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Take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally - trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy.
25,681 backers pledged £1,578,316 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Dice Man 32 minutes ago

      I just stop from time to time for a laugh - and once again, I've been rewarded. No I don't work for Frontier, have shares, is David Braben, etc. Interestingly I have got a little bored with the game of late - been playing Witcher III.

    2. Creator Avalanche 1 day ago

      Ah, yes.


      I feel as though we may have missed some details? Meh, I think we covered the important bits :o)

    3. Creator Jörn Huxhorn 1 day ago

      And, beside other stuff, I asked how an Elite without Thargoids can be a 10/10 game.
      Ha! Those were the times. :)

    4. Creator Avalanche 1 day ago

      Oh, are we starting all over again? :o)

      Okay, so it was a while back now, but I think it began with the notion that Frontier Developments had pretty much no chance of winning any court case, so caved and gave people their money back :o)

    5. Creator Jörn Huxhorn 1 day ago

      Oh. We reached that part of the loop again.

    6. Creator Theta Sigma 2 days ago

      @Oldschool Shadowrunner @Wyzak

      You will both recall that my first post to this comments section was in reply to Oldtool's appalling, bullying and offensive response to an innocent question from @tarasis:…

      Oldtool's response included the suggestion (later asserted to be a 'joke') that tarasis might be Braben.

      "@tarasis - excuse my language but where the hell have you been living for last 2-3 months? You really like us to believe this is the first time you heard people are not happy with FD? 15,000 posts on FD board, google news paper articles, thousands of negative comments here and many other places, refund game code, etc, etc, etc. Yet you want us to swallow that you just randomly decide to check kickstarter comments section months after the game was released and then post how you are shocked about legal actions and how happy you are with what you got?!?! Smells Fishy...Is that you Braben?"

      Given that both Oldtool and Waaaazak have continually repeated to many backers including myself, over many months, the accusation that they are in fact Braben, in the employ of Frontier, or hold shares or futures in Frontier - simply because they hold an opposing point of view to these two Offliners, it is easy (for the more objective readers of these comments) to understand why I treat these continual demands with the contempt they deserve.

    7. Creator Wyzak 2 days ago

      Thanks Harbinger I appreciate it that you actually made the statement. And no I don't believe that everybody has an ulterior motive. Only one person...

      Unfortunately Theta Sigma's refusal to make the similar statement can only lead us to one conclusion that he has a conflict of interest in this matter and therefore his intentions aren't pure.

    8. Creator Oldschool Shadowrunner 3 days ago

      How do you know, have you applied for it?

    9. Creator Theta Sigma 4 days ago

      @Oldschool Shadowrunner

      The National Enquirer is always on the look-out for low quality speculative journalism :)

    10. Creator Oldschool Shadowrunner 4 days ago

      @All: Part 2
      How much did Frontier Developments pay to that business software company right before Braben and his wife became board members of the company?

      All I know is that no such payment appears in the publicly filed accounts of either of the two companies that I viewed.

      But regardless, whether it was before or after is hard to say. The Companies House record of Braben and wife joining the company two months before the Elite rights buy (copies linked below) appear to be false. The forms were actually filed just one day before, which (if the joining date were accurate) would be illegal. I've seen nothing to back the company's claim:

      "In early 2014 David Braben and Wendy Irvin joined the LLP bringing their expertise in computer gaming into the development of software to be used for businesses."

      Also odd is that the company's web site still carries the temporary notice that went up at the time of the Elite rights buy one year ago:

      "The business of the company has been subject to a take over bid by Frontier Development plc- announced to the market today . Therefore we have taken down the main site pending a refresh very shortly. The business continues to trade normally... "

      Why a business software company that is trading normally with all these staff would leave its main web site down for a year is a mystery to me.

      Happy Reading!

    11. Creator Oldschool Shadowrunner 4 days ago

      @All: I found this a very interesting reading:
      From my perspective, they passed having the benefit of doubt allowing for "negligence" months ago. I am convinced that they were purposefully fraudulent about their product.
      I am too am convinced.
      But I personally think it UNlikely Frontier's addition of offline mode was purposefully fraudulent. I think it most likely Braben added the offline mode promise along with all the other feature promises necessary to get kickstarter completion, gambling on the funding overshooting by so far that it would be enough to let him deliver the overpromises.
      Having taken that gamble, he could have pulled out when it was clear he was going to lose.
      Unfortunately he didn't. He chose to take the backers money knowing that it was insufficient to deliver the promised game. That's when he found himself way out of his depth, and the frauds began.
      Fraud #1 - Braben made up the game's massive development budget shortfall by selling £6m of shares in the company on to London Stock Exchange on the false claim to own the Elite rights.
      Fraud #2 - When the real Elite rights owner came knocking, Braben falsely declared to shareholders that the claimant was his own company and owned merely some royalty rights, deceiving shareholders into approving the purchase of them for £5m. He partly corrected his story in a subsequent statement to shareholders -- when it was too late for them to do anything about it, except sell.
      Fraud #3 - Needing now to pay the price of the previous two frauds, Braben had to inflate the game's income projections, which he did by moving the game towards and online service model, dropping offline mode. But he kept the news secret, and so over the next six months took millions of pounds from pre-ordering customers under false pretences.
      Fraud #4 - When he did announce that he'd dropped offline mode, he falsely claimed to kickstarter backers that they were not entitled to refunds. Whereas in fact under the Kickstarter contract, Frontier owes the backers at least £1m.
      Fraud #5 - In the latest results statement, Frontier falsely claims that the company has made good on its delivery obligation to backers, and falsely accounts their pledges as earned income.
      This is not counting the other dubious practices that have come to light, such as putting crowdfunding pyaments through PayPal as donations, and explaining a mystery $4m sum in the last annual accounts as for overseas marketing.
      I think all of this makes more sense of this recent decision to sell on Steam at a 30% loss of margin. Braben needs money desperately to pay running costs of around £1m a month, and having defrauded backers, customers and stockholders, web retailers are just about the only people left who will give him any money.

    12. Creator Harbinger 5 days ago

      Oh I forgot to ask my cat if he has some shares, hang on I'll ask.
      He said "meow". Not sure if that's a "yes" or a "no" to be honest. I'm going to assume "no" though.

    13. Creator Harbinger 5 days ago

      If it'll set your paranoid mind at ease:
      I don't (and have never) work(ed) for Frontier or any company connected with them. I don't own any shares or futures in Frontier or any company connected with them. The same is true for any of my family.
      You really need to seek psychological help if you believe anyone contradicting you has an ulterior motive.

    14. Creator Theta Sigma 5 days ago

      if (wyzak.equals(troll)) {
      return null;

    15. Creator Wyzak 5 days ago

      @Harbinger, it's a good start but the list is a bit longer than that. Please see… for the full list.

    16. Creator Harbinger 5 days ago

      I do not work for Frontier nor do I own any shares.
      Happy? (rhetorical, I really don't care one way or the other).

    17. Creator Wyzak 5 days ago

      At least Theta Sigma is a decent enough person not to lie to our faces, but unfortunately not decent enough to divulge in what way he financially benefits from the success of E:D.

      @Harbinger, will you be willing to make the statement that Theta Sigma refuses to make?

    18. Creator Harbinger 5 days ago

      @Theta Sigma
      Perhaps he needs to loosen that tinfoil hat. :D

    19. Creator Theta Sigma 5 days ago

      @Jörn Huxhorn

      That is an interesting prediction Jörn.

      You have talked quite a bit about exponential decays, evergreen titles and so on.
      With that in mind, please do check the following:

      Do note that E:D is *at least* a week further along from its Steam release than GTAV, and yet, as a percentage of initial peak GTAV has already fallen *much* lower than E:D...

      GTAV ~72% drop since initial peak (in five weeks)

      E:D ~58% drop since initial peak (in *six* weeks - and furthermore has bucked the downward trend to stabilise with weeks five and six being almost identical)

      As I said: Roll on 28th May :)

    20. Creator Jörn Huxhorn 5 days ago

      Well... I suspect there will be a rather big bump on May 28th and the following week after which the general downtrend of players will continue.

    21. Creator Theta Sigma 5 days ago


      Waaaazak will probably now (monotonously and repeatedly) *demand* that you answer a series of ill-conceived and ludicrous legalese-style "questions" in order to satisfy himself that you are in fact not a Frontier employee, and furthermore that neither are any of your immediate family, acquaintances (or their pets)

      If you do not answer these questions (and ask yourself, what kind of person would ask such questions, and even more absurdly *expect* anyone to answer such questions on a backers' comments section?) he will then "ignore" you (whilst continuing to refer to you directly or an affectionate nickname of his choosing)

      Waaaazak, are you now, or have you ever been, an under-bridge dweller? :)
      Please note, whether you answer the question, or not, we reserve the inalienable right to object to your baseless conjecturing and flat-out out untrue statements.

    22. Creator Harbinger 5 days ago

      "I wonder if Harbinger is also a Frontier employee."
      Yes because everyone who criticizes you absolutely must be a Frontier employee. (In case you didn't catch it I'm being sarcastic.)
      I'm a regular backer just like everyone else still wasting their time on a long since dead kickstarter page. I very much doubt anyone from Frontier has even glanced at this comments section in months.

    23. Creator Theta Sigma 5 days ago

      Don't feel left out Waaaazak :)

      Harbinger, along with you, is one of the 537,963 owners of E:D (...which now includes an 100,000 additional Steam owners since 3rd of April)…
      I wonder, are you still "ecstatic about the steamcharts."?

      "Or will you find some excuse to deny that it is a representative sample of the whole community when the results end up not being in your favour?"

      ^ above quoted comments by Waaaazak, on 3rd April, 2015

      Roll on 28th May :)

    24. Creator Wyzak 6 days ago

      Awww cute, pocketboy made a friend. I wonder if Harbinger is also a Frontier employee.…

    25. Creator Avalanche 6 days ago

      Just as a... a... detail? A small point? Something that is actually in no way important, but I'm going to say anyway? :o)

      I have been skipping through the Newsletters to see if they announce the Steam release, just... to see if they actually announce it. So I noted, even after so many weeks, that they've still not done so. Still weird, for me at least.

    26. Creator Harbinger 6 days ago

      @Jörn Huxhorn:
      All pre-Steam customers should be able to get a Steam key from May 28th via their store account. Arguably it is something that would be beneficial to include in the Newsletter but perhaps they're waiting until closer to the time rather than announcing it several weeks before it goes live.
      @Theta Sigma:
      Yeah I've seen Wyzak's prior post history. I see no need to further what I said in my previous response except to say that the Newsletter doesn't really contain "news" these days, it's essentially just marketing fluff with a screenshot of an upcoming ship thrown in for good measure. ;)

    27. Creator Theta Sigma 6 days ago


      "Do beware of getting dragged into "discussions" with Wyzak.
      He has a keyboard and an over-active imagination ;-) "…

    28. Creator Theta Sigma 7 days ago




    29. Creator Wyzak 7 days ago

      re: pocketboy, you are mistaken it wasn't an apology, please see

    30. Creator Theta Sigma on May 19


      That may have been as close as we'll ever see to an apology :)

    31. Creator Theta Sigma on May 19


      Ease off... you're just grinding metal.

    32. Creator Wyzak on May 19

      I guess it was also to much for them to announce their decision on the steam keys, or announce on kickstarter that the game has actually been released.

    33. Creator Jörn Huxhorn on May 18

      Now *that's* the kind of announcement one would expect from FD. XD
      I saw some whispers in a sea of static noise about Kickstarter backers being able to probably, possibly also receive a Steam key.
      This could have been mentioned in one of the newsletter if it's actually the case. Theoretically.

    34. Creator Harbinger on May 18

      The time for announcing it in a newsletter would of been when it actually happened. With it happening just prior to a 4 day Bank Holiday and both the release and the newsletter coming on the same day, perhaps it just missed the newsletter deadline.

      By the time the next newsletter came out some 8 days later it wasn't really "news" anymore. All the PC news outlets had reported it and it was likely still in the Top 5 games on Steam. With so much exposure already what would have been the point of mentioning it on a newsletter that predominantly goes out to preexisting backers?

      The steam version was actually mentioned in passing in Newsletter #72:

      "We're taking this announcement directly to you, the players. Whether you're on Reddit, Steam, Twitter, Facebook"

      Continuing to expect them to announce the Steam release as if it's a new development some 6 weeks on is quite frankly ridiculous. The window for announcing it is well and truly closed.

    35. Creator Wyzak on May 18

      Because it has never been announced Harbinger. Why hide it?

    36. Creator Harbinger on May 16

      @Wyzak: Why would they announce a Steam release which happened over 6 weeks ago in the latest newsletter? It's certainly not "News" anymore.

    37. Creator Wyzak on May 16

      Still no mention of steam release in newsletter #75

    38. Creator Kahuna Kevin on May 15

      Any word on a PS4 port?

    39. Creator Theta Sigma on May 14

      @Oldschool Shadowrunner

      Oh, Hi there :)

    40. Creator Oldschool Shadowrunner on May 14

      @All: Has anyone seen Theta Sigma? Is he/she alive? No posts for two days? I'm getting a bit worried.

    41. Creator Theta Sigma on May 12


      Did you ever receive your Zero-G fluffy dice? %^]

    42. Creator Theta Sigma on May 12


      For backers, the ship-type/start-location/initial-loadout options should be available when you start the game. If you have already selected Sidewinder, you could delete your save and then select a different start option appropriate to your level of KS backing.

      'Jack Booted Thug' explained it a while back, as follows, in the frontier thread 'Backer Reward Ship Options'…

      "They are spawn/starting options.

      Thus those who have been credited with those rewards simply have the option to start in those ships in those scenarios. I would expect all players to have several starting options which vary from Lave to the further out systems. The early backers simply have a couple of extra options a few of which include an Eagle or Cobra."

      If you're not seeing the options you expect from your KS funding level, the best thing to do would be to launch an email to:

      ...'and' (*not* 'or', since the following is likely defunct)

      Backers contacting have recently received helpful replies/fixes on the order of hours.

      Fly Safe, CMDR!

    43. Creator Dragonbait on May 12

      Hey Guys,
      I just started playing at last, could anyone tell me how I get my cobra MK III from the backers rewards, it's started me in a Sidewinder, there was an eagle in a nearby station, but no sign of the Cobra?

    44. Creator Jörn Huxhorn on May 11

      @Oldschool Shadowrunner
      lulz. :)

    45. Creator Theta Sigma on May 11

      @Wyzak @Oldschool Shadowrunner

      Ah, yes: 'The Credibility Twins' - the guys who always make completely objective 100% accurate predictions about the lack of Steam Keys, the future downward trends of Metacritic, the certainty of the future lack of success of Elite:Dangerous, the inevitable and imminent bankruptcy of Frontier, the dozens of successful lawsuits and court-cases against Frontier over offline mode. In short: The boys who are not in any way desperately grasping at straws and projecting their own bitter, entitled, wishful-thinking onto events.

      It will come as no surprise to you both to learn that I value your opinions regarding your view of my credibility precisely as highly as I rate your impartiality towards Elite:Dangerous.

      So, Wyzak, my 'choice' (according to you) is to either respond to your repeated and baseless demands, or else be 'ignored' by you. Well, that sounds like a really good deal. But I think I've got a better one: How about I give you the metaphorical finger, and you sit back and watch the continuing success of Elite:Dangerous (about which you can do nothing :)

    46. Creator Oldschool Shadowrunner on May 11

      @Wyzak: Whatever he writes it will be hard to regain his credibility... at least from where I'm standing.
      @Theta Sigma: Another one for you (are you getting it?)

    47. Creator Wyzak on May 11

      You can choose to regain your credibility by making the statement, or continue down this path and be ignored.

    48. Creator Theta Sigma on May 11


      "the required statement"

      There's that self-important entitlement of yours (again)

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