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Take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally - trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy.
Take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally - trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy.
25,681 backers pledged £1,578,316 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator deusx_ophc 33 minutes ago

      lol you are so funny. keep being that way and let no one tell you otherwise =)

      offline mode - FDEV said sorry about the way that played out and refunded

      DRM-free - yeah sure is (was always clear that you need server side authorisation)

      Physical copy on DVD - well i have 2 copies on DVD, do you want one?

      3D ship models - the standard 3d models are being painted and all backers of these models are aware of the stage they are at. one lady that pledged for the cut away 3d model of the 'conda has been offered a refund or a normal 'conda plus some exclusive in game content
      ship to ship docking - where was that promised as launch content?

      Passenger missions? - where was that promised as launch content?

      Powers for DDF backers? - well as DDF backer i can only that i am happy. obviously some of my fellow DDFers see that different. but yeah, gullible is a word that comes to mind ^^

      Finishing the PC game before porting to consoles? - the PC game will hopefully not reach a stage where it is finished for another 10 years at least

      anything else? or just clinging on to the hope that anyone still thinks FDEV have done bad here?!

    2. Creator Oldschool Shadowrunner about 7 hours ago

      @deusx_ophc "everything FDEV offered to bring during the ks and after has happened as they called it. or did i miss something?"
      Quit with the lies, DO.
      Offline mode? Nope.
      DRM-free? Nope.
      Physical copy on DVD? Nope.
      Ships promised in the stretch goal? Nope.
      3D ship models? Nope.
      Thargoids? Nope.
      Ship-to-ship docking? Nope.
      Passenger missions? Nope.
      Powers for DDF backers? Nope.
      Finishing the PC game before porting to consoles? Nope.
      And that's just what you see from a skim of the complaints in the forums.

    3. Creator Theta Sigma about 14 hours ago

      @Michael Taylor

      "it certainly wasn't part of the original game design"

      I really can't understand this line of reasoning and find it quite Luddite in nature.
      I wonder about people who insist things should stay as they were in the past.
      Perhaps a lot of it is rose-tinted nostalgia?

      Games and technology continually progress otherwise stagnation sets in. E:D is online, (actually always-online) and the feedback from the vast majority of players is that they really enjoy this aspect of the latest iteration of Elite: Many original '84ers love it because interacting with other, real pilots is exactly what they always wanted to do back in the day. Now that day is here, and yet some hanker for an always-offline mode.

      Aside from all of this, CQC isn't even really part of the main game.
      It's yet another aspect to an ever-expanding galaxy of features.
      Some people will play it a lot (perhaps younger XBone owners - and PS4 owners when the time comes) some will dip in and not enjoy it. Great. That's life, and life includes all sorts of views, approaches and personalities. Now, you may argue that offline-types should also be catered for since life includes all types of people etc. The problem is, of course, that FDEV also need to make money to fund further development of the game. Whatever FDEV say about it being a creative decision, the bottom-line is that development of it (and the potential for backward-engineering of DRM source code) would have severely affected their bottom-line. Ultimately, this would have affected far more people who enjoy online and don't care about the always-online nature of the game. Ultimately, therefore, I see it as pretty selfish of offliners to whine and complain that always-offline mode never transpired, since it is almost certainly the case that the Frontier servers would have been switched off far sooner for the majority of their fan-base than if they had also spent precious time and funds developing a parallel development of an always-offline mode.

      It's the needs of the many vs the needs of the few. It's as simple as that.

      It doesn't matter how many people you state care passionately about offline mode, it is 100% certain to be the case that the number is nowhere near the 640,000 certified unit sales that E:D has made up to 25th June 2015. We can be _absolutely certain_ that the 440,000 people who bought the game since release day on 16th December 2014 bought the game fully expecting an always-online experience and that is what they got.

    4. Creator deusx_ophc about 15 hours ago

      everything FDEV offered to bring during the ks and after has happened as they called it. or did i miss something?

      there is a development plan, we just got CQC beta. the first season of updates has been good, the next season's beta is starting next months, that brings planetary landing.

      have you seen any other game do what ED does currently? ED is way ahead of everyone, with rift support, ports to various platforms, live arena style combat and planetary landing becoming a reality before the year turns.

      many other games devs would wish they could offer this ^^

      and on a side note, i paid for a lifetime of free upgrades, very cheap at the time actually. and the game currently offers enough to easily hold my (albeit time limited) attention.

      i fully expect to keep falling for it (Elite:Dangerous) for another 10 years!! oh bought some more paint packs in the sale, too.

    5. Creator Oldschool Shadowrunner about 16 hours ago

      @do - YoU GuLLibLe MaN- Everything FD was supposed to do is going to be done in "near future" or with the next "expansion/update/upgrade" just give them money! hahahhaha!
      I can't believe you are still falling for it 3+ years later!

    6. Creator Michael Taylor about 16 hours ago

      @Max Power - I'll not be touching CQC, multiplayer only space deathmatch using Elite assets holds no interest to me - it certainly wasn't part of the original game design and the idea even got dismissed by FDev back in the DDF, if I recall correctly. But, you know, money.

      Unfortunately, looking at the direction the game has taken since release, all those 'placeholder' systems seem to be pretty much what we're going to be stuck with :( I'm not one of the eternal optimists (you know, beta is just a vertical slice, the content is coming at release, er, at 1.2, better make that 1.3, I mean .4, yeah, it's just placeholder, it's coming). For example, remember all the plans about the Grand Expedition that was going to set off to the galactic centre and it was going to be epic and dangerous and take months...and then it ended up taking about a week?

      I fully expect to see Elite-io Kart mode once the Horizons expansion releases ;)

    7. Creator deusx_ophc about 16 hours ago

      @Max Power
      CQC is great fun! though it is a case of 'courses for horses' isn't it, had to be done for Xbox One with lots of trickle down already visible for ED proper.

      with regards to the main game, the beta for the horizons expansion is is coming in the next few weeks, too.

      and as you can see with this post… there have also gong through a new pass for the BGS with the CQC update.

      the missions overhaul is also on the near future agenda, next update afaik

      but i am with you, staring hard into the general direction of cambridge can never be a bad thing!!!

      *stares hard at FDEVs*

    8. Creator Max Power about 17 hours ago

      I'm sure Close Quarters will be fun, but is anyone else out here wishing that Frontier would finish the core game ?

      I am heartily fed up of the Alpha grade menu system, mission system, and a trade system that only functions becasue 3rd party apps have been written to take the strain.

      If we all stare hard in the general direction of Cambridge perhaps we can persuade Frontier to spend the next quarter filling in the gaps.

    9. Creator deusx_ophc about 17 hours ago

      @harbinger ohhh, good call!

      the meta of it all, it is nearly to much for me ^^

    10. Creator Harbinger about 18 hours ago

      @Theta Sigma, Not referring to the price but the volume of shares traded:…
      The 2nd trade of the day had a volume of 1337 shares which has a special significance to a specific game franchise.

    11. Creator Theta Sigma about 18 hours ago


      [*Buys and Sells are calculated on the difference between the trade price and the current mid price. As such, they can occasionally be incorrect.]



    12. Creator Harbinger about 18 hours ago

      @deusx_ophc: Did you happen to notice how many shares were sold? 1337 ;)

    13. Creator deusx_ophc about 22 hours ago

      doh i look silly now o.0

      maybe the investors took my boasting as slighty too much in these rather difficult times


    14. Creator deusx_ophc 1 day ago

      wow! i just noticed a 1000 shares being bought at GBP 2,05 -. that is a very significant increase for the latest traded price of 195,50 (28 shares lulz) - a very strong increase of 4,8% outperforming the global stock market!!! the dow reported −2,84% over the same time... *nudge nudge wink wink*

      this must be the good news surrounding FDEV (EDH, ED CQC PC beta, Planet Coaster and i bet also the great sales of the latest IOS port). investors are clearing getting into the stock just before the news go public early next week!

      i can see it all now ^^

      ps: teh lulz - doing it for them
      pps: @os - notice the share price remains at GPB 2,00? good, then take note pls and stop these very silly "stock market trader" comments =) i'd rather, too ^^

    15. Creator Theta Sigma 1 day ago


      I think we're witnessing the final death-throes of an oldschool dinosaur, stop-motion, Ray Harryhausen-style %^]

    16. Creator deusx_ophc 1 day ago

      what do you exactly mean when you say

      "And already the latest ED update has a flood of bug reports coming in… .
      Will FD ever learn to test their code before releasing?? Does FD even know what testing is??"

      priceless ^^

    17. Creator Theta Sigma 1 day ago

      os, can I just check that you _do_ understand the purpose of a beta release, don't you? %^]

    18. Creator Theta Sigma 1 day ago


      Oh, hi there, os.
      I've been expecting you %^]

      Have you ever heard a death-rattle before?

      Make the most of these last few days, as the clock ticks on, your blatant bias will look even more ludicrous than it usually does.

      Keep trying.

    19. Creator Oldschool Shadowrunner 1 day ago

      And already the latest ED update has a flood of bug reports coming in… .
      Will FD ever learn to test their code before releasing?? Does FD even know what testing is??

    20. Creator Oldschool Shadowrunner 1 day ago

      @Theta Sigma a.k.a. Frontier Devel;oplemts PR man
      ""They [FDEV shares] are back down to 195.50" Just plain, vanilla "Wrong".
      Plain vanilla right. shows the last trade was at precisely that price. There have been no trades at the 200p you claim since Aug 11th.

    21. Creator Theta Sigma 1 day ago

      Q. How have unit sales of Elite:Dangerous been doing since completion of Kickstarter on 4th January 2012?

      Well, I'm so glad you asked %^]

      That growth is certainly looking 'exponential'
      8th September 2015 RNS most likely to be in the range 1,000,000 to 1,200,000 units:

      FDEV data officially reported via RNS to London Stock Exchange

    22. Creator Theta Sigma 1 day ago

      Optimisations - Game Engine improving with each update %^]…

      "kudos to the optimization team
      just want to say that whoever is responsible for the performance optimizations, you've done a fantastic job!

      i just checked out the 1.4 beta and all of the sudden, i can run this game with 4x DSR. that's 3840x2160. at 60fps, in stations and everywhere else (except where my cpu limits the performance). there seems to be a bug with SSAA though but i'm not sure. maybe it's just me but it doesn't look as smooth as i remember. SSAA runs a lot better though.


    23. Creator Theta Sigma 1 day ago

      This [...and many unanimous CQC comments like it %^]

      "it's amazing! i had to take a break after 30 minutes because of the awesome adrenaline rush :-) :-) :-)"…

    24. Creator el_tel 2 days ago

      I've just been having a quick go in CQC. I'm an explorer at heart, but it was a blast and will suit the typical XBox player very well IMO.

    25. Creator Theta Sigma 2 days ago

      Heh Heh... looks like the Elite Massive are already _loving_ CQC %^]…

      "CQC is stupendously fun"

      "Grats FD, this is hilarious and fun as hell, Really bodes well with elite. "

      "all the fun, beauty and feeling of flying in elite, but with no stress of losing your ship or insurance. Tons of action, lots of maneuverability and an even playing field. It's just nice."

      "I'm not a fan of PvP, but this is fun indeed. Like it very much :-)"

      Love it.

    26. Creator Theta Sigma 2 days ago

      PS ...before someone thinks of reporting my previous post to KS admins to get it deleted...

      'FA Off' means 'Flight Assist Off' and is not meant to be disrespectful or inconsiderate in any way %^]

    27. Creator Theta Sigma 2 days ago

      'First Play CQC Beta Elite Dangerous FA Off'

    28. Creator deusx_ophc 2 days ago

      @Theta Sigma
      yup exactly, specially in the light of a few billions being wiped of various indices recently. a good little burner* just like that game ^^

      *somehow rhymes with earner *getting my coat**

    29. Creator deusx_ophc 2 days ago

      and another info post. change log for QCQ beta dropped by FDEV today (after a monday bank holiday - you are freaking awesome)

      this is beyond most studios i'd wager…

    30. Creator Theta Sigma 2 days ago


      "They [FDEV shares] are back down to 195.50"…

      Just plain, vanilla "Wrong" %^]

    31. Creator Theta Sigma 2 days ago


      So, yeah....

      Looks as though (i.e. it is _definitely_ the case :) that FDEV SP is currently 200p and has been since it precipitously fell 0.7% all the way from 201.5p on 11th August.

      Basically, rock-steady, constant SP @200p for the past 20 days.

      London Stock Exchange

    32. Creator deusx_ophc 2 days ago

      @Theta Sigma
      ahh thank you for the timely reminder. going to plunge into FDEV then ^^ let's see if anyone wants to meet me at my valuation =)

      *waves at os & his buddy*

    33. Creator Theta Sigma 2 days ago


      Many thanks for the info and .

      Incidentally, do you agree with @os' report of the alleged do in FDEV SP?
      I'm pretty certain it has remained constant @200p

      Can you independently confirm, please?


    34. Creator deusx_ophc 2 days ago

      and now for something completely different:

      Public Service Broadcast - The Other Side - #theraceforspace…

    35. Creator deusx_ophc 2 days ago

      and lest we forget:

      lanetary landings are coming to Elite:Dangerous in the next season of updates.

      trailer, pre-order (including the value for money LIFETIME EXPANSION PASS at GBP 130,00) can be found here

    36. Creator deusx_ophc 2 days ago

      looking at the recent trades. some monkey is holding a puny amount of shares, trying to play on FDEVs for gullible people.

      28 shares sold at 195,50 after 2 buying trades upping towards 200,00 - well someone is seriously play a a mug's game there ^^

      onwards & upwards as always


    37. Creator deusx_ophc 2 days ago

      if you are passing by here on the off chance that you have missed the ks, use this as your main news section for Elite:Dangerous or just like the friendly & welcoming community around here...

      ...have a look at this it is an excellent ship configurator for Elite:Dangerous - made by and for the unsurpassed elite communiyt over at…

      a bit like just a LOT more fun ^^

    38. Creator deusx_ophc 2 days ago

      you keep forgetting the first rule of "ed kickstarter comments stock broker club". the infamous but mighty EDKCSBC est. sometime in late autumn 2012.

      do not talk about FEDV stock! it undermines your cause when you post figures that are simply wrong and throw around big words that you do not understand such as "investor" or "share price".

      let's see what today brings ^^

    39. Creator Theta Sigma 2 days ago

      @os @w

      Did you forget about this? %^]

      "Use this space to cheer the creator along."

    40. Creator Theta Sigma 2 days ago

      "this is pure fascism"

      When a "review" resorts to such language, and employs triple exclamation marks to ensure readers "get" the points being made, it's pretty clear that the reviewer has lost all sense of perspective and has some kind of agenda.

      As an aside: It reads very similarly to the work of biglittle456

    41. Creator Oldschool Shadowrunner 2 days ago

      @ts - Fair review? or do you think this lad has dreamed up all those issues?
      Aug 30, 2015
      Be careful with this game. The people who preordered this game have still not received an actual game with content. All you got by now is a framework of 400 billion star systems which are just generic and empty (automatically created). Generic missions that are extremely boring with over 90% travel time (hours), everywhere the same. The same 3 station models in every system. Only a few available ships and little equipment. There is close to no content next to this. So at the moment only dreamers and roleplayers actually find what they want.
      And instead of adding the missing content, they offer you the next big update for the price of a full game!!!
      Plus the forum moderators are very agressive if you talk about that on either steam or frontier forum. They ban you on steam forum for fake reasons if you don't shut up when they tell you to, and remove your valid comments. This is pure fascism.
      The name David Braben now seems to stand for exploitation and fraud. Very saddening

    42. Creator Oldschool Shadowrunner 2 days ago

      @ts - yes, dreamed up conspiracy - buhahahahhahahahh - good one!
      I understand Frontier Developments doesn't pay their employees well but based on what you are saying this is PERFECT time to buy their stocks. They are back down to 195.50 [-4.50 or 2.25%]. "GITRDONE!"

    43. Creator Theta Sigma 2 days ago


      Nope. The intention, as I made clear on my previous comments on the matter, was a playful post. You really should lighten up, get some perspective and not take things so seriously.

      Seriously %^]

    44. Creator Wyzak 2 days ago

      @theta sigma - If you intended to offend then you should face the consequences and risk having your posts deleted as they have been before. "Be respectful and considerate"

    45. Creator Theta Sigma 2 days ago


      lol %^]

      Don't flatter yourself that your comments in any alter my mood in any other way than an amused detachment at your absurdity.
      IIRC you're the one who's angry because you failed to understand how a Kickstarter campaign works, and then dreamt up a conspiracy to apportion the blame for your misunderstanding onto a company/CEO/game.

      PS You _do_ realise what 'average players' means, don't you?
      It's actually average concurrent players.

      Comparing the total owners to the average players is therefore more than a little disingenuous.

      Comparing total owners to players in last 2 weeks actually compares like with like.

      Perform your same "analysis" on GTAV and/or DS:SOTFS and you'll see the results for those two games are far, far worse than E:D.

      Keep trying! %^]

    46. Creator Oldschool Shadowrunner 2 days ago

      @ts - are you getting angry again? time for that walk.
      ___Last 30 Days....Avr Players:.3,918....Gain:.-995.3...%.Gain.-20.26%...Peak.Players:.6,685

    47. Creator Theta Sigma 2 days ago


      Please at least make an attempt to get the facts straight:

      Players in the last 2 weeks:
      70,187 ± 6,883

      It's likely, therefore, that players in last 30 days could be up to double this, at 140,000
      i.e. half of all Steam owners

      ...and they're just the stats for Steam. Remember, there have been at least 640,000 unit sales to June 2015

      ...and that's quite apart from all the new XBoxOne players.

      Wake up.

    48. Creator Theta Sigma 2 days ago


      It's time to face up to reality, dude.
      Although I kind of understand you trying to make the most of the remaining days of this week %^]

    49. Creator Oldschool Shadowrunner 2 days ago

      ts- So between 288k and 316k owners but daily playing average is only 3.9k over last 30 days? I am reading that correctly?
      ts- losing it mate? hahahhaha, no FD is not that lucky.

    50. Creator Theta Sigma 3 days ago

      Owners: 302,672 ± 14,288


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