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Take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally - trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy.
Take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally - trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy.
25,681 backers pledged £1,578,316 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator deusx_ophc 33 minutes ago

      @michael taylor
      in the 1.4 beta right now a newly added game mechanic salvaging. smells like DDF to me ^^

      info on DDF and lots more in another round of "answers from the devs" posted yesterday…*

      *offliners might need to read in order to keep their "reasoning" up to date

    2. Creator deusx_ophc about 1 hour ago

      i said "thank you for explaining" to a certain post. i have not had time or interest to find all of your post history but when i see FDEV asking you to tone down and also giving a very specific explanation as i linked - i have to redact that thank you, because you are just trolling in my view. maybe a pedantic, eloquent and half decent troll, but nothing more than that =)

      regarding @wyzak posting in a kickstarter comments section and "asking for real life action" during a project launch event is just sad. i know that you wont and dont want to understand. still it is sad, very sad because talk is cheap and this here is the cheapest talk of all as it underlies no rule ^^

      however, seems are are able to speak a different language speaking the same language ^^ so from here onwards i just ignore your comments as i consider them nothing more than trolling.

      but i am sure it is easy to /ignore on here and i shall keep posting pre-release ED related news and comments

    3. Creator Michael Taylor about 9 hours ago

      @Avalanche - one post? Surely you're not entering into the spirit of things - Elite now has a dose of the Unreal Tournaments so try to imagine the game announcer's voice when reading the posts here: "Double Post!" "Triple Post!" "M-M-Multipost!"
      Your last missive could've easily achieved "POST APOCALYPSE!!!" and pwned everyone here, as I believe the young 'uns say :)

      I'll say nothing more on my cardboard peccadilloes, just that E:D has nothing on the Space Marine collectors edition :D

      I'd've been quite happy with the E:D graphics pasted over the Frontier Galaxy, it's kind of what I was expecting from offline mode anyway. I didn't care that it would've been static or limited compared to the online version (which just turned out to be numbers changing on a screen, woo). It's not like they said they *couldn't* do it, just that they didn't *want* to do it. That irks me somewhat! I *think* the real reason is that they didn't want their server code in the players hands, which I think is understandable, the online game would've been hacked to bits. They didn't want their game pirated, so offline DRM free got dropped.

      @Oldschool Shadowrunner - didn't FDev stop talking in the DDF around the middle of last year? That post turned out fairly accurately then :)

      My mistake was thinking that when FDev said they were making the game they wanted to play, that the Vision was one I wanted to share because it sounded really good. KS would allow them to complete their game without Publisher interference, they wouldn't have to pander to the popular market.
      I didn't realise that the Vision would be modified to whatever generates the most money for FDev. They're a business, they need to make money, I should've realised this.
      DDF - definitely no arena mode. Now - pander to the console market. Coming soon -crafting. Woo.
      All the updates so far have been focused towards multiplayer, which, while not leaving me disgruntled, have left me quite far from gruntled. All the engine "optimisations" seem to have involved turning the graphics down or off - eg. asteroid fields in the original beta were quite swish, shadows being cast everywhere and whatnot. That's all turned off now. Better frame rate though. Huh. Bet it runs alright on an xbox ;)

    4. Creator Oldschool Shadowrunner about 14 hours ago

      A reminder of just how gullible we all were to believe FDEV's hype in 2012.

      Peter Richard Brooks on December 11, 2012
      One thought for those backers reducing their pledges because they are worried that there won't be a stand-alone offline mode along with the single player and multi player, you maybe going in the wrong direction. If you can, and yes I know it is a big if, increase your pledges to the £300 level so you are in the design decision forum. That way you will be really well placed to influence the final outcome of the game between Jan 4th 2013 and March 2014.…

    5. Creator Avalanche about 19 hours ago

      All in one Comment...

      @ deusx_ophc [… ]

      I'm not sure to what extent you "really" don't understand, why you posted that link or what you're asking me. And you ended with "what gives?", so... not sure.

      I can't speak for everyone, obviously, but as for myself, I said to you here specifically about my motivations [… ] and you responded with "genuinely thank you for sharing and explaining why you are still posting here.", so that seemed to explain to you why this "offliner" was "still posting here", but maybe you were referring more about why others are still posting here.

      But then, there are a number of people who have been posting here over the past months, yourself included, so why are *any* of us still here*. Maybe for some it's a place where Frontier Developments can't delete posts, or ban people. In addition I've said before, I post to pick up on information, links and general pointers at the place where Frontier Developments took the money and I think it's as good a place as any to talk about things and the questions that were never answered. Maybe eventually getting to the truth about the decisions that were made. And when they were made. Or maybe be able to piece things together.

      But it's also a place where I can say in response to… , that I don't think it is at all sad and I'm not sure why you felt the need to say so. In the early days, people were very unhappy with what was happening, so I don't know why you think, or would feel the need to say, that Wyzak's comment was 'sad'. That seems wholly unnecessary.

      But as an example of things such as links...

      @ Oldschool Shadowrunner

      Wow. Little details.

      "The fact that it's an online game, as well, is absolutely brilliant for us, because we can continue post releases, so we're not reliant on what goes on a silver disk, where we can continue to update and it's got a life after launch and we have some very exciting plans going forward to keep this game alive essentially for a long, long time."

      Sooooo the bit about Elite Dangerous also being DRM Free, only needing to sync and having an offline mode, was... not mentioned during that conference. "an online game". Still more details to know, but I'd love to know how that was made on 26th of June 2014 and if the game was already online **only**. Also, can't *non* online games be updated, kept alive and the like?

      But that aside :o) yeah, the bit from Frontier Developments was "I am really sorry this has upset people..." (Newsletter #50), but took no responsibility. That is *the* PR response. Not sorry for doing what they did, or anything wrong with *their* decision, just sorry it happened.

      "I'm sorry you fell over." - "You were the one who pushed me!"
      "It's very unfortunate."

      But considering Braben's opening response in the Rock, Paper, Shotgun interview started with "It’s a difficult one. There are certain people who will never be happy...", I see any apology from him to be less than even PR.

      @ Michael Taylor

      Ahhh... a cardboard box connoisseur :o) I did laugh, as for a split second I thought you were going to say that there were parts of the Edition that were actually rather good. Well, you did say the badge/pin thing was nice. But I didn't think the book would be a hardback, so not sure where the image that I found came from and they *did* say paperback in the Rewards. The polo neck is pretty weak. I hate them. Not a T-shirt.

      "As it was, I looked at it for a bit, went 'meh' and put it at the back of the airing cupboard with a few boardgames that don't get played any more."

      Such statements always make me sad.

      More importantly though, what it is with people keeping board games in the airing cupboard* :o)

      I didn't know the £90 Tier included all expansions. Something that I think is on sale for £130 at the moment. Frontier Developments did say that releasing the server code " something we would do if for whatever reason we cann...", yeah, I have my doubts there too. I don't see that happening. And I think it would be too late anyway.

      I'm still never going to play the game, but like you said about adding a RNG and things that were working 20 years ago, I think that would have been good enough. But yeah, it's not actually about what's possible, it's about the vision. But not the vision laid out here. The... *other* vision, that we were told about later.

      Agreed. Up until a month before release, what exactly were they thinking would still allow the game to be totally offline*. I just don't believe it. And then they made things even worse.

      * rhetorical

    6. Creator Theta Sigma 1 day ago

      I'm sorry, oldschool, this conversation can serve no further purpose.

    7. Creator deusx_ophc 1 day ago

      erm i have 2 copies of a silver disc with ED on it... i guess i made them myself =)

    8. Creator Oldschool Shadowrunner 2 days ago

      @Avanlanche - deusx_ophc can't post a link to FDEVs apology because none exists. What Braben said was words to the effect "I'm sorry you players are unhappy that we screwed you" and that is it.
      And yes, clearly FDEV made the decision to drop offline mode and the physical disc version long before it told us. The evidence is they what they were telling investors at the time. In June FD COO David Walsh said "it is an online game not reliant on a silver disc"… . FDEV didn't tell the backers and buyers, and all through summer sold the game on false advertising. They must have known that they were not going to ship offline mode and they must have known that if they let buyers know this, pre-order sales would tank. So they kept it quiet, while they raked in the pre-order money. If that's not fraud, I don't know what is.

    9. Creator Oldschool Shadowrunner 2 days ago

      @ts - You're grasping at straws again.
      @Michael Taylor - Good post! Really sad actually.
      @do -…
      @Frontier Developments - time for another sale? -

    10. Creator deusx_ophc 2 days ago

      @Theta Sigma
      erm wow - how sad is that comment from @Wyzak :/
      and in any case no one would have staged any protest at duxford. it was a class event all over, met some great people meeting great people =)

    11. Creator Theta Sigma 2 days ago

      Wyzak on November 20, 2014

      "Has anybody thought about a form of protest at their premier event this weekend? It's easy to ignore people over the Internet, but not nearly that easy in person."

    12. Creator Michael Taylor 2 days ago

      @Avalanche - the £90 box is actually *very* nice, it's probably the nicest cardboard box that I own :) The box opens up to reveal a paperback book and the silver drinks coaster (in its own special box) and a polo shirt below the lot, not the t-shirt that I was expecting. I don't wear polo shirts so that was a little extra dollop of disappointment added to my offline removal double-plus ungood feelings. There is a nice little metal Elite pin badge included as well, which wasn't expected. If it had been the DRM free offline thing I'd backed, I'd have been beside myself with joy. As it was, I looked at it for a bit, went "meh" and put it at the back of the airing cupboard with a few boardgames that don't get played any more.

      Don't forget that the £90 includes the lifetime expansion, just not any of the DRM free offline stuff. Pity, that. Means the game comes with a built in life span (I don't think releasing server code etc will ever happen) but, you know, meh :)

      For the lost offline mode, they could have put a RNG on the commodities markets and I would literally not be able to tell the difference between that and the current Solo online version I (occasionally) play. Something incredibly technical that they managed to do 20 years ago in a game that fit on a single floppy disk ;) Can't compromise that vision of a living, breathing galaxy though...

      I'm with you regarding the background shenanigans of offline removal - that's not something that just crops up at the last minute. If your game is 'phoning home' for pretty much everything that happens then you've tied it into being online pretty deeply. They'd have had to make an offline server on the players computer. They obviously didn't want to do that, for good reasons. But why did they wait for so long and "announce" it like they did? Then they compounded it with the rigmarole regarding refunds. Silly.

    13. Creator deusx_ophc 2 days ago

      unrelated news from evil plc hq

      *edit: apologies to CMDR Sataris and FDEV that i post this link here. paid my respect elsewhere*

    14. Creator deusx_ophc 2 days ago


      when reading comments like above i really do not understand what the few "offline" people that keep posting here are looking for?

      if you then take into consideration a) the time passed b) offline backers got refunds c) refunded backers still have access to the game

      what gives?

    15. Creator Avalanche 2 days ago

      @ Rene Lorentzen [… ]

      Hi :o)

      That was pretty much my take of things. I don't recall Frontier Development apologising at all for the way it played out. Instead, they dragged out the process for as long as they possibly could, before capitulating to any who were still persisting. Plus, it was their decision to do and they decided how to handled it. Without the backlash and the press reporting, they would have just kept all the money. Well, except those using the Chargeback Scheme.

      [… ]

      The way it was included in Newsletter #49, many missed it. I only found out about the dropping of offline mode from a Rock, Paper, Shotgun article a little later. It hasn't surprised me to hear that many didn't find out about it for quite a while. I think the idea was that Frontier Developments hoped that it would just pass by quietly, what with the launch so close.

    16. Creator Avalanche 2 days ago

      @ Michael Taylor [… ]

      "Offline removal means I cannot play" - "I have internet all the time so everyone else should have too. Also, you have posted on the forum so you must have internet all the time"

      Oh, yeah, that one comes up so often. And the list of reasons why someone would not have reliable Internet access 100% of the time is given again and again and again. A fairly common one (of many):

      "The only time I really get to play games is my commute to work by train." - "I heard that a train had wi-fi, so all trains have wi-fi. Also, not my fault you don't have time or where you work."

      I didn't think specifically of being at sea, but one of the things about not having reliable Internet access 100% of the time, is that there are just *so* many reasons why one wouldn't have it. Also, just as detail, the above response can easily be adapted to being at sea: train --> ship; wi-fi --> satellite. They're really very flexible in being able to tell people why they don't actually have anything to complain about :o/

      The £90 Collector Edition sounds horrible. From what I could make out, the £90 tier should have had an install disk [shiny round drinks coaster :o) ], a book (which you included) and a T-Shirt? Which for £90 sounds like a pretty poor Collector's Edition to me, but is that not even the way it worked out? What was the badge thing you mentioned? Although, judging by the only picture I could find, it seemed the book was a hardback, which would have at least been something, but the Reward said paperback, so somehow I have my doubts even there.

      Yeah, it's a good point about DRM Free's prevalence being a factor. I did, so very long ago, make a post about just how many pledges included the DRM Free Reward. And... so... nope, no good, I'm going to have to find it :o)…

      5956 Backers and £887,585 included a DRM Free version as a Reward. Of course, not everyone was in it *just* for the DRM Free aspect, but... as you say, I'm sure it was a selling point for at least a fair number of people. Actually, you said the opposite, but used sarcasm tags, so... I'm not sure how to quote you there ;oP

      I *do* like posts that include phrases like "...well I did a bit of testing a while ago..." :o) That's *really* interesting, thanks for that. Sooooo, my wonderings about what sort of time frame would be needed before a 'sync' was required ended up being... about a minute. Hmmm, I was way off with my wonderings. But then, that's the thing. As far as I'm aware, at the time, it wasn't specified, but the whole DRM Free aspect very much gave the impression that one would be able to be away from an internet connection for a fair amount of time. Whatever one might say about the offline mode, the DRM Free Reward was in no way fulfilled. Were they really working for those 22 months, thinking that they could find a solution, right up until one month before the launch date, when things were so tied to the servers.

      I think that if they had cobbled together an offline mode, with a functioning money system (i.e. not really an economy), but good enough that people could have traded and bought new ships and upgraded them and shot at pirates and found new star systems and joined a faction and etc etc, then that was all that a lot of people wanted. Events, a fuller economy and the like might have been nice, but... really... I think the former things had far more in common with the ideas of the original Elites. Even if Frontier Developments had delayed offline mode, it would have been okay. Instead, they decided for us, but... I still do wonder, exactly how early that decision was made. Somehow, I think that is a key. I don't believe it was made just one month before release.

    17. Creator deusx_ophc 2 days ago

      from todays DEV update by MB on QCQ and 1.4 beta:

      The process for the beta is changing as well. The period of beta testing will extend to two weeks to gain more coverage. We will issue more builds during this phase, the number of which will depend on the issues encountered during the test.
      We're also adding a stage of mass testing before releasing the update.
      This will work in a similar fashion to the gamma phase before launch and will be available to all players to help stress test the game and the servers.
      Like the beta, this will take place on the test servers and no progress will be carried over but the benefit is that all players get to practice their close Quarter Combat skills before the official release (where having ready honed skills may work in your favour).

      gamma for all - excellent news and there is hope this will carry over to all future betas then =)

    18. Creator deusx_ophc 2 days ago

      @Rene Lorentzen
      i don't want to belittle others bad experience with FDEV, specially the offliners that felt let down. FDEV apologised.

      but it really comes down to that, personal experience. and mine has been excellent with FDEV going out of their way to accommodate/make happen my wishes as backer and elsewhere. and at times there was a bit of money involved, more than the cost of the game.

      and from my perspective they are anything but a money grabbing evil cooperation. they are a small/medium sized game developer that has taken considerable risk (and not the short-cut to the publishers $$) to keep its independence and now have a fair shot of doing just that.

      how many great game studios have been gobbled up, gutted and spat out by the real "evil" big players. EA anyone?

      and you do not need to look at DB for too long to see that what he does is done out of burning passion for technology and its development. raspberry pie is VERY much the opposite of a money spinning quick way to untold riches. you think the engagement at BAFTA and the uni lecturing is done for profit?

      to end on a positive, i want them to become better, too =)

    19. Creator Rene Lorentzen 2 days ago

      @Theta Sigma

      While it is true that they folded in the end and refunded those backers who requested it, the whole process leading up to the refunds was a mess, and i think they handled it very badly. I am convinced that if they could get away with it, they would have denied all refunds.

      I for one did not see the small notice about dropping the Offline mode until about 1 month after (i usually dont read the emails, and when i do i only check the headlines for interresting things), so i can understand if some missed it.

      I personally didnt request a refund, since offline mode dont matter to me as i am always online, but the whole debacle did leave a bad taste in my mouth when it comes to FDEV, and just like Gearbox (due to the whole alien colonial marines), i would never buy anything from them again until they have shown that they are NOT an evil money hungry coorporation. I however dont want them to fail, but i want them to become better

    20. Creator Theta Sigma 2 days ago

      @Rene Lorentzen

      Ultimate outcome:

      - Refunds awarded
      - Even to players who had racked up 10s, 100s, 1000s of minutes online _after_ the dropping of offline was announced
      - Refunders can still access Frontier servers, login, and play Elite:Dangerous
      - Refunders still received physical KS rewards

      What I absolutely object to is the vendetta-like mentality of those upset by the offline decision, some of whom have stated that it is their aim to see Frontier/Braben/E:D fail, and have actively disseminated false information for many months, across teh intertubes towards this stated aim.

    21. Creator Rene Lorentzen 2 days ago


      While i dont really want to be part of this fight i feel i need to comment on these few things:

      >offline mode - FDEV said sorry about the way that played out and refunded
      That was not really my experience. I thought i was more like this:

      FDEV> We decided to cut offline mode for "reasons"
      Few Backers> What the.... Then we would like a refund
      Fdev> Nope.. you get nothing
      Few Backers> well do chargeback from our creditcard and bitch about it
      Fdev> Still Nope.. you gave us the money without us needing to give anything back
      Few backers> wait... arent you located in the UK and subject to UK consumer laws ?
      Fdev> ehhh..... Still nope...
      Few backers> Then we will take legal action
      Fdev> ok, ok, ok... you can get back the kickstarter retail value of the game, NOT your pledge amount
      Few backers> Sends letter before action
      Fdev> *sigh*.. Here take your damn money then.,.

      > DRM-free - yeah sure is (was always clear that you need server side authorisation)
      always online IS DRM. While i agree it's not an issue for me or most people, and the DRM part is basicly making sure that "your" account is not used in 2 places at once, it still IS DRM.

    22. Creator Theta Sigma 2 days ago


      When will you tune in to SanityFM (...transmitting 24-7 on 84MHz)?


    23. Creator deusx_ophc 2 days ago

      lol you are so funny. keep being that way and let no one tell you otherwise =)

      offline mode - FDEV said sorry about the way that played out and refunded

      DRM-free - yeah sure is (was always clear that you need server side authorisation)

      Physical copy on DVD - well i have 2 copies on DVD, do you want one?

      3D ship models - the standard 3d models are being painted and all backers of these models are aware of the stage they are at. one lady that pledged for the cut away 3d model of the 'conda has been offered a refund or a normal 'conda plus some exclusive in game content
      ship to ship docking - where was that promised as launch content?

      Passenger missions? - where was that promised as launch content?

      Powers for DDF backers? - well as DDF backer i can only that i am happy. obviously some of my fellow DDFers see that different. but yeah, gullible is a word that comes to mind ^^

      Finishing the PC game before porting to consoles? - the PC game will hopefully not reach a stage where it is finished for another 10 years at least

      anything else? or just clinging on to the hope that anyone still thinks FDEV have done bad here?!

    24. Creator Oldschool Shadowrunner 3 days ago

      @deusx_ophc "everything FDEV offered to bring during the ks and after has happened as they called it. or did i miss something?"
      Quit with the lies, DO.
      Offline mode? Nope.
      DRM-free? Nope.
      Physical copy on DVD? Nope.
      Ships promised in the stretch goal? Nope.
      3D ship models? Nope.
      Thargoids? Nope.
      Ship-to-ship docking? Nope.
      Passenger missions? Nope.
      Powers for DDF backers? Nope.
      Finishing the PC game before porting to consoles? Nope.
      And that's just what you see from a skim of the complaints in the forums.

    25. Creator Theta Sigma 3 days ago

      @Michael Taylor

      "it certainly wasn't part of the original game design"

      I really can't understand this line of reasoning and find it quite Luddite in nature.
      I wonder about people who insist things should stay as they were in the past.
      Perhaps a lot of it is rose-tinted nostalgia?

      Games and technology continually progress otherwise stagnation sets in. E:D is online, (actually always-online) and the feedback from the vast majority of players is that they really enjoy this aspect of the latest iteration of Elite: Many original '84ers love it because interacting with other, real pilots is exactly what they always wanted to do back in the day. Now that day is here, and yet some hanker for an always-offline mode.

      Aside from all of this, CQC isn't even really part of the main game.
      It's yet another aspect to an ever-expanding galaxy of features.
      Some people will play it a lot (perhaps younger XBone owners - and PS4 owners when the time comes) some will dip in and not enjoy it. Great. That's life, and life includes all sorts of views, approaches and personalities. Now, you may argue that offline-types should also be catered for since life includes all types of people etc. The problem is, of course, that FDEV also need to make money to fund further development of the game. Whatever FDEV say about it being a creative decision, the bottom-line is that development of it (and the potential for backward-engineering of DRM source code) would have severely affected their bottom-line. Ultimately, this would have affected far more people who enjoy online and don't care about the always-online nature of the game. Ultimately, therefore, I see it as pretty selfish of offliners to whine and complain that always-offline mode never transpired, since it is almost certainly the case that the Frontier servers would have been switched off far sooner for the majority of their fan-base than if they had also spent precious time and funds developing a parallel development of an always-offline mode.

      It's the needs of the many vs the needs of the few. It's as simple as that.

      It doesn't matter how many people you state care passionately about offline mode, it is 100% certain to be the case that the number is nowhere near the 640,000 certified unit sales that E:D has made up to 25th June 2015. We can be _absolutely certain_ that the 440,000 people who bought the game since release day on 16th December 2014 bought the game fully expecting an always-online experience and that is what they got.

    26. Creator deusx_ophc 3 days ago

      everything FDEV offered to bring during the ks and after has happened as they called it. or did i miss something?

      there is a development plan, we just got CQC beta. the first season of updates has been good, the next season's beta is starting next months, that brings planetary landing.

      have you seen any other game do what ED does currently? ED is way ahead of everyone, with rift support, ports to various platforms, live arena style combat and planetary landing becoming a reality before the year turns.

      many other games devs would wish they could offer this ^^

      and on a side note, i paid for a lifetime of free upgrades, very cheap at the time actually. and the game currently offers enough to easily hold my (albeit time limited) attention.

      i fully expect to keep falling for it (Elite:Dangerous) for another 10 years!! oh bought some more paint packs in the sale, too.

    27. Creator Oldschool Shadowrunner 3 days ago

      @do - YoU GuLLibLe MaN- Everything FD was supposed to do is going to be done in "near future" or with the next "expansion/update/upgrade" just give them money! hahahhaha!
      I can't believe you are still falling for it 3+ years later!

    28. Creator Michael Taylor 3 days ago

      @Max Power - I'll not be touching CQC, multiplayer only space deathmatch using Elite assets holds no interest to me - it certainly wasn't part of the original game design and the idea even got dismissed by FDev back in the DDF, if I recall correctly. But, you know, money.

      Unfortunately, looking at the direction the game has taken since release, all those 'placeholder' systems seem to be pretty much what we're going to be stuck with :( I'm not one of the eternal optimists (you know, beta is just a vertical slice, the content is coming at release, er, at 1.2, better make that 1.3, I mean .4, yeah, it's just placeholder, it's coming). For example, remember all the plans about the Grand Expedition that was going to set off to the galactic centre and it was going to be epic and dangerous and take months...and then it ended up taking about a week?

      I fully expect to see Elite-io Kart mode once the Horizons expansion releases ;)

    29. Creator deusx_ophc 3 days ago

      @Max Power
      CQC is great fun! though it is a case of 'courses for horses' isn't it, had to be done for Xbox One with lots of trickle down already visible for ED proper.

      with regards to the main game, the beta for the horizons expansion is is coming in the next few weeks, too.

      and as you can see with this post… there have also gong through a new pass for the BGS with the CQC update.

      the missions overhaul is also on the near future agenda, next update afaik

      but i am with you, staring hard into the general direction of cambridge can never be a bad thing!!!

      *stares hard at FDEVs*

    30. Creator Max Power 3 days ago

      I'm sure Close Quarters will be fun, but is anyone else out here wishing that Frontier would finish the core game ?

      I am heartily fed up of the Alpha grade menu system, mission system, and a trade system that only functions becasue 3rd party apps have been written to take the strain.

      If we all stare hard in the general direction of Cambridge perhaps we can persuade Frontier to spend the next quarter filling in the gaps.

    31. Creator deusx_ophc 3 days ago

      @harbinger ohhh, good call!

      the meta of it all, it is nearly to much for me ^^

    32. Creator Harbinger 3 days ago

      @Theta Sigma, Not referring to the price but the volume of shares traded:…
      The 2nd trade of the day had a volume of 1337 shares which has a special significance to a specific game franchise.

    33. Creator Theta Sigma 3 days ago


      [*Buys and Sells are calculated on the difference between the trade price and the current mid price. As such, they can occasionally be incorrect.]



    34. Creator Harbinger 3 days ago

      @deusx_ophc: Did you happen to notice how many shares were sold? 1337 ;)

    35. Creator deusx_ophc 3 days ago

      doh i look silly now o.0

      maybe the investors took my boasting as slighty too much in these rather difficult times


    36. Creator deusx_ophc 3 days ago

      wow! i just noticed a 1000 shares being bought at GBP 2,05 -. that is a very significant increase for the latest traded price of 195,50 (28 shares lulz) - a very strong increase of 4,8% outperforming the global stock market!!! the dow reported −2,84% over the same time... *nudge nudge wink wink*

      this must be the good news surrounding FDEV (EDH, ED CQC PC beta, Planet Coaster and i bet also the great sales of the latest IOS port). investors are clearing getting into the stock just before the news go public early next week!

      i can see it all now ^^

      ps: teh lulz - doing it for them
      pps: @os - notice the share price remains at GPB 2,00? good, then take note pls and stop these very silly "stock market trader" comments =) i'd rather, too ^^

    37. Creator Theta Sigma 3 days ago


      I think we're witnessing the final death-throes of an oldschool dinosaur, stop-motion, Ray Harryhausen-style %^]

    38. Creator deusx_ophc 3 days ago

      what do you exactly mean when you say

      "And already the latest ED update has a flood of bug reports coming in… .
      Will FD ever learn to test their code before releasing?? Does FD even know what testing is??"

      priceless ^^

    39. Creator Theta Sigma 4 days ago

      os, can I just check that you _do_ understand the purpose of a beta release, don't you? %^]

    40. Creator Theta Sigma 4 days ago


      Oh, hi there, os.
      I've been expecting you %^]

      Have you ever heard a death-rattle before?

      Make the most of these last few days, as the clock ticks on, your blatant bias will look even more ludicrous than it usually does.

      Keep trying.

    41. Creator Oldschool Shadowrunner 4 days ago

      And already the latest ED update has a flood of bug reports coming in… .
      Will FD ever learn to test their code before releasing?? Does FD even know what testing is??

    42. Creator Oldschool Shadowrunner 4 days ago

      @Theta Sigma a.k.a. Frontier Devel;oplemts PR man
      ""They [FDEV shares] are back down to 195.50" Just plain, vanilla "Wrong".
      Plain vanilla right. shows the last trade was at precisely that price. There have been no trades at the 200p you claim since Aug 11th.

    43. Creator Theta Sigma 4 days ago

      Q. How have unit sales of Elite:Dangerous been doing since completion of Kickstarter on 4th January 2012?

      Well, I'm so glad you asked %^]

      That growth is certainly looking 'exponential'
      8th September 2015 RNS most likely to be in the range 1,000,000 to 1,200,000 units:

      FDEV data officially reported via RNS to London Stock Exchange

    44. Creator Theta Sigma 4 days ago

      Optimisations - Game Engine improving with each update %^]…

      "kudos to the optimization team
      just want to say that whoever is responsible for the performance optimizations, you've done a fantastic job!

      i just checked out the 1.4 beta and all of the sudden, i can run this game with 4x DSR. that's 3840x2160. at 60fps, in stations and everywhere else (except where my cpu limits the performance). there seems to be a bug with SSAA though but i'm not sure. maybe it's just me but it doesn't look as smooth as i remember. SSAA runs a lot better though.


    45. Creator Theta Sigma 4 days ago

      This [...and many unanimous CQC comments like it %^]

      "it's amazing! i had to take a break after 30 minutes because of the awesome adrenaline rush :-) :-) :-)"…

    46. Creator el_tel 4 days ago

      I've just been having a quick go in CQC. I'm an explorer at heart, but it was a blast and will suit the typical XBox player very well IMO.

    47. Creator Theta Sigma 4 days ago

      Heh Heh... looks like the Elite Massive are already _loving_ CQC %^]…

      "CQC is stupendously fun"

      "Grats FD, this is hilarious and fun as hell, Really bodes well with elite. "

      "all the fun, beauty and feeling of flying in elite, but with no stress of losing your ship or insurance. Tons of action, lots of maneuverability and an even playing field. It's just nice."

      "I'm not a fan of PvP, but this is fun indeed. Like it very much :-)"

      Love it.

    48. Creator Theta Sigma 4 days ago

      PS ...before someone thinks of reporting my previous post to KS admins to get it deleted...

      'FA Off' means 'Flight Assist Off' and is not meant to be disrespectful or inconsiderate in any way %^]

    49. Creator Theta Sigma 4 days ago

      'First Play CQC Beta Elite Dangerous FA Off'

    50. Creator deusx_ophc 4 days ago

      @Theta Sigma
      yup exactly, specially in the light of a few billions being wiped of various indices recently. a good little burner* just like that game ^^

      *somehow rhymes with earner *getting my coat**

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