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Take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally - trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy.
Take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally - trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy.
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    1. Dice Man 4 days ago

      Bought Subnautica this week - utterly amazing. Whilst it is underwater and not space, and a much smaller game map - you really could cry that Elite didn't follow this model. Easy to pick up, wonderfully crafted game world, able to walk around the submarine you can craft and every second playing feels worthwhile....even just watching the alien fish go about there business.

    2. Theta Sigma 4 days ago

      FDEV @700p

      4.24x float price of 165p (324% increase)
      6.6x lowest price of 106p (560% increase)

      ...over 4 years.

      Liberum Capital just set target price of 850p

    3. Theta Sigma 4 days ago

      "Great news! @PlanetCoaster has now passed 1M players & @EliteDangerous 2.75M ED & Horizons sales - Thank you so much for your support!"

    4. Oldschool Shadowrunner on August 12

      "The endgame for FD in terms of Elite development is finally abandoning the "season model" for Elite because they quite simply have no financial incentive to put anything more than minimal resources into the game at this point. They've realized that there isn't enough trust or goodwill left in the community to pay for content in advance, so they're going to do what they can with ridiculously overpriced cosmetic DLC and the occasional OP "feature" DLC that they hope will get more money out of existing players for as little effort as possible.

      There is no "10 year plan" for Elite. There isn't even a "5 year plan". There was a 3 year plan, and we're reaching the end of it. They will keep their inexpensive BGS servers running, which require very little resources due to the game's P2P architecture, probably develop a few OP features and cosmetic DLC over the next few years, but we will not be seeing all of those impressive and immersive features that Braben told everyone about. It quite simply would not be financially viable for them to do so given their focus is on making money for their shareholders.

      The really amusing part here is that I identified this problem last year after looking at FD's financial reports and seeing how they were neglecting Horizons and funneling revenue from Elite to develop Planet Coaster instead. I could clearly see where things were headed and now that even the most optimistic Elite players are finally arriving at the same conclusions there's very little FD can do to spin the situation.

      Braben, who owns 51% of FD, and the company's shareholders could care less about the situation. They aren't in the business of making Elite into a good game, they simply want to make as much money as possible in as short a time period as possible. Elite quite simply is not going to be seen as worthwhile for FD to invest more than the minimum amount of resources in at this point."

    5. Oldschool Shadowrunner on August 9

      Someone posts ED PS4 sales figures .... aaaand Frontier locks the thread.…

      Someone posts news of Sony refunding ED PS4... aaaand Frontier locks the thread.

      "Good news for ps4 players

      If you purchased via digital download sony is giving refunds on request for this game. Normally its the old buyer beware but due to large amounts of complaints they caved. I know there will be blah blah best game ever, but this is to help other players who bought the poorly done buggy ps4 port."…

      What a shame Frontier doesn't put as much effort in to fixing its game.

    6. Oldschool Shadowrunner on August 7

      After a share sale that reduces Braben's holding to 45.6%, a Frontier spokesperson claims he "still owns the majority of the company".

    7. Oldschool Shadowrunner on August 3

      "The degree to which David Braben has lost touch with this project cannot be overstated. Every time.e he talks about, it's like he just came off a long nap daydreaming about his game after a long stint playing, say, EVE."…

    8. Oldschool Shadowrunner on July 29

      Business as usual with Elite Incompetant.

      "Came back after months away to find whole new bugs, menus slow as hell, surface scan mission bugged so that I was sat looking at an empty space where the outpost should have been for 5 minutes until it suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

      This is progress apparently.""

      "Just to say after a few days of average stability, the crashes are worse than ever today. All recommended changes done, but as it stands the game is close to unplayable. Nearly every interaction with the game causes a crash. FSD, landing, take off, Mission Board. Res. Combat. When it doesn't lose network connection, I get the blue screen error pop up once in a while too. Sadly, going to have to just give up on it as this isn't entertainment, it's painful. "…

      "Disconnections are worse than ever after the so called hotfix!
      5 disconnects in about 20 minutes since the update. 3 'could not connect to the adjudication server' & 2 'could not connect to the transaction server' errors.
      Seriously guys, you're taking the now!
      This is becoming seriously unplayable."…

    9. deusx_ophc on July 28

      @os so now what?! cry FDEV a river some more?!

    10. deusx_ophc on July 28

      i hate to break it to you @od but...

      ....FDEV are #doomed

      614,00 GBX Price increase89,00 (16,95 %) today

    11. Oldschool Shadowrunner on July 27

      "Elite Dangerous is one of the most inexplicably horribly managed games I have ever seen in my life. Literally every single decision Frontier makes is incomprehensibly stupid and half-assed. I wish it were fun, believe me. But they actually managed to suck all the fun out of a game where you pilot a spaceship with the entire Milky Way galaxy at your fingertips."

    12. deusx_ophc on July 26

      @Theta Sigma
      always at hand for a friendly meet & greet ^^ let's make it a date boys!

    13. Oldschool Shadowrunner on July 26

      >> disingenuous marketing, over hyping, ever dreaming and completely disconnected from the reality of his own game CEO

      > #entitlement


    14. Theta Sigma on July 26

      @deusx_ophc @Wyzak @Oldschool Shadowrunner

      Yous all in for a meet-up at the Frontier Expo?

    15. deusx_ophc on July 26

      FDEV on the future of their games and more importantly on their communities

      say was saying what again mr. oldschool?!

    16. Oldschool Shadowrunner on July 26

      ED's most famous player, CMDR Harry Potter, on the future of the game.

      "As much as I would like to see this game still going in 10 years, I that is almost guaranteed not going to happen with the current rate of development...
      Hell I can list just a few things that will prevent this game going for another 3 years never mind 10.

      Little to no content
      Minimal impact on the game world
      Poor Crime and Punishment system
      Some of the worst networking in gaming history
      Poor developer attitudes towards exploits
      Poor balance
      Half baked features
      Features riddled with bugs and not fixed
      Story content cannot be completed in-game
      No MMO social features
      Bad AI
      Grind on top of grind

      This is just what I could think of right now and there are plenty more, again I would love to see this game continue since I enjoy it, but come on Fdev get your act together... you are missing critical features and have yet to address critical bugs. the space MMO scene is starting to ramp up and its looking great for us space fans. but right now I feel like I am in a sinking boat, hoping for another to pass by when I would prefer to stay in this boat afloat."

    17. deusx_ophc on July 26


    18. Theta Sigma on July 26


      Is that you projecting again, Oldschool? %^]

    19. Oldschool Shadowrunner on July 25

      Frontier will now let you change the color of your lasers to white. For £1. Desperate, or what??

      "one of the reasons I`m not ever supporting this company again

      disingenuous marketing, over hyping, ever dreaming and completely disconnected from the reality of his own game CEO, high price, allays on-line DRM with very low quality servers, playing the "we so poor, we cannot give you what we advertised, give us money" card than buying a Hollywood franchise and a new building... Yeah that`s frontier for you.

      Where is my orrery? soon in the store too?"…

    20. Oldschool Shadowrunner on July 15

      Sony agrees first refund for Elite: Defective on PS4

      "I purchased ED via PlayStation as a digital copy, I requested a refund which was initially refused. However, after explaining the situation further PlayStations agreed based on proof of correspondence with Frontier, which I have. I've given Frontier a deadline of 5th August as I feel this is ample time to fix or attempt to fix the issue.

      As it stands for many PS4 ED players, the game isn't fit for purpose. I can't believe these issues have only just occurred without some form of testing being performed using a variety of Broadband providers, also in hindsight maybe Frontier should have allowed Beta testing for a week - The problem would've arisen and some folks may have waited for a fix to be provided be spending their hard earned cash.

      The gaming industry appears to have this attitude where we, the consumer are bottomless money pits, where our views and concerns don't matter. Regular updates on this issue would be nice, given the amount of users impacted, I know Frontier can't give an answer right now but at least this might ease users frustrations - It's called good PR. "…

    21. Oldschool Shadowrunner on July 13

      "Why has the Community Manager virtually abandoned the forums?"

      (Discussion now blocked by Frontier mods.)

      "First of all, I would like to just like to reiterate that singling out an individual within Frontier directly and questioning their work isn't something we support." -- Frontier

    22. Oldschool Shadowrunner on July 12

      "How does FDev continually introduce bugs they've fixed before?

      Frontier roll a 6 sided dice, this is what each number means:

      Fix it
      IF we roll 142 drives, fix it
      We didn't know
      Its on the list(tm)

      "FDev were very cunning when they started Elite Dangerous - or they thought they were. They thought that they could not only outsource the QA process for the game. but they also thought they could also charge actual money, to have their own customers act as Quality Assurance staff.

      Of course, the customers are not even slightly competent to do that job, and as a result the game is always filled with egregious examples of bugs which even the Most Incompetent actual QA person would never allow through."

    23. Oldschool Shadowrunner on July 11

      "It's what I call a cashcow-stairwell. Let me explain:

      A skeleton of a game is sold at full price, but advertised with the promise of constant improvement and development until it's fleshed out.

      The developers don't tell you anything specific about these improvements, so you feel entitled to nothing, even though you paid for literally "anything".

      Because of that, the developer is free to put your money in a new, completely different project.

      They repeat steps 1-3 with the new project, be it a new game or something unrelated.
      The old projects become frozen and stuck in development-hell (like Elite), just strong enough to sustain the requirements of being called a "WIP" while neither making the developers a profit nor financial losses (here's where microtransactions are used for balance).

      To sustain this permanent cycle of cashflow none of the single projects must be "finished", no goal must be "achieved", but everything left unfinished by design.

      The real goal is to make money, not satisfy customers.

      This design is successfully used in business all the time, because it's so nontransparent to the buyers."

    24. Theta Sigma on July 10

      Many Doom
      Such Bankrupt

    25. Oldschool Shadowrunner on July 9

      "Just me or is anyone else finding the PS4 version a bit buggy?

      I used to play on the PC but got PS4 version as most of my pals are on PS4.

      Only played a few hours and game has crashed about 5 times.

      Tried to land in the station and the pad I was assigned had a ship sitting there.

      Tried to leave the station and immediately destroyed - cops just started firing on me.

      Getting a bit annoyed"

      "Constant disconnects in open at quince (self.EliteDangerous)

      what gives. its pretty much unplayable for me this weekend. Never been this bad.

      Just me? have gone back to upnp and turned port forwarding off in desperation but still just as bad.

      starting to fuck me off."

      "Welcome to Elite:Connection error

      Hopefully a hot fix soon?

      Hahahahahaha lol you think the devs actually fix things

      I live in hope :)"

    26. Oldschool Shadowrunner on July 9

      "FDev is the wrong company for this game.
      First they screwed up Arena by not having any incentive to play it except "fun", and had to cancel the 100k competition shortly after. Tried to compensate with Icarus Cup, obviously trying to rush it at first (with under a weeks notice originally!!!!) and having to delay it twice only to go _completely quiet_ (like with many other things) about it few months later. And then they apparently just gave up on it alienating 90% of the PvP community _for good_. My guess is they got tired or run out of resources trying to please both sides of the "griefer vs. carebear" fence and chose to run with the latter, larger group of players."…

    27. Theta Sigma on July 8

      Wyzak on 28th June 2016…

      "Let's revisit the factual game scoring:

      Game, objective URL, recent score, overall score
      E:D, 58%, 65%
      ED:H, 65%, 66%
      Clearly it's a masterpiece!"
      Yes indeed, let's revisit the factual game scoring, a year hence:

      Game, objective URL, recent score (delta), overall score (delta)
      E:D, 68% (+10), 68% (+3)
      ED:H, 87% (+22), 77% (+11)
      Clearly it's becoming a masterpiece! %^]

    28. deusx_ophc on July 4

      last few shares sold today (1.000 gbx 530 and 4.000 gbx 515 at 200,86% - no fx involved)

      so really not a shareholder anymore ( i did fib at some point)

      thank you db & team. looking forward to what comes next =)

      and thank you @Theta Sigma for the most marvelous entertainment /bow

      right on commander !

    29. Theta Sigma on July 3


      What's that?

      Oldschool and Wyzak as sick as a parrot?

      ...or are they just sick of parroting out the same old deluded garbage? %^]

    30. deusx_ophc on July 3

      FDEV GBX 517.00 Var % (+/-) +8.84% (Up +42.00)

      you what?!

    31. Oldschool Shadowrunner on June 29

      > PS4 Elite: Dangerous now Live

      Alive, but sick as a parrot, due to bugs, as you'd expect.

      "Game unplayable
      Crashes and kicks to menu with extreme regularity.
      Accessing any part of the game causes kicks to main screen.
      Excess frame rate drop the rest of the time and mileage and time eta's not showing correctly.
      Have also experienced this all with the starter ship and the hauler. Landing at a station is nearly a guaranteed kick.
      Crashes more regularly after selecting the launch option then accelerating away causes crashes.

      Frontier's response reflects the fact that the game is borked, they know it and they can't fix it.
      "Hey Cmdrs,

      Sorry for the frustration.

      If this continues to be an issue for you please contact our customer support team: [Customer support]"…

    32. Oldschool Shadowrunner on June 29

      "We took money for something, spent it on other stuff, failed to deliver quality content for the money we took and we know we can't pull the same stunt twice as most people aren't that stupid"

      "I would say, without a shadow of a doubt that Horizons so far has not been value for money.

      If you compare the quality and content of Horizons to something like The Witcher 3's Blood and Wine, an expansion that cost significantly less than Horizons and delivered so much more.
      I'm not just talking by a bit, but a lot. It's got 10 times the content of Horizons (and that's conservative) at less than half the price.

      The developer is roughly the same size as FD before anyone plays the "But FD is a small company" card.

      In a vacuum I can see why some people would think Horizons was good value but compared to other games it's expansion has been pretty crappy value for money IMO

      FD knew people wouldn't fall for the same trick twice and that's the reason they ditched that model, nothing else. There was no altruism in the choice to ditch that model it was "We took money for something, spent it on other stuff, failed to deliver quality content for the money we took and we know we can't pull the same stunt twice as most people aren't that stupid" .

      P.s. It wasn't a few quid, it cost £40 at launch did it not?"…

      "Story is the one thing in this game for which my interest has reached zero and has been keeping going down really. Unless you're part of the few people who somehow have inordinate amounts of free time to spend on plodding through ARG after ARG and staring at nothingness, reading Galnet and the occasional Twitter spam is really all there is.

      Getting to see Thargoids? Apparently the way to do that was to check out the exact path some lucky dude was jumping; derping around the Pleiades sector for hours without luck? Yeah, turns out watching that stuff on Youtube is more fun. Barnacles? *yawn*. The most "gameplay" from the whole Thargoid "storyline" so far was the occasional UA bombing (one of the dumbest mechanisms in this game to date IMAO).

      So yeah, I'll stick to running a CG every now and then and maybe get my behind out exploring again, but as long as things keep like this, the story can get stuffed."…

    33. Theta Sigma on June 28

      @Oldschool Shadowrunner

      Keep tryin' son %^]

      FDEV @464p

      PS4 Elite: Dangerous now Live

    34. Oldschool Shadowrunner on June 28

      "there is no 10 year plan... and during/after KS we were constantly being told how the game would look at launch, and when they were talking about future after-release content like planetary landings, they were always clear about that (very clearly visible in the DDF posts for instance) so its more of "we are 3 years after launch and we still don`t have what was advertised to be at launch"

      where is my orrery map? where is my procedural damage, where is my BGS as described by DB, where are my market analysis tools, where are my multiple station clusters....

      oh... on the cutting room floor"…

      "What hasn't been delivered that was promised with Horizons?
      The moon,
      landable planets with active volcanism including ice volcanism (don`t even start with the F`in fumaroles)
      multiple SRV types
      non-combat multicrew roles
      new playable ships including very large trading ships...

      that`s for starters... there is a whole list here on the forums with quotes"…

      New update, new bugs…

    35. Theta Sigma on June 23

      You still lurking Wyzak?


    36. Oldschool Shadowrunner on June 22

      "I have over 5,100 hours in Elite and one of the biggest lessons I have learned in that time is that FD doesn't fix bugs, they only make more. If they would just take a moment to polish up the quality of their product before moving ahead. Let's be honest here many updates that have came out have been so low quality at release (2.3: The Trainwreck in particular) that if it were an actual product you purchased in the store like a coffee maker you would have already returned it by throwing it angrily at the head of the store manager for selling you a coffee pot with no pot and no power cord because they forgot to give the thing a power switch at the factory. The "it's just a game argument" is a very silly one in this regard as it's still a business producing a product for consumers. Quality matters."

    37. deusx_ophc on June 22

      also "some other game" = the next stellar franchise in FDEVs portfolio ^^

    38. deusx_ophc on June 22

      ED is on a 10 year dev cycle... so that leaves how many years of active development?!

      you can count @os yes?

    39. deusx_ophc on June 22

      and in related news: FDEV reports Revenue up 75%, operating profit up 500% with cash reserves 12,7 mio GBP up 4,0 mio GBP anually

    40. Oldschool Shadowrunner on June 22

      >> Elite Dangerous Executive Producer Michael Brookes leaves the project.
      > nothing better could happen to FDEV.

      Nothing better?? How about FDEV:

      * Moves all the other ED people too on to some other game
      * Ceases ED development
      * Confesses to backers and players that they are never going to deliver the ED that they were paid for.
      * Turns off the servers and released the code as Braben promised, so fans can have a go at fixing it up.
      * Issue refunds.

    41. Oldschool Shadowrunner on June 22

      "Dear Frontier Developments,

      for the love of fucking god, stop releasing your game completely bugged and especially if it affects major "quests". Every other game gets shit on for bullcrap like this, which is completely unacceptable in this day and age.

      Get some fucking QA going and stop bananawaring us. Your software should never need to ripen with the customer, for fucks sake.

      "This is the most honest video of Elite Dangerous I have come across. You're right. The developers have taken this game straight into the Free-to-Play zone. Everything happens by RNG, a pointless grind for money, to a pointless grind for ships you're going to have to RNG grind to RNG upgrade. Ya, they've really cheated us on gameplay. It's a Free-to-Play game model that's go sooo, sooo, much wasted potential. They just keep taking away from that potential every update."…

      "There is still nothing to do. After years. The biggest piece of content in the game is the Thargoid storyline and you don't even need to play to enjoy it.

      I don't think I have ever even seen FDev address it either. It's been years if half baked content with no reason to play. Here's a list of things the game should have had indeed of wasting time on planet landing and multucrew:

      player faction and corporations in game

      play owned stations and housing

      raid/dungeon style missions

      Literally ANY type of progression besides just getting more money. Ships, ship kits, special paint jobs, special variations of existing ships that are only obtainable by doing special in game things

      something that resembles a story mode. Either being a trucker or serving in the military

      actual Co-op content and a reason to wing up with friends and take on missions together

      But no, I'd much rather play loading screen simulator on space.

    42. deusx_ophc on June 22

      and in related news: FDEV reports Revenue up 75%, operating profit up 500% with cash reserves 12,7 mio GBP up 4,0 mio GBP anually


    43. deusx_ophc on June 22

      @os michael leaves ED to head up franchise no.3 - nothing better could happen to FDEV. even you will in time (about 3 months away) understand ^^

    44. Oldschool Shadowrunner on June 22

      Elite Dangerous Executive Producer Michael Brookes leaves the project.!

      No replacement announced.

    45. Oldschool Shadowrunner on June 22

      " its more of "we are 3 years after launch and we still don`t have what was advertised to be at launch"

      where is my orrery map? where is my procedural damage, where is my BGS as described by DB, where are my market analysis tools, where are my multiple station clusters....

      oh... on the cutting room floor"…

      "What im really hating is that Frontier is acting like a company that sold us a full product. If youre going to sell us promises of content and an unfinished product, then you have to be more open in your communication. Elite Dangerous was funded by early access and kickstarters. Whatever people say, Seasons = early access. That means that the early money you have received for an unfinished product has a price"…

    46. deusx_ophc on June 22

      your sense of timing is pure comedy, as it should be for a clown ^^

      FDEV GBX 456.50 Var % (+/-) +8.95% (Up +37.50)

      looks like an all time high to me~ oh and i was able to move most of my shares this year (GBX 156 vs GBX 409) what volumes you ask? hmmm, i think i leave that to your imagination

    47. Oldschool Shadowrunner on June 21

      Heyy FDEV stockholders, you're slacking. Post some good news about ED! :-)

    48. Oldschool Shadowrunner on June 21

      "This ; Braben has turned out to be a class A snake oil salesman."

      "I would rather buy a fried racoon on a stick and eat it than buying anything else from Frontier."

      "Fool me once, shame on you.
      Fool me twice...

      Nope, not buying anything Frontier related until E : D starts resembling the game that was pitched on KS."

      "I paid life time pass and I expect 8 seasons and a full game. Any move to another Elite game in the next 5 years I will disown Frontier/Elite and go SC."…

    49. deusx_ophc on June 21


      hey buddy, how is your public therapy going? juding by the numbers of your recent posts, you seem to be on another downer.

      well, cheer up and enjoy this awesome summer ^^

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