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Take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally - trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy.
Take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally - trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy.
25,681 backers pledged £1,578,316 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. deusx_ophc 2 days ago

      LONDON (Alliance News) - AIM-listed video game developer Frontier Developments PLC said Friday that Alex Bevis will become its new chief financial officer from April 1, 2017.

      Cambridge-based Frontier Developments said Bevis will replace current Chief Financial Officer Neil Armstrong, who will take an operational role in the company.

      Bevis will join Frontier from London-listed Xaar PLC, an industrial inkjet supplier, where he has been chief financial officer since February 2011. In a separate statement Xaar confirmed Bevis will depart the company on March 24, 2017 and said a search for his replacement is underway.

      "We are delighted to announce Alex's appointment as chief financial officer. It reflects another step in the development and investment in Frontier as we look to take the business through its next stage of growth," said David Braben, chief executive officer of Frontier.

      "His extensive experience in high growth technology companies means he will play an important role as we increase the value of the business by both furthering the success of our existing Elite Dangerous and Planet Coaster franchises,


      added Braben.

      Shares in Frontier Developments were up 0.75% at 200.50 pence Friday, while shares in Xaar were up 1.71% at 475.00p.


    2. deusx_ophc 5 days ago

      @Theta Sigma touché ^^

    3. Theta Sigma 5 days ago

      "Oh dear, the bug that's been around for years has still not been fixed."

      AKA 'Wyzak'


    4. Theta Sigma on October 15

      @OS @Wyzak

      Can you please tell us when the #doom for Elite: Dangerous / Frontier Developments / David Braben is going to occur?

      We've all been reading your predictions (with decreasing interest) since November 2014 yet not even the slightest hint of #doom has been forthcoming.

      At this point it does seem very much as though you've been wrong all along?

    5. Theta Sigma on October 14

      Hi OS!

      Is that you yawning through the endless tedium of being perpetually incorrect?
      Understandable. It is *very* boring.

      "E.D stocks" (?)…

      "Consolidated Edison, Inc., commonly known as Con Edison or Con Ed, is one of the largest investor-owned energy companies in the United States, with approximately $13 billion in annual revenues as of 2010, and over $36 billion in assets. The company provides a wide range of energy-related products and services to its customers through its subsidiaries."

      Giving trading advice on US companies now?

      Thanks, but no thanks bro! Given your 2 year epic failure rate of predictions on the imminent #doom of Elite: Dangerous I think I'll give it a miss.


      Wyzak on 10th March, 2016
      "But you know that and that's why you sold your shares Theta Sigma."
      PPS 'Con ED' (!)
      It's a clearly a conspiracy %^]

    6. Oldschool Shadowrunner on October 14

      :yawn: - Have you sold your E.D stocks yet Theta Sigma?

    7. Theta Sigma on October 13


      We all know how appalling and utterly unacceptable you find it when the developer of a Kickstarter space game (that you have backed) delays or reneges on "promised" features, don't we? Heck, you're still here almost 2 full years since offline-gate...
      "Squadron 42 will not be released in 2016"
      Squadron 42 (aka Star Citizen's single-player mode)
      Kickstarter campaign:

      "Single Player – Offline..."
      "Estimated Delivery: Nov 2014"
      Wow, you must be absolutely livid, mate.

      One can only presume, so tumescently livid that you remain utterly silent on the subject of your incredible hypocrisy given the similarity between events in E:D-land and SC-land:
      Wyzak on August 10, 2015…

      "Despite the announcement of EDH and all of the advertising spend at gamescom E:D's barely able to hold onto a positive growth for the last 30 days. Within the next week it will be negative. Yep Oldschool, they did renege on the lifetime expansion pass's limited edition the same way they did on the paint jobs, and on bobbleheads, and on offline mode."

    8. Dice Man on October 13

      I admit it - I still play Elite, maybe a grand total of about 6 hours this year. The usual, right, lets get back into it....followed by WOW, this game is beautiful, hmmm, found a water world planet, erm, okay....I am bored again. I can see why people still play it, if you have the time to take part in the community, make up your own stories, but for a casual gamer, it's hardwork.

    9. deusx_ophc on October 11

      @wyzak head over to for a few million posts on the topic by a decicated yet small base of elite dangerous commanders ^^

      and try to ignore what you think you know about me. like i really don't give a toss about your particulars


    10. Theta Sigma on October 11


      ...back again with your shameless attempts to withdraw credibility from people who are logically and objectively addressing your incessant predictions of #doom since #offlinegate

      Can you point to a single, solitary, accurate prediction in _any_ of the hundreds of posts you have made on here over the past couple of years?

      I can certainly point you towards literally dozens of your failed predictions %^]

    11. Missing avatar

      Wyzak on October 11

      Only those who have been proven / admitted to being shareholders are still active here defending their investment I see.

    12. deusx_ophc on October 11

      well there are at least 1 or 2 refunders still hanging around here, that despite having recieved their refunds a loooong time ago, feel the need to spew forth their bile & bitterness.

      and talking about "inordinate" - there are a significant number of original backers and plenty of commanders that have spent as you say inordinate in time and sometimes money on this great game, its dev, the community, its books and assorted merchandise. most i know have done so and will continue to do so with with great pride and joy ^^

    13. Joseph Pilkus on October 10

      My God...I had no idea that you guys have been at it for more than a year. Aren't you utterly exhausted? I've clocked maybe two dozen hours and while we're still at the "getting used to flying a starship" stage, it's clearly been worth the money spent. Did a number of people spend an inordinate amount of money for "yet to be created" content?

    14. deusx_ophc on October 10

      @Theta Sigma i do like that feature ^^

      also #tumbleweeds

    15. Theta Sigma on October 10

      'On This Day in Kickstarter History' #014

      Wyzak on October 10, 2015…

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.
      deusx_ophc on October 10, 2015…

      whatever you think you are doing, i suggest you stop posting personal information about people. really this type of behavior has no justification.
      Theta Sigma on October 10, 2015…

      10th October, 2015
      The day that Wyzak finally jumped the shark.

    16. Theta Sigma on October 8

      Wyzak on February 17th 2015…

      "As expected, the trolls just came to troll, and have now disappeared."

      Hey man, _finally_ - after 20 interminable months - it looks as though one of Wyzak's statements came true after all %^]

    17. Theta Sigma on October 8

      "This game is dead..."


    18. deusx_ophc on October 7

      'Ello, I wish to register a complaint.

    19. Theta Sigma on October 7

      'On This Day in Kickstarter History' #013

      Wyzak on October 7, 2015

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    20. deusx_ophc on October 6

      just another showcase of how a game and its community create exhilarating and uniquely original content

      Elite Dangerous Active Vulcanism - all of the website is a marvel really

      i think the dynamic duo should create equal content before posting any further comments ^^

    21. Theta Sigma on October 4



      What comeback is there, really, though?

      ...other than the reality of the situation:

      "We vehemently objected to the offline-mode decision, and have since the date of its announcement - on a pretty much daily basis - done our very best to attempt to ridicule, rubbish and nay-say almost every aspect of the game, its creator, his company, the company accounts, the company ethos, sales figures, alleged accounting malpractices, player numbers and the game's reception whilst also repeatedly calling into question the credibility and motivation of anyone who doesn't also object in the strongest possible terms to the offline-mode decision.

      Despite relentlessly following the above approach, the objective reality - now approaching 2 full years since v1.0 was released - is that Elite: Dangerous, the subsequent Horizons season, Planet Coaster, Frontier Developments and David Braben himself continue completely unaffected by our attempts at trash-talk, and the myriad of #doom scenarios we have gleefully painted over the years have absolutely and resolutely not come to pass. Not one single example. Yet still we continue our tirade of negativity in the vain hope that this game, its creator and his company will show undeniable concrete signs of being #doomed next month, next week, tomorrow, or even today."

      So sad.

    22. Theta Sigma on October 3





    23. deusx_ophc on October 3

      @theta i think they are working overtime on their comeback. watched "dark night" again last night and seriously, during a lull, somehow my mind conjured the image of the famous #dynamicduo ...

      i did lol, too ^^

    24. Theta Sigma on October 1

      Wyzak on 28th June 2016…

      "Let's revisit the factual game scoring:

      Game, objective URL, recent score, overall score
      E:D, 58%, 65%
      ED:H, 65%, 66%

      Clearly it's a masterpiece!"
      [FFWD 3 months...]
      1st October 2016
      Game, objective URL, recent score, overall score
      E:D, 78%, 66%
      ED:H, 94%, 73%

      94% for the 'Recent' (30 days) reviews of the latest iteration of ED:H

      Clearly it's becoming a masterpiece %^]

      Wyzak, did you spot how both the 'Recent' percentages have increased by 20% and 29% respectively?
      i.e. the increases _alone_ are on a par with the 'Recent' or 'Overall' review percentages for NMS? (13% and 33%)

      (...and just think - proportionately - only a decreasingly tiny minority care about offline mode - do the majority even know _about_ offline-gate?)
      Wyzak on 4th April 2015…

      "Oh and Theta Sigma, I'm ecstatic about the steamcharts. Finally we now have independently verifiable information showing game time. So sure, the game has a massive surge just after it was released on Steam. But let's see how long they can keep up that momentum. That would be a far more accurate metric than anything else and would also give an indication of how the non-steam backers are sticking or dropping out of supercruise? Or will you find some excuse to deny that it is a representative sample of the whole community when the results end up not being in your favour?
      [FFWD 18 months...]
      - Average concurrent players (peak) -

      Apr 2015:
      4,471.1 (9,139)

      Aug 2016
      4,397.0 (9,334)

      Sep 2016:
      4,366.1 (8,372)

      Last 30 days:
      4,404.4 (8,372)

      Wyzak, that looks like some pretty good "momentum" right there, sustained over 18 months and confirmed from "independently verifiable information showing game time"

      ...are you still "ecstatic", or will you now "find some excuse to deny that it is a representative sample of the whole community" now the results have ended up not being in your favour?

      ...Wyzak, ...bro, you still there? %^]

    25. Theta Sigma on September 30

      Oldschool Shadowrunner on 30th September:

      "Share price is down 4 points."…

      Erm... OS, how is your math(s)?

      pence != points


      Let's go through the percentage (points) calculation step-by-step:

      Monday 26th 204p

      Thursday 29th 200.5p

      204 - 200.5 = -3.5p

      100 x (-3.5/204) = -1.7 %

      i.e. down just less than 2 percentage points

      But hey, OS, you were only out by more than 100% in your claim of "down 4 points"" %^]


    26. Theta Sigma on September 30

      @Oldschool Shadowrunner

      Pretty disappointed with your woeful lack of original content recently. Are you out of ideas? %^]


    27. Oldschool Shadowrunner on September 29

      Theta Sigma, a.k.a Frontier PR man wrote: "FDEV SP at a five month (148 day) high of 204p?"

      Didn't last long, did it? Share price is down 4 points.

      Perhaps the investors saw the latest release of ED?? :-)


      2.2 BETA 4 - not impressed
      Nothing is getting better in your updates and nothing is changing as we provide you Feedback & Suggestions. In fact. BETA 4 has given me the very worst performance ever seen in not just ED but in my entire life! Shocked? You damned well should be!
      There is extreme FPS drops at every new Instance as it loads and drops 20 to 30 from a steady 60 always.

      Nothing has changed to the Busy Hyperspace; GUI arcade popup messages; lower sound quality; same Bugs with SLF commands; etc...etc.

      What are you doing FD? You will be releasing a game that we will again complain loads once it's out. I request that you do read our Feedback & Suggestions and respond to these in the BETA Updates to try out and tailor to our liking.

    28. Theta Sigma on September 28

      'On This Day in Kickstarter History' #012

      Wyzak on September 28, 2015

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    29. Theta Sigma on September 28

      'On This Day in Kickstarter History' #011

      deusx_ophc on September 28, 2015…

      "markets up on another fine monday morning. let's see what are FDEV doing?
      ops, they are doomed and their game Elite:Dangerous failing its loyal & growing player base GBP 2.14 Var % (+/-) +1.18% (Up +2.50)"

    30. deusx_ophc on September 28

      @Theta Sigma well well well.... well #doom =)

      ....and on a side note Elite Dangerous 2.2-beta4 is now live!!!!

    31. Theta Sigma on September 28


      What's that, you say?

      FDEV SP at a five month (148 day) high of 204p?…


    32. deusx_ophc on September 27

      ps. no, i dont think there is a proper public agm, just saying ^^ it be the board and 3,5 institutionals plus the brokers, if that

    33. deusx_ophc on September 27

      @theta sigma dat evil launcher ^^ well i would like to invite that devari chap to join me at the upcoming agm. the could ask his questions there and then, that be fun!!

    34. Theta Sigma on September 27


      devari probably just left the launcher running for a few weeks.

      ...amiright ...guys? OS, Wyzak? Who's with me? %^]

    35. deusx_ophc on September 27

      @os so that devari dude that was troliing FDEV boards claimed he spent 1000hrs in elite dangerous.... nutters the two of you ^^

    36. Theta Sigma on September 27

      Wyzak on 30th March 2016…

      "And this is before the launch of No Man's Sky, and Star citizen."
      Yes, Wyzak ...and this is 8 weeks after the release of No Man's Sky:…

    37. Theta Sigma on September 27

      @Oldschool Shadowrunner

      What a fascinating read. Thanks for taking the time to locate it and copypasta.

      I liked the bit where they stated, "The point of this isn't to be a "Elite vs. Star Citizen" thread"

      ...and then went on to compare - in laborious, conjectural detail - Elite and Star Citizen.

      A lot of E:D is procedurally-generated, that post could be said to be conjecturally-generated %^]

      Ultimately, it still comes down to 'actual released product' vs 'hopes-and-dreams'

      I don't need to remind you how those 'hopes-and-dreams' ended up for NMS fans (...and you and Wyzak)

      Meanwhile, in a parallel universe Kickstarter Backers of Star Citizen are claiming (and successfully obtaining) refunds amidst confirmations of further delays to the 'promised' product.

      Remember those discussions we used to have about Kickstarter promises, OS and Wyzak?
      Star Citizen - Estimated Delivery: Nov 2014

      Have you got your SC refund claim in yet, Wyzak? %^]
      Derek Smart on June 1…

      Today is Star Citizen "GET A REFUND!" day. Scroll to the bottom for the JUNE 1st update.
      Derek Smart on June 13…

      Absolutely do NOT agree to the new ToS if you ever want a refund and/or financial accountability.
      More here:
      Jeremy on July 26…

      "Hi everyone,
      A few days ago, I received an email from CIG stating that they were refunding me my pledge ($37)."
      AceMcKillYoFace on August 31…

      @Derek Just wanted to say thanks for those commenting here, about two weeks ago I got my refund after following the suggestions in those posts.
      Derek Smart on September 6…

      In case you folks haven't heard, as predicted, Squadron 42 isn't coming out in 2016
      ThomasN on September 18…
      What a ripoff
      Joseph De Santis on April 8…
      So its 4/8 and this game is still no where near complete but its now at a 110m funded. its a bit insane that they wont refund all kickstarter backers their money. At this point its so little of what they made.
      Hopefully Chris leaves and lets someone competent finish the game like he had to do with freelancer.
      Jason on February 18, 2016…
      the only reason i backed this is that i trust Chris Roberts to deliver a good game, on time. Very disappointed in how this project has "progressed", if you can even call it that. Would have been a much better idea to deliver what was promised and then all the pie in the sky stuff could have gone into DLC or sequels.
      As it is I will never trust Chris Roberts again, no matter how good this is when (if) its released. I asked for a refund *years* ago and was denied, so lesson learned.
      Cyco-Dude 3 days ago…
      lol, people still post here?

    38. Oldschool Shadowrunner on September 27

      Is Elite worth the $60 million USD that players have paid for it so far?

      So my question is, have we really gotten a $60 million USD game so far with Elite? With the significant bugs, the lack of proper beta testing, the lack of core game features such as trading databases and many other quality of life issues, do we even have a game that functions properly?



      Is Elite worth the $60 million USD that players have paid for it so far?

      I was reading some recent articles on Elite and something occurred to me. After reading the total number of players that Elite has I've realized that it has actually caught up to Star Citizen in terms of player numbers. After doing a few calculations it also occurred to me that we are actually getting much LESS for our money than Star Citizen backers are in terms of the quality of the game we've been funding. The point of this isn't to be a "Elite vs. Star Citizen" thread, but comparisons to Star Citizen are inevitable as it is the only similar game in terms of total revenue. It will also put some of these numbers in perspective.

      First, the math:

      The most recent figures for Elite Dangerous show around 1.4 million copies sold as of mid-July, 2015.

      The dollars spent per player is more difficult given the varying prices of the games, store sales, and other costs, but FD's financial statements are apparently publically available so we can get a very accurate estimate of this.

      As of Aug., 2015 Elite had sold "825,000 paid units" which generated 84% of FD's total revenue "including associated merchandise" with total revenue from 2014 (9.5 million GBP) + 2015 (22.8 million GBP) amounting to 32.3 million GBP. Calculating 84% of this represents 27.1 million GBP which is equiavalent to 35.3 million USD at today's exchange rate. This was calculated through the year 2015 with financials for that year current to May, 2015. Extrapolating the number of sales from 825,000 units to 1.4 million is a 70% increase, which means that we can expect that FD has taken in approximately $60 million USD of revenue so far. Using figures of 1.4 million players, this puts the average amount of money spent per player at around $42 USD. This makes sense given that Elite Dangerous has sold at retail prices anywhere between $30-$60 USD, so $40-45 per player is a very reasonable average. These numbers are therefore unlikely to be off by more than 10% at most, so we know that Elite has taken in at least $60 million USD so far, probably even more if we had current financials for 2016.

      Given that it's the only basis for comparison, let's compare Star Citizen's financials. Shortly after Gamescom (Aug, 2016), the funding numbers for Star Citizen were something like 120 million raised with 1.5 million backers. That's an average of around $80 USD/backer. This is around double what I've calculated above for the average Elite player, but for Star Citizen much of the difference is made up of purchasing better ships, etc., while for Elite it is simply for access to the base game. The cost for a basic game pledge, including the starter ship and base game for Star Citizen, is $45 USD meaning that it costs the same to access both games at the "starter" level.

      Now, think about this for a second. FD has taken in at least HALF of what Star Citizen has taken in so far, with a similar number of players buying at least the base game. Elite will probably "catch up" to Star Citizen in terms of funding within the next 2 years assuming Season 3 generates similar revenues, so it's not like Elite has "finished" generating revenue. In comparison, Star Citizen has actually stated that they have intentionally slowed down their revenue "generation" and are focusing more on completing the functional aspects of the game. So Elite does not have dramatically less funding in comparison to Star Citizen, it turns out it's around half so far and will likely meet or exceed Star Citizen within the next few years. FD should therefore be able to produce a "comparable" product in terms of gameplay experiences, given that it has focused on basic functionality over "expensive" development costs.

      My question is, with around $60 million USD put into Elite so far, where has this money gone?

      With Star Citizen, we know where the money has gone so far. The game is extremely detailed and expensive to produce, both from a technical perspective and from the level of detail with the game content itself, with extremely detailed ship models, high-quality concept art, live-actor motion capture, professional voice acting and other high-quality AAA game features including a fps game perspective. We know that the basic game features are all achievable and working on a basic level in terms of their Alpha 3.0 demo at Gamescon so they have made significant progress on their development, even though the persistent universe itself is around 1-2 years from launch.

      With Elite Dangerous, we don't really have any of these things. The scale and scope of the game is nowhere near Star Citizen in terms of detail, Elite relies heavily on procedural generation for game assets and the games uses the much more limited P2P connections instead of a central server. There is almost no "custom" work done with almost of the assets generated by procedural generation, even for unique permit-locked systems. Earth and Mars still have standard Coriolis/Orbis/Ocellus starports in orbit, there is nothing "unique" to see there at all.

      So my question is, have we really gotten a $60 million USD game so far with Elite? With the significant bugs, the lack of proper beta testing, the lack of core game features such as trading databases and many other quality of life issues, do we even have a game that functions properly? Not to mention that we have very little support for the game from FD, with inconsistent or contradictory communications from the devs and barely-functioning forums where we can't even post screenshots directly without using a third-party image hosting site (apparently 40 GB of tiny images is enough to "overload" their servers so they disabled it). Even with the current Engineers expansion FD apparently can't even be bothered to fix bugged/broken features such the flight landing overrides which have been broken since 2.1 beta (it's just a simple textfile and shouldn't be hard for them to fix).

      Given the money that has been put into the game so far, are we really getting value for that money? Not only that, but the community has specifically made up for most of the game's deficiencies with third-party websites such as Thrudds, Inara and so on so that FD now doesn't even feel they "need" to address many of these glaring deficiencies.

      As I said above, the point here is not to get into an Elite vs. Star Citizen debate. The point here is to ask, do we currently have a $60 million USD game? If not, why is this? Have we as a gaming community accepted a certain "minimum" quality from FD and essentially told them that is all they need to provide for us for the money they've taking in? Or is it simply an issue where no one else has done the math on this and realized how much FD has actually taken in for revenue from Elite and how little they've delivered so far in terms of gameplay?

    39. deusx_ophc on September 27

      @ledoc agreed, lots of underwhelming going on there ^^

    40. Theta Sigma on September 27

      ...or perhaps that should be 'Underwhelmingly Negative' %^]

    41. Theta Sigma on September 27



      "Overwhelmingly Negative" pretty much sums up the outlook, demeanour and attitude of Oldschool & Wyzak


    42. Theta Sigma on September 27

      @Oldschool Shadowrunner & Wyzak

      It is very well known on here that you have both:

      1) repeatedly and continually - over a period of many, many months - cast derision over E:D's Steam score, and furthermore

      2) intimated, implied and/or outright stated that E:D player support and/or player numbers would decline once specific, competing space games are released:
      Wyzak on 30th March 2016…
      "And this is before the launch of No Man's Sky, and Star citizen."
      OS quoting 'NyuuPingu' on 22nd April 2016:
      "Especially with No Mans Sky and Star Citizen ariving anytime soon I doubt that Elite will ever get back a meaningfull playerbase."…
      OS quoting 'dsmall417' on 28th September 2015:
      "You only have the genre cornered for a few more months before Star Citizen and No Man's Sky come out."…
      Just thought you might like an update on how NMS is doing 6 weeks after release on Steam:

      Recent: 9% 'Overwhelmingly Negative'
      (9% of the 16,426 user reviews in the last 30 days are positive)

      Overall: 34% 'Mostly Negative'
      (34% of the 69,105 user reviews for this game are positive)
      As I'm sure you're both aware, player reception for NMS has been so crushingly poor that Valve had to prominently display the following warning on the NMS main page:

      "The standard Steam refund policy applies to No Man's Sky. There are no special exemptions available. Click here for more detail on the Steam refund policy."

      Puts your own special exemption from Frontier into a different light doesn't it, Oldschool? %^]


    43. Theta Sigma on September 26

      Oldschool Shadowrunner on 26th September 2016

      "The only person who knows that fact (~1.8 million units) is you, Frontier PR man. That's because you're the one who fabricated it."…

      Anyone who has read FDEV's official Final Results - reported to the London Stock Exchange - also knows this fact:

      Direct quote from:

      RNS Number : 2517J
      Frontier Developments PLC
      08 September 2016

      "Current Trading and Outlook

      The number of players of Frontier's games continues to grow:

      The total Elite Dangerous franchise unit sales increased by over 1 million during the financial year, and are currently around 1.8 million.

      Planet Coaster exceeded the Board's expectations, with around 25,000 pre-order unit sales during the period and around 50,000 to date."

      ...or are you suggesting that I somehow fabricated this figure of ~1.8 million and then somehow inserted it into FDEV's Final Results? %^]

      The pigeon truly is your spirit animal, Oldschool.

      So sad :-(

    44. Oldschool Shadowrunner on September 26

      Theta Sigma a.k.a. Fronrtier PR man wrote: "As you know, E:D units currently stand at ~1.8 million"

      The only person who knows that fact is you, Frontier PR man. That's because you're the one who fabricated it.

      "Elite: Dangerous Owners (Steam only :) have just increased by circa. 37,000 in the 3 days reported since Monday 19th "

      Elite Dangerous net Sales on Steam in last two weeks: 2000. Pathetic.

      Meannwhile, another unwitting games buyer discovers what a shambolic bugfest is Elite Dangerous.


      I just started playing this game and so far this has been my new user experience:

      I've had 10 tons of gold disappear from my inventory

      I spent 6 hrs and got 2 refuels from a kind friend trying to find CMM composite literally anywhere in the galaxy (I checked the companion site that has all the stuff listed, don't remember what it's called. But there was only "data not found" for it)

      I had a mission to deliver something to the same station that I accepted the mission from and it was uncompletable

      I got interdicted by an invisible pirate and almost died while my friends were asking me why I was teleporting around and they couldn't see me (they were bouncing around on my HUD too)

      I got killed by the police while in a wing with my friend trying to kill pirates

      Like, IDK. Is everyone's new user experience like this?? I've played for 10 hours and literally, I haven't completed a mission in around 8 hrs of gameplay.


    45. Theta Sigma on September 25

      @Joseph Pilkus

      Hey CMDR, good to make your acquaintance, and really glad to hear that you and your daughter are enjoying what Elite: Dangerous has to offer
      Well, I guess OS broke the moratorium so it's open-season again %^]
      PS Not sure if you knew, but OS received his full refund 598 days ago (almost 20 months...) on 6th February 2015…
      He originally had to wait 49 days before Frontier Developments confirmed his refund request.
      Now, as an ex-backer, he has been posting for a period more than _ten_times_longer_ than the period he initially had to wait until his refund request was addressed.
      Ever since that date he has posted - on average - more than once per day over that entire 20 month period, and almost exclusively regarding the supposed imminent demise of Elite: Dangerous and Frontier Developments
      Surely it would be reasonable for anyone reading such claims to question quite when this demise might actually occur?
      Wyzak on 12th August

      "@Joseph Pilkus ...would a vocal minority have such a large effect on the scores?"…


      Where _exactly_ is this "large effect on the scores" that you refer to?

      RECENT: 87% 'Very Positive'
      OVERALL: 72% 'Mostly Positive'

      RECENT: 81% 'Very Positive'
      OVERALL: 66% 'Mixed'

      Suggestion: if it is a "large effect" from a vocal *majority* that you seek, look no further than No Man's Sky
      Wyzak on 19th November 2014…

      "I wonder if Frontier Developments has really thought this through. Do they realize that they very same people they offended here (the 18% that said on the poll on the forum that they NEED offline and the 56% that said they WANT offline) are the very same people who were suppose to market your game come a month from now? Those very same people will now crush the scored of E:D on all public forums and the net result will be a metacritic user rating of 5, and a metacritic critic rating of 7-8 because the critics will take this disappointment into account. This will result in less people buying the game, and the community dying out quicker. Is this really the type of marketing that you want to be doing a month before release?"

      Wyzak, buddy - it looks as though your prophecy was 100% correct after all!

      ..._if_ you replace:

      'Frontier Developments' with 'Hello Games'
      'E:D' with 'NMS'
      'offline' with 'online' %^]

      #banter %^]

      Fly Safe CMDRs

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