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Take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally - trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy.
Take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally - trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy.
25,681 backers pledged £1,578,316 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. deusx_ophc 1 day ago

      @os hey buddy, any games you play? since it seems to be us two left how about we finish this in an old school duel? name game of your choice and we battle it out? maybe Elite Dangerous Arena? or Quake III Arena? anything give us a holler =)

      (and btw what happend to @Theta Sigma our local hero? had the dynamic duo finally enough of him? could you cope no longer? i fear the worst!!!)

    2. Oldschool Shadowrunner 1 day ago

      Frontier makes an update in an attempt to improve Elite Dangerous. What could possibly go wrong??
      The game is unplayable for a day, and then comes back up with a flood of bugs and broken gameplay.

      "Before 2.1 I was having lots of fun. Now I am having zero fun, and the game has become more like work than a relaxing diversion from real life. This game is ruined for me as it stands right now. "

      From what i have seen till now yes but i didnt expect more after all the hyping and prising their new content before and falling down into boring reality after every major update till now.

      Improved missions ? The missions are mostly all the same and worse, they are even more annoying then before.

      What we got now with the 2.1 missions update is the same old boring stuff packed into a new outfit and minor faction (sorry but not really looking good) NPC's explaining you what this and that does.

      FD this should have been in the 1.0 release version as a minimum and you sell it as content update ?

      For me this was the last season pass i bought and also because you half-priced the Horizon season pass now which is an affront towards loyal customers.

      And if you develope a game then please to start to play and know your own game. This live stream yesterday really showed me how bored and unexcited the devs are about their own game they are working on.

    3. deusx_ophc 1 day ago

      in case anyone is here that actually follows the game and its development (run by a team of apporx. 120 staff) here is the very latest and exciting news…

    4. deusx_ophc 1 day ago


    5. Oldschool Shadowrunner 2 days ago

      "Frustration and disappointment lead to disdain and reluctance to play and when it is generalized on an entire community, it does not bides well for the game."

      by luckyjoe83 , CMDR Lya Naylo

      This is not a mad rant, rather a rational look at the situation right now. I feel I need to express my feelings about the game at the point it is right now, since it might be shared by many.
      Just to be clear, I'm not a noobie, I got elite rank merchant, Duke and Rear Admiral, Pioneer explorer, I'm part of the 65k Club (before DWE, with no cool sticker on my ships :'( ...), and tried about every carreer in the game, which i LOVE : I've spent (and not wasted) 650h playing it.
      . Frustration
      The game is grindy. We all know it. Reaching Elite rank on purpose is a grind, but it should not be the objective, since we "should" just play the game and eventually we reach Elite. However, having a possibility to reach this rank, with a reward at key, let's say, 10% discount on everything (where money is so hard to get, it means a lot), then nevertheless, players will grind to reach that goal.
      The same happens for navy ranks, where unlocking cool ships is the reward, therefore a huge grind occurs, since the missions are not rewarding enough.
      Is it going to be fixed with the new missions ? I sincerely hope so, since right now it's not really appealing in my opinion.
      Powerplay has the same issue. In the end, it's just a grind-fest. You have to grind for loading your ship, waiting hours if you're not paying for it ; you have to grind to deliver data/intel/packages whatever in order to conquer/fortify/expand and so on. Even "combat" faction have to do this routine to defend their territory rather than fight in a CZ such as it is the case in conquest. Result ? A few dedicated players grind the whole faction's defense system, a lot of players just go into expansion CZ and go kill stuff up to 10000% (really, 10k%) rather than involve themselves in something else for the PP faction... and the PP gameplay becomes senseless. Moreover, there are no tools to find where the action occurs, leading to more isolated CMDRs playing alone somewhere, leading to more frustration. Furthermore, IF you find someone, he will most likely combat-log, since this is still not a solved issue, still more frustration...
      Missions, no need to go in details about that...
      Exploration is (imo) interesting and rewarding, although a bit repetitive. Still, i made it to 65k and back so I'm definitely not objective on this matter. Still a bit grindy, but you can always come back and do something else if you're bored, so I would not say there is a major issue here.
      Being a merchant however, if you're not a smuggler, is a huge pain in the bum. Almost no thrill whatsoever. And for new players, going into open can mean being griefed which is also frustrating. What happens ? Everybody plays solo-merchant. A few people go into Open in CGs, but since CGs and PP are not restricted to Open play, then the pirates and PVPers are frustrated of the gameplay they like.
      Piracy is probably the most frustrating career, especialy PVP piracy. PvE is ok, but a bit dull to be honest, since finding the proper "place" and "valuables" to pirate is really difficult. The ingame map doesn't help much (that is, you can find a super cool Platinium hub, you will barely see 1 platinium loaded ship in 3h)
      To sum up, the grindyness of the game and the lack of player-based interaction (which is further impaired by expensive time investment in order to afford such interactions, because money is so hard to get) are major sources for player frustration with the game, leading to less and less play.
      Now, we will soon receive the RNGneers update, with, you guessed it, MORE grind ! So if I understand clearly, we will have to grind reputation with engineers (with the new mission systems, let's say it will be ok and not frustrating). Then, we will have to ask for them to upgrade 1 module after grinding to bring in ressources (with the new AI, let's say it will be ok too). Then, this guy will roll dices and give more or less not what we want, which is not really engineering but more tinkering, 2 totally different things in my book. I read that we will be able to spend reputation, therefore time and grind, in order to chose the special effect, thank god, at least that ! However, I predict that the cumulative grind of ressources and reputation, paired with the randomness of result (on all those little bars aside the special effect) will be a hell lot of frustration for most of the players, like the 80%+ who can't spend hundreds of hours doing all this.
      . Disappointment
      In my opinion, the game itself is not disappointing, it's one of the most immersive one can find, and the new missions system and other additions (can't wait to land on earth-like) are going in the good direction.
      However, the devs and the community leaders are doing a bad job in involving us in this. For example, community goals are not easily accessible in game. If I don't take the time to check the forums and countless websites to do this or that, I just stay solo, and in this sense the game doesn't lives up to its "MMO" claim. Most of us know it's mostly a PVE game, but still, it's supposed to be potentially a bit more than that.
      One very personal example, stemming from FDev, of utter disappointment was the following : I left a few weeks before DWE was announced, heading towards the 65k mark. Not wanting to be part of a huge 1000 dudes bus, babysitted and escorted to the other side of the galaxy, I made my was alone, sometimes fast, sometimes taking my time. I reached the mark as the 76th pioneer, on the 86 CMDRs who reached this mark BEFORE the Distant World Expedition. Then i went back, wanting to do other stuff. And to my surprise, the people for DWE received a unique honor from FDev, a unique sticker to put on their ship. Do the fuel rats have that ? I'm not even sure. It was pointed out to me that it was because of what they've done to the community. I replied to that that it would not have happened for the 86 guys who went there before to trigger the will for others to do and be part of the expedition. Nevertheless, this was a huge hit for me. Recognition for those who are loud, and the pioneers who braved the darkness alone are ignored. At least that's how i felt. It totally killed my pleasure.
      So now, it's a pretty much personal experience, and I'm sure some players have felt that in some way because of some of fdevs decisions. Another example would be the total lack of gameplay of the 1st Horizon expansion : planets to land on, and nothing else to do than grind rocks and stations. But let's move on ...
      Latest example, the Gimballed weapon CG. The latest joke. Utterly stupid and disappointing. When I fly for PVP or PVE combat, I fly a FDL, and oh god I was waiting for those gimballed huge weapons. Now, there was a CG for unlocking them and making them accessible GALAXY-WIDE ! yes, everywhere. And was that on top post ? stickied everywhere ? fronpage on the loader ? 1st page on Galnet ? no. Almost nobody saw it, fewer even participated.
      We PAY for this content, we wait for it. We even TEST it for FREE. And then ? It's pulled away from under our feet like the magician and the table-cloth, hop, nope, no huge gimballed for you, lol, you didn't grind enough. Again, disapointment.
      To sum up again : huge grindyness, bad communication, expected content presented somehow as a gift, removed because we don't get involved enough, because they didn't care of telling us how important it is....
      There are lot of situations where the game can be frustrating, and FD keeps being disapointing. What that leads to is disdain for what they do, for the game itself, which most of us dearly love, and that leads a lot of us to play less and less.
      . So what can be done ?
      I think that some solutions can be :

      PP and SOME CGs must be locked in open. Once one joins a PP faction, he cannot play solo. Some, not all, CGs should also only be joinable while in Open (and locks you there for its duration).
      less grind for navy rank : being able to access cool ships is 1 thing, afford them another. Money grind is crazy enough not to lock those last expensive ships behind a 2nd crazy grind.
      less RNG for the Engineers : random on everything, including the loot system, is just more grind, more frustration, less play, less vivid community, more downwards spiral.
      tools for players to find each other : guilds/corps/groups ingame, that can be created and advertised for. How is it still not in the game ? that's insane ! Most of us are just ending up playing alone in a huge galaxy. Why is it not easier to find someone ? Why cannot I pay even credits to find that mofo who killed and griefed me so many times, and now that I have a good ship, I want to bring him some payback ? Why on hell is there not an informant system (and yes, we would have to grind it too, but hell...

    6. Oldschool Shadowrunner 2 days ago

      deusx_ophc wrote "how about something very tangible, about 7hrs of it fresh from today"
      Ok, let's take a look. "Join members of Frontier Developments team as they answer your questions throughout the server downtime."
      Ah. Server downtime. Yeah, that's tangible! Answering questions on Twitch is a lots easier than keeping the servers up, isn't it!

    7. deusx_ophc 2 days ago

      @os and while you are busy making up new fun claims, how about something very tangible, about 7hrs of it fresh from today ^^…

    8. deusx_ophc 2 days ago

      @os and when will you stop delivering anything but tired old tirades? #hug

    9. Oldschool Shadowrunner 2 days ago

      Over two years after Frontier was supposed to ship the 3D ship models to KS backers who paid up to £950 each for them, the company has still delivered nothing but excuses

    10. Oldschool Shadowrunner 2 days ago

      deusx_ophc wrote "(app. 150 cmdrs) is still playing elite dangerous "
      You know 150 people who are still playing ED?? That's ... er... amazing, since 700,000 people are not still playing it. . 90% of everyone who paid for this unfinished ripoff bugfest, according to a survey based on a very large sample .

    11. deusx_ophc 2 days ago

      and to follow up on that very scientific post of @Dice Man i can confirm that EVERYONE that i know that bought the game (app. 150 cmdrs) is still playing elite dangerous #hoooooray

    12. Dice Man 3 days ago

      Just my random post for this month - everyone I know in person who bought Elite (6 people) no longer play it, including me.

    13. Oldschool Shadowrunner 3 days ago

      "f you don't trust the people who make the game you want to play, how can you trust the game getting better?"


      I know I'm getting downvoted for this, but since OP is asking where the hate is coming from, well I can give him just that. At least the hypocrates here realize they are, because there won't be a post in this thread more relevant than mine. So here it is, the top 10 reason an obsessed Elite fan turned to hate Elite with the same passion - and why.

      1. Most likely because FD horrendously underperforms with each update being fun for about an hour.

      2. These updates so far, most notably the FIRST update of a season pass, usually come with way too long breaks. We are about to be 6 months in his year without a single content update for your money.

      3. FD is just the worst company regarding communication towards the people whokeep them alive. We had to pitch and fork bang their gates for about 3 months toeven recieve any kind of information which update of the season pass is comingfirst and in what order they plan to relase the rest. You don't do that to people ANDgo dark on the topic for a quarter year (possibly more if not being forced) afteryou asked for 60$ upfront.

      4. Oh yeah, the price! Remember how they changed the pricing? Horizons used toinclude the base game too. Then two months after relase, they pick it out andreduce Horizons price about the same or somewhat below what we paid with ourloyality discount. Then they throw some paint out for one ship that I can wipe myass with, and stand back behind the blind whiteknight fans who they also screwed,but they still protect FD no matter what.

      5. The future. Elite gates hated for it's future, what it is now, what we know it will beand won't be in the coming years, and that we don't know what to expect to fill outthe rest. Personally for me, I'm not into planetary landings at all, yet I boughtHorizons for it's other features, not knowing I'll have to wait 6 months (while it'sprice is getting reduced) without a single update. Then I hear other things I'minterested about, mainly about landing on atmospheric planets that have life (LIFE,not life=1 on the galaxy screen, actual sh.t around us like a jungle) won't becoming in the NEXT expansion either. Even better, atmospheric planets aren'tcoming in the next expansion at all. Meaning I'm expected after all this to investmore money and trust in the next expansion, and "hope" to get what I'm interestedin after that, for the 3rd season pass (earliest 2018 sometime) I pay for on top ofthe base game. Knowing that, No Man's Sky's privitive ship control doesn't botherme that much all of a sudden, but dare I mention it, -50 votes.

      6. That brings us to the community, as essentially being half the game. It is whatkeeps CGs moving, the brutal grindfest no working / family man can do Powerplayis moved by, the whole thing is about the community - or if isn't, it's just grind tothe goal ship you have in mind and leave the game after. So the community. I'lltell you what I don't like about it. They are willing to fill up reddig main page with~12-15 different threads about copilots (=their cats sitting the desk with Elite onscreen), but any valuable thread that dares to negatively criticise their preciousElite, it gets downvoted faster than any man has a chance to even fully read OP. Iknow, because I've put a half days's of work about 10 times into analysis, trying tobacktrack design decisions, trying to find the reason and intention behind thingsand why they are the way they are and how we are supposed to have fun with it inlongterm (undeniably Elite is incredibly amazing for the first couple of dozens ofhours until you hit the grindwall when you try to upgrade to a Python or something- this is coming from an old 'Conda pilot). You know what these efforts get? Instantdownvote. I even tested it a few times and started to read my own well (and in agentlemen's manners) written threads as fast as I could and belive me I'm a fastreader, it had -15 before I was halfway done reading my own text. This place issome cult or extremeist religion, you don't fit in they make you hate yourself forputting the time and effort into the group, you dare to fight back and point out it'smore valuable for a conversation than your god damn 5z463654356th cat picture,they skin you alive because you hurt their illusion. Why am I wasting my time herenow, you may ask? Well I'm waiting for Overwatch and other games just don'tquite cut it since it's beta

      7. The game at this point to many of us old players (being here since start or before),seem to be hopeless. No matter what update they add, it's always a new kind ofrandom generated endless grind. I'm not saying it's not good, newcomers willdefinitly enjoy it and exploring everything for the first time, but us veterans justsee another RNG grind layer, to improve our ship, so we can RNG grind moreeffectively. Honestly it's like Diablo, but sadly with about 1% of it's gameplayvariety. Many of us, including me, just don't see a way anymore how to help that,and with FDev either going dark as they constantly do or speak about somethingelse like the problem doesn't exist while zombies grind their treadmill, it's notexactly hopeful from our perspective. I'd be the first to throw more money to themfor shitty hilariously limited in usage skins / paintjobs if I'd see a reason to supportthem, but in the last 2,5 years we barely got anything meaningful for the price of 2games, while they continously remake already existing things. How many timesthey tried to fix the horrible missions so far? 4? 5? Yeah that sounds about a year'sworth of update. I do hope for the best based on what I've seen of the beta, for thesake of those still enjoying Elite, but honestly they failed so many times and SO,SO, SO SLOWLY I just don't seem to be able to care anymore. I decided it's betteroff for me without Elite, because of the people behind it. If you don't trust thepeople who make the game you want to play, how can you trust the game gettingbetter? That's the dilemma and has been for a long time, but after 2,5 years seeingwhat we can expect, many people decided they have their answer. Hence thenegative reviews you asked about.

      (8.) It's a grind. Every grind game gets boring after a while, and every grind game is built with psychological motivators built in - some are easier to hook, some are harder, but usually works on everyone including me - the difference between us is how long they have the grasp on you. Well they lost it on me, and yet I'm here. Because I see the amazing potential Elite has, I was for a very, very long time absolutely obsessed with David Braben's vision, following his every word like the people of NOD do with Kane in CnC games (ONE VISION, ONE PURPOSE!), but through the past 2,5 years I had to realize all his speach won't come to reality, or will take 2-3-4-5 more season passes that I'm not willing to pay upfront, but more importantly, I won't waste my years waiting for it while grinding in the ACTUAL game. Then when you drop the game and say, I'll come back with the patches, look around what is happening to other games with similar or worse (for the consumer) business models, you realize how little things you are starving for here, and how they underperform even with those. Suddenly even if you are sometimes keeping a half eye on what's up with the community (cycles of space screenshots, cat pictures, roleplay propaganda posters, hateposts when finally everyone is fed up with FD's shit, e.g. pricechange 2 months after hooking people in on Horizons), what's up with the game's updates.... you just don't see anything to come back for. Not even anything upcoming, because FD is literally not creating anything else than a new layer of grind. They had ONE shot at doing something new with Engineers, well diceroll upgrades for your ship paid with rock collecting grind, so if you are lucky you can have a somewhat better module to continue grinding with.

      (9.) The more you play, the more you start to see the essential problems, such as often broken instancing, the fact that the entire so called universe is actually a little randomly generated room around you, and the glorious background mechanism is just a thing that sets the limits what is getting generated for you. Nothing is persistant, you have no effect on anything, you are worth less than the dust you spread with your wheels (oh by the way, thanks for the dust update, 4 months in after the season pass's relase content!). This doesn't bother new players, because they are busy with exploring their own ship, their own options, their goal in Elite and the ways to achieve it. But when you reach a point where you can say, I'm done, this is me, this is who I wanted to be in Elite, this is what ship I wanted to have outfitted like this, you'll understand there is NOTHING ELSE in the game. You can't make personal

    14. Oldschool Shadowrunner on May 20

      It has been a down week for Frontier, and on not just the share price.
      Elite Dangerous Steam review score down to 65%. The lowest ever recorded for the game.
      Elite Dangerous Steam average players down to 2,806.1. The lowest ever recorded for the game.
      Elite Dangerous Arena Steam reviews score down to 45%. . The lowest ever recorded for the game.

      Elite Dangerous Arena Steam average players down to 3.4 (yes, 3.4). . The lowest ever recorded for the game.
      The Frontier share rampers here will doubtless be along RSN to tell us how this is actually good news.

    15. deusx_ophc on May 20

      just about time to make this all a male doubles, innit! have fun pretty boys =)

    16. deusx_ophc on May 20

      proinvestors101 right here! sage commentary. one day this might actually make it into a book. keep on posting boys ^^

    17. Oldschool Shadowrunner on May 20

      > A drop of 19.1% in the last 5 months and getting close to that 52 week low...

      Now dropped further, gone below the 52 week low, and down to the lowest for two years...

      ... since David Braben made millions selling he own shares near the peak in March 2014.
      Evidently Mr Braben knew something significant then that his regular investor shareholders did not. Possibly the fact he was about to reneg on his promise to deliver the game to the backers who paid for it's development, and falsely claim they were not entitled to refunds.

    18. Missing avatar

      Wyzak on May 19…
      52 Week High 245.50 52 Week High Date 22-DEC-2015
      52 Week Low 193.50 52 Week Low Date 23-SEP-2015
      Yesterday’s Close: 198.50

      A drop of 19.1% in the last 5 months and getting close to that 52 week low...

      Crack open the champagne shareholders - deusx_ophc and Theta Sigma

    19. deusx_ophc on May 19

      ohh look i got a rise out of both our prime trolls ^^ #nomnom

    20. Missing avatar

      Wyzak on May 18

      @deusx_ophc -…

      Thanks for confirming that you too are a shareholder of FDEV. I guess it's just an amazing coincidence that the two people who are constantly downplaying any issues and exaggerating the benefits just happen to both be shareholders in this company.

    21. Oldschool Shadowrunner on May 18

      deusx_ophc wrote: "FDEV investors will mainly hold long term and they are fully aware of the opportunity we have at hand."
      I'd guess David Braben and Chris Sawyer, the two largest original shareholders, are "fully aware of the opportunity" afforded by FDEV shares. They have sold millions of their shares since the failure of Elite Dangerous to ship in March 2014.
      "clearly analysing the FDVE chart of a random month is how #doominvestors "
      Try analysing the FDEV share price chart since around the the date Braben was supposed to ship the finished Elite Dangerous, to now. From 306p down to 192p and still falling.
      "i am very happy holding those shares"
      You carry on doing that. Help out Mr Braben by slowing the share price drop so that he can get the maximum £££ out of the next chunk of shares he dumps.

    22. deusx_ophc on May 18

      i am very happy holding those shares, still sitting pretty at 50%+. FDEV investors will mainly hold long term and they are fully aware of the opportunity we have at hand.

      but you are right, clearly analysing the FDVE chart of a random month is how #doominvestors judge their investments ^^

    23. Missing avatar

      Wyzak on May 18… - another good run for shareholders over the last month

    24. Oldschool Shadowrunner on May 17

      Frontier are up to their fifth attempt to get a working beta release for Engineers, and still they are breaking things:…

    25. Oldschool Shadowrunner on May 13

      "Given that Frontier released an unfinished game, then an unfinished expansion, then and unfinished addon, I would say that the frustration on the part of players is quite understandable. Elite had a lot of potential but it is boring as all fuck. Its been out for almost two years now and FD is still soaking their customer base with these 'season passes' that give you nothing but half finished half baked patchwork additions to a game which is indeed a mile wide and an inch deep."

    26. Doctor Doom on May 13


      Well, I said this day would come.
      Theta Sigma on 6th Februray, 2016
      "@deusx_ophc There's a new doom-prophecy doing the rounds and - for once, on here - this one is almost certain..."…
      Perhaps the doom-mongers can finally gain some long-sought-after consolation from this? %^]

    27. Doctor Doom on May 12

      In the land of the doomed the one-trick doomsayer is 'king (hilarious) %^]

    28. deusx_ophc on May 12

      well for @os that is therapy ^^

    29. Doctor Doom on May 12

      That's appalling

    30. Oldschool Shadowrunner on May 12

      User poll on Frontier's latest attempt to fix-up the appaling mess that is ED.…

      "88% of the people DO NOT want the currently implemented grind-fest that came with the Engineers.

      Here is the link to it. Sorry that I forgot to link it in the first place.…

      I am on the same boat. I am so sick and tired of this grinding mechanic. It's not fun for anyone. Who in their right mind would ever think that someone would enjoy doing something over and over and over without any variation or anything new to see? For example, it appears we are going to have to craft a bunch of different modules to gain trust with the Engineers. We get the materials from spending hours upon hours finding the right materials to make that module. It is much like the "craft and trash" mechanic in MMORPGs where you craft like 1,000 iron daggers to get your next smithing level and crap. There is no depth, or theme, as to why we're doing this to gain trust with the Engineers. We're just doing it to keep us busy.

      Honestly it's like PowerPlay all over again. When FD releases such a huge update like this, they almost always butcher it because they wait to release the majority of the info 2 weeks before its beta release. By then it's way too late to make any changes, and too late for the community to give them feedback. By now I'd expect FD to understand that we hate grinding. PowerPlay was the first example of that. I guess arrogance is stronger than logic.

      I am so disappointed with the way Engineers was implemented. I don't have time to spend hours upon hours looking for materials to upgrade my ship. However, I do not mind putting in the work of completing themed missions for these Engineers to get my upgrades. That way everyone spends the same amount of time getting the same upgrades. Otherwise people with no lives will have a huge advantage over the people who have too much going on in their life to spend 4-5 hours a day on a game.

      Anyway, I know some of you won't care if I say this, and even encourage me to leave because of the way this community acts sometimes... But I'm losing interest in ED because I see a pattern with the development that is making the game repulsive to me."

    31. Doctor Doom on May 12

      OK OS: if you type it, it must be true. Right? %^]

    32. Oldschool Shadowrunner on May 12

      Theta Sigma, a.k.a. Frontier PR man, wrote "Do you even know what "a Betas" are, bro?".
      I know what a Frontier Beta is. A very poorly tested update having even more bugs that usual that obstruct user testing of the update before full release. That's why after every so-called beta, FD releases the update with a ton of bugs that just add to the growing pile.

    33. Doctor Doom on May 12

      @Oldschool Shadowrunner

      Do you even know what "a Betas" are, bro?


    34. Oldschool Shadowrunner on May 11

      Frontier's incompetence knows no bounds. They've just broken the ED galaxy AGAIN!…

    35. deusx_ophc on May 11

      @Theta Sigma
      those guys are abusing this comments sections as their own private (erm not SO private ^^) therapy session, nothing more nothing less. they deserve a mention here

    36. Doctor Doom on May 10

      @Wyzak @Oldschool Shadowrunner

      Some thoughts and reflections on the history of your posts...

      Your joint mission to trash-talk Elite: Dangerous over the past 18 months has been rather like watching an UltraSloMo of the slowest-of-slow car-crashes ever witnessed.

      Surely you both realised a long time ago how this is going to end?

      If not, allow me to paint you a picture:

      As the months and years progress, your incessant posting of deliberately negatively-skewed comments in here will appear ever more absurd given the reality of this game's success and Frontier Developments' success.

      As has already happened on multiple occasions, every one of your 'End of Days' scenarios will fail to transpire, likely replaced by yet further bold and false predictions. Each of them almost certain to fail to come to pass. Again. And again. And again.

      Basically: Wrong (Again)

      All that will remain will be the ever-increasing obviousness that your bitterness over offline mode left you blind all along to objective reality.

      This will all be lightly seasoned with occasional 'On This Day in Kickstarter History' and 'Blast From The Past' quotes so that anyone else still bothering to read may enjoy the futility of your strange and confident prophecies.

    37. Doctor Doom on May 10

      Hi Wyzak,

      When you state, "Another misleading post" - to whom exactly are you referring?

      For the Nth time in well over a year you misleadingly attempt to perpetuate your opinion that 'Concurrent Players Online' is some kind of proxy for 'Regular Players' or the metric 'Players in 2 weeks'

      Let's take a look at what SteamDB has to say on the matter of 'Players in 2 weeks', shall we?
      Players in 2 weeks:
      Friday 8th April 72,387
      Monday 8th May 71,407
      Suggestion: In order that your posts are not misleading to others, perhaps you should have more factually stated:
      1. Players in 2 weeks have declined by 1.97% over the course of the past month
      2. The graph of Players in 2 weeks over this period has remained effectively constant

    38. Missing avatar

      Wyzak on May 9

      Another misleading post from the shareholder, here are all the facts:
      RECENT: Mixed (888 reviews) (66%)
      OVERALL: Mixed (14,249 reviews) (65%)
      RECENT: Mostly Positive (61 reviews) (78%)
      OVERALL: Mixed (282 reviews) (65%)
      Four consecutive months of decline, and the last 30 days are also in decline.

    39. Doctor Doom on May 7

      Current Customer Experience* of Elite Dangerous: Horizons
      User reviews:
      RECENT: Mostly Positive (61 reviews)
      78% of the 61 user reviews in the last 30 days are positive.
      *according to Valve

    40. Doctor Doom on May 6

      Wyzak on 30th Mar 2016…

      " - 62%* - 65%*

      *These factual figures are posted without any shareholder manipulation.
      Hey Wyzak, I'm sure you'll be "ecstatic" to read that Steam have, only this week, updated their Customer Review System:
      -Valve - 3rd May 2016

      'Customer Review System Updated To Show Recent Reviews And Summary'
      "One common theme we've been seeing in customer feedback about the Steam review system is that it isn't always easy to tell what the current experience is like in a game months after release. This new set of changes released today is designed to better describe the current customer experience in those games. We do this by better exposing the newly posted reviews and by calculating a summary of those recent reviews."
      So, Wyzak, bearing all that in mind let's take another look at those "factual figures" you're so very fond of, shall we?
      . - 75%* (64%)** - 66%* (65%)**

      *Recent User Reviews (in the last 30 days)
      ** All-Time User Reviews (not including that time 73% (604/831) reviews were deleted when Standalone EDH was removed from Steam)

      Yup, despite your best efforts to suggest otherwise over a period of more than a year it certainly looks as though the "current customer experience" (Valve's words) is improving since your last all-time average post on 30th March 2016

      +11% for Horizons

      +3% for Elite:Dangerous

      ...and that's before 2.1 and 1.6 make their full debut.

      Also, interesting to note:

      - That 75% for Horizons is 3% higher than the 72% (604/831) positive reviews the game received before Standalone EDH was removed completely from Steam - along with removal of all the reviews, both positive or negative.

      - That 75% for Horizons is also up 2% from (62% to 64%) since your 30th March post
      Hello? Wyzak? You still there bro?

      I'm sure in future you won't forget to post the 'Last 30 Days' review percentages in order to more accurately assess and represent the "current customer experience", will you? %^]

    41. Oldschool Shadowrunner on May 5

      "half of the VR community is getting nowhere fast since playing Elite with the Vive is a huge waste of time. The resolution is too low, the upscaling of it makes text illegible and the performance is terrible."

      "The image quality is terrible. It is like watching it under water (especially near lights) and the frame lag is unplayable. I've tried everything from reseting the Nvidia settings to defaults, setting the ED GFX options to low. Makes no difference.

    42. Doctor Doom on May 5

      @Oldschool Shadowrunnner

      Since you're such a big fan of Reddit copypasta, you should really take a look over on the oculus subreddit for further examples of the potential reasons that your #doom prophecies seem increasingly unlikely to come to pass.

      Also note, one would expect to find somewhat more independent and objective comments in a non-ED-specific subreddit than those might find in the EliteDangerous subreddit.
      Submitted on: 01 May 2016
      458 POINTS (85% Upvoted)

      "Elite Dangerous... Jesus *****-****ing Christ"

      "I'm a huge space nerd and I heard wonderful things about Elite Dangerous in VR over the last year or so and thus checking this game out when I got my Rift was an absolute no brainer.

      I..... honestly cannot describe how utterly amazing this is. I was breathless. I honestly haven't done anything of note in the actual game itself other than deliver some cargo to a nearby space station but the scenery alone is worth the $40 I spent.

      I shifted out of hyper drive to land at this space station which happened to be on the dark side of this massive planet that was eclipsing it's massive host star and It took me forever to actually land correctly because I could not stop staring out my side window at the scene.. it was literally breathtaking.

      I was there. It honestly felt like I was. Up until now, all the VR experiences and games I've had have been mind blowing but this was another level of mind blowing for me.

      My dad, who is also a space nerd, is coming over next weekend to check out my Rift and I absolutely cannot wait to show him Elite Dangerous.

      I'm looking forward to learning more about how the actual game works too.. but for right now, just cruising through space is amazing."
      Submitted on: 01 May 2016
      118 POINTS (89% Upvoted)

      "Elite Dangerous Arena : You should be playing this"

      "I just want to re-iterate how good Elite Arena is. Even if you don't want the full game you can pick this up for £5 and it is an absolute blast. It is far superior to Eve Valkyrie in terms of game play.

      It can be a little slow matchmaking, because not enough people are playing it, hence this post.
      It is the best PVP VR experience for me yet, hands down. Intense, fast paced and fun with a skill curve that allows you to keep improving.

      I would recommend doing the tutorials first, then getting stuck into some Team DM. Incidentally the tutorials in this are a glimpse of the full game of Elite , and a great VR experience in their own right.

      It benefits massively from having a HOTAS but is certainly playable with the control pad.
      When you compare the depth and polish of this for FIVE POUNDS it's a must have compared to most of the £10-15 content available atm."

      "Elite Dangerous Arena is where 90% of my VR play time goes.

      The flight model feels exactly right. Flying feels great for a beginner, but then just gets better as you improve, to the point where you can do amazing things when you get the hang of toggling flight assist on and off. If you have ever had dreams of being a space ace, you cannot get closer than Elite Dangerous Arena in VR right now."

    43. Oldschool Shadowrunner on May 5

      If you were the boss in charge to ED, how would you address the enormous backlog of game-breaking bugs? Or would you just ignore them and carry on adding new expansions... which make the bug pile even bigger?


      Horizons, incredibly buggy or just incredibly unlucky? A poor first experience.

      Hey folks,
      I got Horizons the other day, have had the core game for a while, and just recently got to testing the SRV and was met with nothing but problems, here is the play by play of what happened.
      Deployed SRV. Unable to move, no button reactions. Press W and nothing goes vroom. Check in controls, zero keybindings are set up.
      -Realized that this would take a few minutes, I decided to use what was working, the 1-5 UI buttions and select the option to go back into the ship. Shlurp, get sucked up into the ship, black screen... wait a few second... a few more. Take a big ol drink of beer, aaaaand game crash. Error message came up saying unable to access file, email support if it happens again yadda yadda.
      -Load back into game, screen loads up, and... I'm falling? I'm back in the SRV and looks like I'm clipping under the ground of the planet and falling to the core. Okay whatever, I've seen that happen before on this subreddit. Exit and restart AGAIN and see if that helps.
      -Load back in, it sort of helped. I'm clipped under the ground but I'm not moving. At this point I figured I was temporarily cursed to be stuck in this SRV so I started setting up the controls. After switching to the turret it looks like my turret was actually hooked above ground and leaving me hanging there, no ship to be seen around above or below.
      -So with my newfound controls I boost up out of the ground and bam! Finally on my feet. I can't recall the ship due to being beside a base I was pewpewing a few minutes ago, so I set out on a mad dash to get away from the folks I so non-nonchalantly murdered earlier. A little leap up a hill and a few moments later over a plateau I glance down at my hull and pips, 2 sys, 4 engine, 97% hull. Cool. I look up to whats ahead of me, and almost immediately after I do there is a little tug, a jerk perhaps of the SRV to one side. I let go of the gas (Was trying assisted and unassisted) and coast to a stop. Looking at my hull, 39%!? I wasn't even stopped by something. Turning around, I then look to find the space deer I hit, but only see a sprawling field of small rocks and a lingering cloud of confusion.
      That was it for the buggy weirdness. From there I leaped off the plateau into a canyon, and having seen folks jump SRVs on this subreddit before, I figured I had it under control. With the grace and beauty of someone skydiving with their mouth wide open I landed a dull wheels down thud with a slight bounce. No damage? Huh. Definitely had to be space deers then.
      So folks, heres what I came away with and here are my questions
      -Horizons still needs lots of work, and damn is it pricey for how much work it appears to need.
      -SRV with or without assist? Besides the way the throttle is handled, is there any benefit to wheels down overland with it off or on?
      -Will running on the surface always be this trouble filled? Is the SRV prone to ghostly space deer damage often?
      -Do all of those damn turrets at bases self repair so damn fast?
      -If I reset my controls (god forbid with the mountain of customs I have set up) will it default my SRV controls, deadzones, sensitivity etc to a workable default?
      -Any good place, video reference, etc to practice good SRV technique and control-ability?
      ~CMDR Rioclaw

    44. deusx_ophc on May 4

      just a quick reminder what else this #doomed company aka FDEV is working on. a fan flic of a little something built in planet coaster alpha. vaguely space related ^^…

    45. Doctor Doom on May 4

      ...with a Scottish accent %^]

      @Oldschool Shadowrunner

      It is not "the only thing increasing"

      How about the frequency of your posts on here as we approach the inevitable endpoint of this increasingly tedious and futile "discussion" ?

    46. deusx_ophc on May 4

      @dave woods
      now i have that image of @os in my head - thanks ^^

    47. Doctor Doom on May 4

      @Oldschool Shadowrunner

      Are you trying to say this game is #doomed? %^]

    48. Oldschool Shadowrunner on May 3

      Steam Charts shows ED player numbers fall for fourth month in a row.

      The only thing increasing is the rate at which player number are decreasing - highest for last three months.

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