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Take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally - trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy.
Take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally - trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy.
25,681 backers pledged £1,578,316 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Cmdr M.G.Dangerous [] on

      Just nipped over to Twitter & tweeted and retweeted re: #EliteDangerous between my personal account and the account for the gaming community I admin for. Every little helps :)

    2. Polaris Penguin on

      Yes, I think Styggron wanted to have a disk and install it on his desktop, laptop etc and not worry about connecting any of them to the Internet and so have different games going on for experimention.

    3. D Morgan on

      @greg agreed ;) theyre's two years yet for us all to upgrade the bits we need to play the game properly and I think you have to factor that into your budget for this game in a way.

    4. Philip Coutts on

      @Tim and @Igor cranking the lever!

    5. M Pat on

      @ Gregory - totally agree with your comments, getting out and walking about sounds like Elite V. Frontier really need to focus on getting the space sim element, and associated sexy game play well and truly nailed first, and that alone will be hard enough with a one year dev timescale.

    6. Greg Marsden on

      @Styggron has got two years to get an internet connection at home !!!!

    7. Tim L [Paden on ED Forums] on

      Just had a silly mental image of @David Braben saying "now witness the power of this fully operational game"! : D

    8. Cmdr. Bond [DDF Member + Ship ID & Mug] on

      @Michael - its good to know your not runnining it on a 10Ghz 10 core 1Tb ram machine with 5 Gfx cards :)

      Thank you.

    9. Missing avatar

      Jaitinder Singh on

      Michael - Can you expand a little more on the trading aspects of the game? Will this be similar to previous Elites or will it be expanded. You mentioned 'Stock Market Data' are you referring to actual stocks (equities in companies) or are you referring to commodities? My apologies if this has been asked previously.

    10. Frontier Developments Creator on

      @ Liqua [Cmdr L Jameson]

      I don't know on the guild and founder questions, I will try and find out.

      Stretch goals are something we want to start communicating soon.

      Chained missions are quite likely, but to what degree hasn't been decided yet.

    11. Philip Coutts on

      Crikey someone wake @Styggron up he ain't going to be happy because it looks like the single player game is going to require internet access to "Update" the galaxy although I suppose you could install the game and if you don't want the updates you could just not sync with the servers?

    12. deusx_ophc on

      @drew yep, sounds just like what DB would do. it will be the killer app of this ks.

    13. D Morgan on

      maybe were talking elite 5, but not being able to do so is no dealbreaker imo, ill be happy with a graphically updated frontier. But I think they should push things further along from the procedural perspective and go a bit further, get a first person viewpoint in the game at som points, ie what i really want is to walk around inside my own ship and a spacestaion thats important. just been re-reading the "The Dark Wheel" and forgotten how great the story is…
      all frontier staff should read it. It would be nice to capture more of the ideas in there visually citys inside the space station etc ?

    14. amigacooke on

      So Elite will be playable if not connected to the central server, but there would be no 'growth' in the game?

    15. Cmdr. Bond [DDF Member + Ship ID & Mug] on

      I wouldnt mind walking round a space station lobby, maybe bars to find private missions and military offices - maybe the bars could be like Privateer 2.

      But I dont want it to be RPG on the ground. the emphasis has to be on the space side of things.

    16. stephen stuttard [+£1 ELITE FRIDAY] on

      @Graham TInkler [+£1 Friday] would be great to have something named after Sir Patrick Moore he will be sadly missed

    17. Drew Wagar on

      I suspect there is a cool video update with planetary landings slated in the plan for the last week of the KS. That's what I would do. ;)

    18. Greg Marsden on

      @D Morgan.

      I in favor of any expansion or role play that can be done well for the money.

      Bad idea to try and dip into multi platforms and half deliver all of them.

      Thats the danger .

    19. Liqua on

      @Michael - More Qs:
      - Will the NPCs auto level to track you in game ? (Elite became dull once you owned a military laser and could pick off pirates at max range with 0 risk)
      - Once you own the best of everything (irrespective of how long it takes) will there still be challenges ?
      - Will you procedural generate ships / space ports / towns ? (Plenty of examples on YouTube on people who have done this)
      - How will you handle inflation ? (If it's a concern that is)
      - Will there be crafting (Player made items from blueprints for example) and if so how will you handle inflation ?
      - Will you be able to mod ships, weapons and other ship parts ? (Using in-game items)
      - Will avatars that represent you be stock pictures or fully customisable ? (As in Diablo 3 - all look the same; or EVE - everyone looks different)
      - Will you change your minds about offering credits for cash (ie Pay to Win!) to a different model to support multi-player ? (In game vanity items is a much better approach)

    20. Frontier Developments Creator on

      @ Jonathan David Bond

      I'm not sure on the founding member, I'll look into it.

      I can't comment on minimum specs yet, we're a long way from knowing that. The demos are running on decent PC's, but I wouldn't describe them as uber machines. Of course a lot of the graphical polish isn't in yet, but conversly we've not optimised it fully either.


    21. Sean Houlihane on

      @Jonny White - Take a look at this example, this really looked like it had stabilised at 60% of target for 2 weeks, then went mad at the end. No guarantees, but the projection is simply looking at the current trend, and has no expectation of a change in the activity.

    22. D Morgan on

      @marsden in previous version like frontier you could land at a point on the planet that had a spaceport etc, maybe in this version it would be nice to land at say 1-3 major procedural city like spaceports on those habitable planets, and wander around inside the spaceport, and a fewer number of these planets with suitable atmospheres to wander around as a pedestrian outside on the landscape, you should be able on planets with continents etc to land on the natural surface anywhere but not necessarily walk about unless geared up atmospheres dependant etc, but obviously populating whole planets with procedural people and villages and activity would be perhaps be to ambitious for the budget and timescale ? In a very simplistic form, mercenary - damocles did this many moons ago but with a limited number of planets and detail etc.

    23. Greg Marsden on

      @Chris Wicksteed.

      Yes I can understand that. That would be fun. Rather like the landing in Alien 2 Film. Great fun yes.

      Im just warning people it would be a mistake to try and combine ELITE and Mass Effect on a £1.25 mil dev fee.

    24. Slawkenbergius on

      The core samples would add extra value to the info-package if you sold it to a mining corporation

    25. amigacooke on

      I agree with Liqua. Why is planetary landings such a secret?
      Either it's going to happen or not.
      If not, there's going to be a lot of disappointed Frontier fans.
      If it is, it's not that big a deal that it can't be confirmed now, with a video to follow for us to drool over.

    26. Frontier Developments Creator on

      @ Adam Mellor

      Yes, pledging £200 and adding £25 would give you an additional digital copy of the game.


    27. Missing avatar

      db on

      i was quite happy with the Elite, Elite 2, Elite 3 'stuck in your ship' gameplay. Some ability to get out and explore a space station would be cool. Some ability to get out and explore a planet would be cool. I'm not expecting amazing things though. Procedurally generated urban landscapes; generic buildings with a few things thrown in e.g. Big Ben for london, the golden gate bridge for san francisco. Apart from the core worlds, most of the other planets are agriculturally based / sparsely populated.

      I don't think it should be apart of core gameplay, but more of a nice to have.

    28. Slawkenbergius on

      @Gregory: For me part of the fun would just be the challenge of landing under different conditions. High atmospheric winds, low visibility. I think the pay-off could things like, take a scan from space and identify possible mining sites - land at the site to take core samples (if your ship has the right equipment).

    29. Matthew Harffy on

      @Michael Looking forward to seeing all the questions answered in the FAQ.

      When you've done it, can you please make sure that an official update is sent out so that all backers get an email. Updated pledges info and FAQ could see people upping their pledges.


    30. Frontier Developments Creator on

      I can't help on the planatary landings right now, although we'll cover it in a future update.

      Single player I can help with though.

      The current vision for the Elite universe is that is a shared universe. This sharing will happen at different levels. We've already looked (briefly) at the most obvious with the opt-in multiplayer. However the grander part for the game is that the universe is shared.

      Now this doesn't mean that people can pop into your game uninvited, but it does mean that players can affect the universe. For single player we are looking at the galaxy being server based. This allows us to construct a more interesting galaxy by adding events and reactiions to player events into the world.

      It's worth noting that it's really the meta data for the galaxy that is shared, so planetary data like governments and stock market data would be shared. Exploration data would another thing we could share. We think this is quite an exciting prospect for Elite. Naturally there are challenges for this. One question being how often do you need to sync with the server? We haven't resolved those questions yet.


    31. Greg Marsden on


      IMO that would be fun for about 5 times. Then it would just be a bind. You would be looking for a 'skip to text button'.

      I think people looking for a tomb raider / elite combo are barking up the wrong tree.

    32. Adam Mellor on

      @Frontier Developments
      I should be able to work this out, but maybe somebody can help me.
      I've bumped my pledge to 225 (I'm on the 200 pledge), does that mean I can get an extra digital copy I can give to a mate ? it says the 'Gift Pledges' are for pledges 'not limited in availability'.

    33. Jays Mackie on

      I mentioned this a while back but I'll say it again case it got lost.
      I have a small appartment and travel light so to go beyond just getting the basic game I would like digital tiers. The 50 is an option I am strongly considering but that is as far as I am ever going to go currently, however a digital only version of the 100 or 150 would also be a real tempting thing for me.
      A bit cheaper without the box, book, and shirt. It is not like that extra ends up as money for FD to develop with anyway. Maybe I am just an outlier but I don't get the fuss about having extra physical things, I want the game!

    34. Cmdr. Bond [DDF Member + Ship ID & Mug] on

      @Michael - I would like a clarification on the founder member status.

      I know that it affects things in game - but is there any chance that Founders would receive updates for free or discounted?

      As far as specs go, I know that still depends on a lot of things, but is there any chance you could hint at the sort of specs the asteroid chase demo was played on?

    35. Commander Tink Founder of The Elite on

      Be nice to have a planet / space station or something named after Sir Patrick Moore as his death coincided with the KS campaign

    36. Jonny White on

      Is anyone worried that this is only trending towards 94%?

    37. amigacooke on

      A KickStart oddity. ;-)

    38. Jonny White on

      My biggest want would be to have expeditions OUTSIDE of the ship, once landed.

      Imagine being able to wander around the space station / port looking for some dingy bar in order to sell some secret plans etc... I know that SC has something like that.

      It would have to be carefully thought out otherwise it might end up being part Space Sim / part first person shooter - and i want this to be MOSTLY Space Sim.

    39. Liqua on

      @Sean - thanks man ... I guess I need to experiment without making myself look like an idiot ... I understand IRC (channels) and SMS (text to 1 mobile or groups) but for some reason Twitter just never made sense.

    40. Greg Marsden on

      Can someone describe the game play they want on one of these 'planetary landings'.
      What do you guys expect to be able to do?

      Walk around a surface city on millions of proc gen planets fps style? I dont get it?

      That and a space sim for only 1.25 million. Is that fair to expect? I dunno......

    41. Commander Tink Founder of The Elite on

      Be nice to have a planet or something named after Sir Patrick Moore as his death happened while the KS campaign is in full flow

    42. Soranor - Cavalier of the Obsidian Order on

      Will you be playing a person (i.e. step outside of your ship on a station or planet) or a ship?
      Will you be able to control a ship with multiple players (pilot/gunner) in multiplayer?

    43. Liqua on

      More questions:
      - Will there be guilds that people can join (Like you find in Skyrim - Guild of Pilots; Guild of Traders; etc)
      - Will players be able to use Tags in their names to demonstrate associations (like MMO guild tags) ?
      - The badges that the Founders get, are they player bound or account bound ?
      - Will the badges be able to be switched off if you do not with to advertise it ?
      - Will other Founders be able to recognize each other ?
      - Do you have stretch goals lined up yet ? (And please, make the 1st one Linux / MAC support to draw in more potential backers!)
      - Do you intend to have missions that are chained (that tell a story perhaps ?)

    44. Sean Houlihane on

      @Liqua - adding #tag makes tag something indexed, so it is easy to search for. If you do a search, you'll see all the recent posts other people have made. Reply to them, copy them, talk to yourself, I don't think it matters. Other people see what you write to people, weighted by popularity (I guess)

    45. s4ingray on

      @Jon Metcalf - The plain numbers indicate that we will not meet the set goal. But statistics do not include the willingness of the few to get what they want.

      If the current backers had to pledge the project by themselves that would be £1,250,000 / 15,056 = £83,02 per person, which for most adults is well within the realm of what is possible. Since already £697,300 are pledged, the remainder of £552,700 could be pledged by the 15,056 fans already committed to the project, which results in £36,70 per person that each would have to increase her or his pledge by. This is of course assuming that most of us want this game to be made.

      While things may look grim, they are definitely not desperate and a few more in-game videos won't hurt the cause and will certainly encourage the troops to pledge a bit more if called upon. ;-)

    46. Commander Keith [@mistertricker] on

      So let me get this straight..... If I UP my pledge to £60 I will get a nice boxed copy of the game with a game disc inside but if I want the Dark Wheel sequel in it I will have to add another £15. Are you planning to sell this game in the shops eventually?

    47. Greg Marsden on


      you missed 'will we get to jump drive without mass lock?'

    48. Drew Wagar on


      - "Are some or all of the systems in the original Elite going to be present in E:D (e.g. Lave, Diso etc) ?"
      - "Will you be able to buy different ships, as in Frontier?"
      - "Will you be able to buy other assets as such stations, multiple ships, asteroids, planets?"
      - "What ships are planned to be in the game from the start?"
      - "What weapons are planned to be in the game from the start?"
      - "How sophisticated will the trading mechanism be?"
      - "Will there be a Cobra Mk4?"
      - "Who is writing the music for E:D?2
      - "Is there a minimum/recommended spec for a PC required to run E:D?"
      - "Will you be able to play E:D without an internet connection?"
      - "Will E:D be fan mod-able (e.g. Homeworld, Quake etc) ?"

      and erm... - "Will there be seamless planetary landings?" ;)

    49. Iain Smith on


      Thanks for updating the kickstarter text to include the pledge add-ons, its something which has been missing for a while. One problem with the current items that the Tshirt/Mug combo is no longer appealing since the introduction of the premium boxed set (both work out at £90). I've suggested that the mug and tshirt be split into separate items (e.g. £30 shirt, £20 mug, or £25 each), which may increase their appeal (e.g. you've got enough t-shirts but like the idea of a mug).

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