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Take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally - trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy.
Take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally - trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy.
25,681 backers pledged £1,578,316 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Wyzak about 6 hours ago

      If you're not a shareholder raise your hand. *Raises hand*

    2. Theta Sigma about 14 hours ago


      You're *clearly* attempting to de-ramp the SP by spreading your #DOOM propaganda to the enormous, big-hitter capitalist readership of these comments so that you can rush in with a huge buy and then reap the profits when the SP rockets in 2017.

      At least, that's what a truly unscrupulous person would do. Actually, speaking of which, did you ever wonder why Oldschool and Wyzak have tried so desperately hard for 2 years to spread #doom given the inevitability of FDEV success?


    3. deusx_ophc about 14 hours ago

      @theta sigma
      i would bet that all these bad news recently will have affected FDEV share price, right?! i can sense the cliff already...

    4. deusx_ophc about 15 hours ago

      @theta sigma
      but surely moar consoles equal moar #dooooom!? right ^^

    5. Theta Sigma about 17 hours ago


      Correction: make that 2 consoles %^]

      Elite: Dangerous confirmed for PS4 & PS4 Pro
      Q2 2017

    6. deusx_ophc about 18 hours ago

      talking about missing links. there was a console that FDEV didn't yet publish on, what was its name?! playsomethingorother?!

      ahh i recall

    7. deusx_ophc 2 days ago

      @theta sigma
      what on earth is a wazzock?
      ...sounds like a crazed pupil of #doom?!

    8. Theta Sigma 3 days ago


      Where's Wazzock?

    9. deusx_ophc 4 days ago

      @theta sigma oh yes baby!

      here is to a kickass new week to everyone (or erm us three stoges ^^)

      anyhow selling app. 250k copies of #planetcoaster a month is sure to finally crack FDEV and they will have to go belly up under such pressure. imagine these sales would be maintained over the xmas period and then scaled into 2017...


    10. Theta Sigma 5 days ago


      Oh dear. Planet Coaster back at #1 in the Steam Global Top Sellers Chart

      Yet more bad news for Frontier Developments.
      They just can't seem to catch a break.


    11. Theta Sigma 6 days ago

      @Oldschool Shadowrunner

      Great news for Hello Games!

      'No Man's Sky ads 'were not misleading' says the UK's advertising watchdog'

      "23 gamers made complaints saying that the ads didn't reflect the finished product..."

      ...and, given that the NMS ads were approximately an order of magnitude more 'misleading' than any ED ads, great news for Frontier Developments too!

      Certainly puts your nonsensical, "Game Over for Frontier's fraudulent Elite Dangerous advertising on Steam." into perspective.

      Hertz donut? %^]


    12. Oldschool Shadowrunner 6 days ago

      The Elite for the 21st Century gets its first major update!

      "No Man's Sky: Foundation update – a solid base to build on"

      "Launching on the 16th January 2016."

    13. Theta Sigma 6 days ago

      @Richard Walker

      Amen, brother %^]

      Oldschool & Wyzak are the comedy duo that keep on giving.

    14. Richard Walker 6 days ago

      I find it nothing but amusing that people are still here bitching about Fdev.

    15. Oldschool Shadowrunner 6 days ago

      Game Over for Frontier's fraudulent Elite Dangerous advertising on Steam.

      Steam Bans Misleading Store Page Screenshots

    16. deusx_ophc 6 days ago

      @os my buddy friend, just for you ED offline - how about putting your money where your mouth is?

      i will pledge the minutes this goes live on 16.01. 2017

    17. Theta Sigma 7 days ago


      FDEV must be crushingly disappointed that Planet Coaster has shifted only 200,000 units in the 15 days since release, averaging a measly 13,500 units per day at £20.99 after 30% Valve cut.

      Total unit sales of 300,000+ since Alpha release will assuredly be causing many sleepless nights in Cambridge.

      FDEV will also be undoubtedly extremely concerned that Planet Coaster remains #3 in the Steam Global Top Sellers Chart after 2 weeks.

      - 'Very Positive' 94% on Steam
      - 'Universal Acclaim' 9.2 on Metacritic

      Elite: Dangerous players will, on the back of these events, be fraught with worry that the company that produce their beloved game may be in dire financial straits thus jeopardising the previously suggested and hoped for '10 Year/Season Plan'

    18. Theta Sigma on December 1


      Have you considered the possibility that Oldschool Shadowrunner is an *attention-seeking troll?

      *although it's almost certain at this stage that only circa. 12 individuals are still reading these comments 2 years on %^]

    19. deusx_ophc on December 1

      @os simply incoherent rambling now is it?

    20. Oldschool Shadowrunner on November 30

      "all totally in line as expected and planned."

      How'd ya work that out?? Weren't you FDEV shareholders predicting two million ED games sold by this Summer just gone? What have we got. Somewhere around half that, according to Frontier and Steam figures. PLus Xbox sales, which are so low nobody dares release the figures.

      Now Frontier can't even shift Elite Dangerous is the bargain bin. Steam Spy shows the last Steam sale at $20 shoft MINUS 30,000 units. Yes, minus. refunds exceeded sales. That' way above teh Steam Spy margin of error.

      How about the Steam sale before that. MINUS 20,000 sales.

      "1 months ago Elite Dangerous 2.2 - The Guardians was released."

      Yes, and what a bug-ridden mess that was. The weekly average ED players is now LOWER than in the week before Guardians.

      And while we're on "totally expected and planned", take a look at Frontier £25m fundraising effect. How much did they raise? Zilch. So they're are begging around again this year. No hope.

    21. Theta Sigma on November 30

      @deusx_ophc LOL

      PS "Where's Wyzak?"


    22. deusx_ophc on November 30

      @theta sigma
      ED on PS4, no such folly! that would spell #DOOM for the company. it cannot happen, also #planetcoaster can never possibly port to consoles.
      listen, there is simply no money in these moves!!!!!2"1!!1"

    23. Theta Sigma on November 30


      When do you reckon PS4 E:D will be released?

    24. Theta Sigma on November 30


      To be sure!

      Those patch notes, though... %^]

      NEW CONTENT EDH 2.2 + ED 1.7
      [ page 13 - items 1111 to 1175 ]


    25. deusx_ophc on November 30

      @theta sigma top of the morn' to you ^^

    26. Theta Sigma on November 30

      Let's see how the Planet Coaster sales rollercoaster is doing...

    27. Theta Sigma on November 30

      "making money"

      Yup. Pretty much nailed it there, OS.

      Planet Coaster just shifted ~175,000 units in 12 days @£29.99

      After Valve's 30% cut, that's circa. £3.5 million in less than 2 weeks

      Total units at launch:
      ~101,000 (10% off pre-order price: £26.49)

      Total units to date since pre-order release on 25th August:
      ~277,046 ± 14,071

      Planet Coaster revenue (after Valve's 30% cut) therefore stands at around:

      277,046 x £26.49 x 0.7 +
      175,000 x £29.99 x 0.7

      ~ £8.5 million revenue to FDEV in just 3 months

      ...not including additional revenue from more costly optional Extras such as Beta/Alpha Access, Coaster Head Club, VIP Ticket, VIP Group Ticket, VIP Staff Pass, Foundation Stone and physical merchandise

      Overall: 94% Very Positive (6,042 reviews)

      #3 in Global Sellers now approaching 2 weeks since launch…

      Peak concurrent players yesterday: 10,519

      YouTube stats: 9,918,866 views and 65,141 comments for videos uploaded last week

    28. deusx_ophc on November 30

      @os oh my fucking lol.
      so you are trying to say that FDEV have not improved significantly from 2012 to 2015?!
      all totally in line as expected and planned. how about you wait for the nov 2016 half year results and then keep looking forward?
      as to ED, they are upadting and adding content still at great pace. 1 months ago Elite Dangerous 2.2 - The Guardians was released. as to what content, see the patch notes…

    29. Oldschool Shadowrunner on November 29

      "making money,"

      Frontier? Latest accounts show cash down, sales down and a huge multi-million pound loss

      "sustaining 2 franchises"

      Elite Dangerous Horizons now nearly a year behind schedule, with Frontier still no say when people are going the get the expansions that paid for one year ago.

    30. deusx_ophc on November 29

      so just to recap after 2+ years

      FDEV finished its transition from 3rd party developer to self publisher in some style. making money, sustaining 2 franchises and all the while investing in their teams, their own cobra game engine and their communities.

      Elite Dangerous

      Planet Coaster

      and the 3rd franchise is to be announced soon

      surely all this just spells #doom

    31. Harbinger on November 27

      A bonus would sure be an improvement on the zero I get now. Where do I apply?

    32. Oldschool Shadowrunner on November 27

      Eurogamer article covers Frontier's lying about their combat logging investigations in Elite Dangerous

      Frustrated players of Elite Dangerous are trying to get its developer to fix cheating within the game.

      The problem revolves around "combat logging". Combat logging is the name given to ungracefully exiting the game (for example, using ALT + F4 to shut down the game process) to avoid defeat, destruction and damage.

      Elite Dangerous employs an "interdiction" system, where players can be "pulled" into combat by others in open space. It's here that combat logging comes into play.

      The video, below, shows what combat logging looks like in-game. (Skip to the 1 minute 30 second mark to see a ship disappear.)

      Frontier has always considered combat logging an "undesirable exploit" - that is, it's not deemed "part of the game".

      But it has so far relied on the reports of affected players to help weed combat logging out of Elite Dangerous - and it's this reporting process that recently came under fire.

      In a post on Reddit titled "An investigation into Frontier's actions on Combat Logging" by Jonticles, or Commander Rinzler o7o7o7, Frontier was accused of lying about its efforts to take reports seriously.

      Commander Rinzler o7o7o7 decided to test his theory that combat logging was being "swept under the rug". He recorded combat loggers in the game, uploaded the footage to YouTube in an "unlisted" state, which meant only those with the direct URL link could access the video, and recorded the viewcount with a timestamp prior to submission.

      After a week, Commander Rinzler o7o7o7 followed up with Frontier support. After confirmation from Frontier that the investigation had been completed, he reviewed the view counts on YouTube.

      The results are a bad look for Frontier. Effectively, its support team said it had investigated the case, but the zero video view count proved it hadn't.

      A video submitted to Frontier showing evidence of combat logging. Note the zero views.

      Commander Rinzler o7o7o7 tested his theory in the same way with several different cases, each with the same outcome.

      "We found that in all instances of reported exploiting, Frontier failed to view any of the video evidence in the reports a single time, even after several weeks and confirmation that they had in fact investigated the reports," Commander Rinzler o7o7o7 said.

      As you'd expect, Commander Rinzler o7o7o7 expressed his concern at the situation.

      "Not only is it disconcerting that Frontier tacitly approves of exploiting (as they have defined it themselves) in their own game, but it is unethical that Frontier is willing to not only lie about their anti-exploit actions, but actively encourage players to take the time to record, upload, and file tickets reporting exploiters, knowing full well they will do nothing with the reports.

      "Frontier's unwillingness to police their own game against exploiters while blatantly lying to the playerbase about it is uncharacteristic of Frontier's friendly public image, and is a detriment to the player community as a whole."

      Ouch. Commander Rinzler o7o7o7's report sparked a huge debate on Reddit to the tune of just shy of 1000 posts, most of which criticise Frontier. Some suggested the opening post would encourage people to combat log as it showed the developer's unwillingness - or inability - to properly investigate complaints.

      Now, Frontier has responded, and it's admitted it failed to follow its own procedures.
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      In a post on the Reddit thread in question, community chief Zac Antonaci declined to reveal the factors that are involved in the developer's internal process for dealing with combat logging "as this would give people an advantage in circumventing those checks", but he did insist "combat logging is against the rules and it's something that we actively review and action on a regular basis".

      And what of the reports highlighted by Commander Rinzler o7o7o7? Frontier held its hands up, apologised, and promised to do better in the future.

      "However, after looking into the reports that you've highlighted here and taking a moment to review them in more detail I can confirm that on this occasion we didn't follow the processes that we set out and subsequently these reports were not actioned," Antonaci admitted.

      "While we don't tend to talk about individual reports (even ones like this) we feel that it's important to give you an open, honest and transparent answer to your post. I must stress that this is absolutely not typical of our standard review and reporting process and this mistake was completely unintentional.

      "I would like to apologise for the error and thank you for bringing it to our attention. By doing so you've helped us to review and make improvements to our existing process which lets us deliver the best possible support for our community."

      The sheer volume of posts on Commander Rinzler o7o7o7's thread suggests combat logging is a serious problem for Elite Dangerous. But Frontier said cheating "is very small" within the game.

      "I also want to add though that reports are still very important to us," Antonaci continued.

      "We have hundreds of thousands of Commanders playing and while cheating and rule breaking is very small within the Elite Dangerous community it is still something that we do review and take very seriously. Please do continue to submit reports of rule breaking with as much detail as possible and we will endeavour to review these and take action where needed."

      As you'd expect, users of the Elite Dangerous subreddit reacted to Frontier's statement with scepticism.

      "This reads like a very safe, restrained non-answer, which conspicuously fails to deny our suspicion that Frontier almost never actually acts on combat logging cases," ConcernedInScythe wrote.

      "You say you can't talk about individual reports, which I absolutely understand, but how about in aggregate: can you tell us how many combat logging cases have lead to disciplinary action from Frontier in the last six months?"

    33. Oldschool Shadowrunner on November 27

      @Harbinger. Keep up the good work whitewashing Frontier. Perhaps it will earn you a bonus.

    34. Harbinger on November 27

      *Yawns* I see nothing has changed in the last 12 months, you ignore the facts and insert your own warped reality. #SemanticsFTW

      Honestly you have nothing to add anymore, you're merely copying & pasting random gossip these days. Do you not have any thoughts of your own?

    35. Oldschool Shadowrunner on November 26

      @harbinger Thanks for the non-denial that you work for Frontier as a forum moderator.

    36. deusx_ophc on November 26

      @harbinger and we all knew that was coming. next @os will debate that you are indeed working for FDEV, just for free... except you are not, you are volunteering as is usual in these type of communities ^^

      so uglay troll needs trolling ~

    37. Harbinger on November 26

      Work? All of Frontier's moderators are unpaid volunteers from the community.

      Time to get that tinfoil hat adjusted, it's clearly too tight.

    38. Oldschool Shadowrunner on November 25

      @harbinger "I've never worked for Frontier. Whatever gave you that ridiculous idea?"

      The fact you work as a moderator on Frontier's Steam forums.

    39. deusx_ophc on November 25

      @os thank you for sharing this very interesting information. i am sure players will come here by the 100.000s for your sage advice! #obtuse

    40. Oldschool Shadowrunner on November 25

      Frontier caught lying about their actions against cheaters.

      What is combat logging?

      Combat logging is the act of forcefully quitting (by either program task-kill or forced internet disconnect) the game while engaged in combat with another player. Frontier has clarified this act as an exploit, and a bannable offense.
      Combat logging to the main menu/desktop via the 15 second timer is a different matter and discussion to be had entirely. Currently, this action is confirmed by Frontier as “legitimate”, and as such is not being addressed in this post.
      Why is combat logging bad?

      Aside from being classed as exploiting by Frontier themselves, combat logging is bad for the game (and gameplay experience) of both the exploiter and the victim. Not only does logging deprive both players of meaningful interaction in game that is vastly empty and void of a human element, but it stifles the rare emergent experiences that make the game more than a sterile grind.
      Furthermore, the very nature of risk and reward is upended (a fundamental aspect of any game) because the combat logging party is never faces any risk of loss. Because the combat logger faces no negative consequences for any action, non-combat loggers must shoulder the full—and completely asymmetrical—burden of risk for any interaction: this disincentivizes meaningful PvP gameplay in a game billed as a space MMO.
      Prime examples of gameplay styles that are hard-countered by combat logging include:
      PvP piracy
      Powerplay undermining defense/attacks
      Inter-faction warfare
      Player bounty hunting
      Hunting newbie-killers
      System protection
      What does Frontier claim to be doing about it?

      After much consternation and discussion involving the relative legality of combat logging with the devs, community, and community managers, Frontier ruled the action of combat logging to be “exploiting” and as such is punishable by shadowbanning offenders (a “shadowban” is a client restriction preventing them from accessing “open play,” which is the online mode with other players.) After this ruling, Frontier has encouraged the reporting and documenting (usually with a YouTube link and supporting chat screenshots) of CMDRs engaging in exploiting. This reporting is done via the support ticketing system, and is usually accompanied by confirmation from Frontier that they have received, and are reviewing, the case of exploiting: they have a stated response time of “usually within 48 hours” for reviewing tickets and supporting documents related to the case.
      What appears to be happening?

      Despite hundreds of reports of combat loggers, there is no apparent evidence that any action has ever been taken against an exploiter—in fact, there is mounting evidence that Frontier has been lying since the beginning with respect to investigating cases of exploiting. Frontier conveniently maintains that they will not share any details about punitive action taken against an account or whether any action was taken at all, providing them cover to their own policy of neglect. However, we have compiled meticulously documented evidence that Frontier is not only lying about their own policies, but encouraging players to go through the effort of reporting exploiters simply to provide a façade of being anti-exploiter in their own game.
      Testing the hypothesis that combat logging is being swept under the rug.

      Our test was conducted in the following way, done across two stages.
      Stage one:
      Taskkill Combat loggers were recorded in game, and most admitted to exploiting in chat afterwards in addition to the video evidence.
      The video hosted on Youtube was set to “unlisted,” meaning that only the party (Frontier) with the direct URL link could access the video.
      The viewcount with a timestamp was recorded prior to the submission of the evidence to Frontier.
      We submitted support tickets accompanied with the unlisted video and chat evidence of combat loggers to Frontier, asking for an investigation.
      We confirmed with support that they did in fact receive our request for an investigation.
      We waited a minimum of 1 week before following up with support, allowing them a generous window in excess of the ~48 hours they require.
      After confirmation from Frontier that the investigation was complete, we reviewed the view counts on the Youtube video evidence.
      Stage two:
      Three of our own alt accounts were used to taskkill combat log on our members, who recorded footage of said logs and reported them to Frontier support with tickets.
      Once support had acknowledged that they were looking into the case, the owners of the alt accounts monitored their emails to see if Frontier had punished them in any way.
      What we found—Confirmation that Frontier is lying.

      After several iterations of reports to Frontier, confirmation that they engaged in an investigation of exploiting, and review of the view counts on the videos, we found that in all instances of reported exploiting, Frontier failed to view any of the video evidence in the reports a single time, even after several weeks and confirmation that they had in fact investigated the reports.
      Stage two was aimed at testing Frontier's claims that they can determine taskkills using their internal logs, thereby making the video evidence redundant and/or unnecessary in some cases, and to track any punishments handed out. What we found was that the submitted videos received zero views, and none of our alt accounts have received any form of punishment to this day either - they simply closed the tickets.
      Not only is it disconcerting that Frontier tacitly approves of exploiting (as they have defined it themselves) in their own game, but it is unethical that Frontier is willing to not only lie about their anti-exploit actions, but actively encourage players to take the time to record, upload, and file tickets reporting exploiters, knowing full well they will do nothing with the reports. Frontier’s unwillingness to police their own game against exploiters while blatantly lying to the playerbase about it is uncharacteristic of Frontier’s friendly public image, and is a detriment to the player community as a whole.
      What does this mean?

      Unfortunately, it is impossible to get Frontier to change policy or quit lying about their actions (with respect to exploiters and the community) without exposing their malfeasance for the players to see. We have tried many times through the appropriate channels to get Frontier to either take action or go public with their endorsement of exploiting, but they have lied and dodged every step of the way in order to placate the playerbase. Sometimes it is necessary for players to take it upon themselves to try and improve a game that is under threat; we were forced to do this with the heat meta, and will do it again as necessary. In this instance, it will be by publicising our findings to relevant media sites until Frontier decides to take action.
      Edit: a particularly relevant and ironic statement from Braben himself regarding combat logging

    41. Theta Sigma on November 24


      Don't worry, it's just that OS and W have now resorted to making accusations against the backers of E:D as all their other initially confident and increasingly flimsy prophecies of #doom have utterly, utterly failed to transpire over the past, very tedious, two years.

      Sad, really.

    42. Harbinger on November 24

      @OS: I've never worked for Frontier. Whatever gave you that ridiculous idea?

    43. Oldschool Shadowrunner on November 23

      Harbinger "ask if Frontier ever went bankrupt"

      Uh? Do you no longer work for Frontier?

    44. Harbinger on November 20

      Hi guys,

      Seeing as it's been just shy of a year since my last post on here I thought I'd step by and say hello and ask if Frontier ever went bankrupt as Wyzak and OS have been wishing for ever since #Offlinegate some two years ago?

      Wait what? They're still in business and have just had an amazingly successful launch of their second self-published franchise Planet Coaster which has remained the #1 Global Top Seller on Steam for like a week now. Say it isn't so.


    45. Theta Sigma on November 18

      'Owners data' for Planet Coaster now resembling a #EuthanasiaCoasterOfDoom imminently ending the life of the hopes and dreams of the overwhelmingly negative %^]

    46. Theta Sigma on November 17

      Planet Coaster - Launch Livestream 7PM GMT…

    47. Theta Sigma on November 17


      Planet Coaster

      Alpha/Beta Players Online at 4:20pm GMT launch: 4,595

      Players Online at 6:20pm: 13,330



    48. Theta Sigma on November 17

      @deusx_ophc lulz

      Clearly, the only way is down from here on in for this title.

      #PlanetCoasterIsDoomed %^]

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