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Take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally - trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy.
Take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally - trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy.
25,681 backers pledged £1,578,316 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Chris Booker on

      Just got home and saw the update, not had time for the implications to sink in yet ... call me hardcore but I kinda fancy starting with the basic ship and 100cr still :-)

    2. Richard Harrison

      I think its great to see so many of the limited £20 spaces opening up. It proves that people want to commit to the game and just needed something attractive for them to do so.

    3. Knarlfin [Create The Legend] on

      @Bloocheez - great stuff - keep teasing us then :)

    4. Bloocheez on

      @Knarlfin - definitely only gonna be revealed on launch :) no spoilers here!

    5. Stewart Robertson (BBC & Acorn Electron) on

      Considering this is set in space and not over a land mass how does say planeside 2 get so many players in a fight, there must be hundreds and that got FPS, Land vehicles and air to work out and they manage. I think they have to be bold and try to take the space Sim to a new level. If a hundred ships find themselves in the same space so be it. Thirty two sounds very limited to me as it will be 2014 when this comes out.

    6. Bloocheez on

      @Philip - I wanna start as a pirate, however I may do it as 'start with any ship in the founders system' as that will give me the best option in terms of ship and cash ;)

    7. Cmdr Elvis Brandenburg - Kremmen on

      What about a "Docking Computer" included in the ship specs !!

    8. Misha on

      the temp is good. but too many free 20 tiers

    9. Knarlfin [Create The Legend] on

      @Bloocheez: Shhhh...keep it a surprise :D

    10. Missing avatar

      Phil. on

      Afternoon all, I've not been around all day but good to see pledges / backers rising. Reference the new £5K pledge, just seen it and that didn't last long ;-).

      Bit confusing by the new pledge levels and what's good / bad, etc. Anybody has any enlightenment? What's good or bad? Does it make for unfair play if somebody is equipped with £1000 credits?

      What are you planning to start with?

    11. Andrew Mitchell on

      @Jason you can choose not to have the physical items shipped with any pledge so yes :)

    12. Bloocheez on

      Myself and Liqua have been researching naming conventions for star systems - very interesting, we now have some really cool ideas :)

    13. Missing avatar

      Orbrak on

      thanks for confirming on my professions query guys, better ship for launch is required so pledge increased

    14. Chris B on

      @Chonty I reckon they should open it up to 10 places @ £5k... Unless that's too many named central systems...?

    15. Kim Håland on

      @Jason, yes. if you dont want the other things,

    16. Missing avatar

      David Attreed on

      Really, really want to see this game made - huge fan since my ZX Spectrum days - hopefully there'll be no plastic-lens-security device this time!! Just doubled my pledge to 100quid.

    17. Cmdr Elvis Brandenburg - Kremmen on

      @Chonty - and an extra portion of burger & Chips :)

    18. Slawkenbergius on

      @Ian Crawford: I think the 32 refers to the number of players you could meet in a battle, for instance. It's limited by the amount of data they can transmit over your internet connection as you need to pass everything over in real-time. The players you can't see on your screen will still be in your multiplayer game, so could still number in the thousands.

      I'm not sure about the question of what happens to player 33 though

    19. Commander Keith [@mistertricker] on

      @Chonty I noticed that too! A bit cheapskate.

    20. Glen Sullivan on

      @E.B.K. His wife doesn't like being referred to as the chauffeur

    21. Matthew Benson on

      I think it's a bit harsh that the new £5,000 pledge tier doesn't also get to attend "dinner" with DB and FD team, per the older £5,000 pledge tier ... surely it wouldn't be difficult to pull up another seat at the table?

    22. Stephen Usher on

      @Captain Kremmen... Bah! :-)

    23. Cmdr Elvis Brandenburg - Kremmen on

      @Stephen Usher - What you haven't got a Chauffuer ??

    24. Jason S on

      So the 85 can be used as a digital only option too, so no P&P required if you do not want physical things ?

    25. Andrew Winter ( on

      Thanks for those who spotted my mistakes... I'm trying to update date this while doing other weekend / pre christmas duties and I made a couple of mistakes first time round.
      All is well now & running normally again!

    26. Stephen Usher on

      Bother! Missed out on naming the Founder's system 'cos I was driving down to Cornwall. :-)

    27. Jason S on


      No worries, I just have to find a nice little shop here and pull my wife along, I don't speak czech yet...

    28. Knarlfin [Create The Legend] on

      @Jason, tell you what - if we can't do it for the budget I've said, I'll throw in the PSU/cost of PSU :)

      Print this ;)

    29. Jason S on

      Is the 85 a place to start where the difficulty would not be too hard or would it be hard?

    30. Jason S on


      Yes ok you are probably right, the 85 does look interesting.

    31. Slawkenbergius on

      @Jason: Okay. They usually are designed to fit all cases though, so that sholdn't be a problem.

    32. Ian Crawford-12 months to the Alpha Rel. on

      @Michael, I have a couple of questions, which don't seem to be answered in the FAQ's.

      1) The FAQs say I will be able fly up to 15 ships at launch. How many ships will I be able to own in parallel. i.e. will I be forced to sell my current ship to purchase a second ship, or will I be eventually able to own all 15 ships and be able to move from one of my ships to another?

      2) Having read through the FAQ's I'm slightly more confused by the multiplayer aspect. I see that there is a limit on the number of real player ships you can interact with, 32 is mentioned, but the possibility of more. Even if this is doubled to 64 then this seems like a very low number of players in multiplayer. How are these 32 players you can interact with chosen, is it whichever are the closest 32 ships? What happens if I want to play in the MP universe with a dozen friends, will I keep losing contact with certain members as one of them is one the other side of the universe or slightly farther away from me than some other player?

      I was hoping that on day 1 when we all start there would be thousands of ships making their way out of the system for the first time, not just 32.

      3) FAQ says “There are no multiplayer lobbies“. Will I be able to trade goods/weapons/ships with other real life players?

    33. Jason S on


      Extra expense with shipping and hassle, I don't know if it would fit in the HP case etc

    34. Knarlfin [Create The Legend] on

      @Jason, I wouldn't worry too much. I'll bet that for £100-150 we'll get that machine of yours to run it - and that includes a new PSU - and you've got over a year yet :)

    35. Jason S on

      For many though I think the new tiers are a great idea. It needed it really...

    36. Slawkenbergius on

      @Jason: Why not upgrade the PSU?

    37. Cmdr Gully Foyle on

      Great news on the new tiers - perhaps a little contraversial with the "fair play" brigade but this will get this game funded I am sure!

    38. John Purcell on

      @Goders: Professions are not defined in game in any way. You can be doing a trading run, kill a few pirates to collect the bounty on the way. Mine a passing asteroid and then attack another ship if it looks like it might have tempting cargo. All in one trip from one system to the next.

    39. Jason S on

      H'mmm think I am going to down into one of those 20 pound tiers, I just do not know if my machine will run it, or if I am going to be able to afford a new desktop, and seems to be not easy to find something that will run with such a rubbish PSU I have.

    40. Andrew Winter ( on

      You're quite right! That makes it 7 new tiers!!!! Yikes!!!! missed that one.
      Again, corrected, all should be present & correct. =)

    41. Liqua on

      @Nattawat - You don't have to sync if you don't wish. (Pure offline)
      However it's suggested that you do in order to get new features in the universe ... Whilst players will be able to affect prices around the galaxy I am sure FD will ensure inflation does not take hold. (So prices can be influenced to a degree but not become runaway)

    42. Glen Sullivan on

      Direct descendants? A child in every spaceport ;-)

    43. Stewart Robertson (BBC & Acorn Electron) on

      Tweaking all the characteristics of all the ships is going to be fun. The more variety the better.

    44. Julie on

      @Stewart Robertson

      I agree with all that :)

    45. Joerg Starkmuth on

      @Goders: I'm sure you'll still have all options, it's just that you are put at a starting point suitable for that kind of job.

    46. Missing avatar

      Associat0r on

      @Goders - it makes it easier to start in those professions, there are no set professions in the Elite world.

    47. Liqua on

      @Synchromesh - I am not sure if Commander Jameson had a first name ? (Drew would know more)
      I know David can be Cmdr David Jameson if he wished, like I could be Cmdr Liqua Jameson ... but other than that I guess DB could just simply call himself Cmdr Jameson (no 1st name) :)

    48. Synchromesh on

      @Liqua : It posted b4 i finished ??
      I thought he may want to be the only "Jameson " Decendant or not in the multiplayer world :)

    49. Glen Sullivan on

      @Liqua : Congratulations! Glad to see the slot going to a regualr.

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