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Take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally - trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on January 4, 2013.

Take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally - trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy.

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    1. Creator A New Hope about 2 hours ago

      Even though I still have not played Wasteland 2 I agree with Wyzak, I would back a new Bard´s Tale if I had the money to spare. After reading about the new Bard´s Tale game I started playing the old one and it´s still a very good game and man is it challenging, the game is created in a way that the player is going to die constantly before getting to a level where he can survive. Yes I would absolutely want a sequel with modern graphics like Legend of Grimrock.

      That reminds me of GOG´s Double Insomnia Promo, many old time games being offered at very good prices. I recommend going to GOG for more information on this sale. Some of the games that has been in the sale are Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, X-Wing, Legend of Grimrock 2.

    2. Creator Wyzak about 5 hours ago

      @Avalanche - I give credit where credit is due :) You'll see that I'm not alone, when it's fully funded within hours of launching :)

    3. Creator Avalanche about 18 hours ago

      For those who want to read a summary of the Misrepresentation Act 1967 that we have in the U.K.:

      I found it interesting and useful. Frontier Developments (and 22cans if you're looking at Godus), are based in the U.K., so they are bound by such things.

      @ Wyzak

      Stop that... you're building expectations ;oP

    4. Creator Wyzak 1 day ago

      I will definitely be backing the bard's tale IV simply because Brian Fargo has shown that he delivers on his promises and boy does he deliver.

    5. Creator Avalanche 3 days ago

      I can't help but think of The Portal writing on the wall reading:

      "The cake has been left out for creative reasons."


    6. Creator Avalanche 3 days ago

      @ garkham

      Ahhh, I see, you're one of those collector types :o) , so of course, a gap on the shelf goes against the whole point of collecting. A shame that you'd never play the game. As Jörn said, try to see if you can get an answer about the box? Hopefully official word will appear soon. Even more so, that the box itself will appear and you can keep your collection going.

      And yes, the press does seem to have glossed over a fair amount of things with Elite Dangerous and Frontier Developments. But my issues with the gaming press and then the press in general are... are something I will spare you :o) But very much agreed about disappointment coming out as praise.

      @ Jörn Huxhorn

      W... the cake was a lie? But... but... < sigh > oh well. As long as the promises about the game were kep... oh, wait. To be fair, there weren't any hint of lies or made up... oh, wait. At least... nope, I got nothing :oP

      Yeah, I've definitely taken a *big* step back from my early enthusiasm of Kickstarter. But the good thing is, it doesn't have to be an all or nothing on my part. I've previously said good things about Larian Studios* and I am very much looking forward to seeing how Obsidian's Pillars of Eternity** turns out and yes, I did note the announcement of The Bard's Tale 4 :o) If someone with a proven track record comes up with something that I like the sound of, then I can still back. Or not. So overall, there are still good things.

      The point being :o) thank you, I hope to run into you, and others, again. I think I'll still be about. I reckon I'll still comment here for a while to come, but I could well turn up in another Campaign. I just really want to be doing so because of reasons other than another crusade-for-justice type thing. They're kind of wearing.

      (It's the other thing, but I'm very much taking a step back from Kickstarter itself and the whole mess of crap I've been going on about over the past weeks with Terms of Use and etc etc. For me, it's much bigger picture than just individual developers ruining things, as I've found many flaws with Kickstarter. I really have said *a lot* about it already and different perceptions and the like, but the point is :o) it's a big reason for me stepping back. I do very much take your point about the big names/companies though. In no way do I think that established entities should not be allowed to use Kickstarter. I actually think the opposite for all sorts of reasons, but in theory, it's the smaller first time/indie developers who should struggle with scale, time, budgets and pulling it all together into an actual product. Although that does happen, it seem to to be the bigger, established entities that end up doing that as well, but less of in a struggling way and more of a corporate bullying sort of way. And they have a PR team to do what PR teams do: obscure, deflect, excuse and ignore. Big names. Big money. Big disappointments.)

      I can see how things develop though. Kickstarter is still going strong and things get funded, so... I can pick stuff up on GoG :o) I just wish I could be more a part of such things earlier on. Maybe that will change, so I'm good.

      @ All

      If you made it this far through my comment :o) I could be wrong, but there may be a feeling that things are winding down here a bit and people may be drifting off, so just wanted to say thanks to all. Take care and I hope to run into you again sometime.

      * in case anyone was wondering they did Divine Divinity: Original Sin

    7. Creator Jörn Huxhorn 3 days ago

      @garkham If you try to reach out to FD then it seems to be crucial to CC (Yes, with that x. Not a typo.). Just writing to means an answer will take ages if it happens at all.

      @Jedra7609: Thanks. I'm seriously sad about Spock. LLAP

      @Avalanche: I heard the cake was left out for creative reasons. It was essentially a lie. :)
      I know you aren't very interested in Kickstarter anymore because of all this but I still hope to meet you again in the comments section of some other project. Bards Tale 4 would be a good candidate, right?
      This is what saddens me the most about this whole incident (and, to a lesser degree, the Godus situation): good, well-meaning indies are paying the price for those high-profile big-name failures.

    8. Creator garkham 3 days ago

      Thank you for all the information @Avalanche. Indeed I know there is a compulsory DRM and connexion and I'm desperate. But at the end it's not so important. I'm a collector, I need this box. It will just end up that I will never install the game and play it, but I will have the physical stuff. It's not the first Kickstarter to be so disappointing, but it seems to be the only disappointing one praised by the press...

      I just saw this yesterday (sorry it's in French but the video has just images) and I laughed out loud...

    9. Creator Avalanche 3 days ago

      @ garkham

      I didn't back at that level, but from what I can tell, no, no one has a physical copy.

      There's a forum thread here:… , that says not yet and a general feeling that it might happen end of February.

      But there seems to be a lack of conformation and the end of February approaches, so I don't know. There doesn't appear to be official word.

      The DRM free part is *not* going to happen though (but you may already know that) and people asking about the box here have received no reply from Frontier Developments, so to find out more I can only suggest using the "Contact me" link in the top right? Posting on their forums doesn't appear to be doing anything.

      Sorry you felt you couldn't fight it. I hope you get the box and disk though or maybe find a way to get your money back. Have you heard of ? I've heard they've been very helpful and friendly, so might be worth a look. There's an email address there to get information.

    10. Creator garkham 3 days ago

      So everybody here is being refunded. I'm glad to hear. Me I have no courage to battle for 100 GBP so I only hope I will receive something. Has anyone ever receive a physical reward expected "by the end of January" here ? Thanks !

    11. Creator Jedra7609 [Angry Imp Games] 3 days ago

      Congratulations Jörn - I am glad your persistence paid off in the end. Live Long And Prosper as a great man, sadly no longer with us, once said...

    12. Creator Avalanche 4 days ago

      @ Wyzak

      Jörn got refunded. Jörn got refunded. Jörn g... okay, I'll stop that :o) It is related though to what you said about just doing that in the first place, but they went with holding onto people's money for a long as possible. Kept some people's money as well :o( It's good to hear about things dying down in 'the thread' though, in-as-much-as maybe people have indeed been sorted out. I hope so.

      I got my money back a while ago now and all things told, it does mean I can have nothing more to do with Frontier Developments. There are probably many fine folk there, so maybe more specifically I can have nothing more to do with David Braben, wherever he may be, now and in the future. It's... "Be respectful and considerate" Okay Jörn, fine, I'll say no more :o)

      Which leads me to...

      @ Jörn Huxhorn

      Don't be a wuss, go for the £4.20! :o)

      Okay, you're probably right there. Frontier Developments' final act. Although, thinking about it, maybe this was all really a conspiracy by PayPal :oD

      It was no problem not getting back to me, so no apologies necessary. I'd probably still ramble on anyway. I'm glad you got your money back though, so thanks for letting me/us know.

      I do feel like there should be a cake to go along with the congratulations for my calmness though. Or at the very least a card :o) I do appreciate it none-the-less. It's been difficult for me as well. A while back, when we were thanked for being "patient" I remember pointing out that I wasn't being patient, but holding back. Not easy.

      However, I always remember, many things that are said are *supposed* to wind people up, so that they/we will respond/react. Then people can stop responding. They will claim we were hostile, or abusive. The world tends not to look so deeply into such things as to work out who started it. For me, we were all pretty much polite and respectful and Frontier Developments just abandoned the place. Even the supporters drifted away in the face of argument and reason, so if there were to be a cake, then I think we could all share it.

      That was a bit of a speech and kinda soppy at the end there, but more importantly, is there a cake or not? :o)

      @ All

      I'm sure some people still haven't got their money back, so... don't give up? Post here if you want and I'll even talk at you for a bit :o)

    13. Creator Jörn Huxhorn 4 days ago

      There must be subzero temperatures in Hell right now.

      I just received the full £105 refund. No PayPal fees for me.

      This is the mail I sent them yesterday:
      "Would you care to send me the £109.20(*) that you still owe me or is it really necessary to activate my lawyer?

      I’m not sure about the rationale of your stalling since
      a) you already agreed to a full refund in your mail from 2015-01-30
      b) you agreed to a 2% interest rate per anno in the ticket
      c) you did not deliver what was promised in your campaign. And you did so for "creative reasons", i.e. voluntarily.

      You are aware that getting a lawyer involved will only increase your costs, not mine?

      (*) £105 + £4.20 interest as agreed in [link to ticket]"

      I think I won't push for those £4.20 of interest. :p

      It only took them 85 days to sort this out and they only moved after threatening them with legal action multiple times.

    14. Creator Jörn Huxhorn 5 days ago

      @Avalanche: Nope, didn't receive any money and they didn't bother to answer to the nagging mail I wrote on 2015-02-11. As expected. Just sent them another one.

      Sorry for the delayed answer to your question. And congrats for still keeping your calm in this comments section. I have serious problems with the "respectful and considerate" part if explanations are completely ignored. - certain people should take a look at this link.

      @Wyzak: I will definitely post here when I receive the money.

    15. Creator Wyzak 5 days ago

      @Avalanche, the refund thread has grinded to a stop, and most of the discussions on the EDRG are related to other things now. So it looks like most of the guys who wanted refunds have been sorted. This is what E:D should have done right from the start. Offered unconditional refunds and pay out those who really felt offended, and everything would have just died down.

    16. Creator Avalanche 6 days ago

      @: Wyzak [… ]

      Is that a lot? :o) What I mean is, do you get a sense of how many others were still waiting or..? 73 still doesn't sound like many, but then again, a lot of people could have not posted success, with a few still waiting. On the other hand, if *hundreds* are still reportedly waiting, then that's a different matter.

      Sadly, I'm guessing the latter is closer to reality.

    17. Creator Wyzak on February 23

      @Fabio Capela - yeah the offline console version was just a slap in the face of those who bought their original game. Funny how Blizzard use to be my favourite gaming house, and now I haven't bought anything from them in several years. I won D3 in a competition, wouldn't have spent my own money on it after became apparent that it was always-online. I tried the beta and the lag was horrible.

    18. Creator Fabio Capela on February 23

      Kinda offtopic, but:

      "And that is fine, a ton of games have done that successfully. I wish Blizzard did this with Diablo III."

      Actually they did. In the console version. Together with the controller support players have been asking for since, like, Diablo 1.

      Which is another reason to be looking somewhere else for my next games. Between the mandatory launcher, the always online nature of all their recent PC games, and denying features to PC players despite having developed them for the console version of the same game, I'm not sure I will be purchasing anything from Blizzard again. A pity, up until a few years ago they were one of the few devs I trusted enough to purchase games blindly, which is how I got Diablo 3 (and learned to utterly hate always online games) in the first place.


      EVE isn't a good comparison, really, as it's not in as good shape as you paint. It has always had a serious issue of player retention; the devs themselves admit that about half the players that purchase the game (as opposed to downloading the free trial) leave the game in the first month, which is a very bad figure for a MMO. Besides, in the west it never went much above 300K players, so its peak popularity should be on par with Ultima Online (and far below most multimillion-dollars MMOs), and to boot the devs haven't released subscription numbers for the last couple years, something that usually signals that things are going south.

      Is ED going to succeed? I sincerely don't know. I'm fairly sure your analysis is false, though; you seem like the kind of person that assumes everyone enjoys the same things as you, which while a common error, is an error nevertheless.

      On the other hand, I can tell you for sure I will be doing my best to make any potential player aware of how Frontier went back on promised features and made a stink when it came to handing out the refunds those players that purchased the game over the now false promises were due. I usually wish success even to games I hate, together with their dev studios, but Frontier is a company I wouldn't shed a tear over if it went down.

    19. Creator Wyzak on February 23

      @Avalance, by my count 73 people have so far received refunds

      @Sean Curtin, wall of text incoming.…, just because we have Internet does not mean that we have stable Internet. It does not mean that we have reliably Internet. Just because we can access a website at some point in time, does not mean that we have 24/7 access to the Internet.

      And even if we have 24/7 access to the Internet, we were promised an offline mode which goes far further than just the ability to play offline. It allows you to play while your Internet connection is busy with something else in the background. It allows you to control your game, if you don't like how they changed the cobra in patch 1.1, you can stick to patch 1.0 for the rest of eternity. It allows you to be able to play the game for as long as you own the actual media and have a PC that is capable of interpreting the game. You aren't at their mercy for when they switch off the servers. You aren't at their mercy when it comes to weekly maintenance downtime. Only have half an hour or so to play, log in and oh snap there's an update which downloads for 30 minutes. You can't say, not now, I'll install it later, I just wan't to play. You have to update or you can't enter the game. Which means, oh sorry you can't actually play the game you wanted to play during the limited time you had available to play it.

      I bought the game, but I'm not able to sell it. So essentially I never bought the game, and my rights have been stripped against my will.

      I game to get away from the mundane of normal life. I want to get lost in a game and forget that I'm playing a game. Everytime I encounter a lag spike it breaks that immersion for me, and I am reminded again how I am forced to play an essentially single-player game online due to a decision that David Braben made after having sold me the idea that I would not experience this. I live in South Africa, so there aren't any servers near where I am. I am forced to play with a 200-250ms latency on good days.

      We were promised a DRM free game, always-online is not DRM free and can never be.

      Nobody wanted to go the legal route right from the start, we applied for refunds directly to FDEV and after being ignored by them for months, only did we decide to proceed with legal action. It was used to force their hands, because they refused to budge even though they made a "creative" decision to drop offline mode.… - yes, they've stopped posting here. You can't defend the indefensible.

      "Elite however has lasting appeal and if the game did go solo, then you wouldn't really have the same ability to enhance it short of releasing new games down the track, all of them solo"

      Incorrect, they could still publish patches which the user can download at his own convenience should he want to do so. As was done 10 years ago.

      "They would always have to be seperate entities and then players would of course want support for both games"

      And that is fine, a ton of games have done that successfully. I wish Blizzard did this with Diablo III.

      "The decision would not have been an easy one but ultimately money is the key issue. The more versions that have to be supported, the greater the cost."

      And it was them who promised that there would be two versions when we funded the game. They could have stuck with the online only version there and I simply wouldn't have backed it. But they tricked me into backing with the promise of an offline version and then withdrew it sneakily 1 month before release. Go and read how David Braben feels about second hand games and maybe you'll understand then that he never intended to add offline mode to E: D

      "Anyway, I'm glad those who have not wanted an online game got there refunds and what's left to winge about? Go and enjoy what ever game it is that does it for you."

      We had to drag the refunds out of them after threatening legal action and actual sending legal letters. Does that sound like the correct way of doing things to you? FDEV brought this whole mess onto themselves.

    20. Creator Avalanche on February 22

      If anyone is still trying to get a refund, then I would suggest looking at . I'm told that the people involved with that site are *really* helpful and useful, so maybe drop an email to ?

      @ Darious

      The A), B), C) that you outlined will be forever known by me as FD SOP*. Could very well be adopted by others though, but that's another matter. I admire your possible restraint with "It really is a shame..." as what you had to go through could have been described far worse, although you could just be drained by the whole thing. 'Shameful' might be a good start, which I guess is similar. Frontier Developments don't appear to have any shame on this matter what-so-ever, but that might be a part of FD SOP.

      Anyway, I'm glad you got your money back. Such things bug me: I couldn't get my head around "no fees taken out". Does that mean you got PayPal charges back as well?

      So, I seem to recall cs was refunded a little while ago, so one** left is:-

      @ Jörn Huxhorn

      Any word, or are you still waiting?

      * Frontier Developments Standard Operational Procedure
      ** I say 'one', as I recalled there were others who've commented here over the many weeks (obviously many others have not posted here at all). But then I thought about it and decided to go back and see:

      Franz Luger [… ]
      zlives [… ]
      Lestat [… ]
      Peter "Wizball" Wilson [… ]

      Any news from you?

      And there are, unfortunately, others ( hence the link to ), but I didn't want to list them all. Some of whom accepted a refund, but I don't know if they actually received the money.

      Still hoping everyone left can persevere. Actually, hoping those who accepted a partial refund still have recourse.

    21. Creator Darious on February 22

      100% refund, no fees taken out. This was after, at various times, having received the A) the silent 'let's hope he goes away' treatment, B) you will take a partial refund and shut up offer and C) No, you aren't entitled to a refund at all notice.

      It really is a shame that it took a letter-before-action to make it happen.

    22. Creator Avalanche on February 22

      @ Darious

      (Mutters: Stoopid auto comment update)

      The good news is I already backed the Star Citizen Kickstarter *and* I semi-buried another one of your posts...

      ...okay, I'm not sure how that's good news for you ;oP I backed, but I've not been following Star Citizen as I'm finding these things are just too problematic. It's like keeping an eye on chimps or somesuch. I didn't back Limit Theory though and that's looking interesting, so I'll see, but that could be good. Or not. But I'm hopeful on that...

      ...wait, you got your money back? As in, all of it? And it's actually in an account of yours? Didn't they offer you an *almost* full amount, but not *actually* the full amount?

    23. Creator Avalanche on February 22

      @ Sean Curtin

      Frontier Developments never really posted here on this issue. Half a dozen posts in total? No Update. That's appalling. But they didn't post as they had no answers, so they stuck to Public Relations type stuff and excuses.

      Yes, we (not that I can speak for everyone) made up our minds early and Frontier Developments came to *our* way of thinking kicking and screaming, so I don't see how that reflects badly on us. Weren't we right all along? Why did people have to threaten legal action for Frontier Developments to do the right thing?

      Whatever you say, Elite: Dangerous *might* succeed, or it *might* shut down tomorrow for any number of reasons. And there is no protection against that. The other games spoken off were/are online games, so the situation about longevity is understood. Frontier Developments said they would create the game without the need for an internet connection and went back on their word and contract, introducing longevity as an issue, without consulting us, even though they already had our money to make a different game. Then made excuses about it technically being an MMO all along, when no mention of that was/is mentioned on the Campaign page, so I don't know what you're trying to defend.

      Nothing you said really addressed any of our points about offline/internet/control/promises/breached contracts etc, but instead resorted to the standard attempt at dismissal by calling us whingers.

      And they didn't say it was a cost issue, they said it was a "creative decision", yet decided to keep people's money *until* we complained and didn't give up. Some, sadly, *did* have to give up and Frontier Developments kept their money. Some people are still waiting, so, again, I'm not sure how you can stand up for them the way that you do, but you *are* allowed to. I don't understand it though. They should have made the 'two versions' as that's what the money was for. It's what they said they would do with it.

    24. Creator Darious on February 22


      "What ever you do, be happy and enjoy"

      Trust me - after /finally/ getting my money back from this nasty little company, I've already started looking at getting into Star Citizen.

    25. Creator Sean Curtin on February 22

      Well it looks like a lot of people have already made there minds up so I can't blame FD for not bothering to post here anymore, what would be the point? There's nothing they can now do other than refund which looks to be in motion. Other games such as 'EVE Online' for example have had issues in terms of loosing people due to changes etc from the whole online gaming concept, it hasn't stopped it becoming one of the greatest space games ever made and there's a huge following. It's been running for 13 years now and is still going strong. It's not fair to compare long term space games like Elite Dangerous to franchise style games like Star Wars galaxies etc as these games have limited appeal, in fact the whole franchise system does. Case in point(not a game but bold proof on this) would be the Star Trek exhibit in Las Vegas. That to me was great and I wanted to go again however the main issue was that it got boring according to the sales figures and ultimately ended when it wasn't going to be a lucrative business model anymore. In short, if the support is there the game will survive. Star Wars Galaxies became tired even for my hard core Star Wars fan brother who played the game a lot but started finding it limited and lost interest. Myself I've just never found franchise games to be immersive or with enough depth so I never bothered getting into it. The same for the Star Trek online game.

      Elite however has lasting appeal and if the game did go solo, then you wouldn't really have the same ability to enhance it short of releasing new games down the track, all of them solo. The ability for people to play together is a great thing and the only way I could see for a solo project to work would be to release a limited game for solo players where you couldn't incorporate your solo game into the online game because the online game is ever changing and evolving. There's no way you could have offline people accruing amazing wealth amidst the galaxy(hacking there own games etc) then have them just suddenly pop into the online game with untold wealth, it simply wouldn't allow for a fair economy in the game, so I can understand from a game perspective why it wouldn't be possible to merge the 2 together. They would always have to be seperate entities and then players would of course want support for both games. Online and offline versions.

      The decision would not have been an easy one but ultimately money is the key issue. The more versions that have to be supported, the greater the cost.

      Anyway, I'm glad those who have not wanted an online game got there refunds and what's left to winge about? Go and enjoy what ever game it is that does it for you.

      As for the rest of us, I look forward to playing with you in Elite Dangerous. Personally I'm just glad there's a new Elite game and look forward to playing it. For solo play, just go grab OOlite or the X series of games.

      What ever you do, be happy and enjoy,

    26. Creator A New Hope on February 22

      GOG are having a sale (Atari+Rebellion)and Imho I-war 1 is a far better game than ED seems to be in it´s current state. They also have I-War 2 on sale and that game is more focused on buying and selling things without any connection requirements at all and a world that feels a lot more alive than what I´ve seen from ED.

    27. Creator Philip Konczak on February 21


      I am one of those that requested a refund. When a company removes a core eleement in this case an offline DRM free version that is a fundamental change. Ok you may be enjoying thegame now but what happens in a year 5 years if the servers go down for good then what you cant play the game period. With offline there you can play to your hearts content whnever you wish regardless if you have great internet or not the game is not needing to access a server so you can play the game. Thats the appeal we had on games like the original elite, Frontier you can still play the game today on your pc.
      With companies like good old games bringing back games from the past to work on modern pc we have a chance to play gaes from our history now while the way things remain Elite Frontier may become of no use to people and lost in time. Look to the MMO market gow many have come and gone can you play the likes of Star Wars Galaxies now no the servers are gone the game is dead although people are trying to bring it to life through emulation it is not the same.

      Also the way FD handeled the offline removal was not professional at all and the way they have treated us since leaves a lot to be desired and has for me put me off backing other kickstarter projects that i feel deserve the money but i fear of having to go through this whole mess again.

      I am happy that you enjoy the game and that you keep having fun with it but for me i will never touch anything FD makes again.

    28. Creator Fabio Capela on February 21


      It's very much like Darious said. I have great internet access, but being able to take full control over the game is very important to me; there is a reason I love to death the PC versions of the Elder Scrolls games but can't stand the locked down console version. The online-only version of ED, where Frontier has full control over every gameplay parameter to the detriment of the player, isn't really worth playing for me.

      I wouldn't mind that much if Frontier, when deciding to completely change the game they would be delivering (from the point of view of those of us that backed for the offline mode, at least), made full refunds available without hassle. But players had to wrestle away their rightful refunds, often by threatening legal action. A company that goes to this length to deny refunds over something that is their exclusive fault is a company I don't want to do business with; it shows a level of contempt, of disrespect towards customers that isn't acceptable. And they don't seem to have any legal standing in denying those refunds anyway, so much that just about every lawyer contacted about it said so, and they seem to immediately fold when they receive a letter before action.

    29. Creator Darious on February 20

      Correct, we do have internet access but, for me personally, it was very important that the game itself not require it. I am tired of being treated like a criminal by game makers such as EA and 2K Games and specifically went looking for games on Kickstarter that didn't have that attitude.

      Turns out that Braben, much like the higher profile Molyneax, decided to lie in order to have his kickstarter succeed.

      As for legal action - that is what we _HAD_ to pursue in order to get our refunds for their bait and switch. Believe me, myself and (probably) nobody else wanted to do so. It was only after 3 months that we really started sending our registered Letters Before Action to FD.

      And, miracle of miracles... the full refunds started happening.

      And no. No matter how good the game may ever become, the shitty ass way FD and their forum moderators acted in this matter means they will never, ever, see a dime of my money.

    30. Creator Avalanche on February 20

      @ deusx_ophc

      Not sure if you already know, but Frontier Developments don't respond here anymore.

    31. Creator deusx_ophc on February 20

      hi fdevs - just a big thank you and props to your support team, top marks for diligence. have been pleasantly surprised today late on your working day. been here since day one and miss the great fun that was had =(

      much enjoyment & fun in game though =)

      ps. as per ks suggestion i am trying to be rather respectful and considerate ^^

    32. Creator Avalanche on February 20

      @ Wyzak [… ]

      What was I thinking ;oP Yeah, as we've said here a fair number of times, once they had the money, then... promises and commitments became a lot more fluid. Offline cuts them off from future money making, and for Frontier Developments that would *never* do. Only time will tell how *that* works out.

      I did have a look at Metacritic though*. That was interesting** Very difficult to not let my obvious views get involved, but I did *try* not to see all those 10s as anything other than... than... I'm trying not to use words like shills or fanboys.

      I hate how those words are just thrown out there in place of an actual argument, but... from *trying* to get a grip of the game through just those reviews, at best, all I could get was that it was *really* pretty and that there was a lot to do and a lot more to come. What I *didn't* get was what the things to do actually were. I should add that I'm sure there are genuine reviews in there somewhere who aren't shills or fanboys, but it could well be that there are a fair number who are just countering the 0's and I'm not how to class them. But that's one of the problems with Metacritic.

      The 1 Rating/1 Review group does seem suspicious though, but I do have a nagging, yet to me valid, counter in that I haven't looked at other releases to compare, so it *could* be less suspicious. Great, thanks Wyzak, now I'm going to need a spreadsheet to look into it ;oP

      The thing for me, though, is the reviews are just so... bland, if that makes sense. They're not saying anything apart from the same 'lots to do', 'pretty', 'digs at Star Citizen (or it's Backers)', 'not for casuals or those who get bored/no hand-holding/not for everyone', 'beware of those giving 0' and the insipid "awesome/incredible/amazing/fantastic". Okay, people say such things about many games, but looking through them in order of the most recent first, they were all saying the same thing and very little else.

      Worse though, was that I couldn't help notice that a lot of the 10s were saying that they were sure there was much more to come. For a game they rated 10/10. Aside from trusting Frontier Developments, a perfect game getting much better? Some even said it was perfect, yet needed improvement or the game came out too early.

      [snip of a load of other stuff I could go on about :o) ]

      I don't know. I'm obviously *way* to close to it and already of a particular mind, but I did find the high 'user helpfulness ratings' for the scores of 3/4 interesting. Also, the 3/4 type scores are a *lot* more useful/balanced, containing actual information. My only hope is that people read a fair number of *those* reviews.

      Unfortunately, Metacritic's "Most helpful" system is a joke, so... people don't actually get the most useful reviews.

      * it's your own fault - you raised the issue ;oP
      ** although possibly only to me [standard disclaimer :o) ]

    33. Creator Avalanche on February 20

      @ Wyzak

      Hold on... I'll talk to you in a sec :o)

      @ Sean Curtin

      I'm never really sure how to respond to such comments as yours. Pretty much everything you said I not only disagree with, but are things that have been well covered and not just in this comments section. And not just for Elite Dangerous. The issues of solo play vs. offline and accompanying issues about DRM have been covered so often, that I'm never really sure where such comments as yours stem from.

      But, similarly to some of the other posts over the past few days, do you really not see the difference? Do you really not understand issues of control over a product? Being at the mercy of a developer that goes back on it's word, being in charge of the content and who can play it? And can, as they have, go back on any promise due to a "creative decision" or a whim. Such things and many more have been what we have been talking about here for so long, but maybe you've not read back. I can see that, but the argument along the lines of "everyone who has backed this project, obviously had internet access" is so common and yet refuted 1000 times over, that, again, I'm not really sure what to say. Trains. Unstable connection. The military. Room mates. Cost. Places not having internet. Monopolies. At parent's house. Living in isolated areas. Parental blocks. Laptops. What does it matter? Frontier Developments said there would be an offline mode and DRM free option, rending the internet moot, until they went back on their word.

      I didn't resort to legal action. I got a charge back. Those who did send an LBA, in many cases, seemed to have immediately received replies and a sudden (though not surprising) expedited refund of money, including costs. I'm not sure if you realise that a contract is formed from a successful Kickstarter Campaign and that contract was breached, so... I'm not sure what your argument is there.

      Spirit? After all Frontier Developments have done and how they have behaved? Their made-up-not-actually-a-rule thing about not giving people their money back if people backed before Frontier Developments made the announcement of offline mode? Keeping people's money? It seems that the spirit you speak of was broken many times over by Frontier Developments.

      Maybe the game will end up good, but it will not have what Frontier Developments said it would have. But back to the first part, maybe Frontier Developments will make compulsory paid for add-ons or DLC. Or micro payments. Or go bankrupt. Or shut down the servers and move on to another project. And the game will be unplayable. Either way, the game as is, relies on the servers and people doing something in the game now, may be affected a week later by the universe changing. You didn't seem to cover any of the many common counters to the sorts of things you said. And your optimism belies how Frontier Developments have behaved. But, again, all this has been talked about at length. Maybe not so much in the Elite Dangerous forums? But that would seem to be due to moderators, than the will, and wishes, of those unhappy.

      Your comment didn't seem old-school to me. It didn't even seem to be making excuses. Just a statement of... 'stop complaining'.

      Again though. Spirit? *We* backed the game. £1,578,316.

    34. Creator Sean Curtin on February 20

      Honestly, the whole solo play issue is leaving me puzzled. Correct me if I am mistaken but everyone who has backed this project, obviously had internet access?

      If so, then surely that means online play should not be a problem full stop?

      Once your playing, most players are sitting at a desk on the own anyway, how is this different from the alleged solo play? Your still solo everybody!!!

      I myself and old school, I'm still awaiting my box set before I'll play it and I've actually emailed Frontier Developments today with a small request to discover when I'll receive the box set as I'm growing depressed reading about all the great things the new game has to offer but can't play it till that boxed set arrives(I'm old school ok, there's something special about installing the game from physical media and then playing it, the whole download a game caper leaves me a bit cold. I'll always remember playing Elite First Encounter fondly not to mention wearing my pig nose 3D glasses and playing Space Quest III The Pirates of Pestulon for example). So that's my excuse and I'm awaiting that set.

      As for threatening legal action etc, honestly guys, is that seriously a good way to go.

      Essentially legal action = people not happy.

      Shouldn't you at least play the game before going that route?

      At the end of the day, why did we all come here? Because were space fans that's why!! We want a virtual reality were we can explore the universe we can only gaze at with telescopes and binoculars today. We dream of travelling through the stars and doing what is only human, to explore and go where no one has gone before.

      That's the spirit we all need to remember. It's not about the game, the software, how it's handled, the professionalism even. It's about the spirit of adventure that we all long for.

      Why not not join together and have fun exploring the universe instead of wanting to carry out some weird all on my lonesome gaming desire. How I wished I could play with other friends when the original Elite was in full bloom. We all talked about how we discovered this great trading route and where the Thargoids were, how to have fun at certain stations etc.

      That's what it's all about, having fun.

      I really do feel sad that some people feel it's not fun, but it's also still early days and I'm certain and hold faith that FD will deliver the boxed install edition they promised and more.

      Perhaps after reading all the posts on 1.1 etc, it's best that there waiting to release the boxed edition(a solid release with most of these bugs and issues fixed) rather than just sending people a 2nd rate release(my case in point would be Traveller 5(oh the dissapointment)).

      My main query was due to how it seems the game is all set, but perhaps it isn't just yet and hence the delay. In any case reading your posts has calmed me down that I havn't been forgotten but am simply awaiting the release along with everyone else here who's still keen to begin exploring this great frontier together.

      Here's hoping many of you can find joy instead of depression and I hope to see you all in the Elite Dangerous universe fellow Elite fans.

      Sean A. Curtin

    35. Creator Franz Luger on February 19

      Elite Dangerous has ruined the kickstarter experience for me: At their annonuncement to break their word and not to deliver the promised offline singel player mode I demanded my money back - they have kept it so far, sending me hollow excuses...
      There are many projects out there that might really deserve being bakked, but I have lost the trust in (empty) promises... :-(
      Thank you, Frontier Development, "Good Job"... *dg*

    36. Creator Wyzak on February 19

      @Avalanche, let's not be foolish here. They've already been paid for the kickstarter rewards, doing more work to fullfil those rewards without any further financial incentive is just a waste of money.

      Manipulating the scores on Metacritic however results in more sales, without having to do much work.

    37. Creator Avalanche on February 18

      @ Wyzak [from… ]

      If only they'd put that sort of effort/detail/resources into fufiling *all* the Kickstarter rewards. Then again, what with Reward removal being a "creative decision" and all, I still wonder exactly how much effort they intended to put into those Rewards right from the start.

      As for the rules. If they are carried out literally and for every infraction, then... well... I can't see how anyone would be left. Except maybe Frontier Development employees. Possibly not even them. But then, those sort of rules aren't there to be enforced on every post... just the ones Frontier Development doesn't like.

    38. Creator Wyzak on February 18…

      Look at their latest set of draconian forum rules - looks like the forum will be deserted soon!

    39. Creator Fabio Capela on February 18


      Just as interesting, the scores have been falling.

      The metascore started higher, slowly fell to 80, and has been stable there for a while now. The userscore, on the other hand, has been steadily falling since launch, sitting now at an all-time low of 7.0 after starting at or close to 8.

      My guess is that people are becoming more aware that the game's multiplayer element isn't all it was pegged to be and of the restrictions they forced upon the game design as a whole. Vanilla ED, as it stands, is a game I would find less enjoyable to me than OOLite even if it was offline, due to all the choices meant to balance and promote multiplayer, such as not having a way to pause or speed up travel.

    40. Creator Wyzak on February 18…

      Ah yes, the trend continues. 17 out of the 21 10/10 scorers are first
      posters - ie more than 80%.

      To be fair, I did the same for the 0/0 posters, and only 57% of them
      are first posters.

      The propaganda machine is still running strong.

    41. Creator ThomasN on February 17

      Just wanted to stop by and say that I am happy to play actual good games without DRM coming out on GOG which will still be fun long after FD's online-leashed software will be forgotten.
      Have fun taking other people for a ride and damage the reputation of actual good KS projects, FD. I for one are happy to never have anything to do with you again.

    42. Creator Wyzak on February 17

      @Vince Swann -… "The game works great since 1.1"-

      I'm not expecting to hear anything from you again, because I'm sure you were just trolling. But if you honestly weren't. Please read…

      o7 to Red

    43. Creator Wyzak on February 17

      As expected, the trolls just came to troll, and have now disappeared.

    44. Creator Avalanche on February 16

      @ Jörn Huxhorn

      You did say that you'd believe the money when you saw it :o( Predictable, that even after the capitulations, Frontier Developments weren't done with the delays, stalls and silence. I hope you can keep pursuing it.

      @ Simon Turner

      Can you explain it to me? As all I understood was that they didn't include the offline mode as a "creative decision", so I don't know why it "cannot be" at all. It was more that they wanted to control the product and the Kickstarter promises/contract be damned. It could be done, but they chose not to.

      @ Vince Swann

      Do you really not see/understand any of the issues here? Do you really think that all that has been going on over the past months, is... people flinging their toys out of the pram?

      "...just play the game and enjoy it for what it is..." What it *is*, is not what they said *it* would be. Solo mode is completely different to offline mode, but... you know that, right? *Do* you understand such things? We've been talking about it here for some time now.

    45. Creator Wyzak on February 16

      @Vince Swann - how would you feel if they had just dropped the multi-player and decided to make it single-player only? Be considerate of other people, just because it's not important to you does not mean that it's not important to others. For some people it is the very reason they backed the game.

    46. Creator Fabio Capela on February 16

      @Vince Swann

      Not a "tiny extra functionality" by any account. Removing offline mode means sharply reducing the amount of control we players have over our game, cutting from the game anyone without a stable internet connection, and a few other nasty side-effects. Good for you that you don't care about playing a game you have little to no control over, that is not the case for many of us.

    47. Creator Random Element on February 16

      @ Simon Turner / CMD Odd8all
      @ Vince Swann
      You don't seem to get it, do you? Things have gone WAY beyond the no offline mode issue.
      Once things entered into the realm of "it's about the principle", Frontier Developments PLC FDEV and Elite: Dangerous were finished in a lot of peoples eyes no matter what advances are being made in game from the total cock-up that was it's pre-launch era to now. Maybe things are now moving in Elite: Dangerous, great, but a lot of people have been scared and they don't really care any more.

      If Frontier Development PLC FDEV had just settled in the VERY first place this nonsense that's been inflicted upon the refund requesters and the bad press inflicted on FDEV and Elite:Dangerous in general, which has resulted in ill feelings and sentiments between both parties would NEVER of had a chance in heck to arise. Respect would have been maintained, the franchise would still be held in very high esteem, and all parties would have gone their separate ways along time ago. End of story. Everyone is super happy! Yay! :-D! Sweeet!

      It's now got to a stage where LBA letters have HAD to be sent out and delivered. With reply deadlines fast approaching, your beloved company will unfortunately, for them, be in a position to be taken to court by multiple applicants my times over. Once the letter is delivered Frontier Developments could potentially be taken to court for any sum up to £10,000 per letter. Even though the initial refund sum is small the results of being taken to court over such minor refund requests will be devastating to Frontier Developments PLC (FDEV) in the end.
      On the subject of partial refund offers. If FDEV partial refunds turn out to be illegal and those customers who accepted partial refunds are informed that they've been hoodwinked by Frontier Developments PLC, then FDEV might have to go through court ..... all.... over...... again.

      With advances in A.I simulating a supply and demand stock market in this day and age is virtually nothing. It had been done in the prehistoric gaming age when the very first Elite came out...and look how that turned out on a 8-bit machine! The choice to kill off the offline mode, if it ever existed in the first place, and the planned response to backers and customers was their decision and it was our decision to ask for a refund.

      Quite simply, people just want their money back. No more, no less. What's so wrong with that?

      Simon Turner / CMDR Odd8all and Co, sorry but if you've come here to brown nose Frontier Developments PLC FDEV and boost Elite: Dangerous then this definitely isn't the place to do it.
      Very happy to hear you're "Loving the game". Who f@cking cares? Go play the game then :-).

    48. Creator Vince Swann on February 16

      Okay so the offline thing was a annoyance initially but it does seem to be getting blown out of all proportion now.
      The game works great since 1.1 and 1.2 will bring some amazing multiplayer functionality.
      If multiplayer's not your thing, play Solo. It works great and there's loads more to do now.
      I just don't get why everyone's still flinging their toys out of the pram over offline mode - just play the game and enjoy it for what it is instead of weeping over the tiny extra functionality you wished for.

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