
      First, a couple of core facts to put on the table.

      Source 1 :…

      "Will I still be able to play offline?

      Yes! After you have installed Planet Coaster via Steam and run it at least once you will then be able to use Steam's offline mode. You can find details about offline mode on Steam's support site here."

      Source 2 :

      "Incorporates 3rd-party DRM: Denuvo Antitamper"

      Source 3 :… (other news sites also carry the same wording in various flavours)

      "Denuvo also has to phone home to authenticate itself every so often, so it’s going to need a working internet connection and access to the Denuvo servers. Should Denuvo cease to exist, access to your game ceases to exist. It’s also known that Denuvo carries with it a slight overhead that does in fact hamper performance in games."


      So, Frontier, are you pulling an Elite : Dangerous here? Is your supposed offline capability actually going to be much like your other game, promised but not delivered, because if you keep Denuvo in your game, you won't be able to deliver on the ability for the game to run in offline mode, and that means anyone who purchases the game, or already HAS purchased the game under the impression they might be able to play it on their laptop is going to get a very rude awakening soon enough.

      I take it you -do- have an answer to this, yes?

      Or are you going to hedge like you did on Elite Dangerous and much like in November then go "Oh, it's always online because you need to be connected for reasons"

      Over to you Frontier.

      EDIT : Derp, title brainfart. And I needed to stuff a smug emote in (yes, I own it)

    34. Joseph Pilkus on September 2

      @deusx_ophc: Thanks for the recommendation! Amazon had the Logitec for $30!

      @os: Wow! Well, then I'm glad that I Backed ED for $45 (rough currency conversion) as I've gotten more than my share of hours of fun with the game.

    35. deusx_ophc on August 31

      i was so excited buddy, pardon my spelling. i bet you can hardly contain yourself, too *roffle*

    36. Oldschool Shadowrunner on August 30

      do wrote "first contect?!"

      You're the FD staffer who writes the ED GalNet news full of spelling errors aren't you? :-)

    37. deusx_ophc on August 30

      @os you wot?!

    38. deusx_ophc on August 30

      i used the logitech 3d pro joystick most of my time in ED. it is a single base stick with plenty of buttons to mash and it has a small but effective thrust slider, too.
      the best budget 2handed hotas setup comes via the thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS X
      i bought a saitek x52 pro (serious piece of kit) but never really set it up, it just crowds the space on my desk way too much. though it is the flightstick of choice for all the pro commanders ^^

    39. Oldschool Shadowrunner on August 30

      > So, you're telling me that 'x' number of people signed up for a tournament and paid some type of registration fee. Im the end, the company provided nothing ti those who signed-up?

      What people paid for was the ED game needed to get a chance at the $100,000 tournament prizes. Eurogamer tells what happened.

      > I find it highly improbable that a company could operate in this fashion.

      This is no ordinary company. This Frontier Developments. The company that raised £1.5m crowdfunding to develop Elite Dangerous on a promise that it would either deliver the game as advertised or refund all backers, and reneged on that promise. Released a cut-down restricted-access version and then tried to charge extra for things it had advertised but missed out. Failed to deliver bonus items which backers paid thousands of pounds for. Broke its promise to finish the game before diverting effort to converting for other platforms. Broke its promise that all in-game items would be purchasable in-game, not requiring real money. Went on to break a load of other promises made to boost sales, such as never-to-be-repeated Lifetime Passes, limited time special paint jobs, special Cobra ship, pre-paid expansions to be delivered each season this year. The list goes on.

      And that's not to mention the company's extraordinary frauds against its shareholders……

      Fact is, if there was an award for the UK's most crooked games development company, Frontier would win it hands down.

    40. Joseph Pilkus on August 29


      Quick question...while we're able to navigate reasonably well with our RAZR mouse (it's awesome), it can't hold a candle to a controller more resembling the yoke aboard an aircraft. Do you recommend a reasonably priced one for use with ED?


    41. deusx_ophc on August 29

      @joseph hi there ^^ great to hear your & your daughter are having fun with ED
      @os shame that you are having no such luck ;p though i would bite my own arm off to see your actual ED game data...

    42. Joseph Pilkus on August 28


      Please understand that I mean no disrespect when I ask these questions, but I find it highly improbable that a company could operate in this fashion. So, you're telling me that 'x' number of people signed up for a tournament and paid some type of registration fee. Im the end, the company provided nothing ti those who signed-up?


    43. Oldschool Shadowrunner on August 27

      Joseph wrote "I'm not sure why you would suppose that not reaching a financial threshold should serve as the litmus test for fraudulent behavior. "

      What financial threshold?? Frontier advertised a $100,000 tournament to incentivise ED game sales, took people's money, and then reneged on the tournament. No "threshold" was involved.

    44. Joseph Pilkus on August 27


      I'm not sure why you would suppose that not reaching a financial threshold should serve as the litmus test for fraudulent behavior. I've run or assisted with more than a dozen KS projects, and those campaigns often had financial or social media goals which triggered something, it if met. If not, they didn't. I work in law enforcement, and I'm trying to understand the rationale.


    45. deusx_ophc on August 26

      @OS thank you for sharing

      as you say i am sure FDEV are amoosed…

      happy weekend everyone ^^

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