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Take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally - trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy.
Take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally - trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy.
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    1. A.I. on

      2 minutes, 3 minutes, 5 minutes. Really, that's FAR too long. You need it to be more like 2 seconds, 3 seconds, 5 seconds. It shouldn't be the intention of the developer to annoy the player.

    2. Missing avatar

      Tony Jeffery on

      @Karl, you could do the slingshot providing you can get to the needed velocity very quickly/instantly. DB's probably already thought of how to do this.

    3. Nathanael Page on


      I'm sure you know this- but in Fronter and FFE, a hyperspace jump at your max range took 7 in-game days to complete, with shorter distances a direct proportion of that. You could therefore halve the time it took to make a given jump by doubling the max range of your jumps.

      The max range was based on the size of the engine, and the weight of the ship (not adjusted for any cargo you were carrying).

      No reason why this couldn't be used in E:D, and it was a pretty simple way of being away to work out how long jumps would take, before buying a new engine/ship.

    4. Robert Barton { DDF } on

      I agree with Gimi, there needs to be a more global publicity. I have shared this info with as many people as I can find. We all have to do our bit but if we want a big budget then people need to know that the project exists.

    5. Missing avatar

      Karl F on

      I'm worried about the "no time aspect": How can one slingshot around a planet with no time speed up button? Or calculate time of flight if everything is instantaneous?

      Also, I'd like to see this on Linux.

    6. Missing avatar

      Tony Jeffery on

      ...actually i think this is all in 'the dark wheel'

    7. Missing avatar

      Tony Jeffery on

      ..infact adding to that idea, you wouldn't have to actually drop out of hyperspace, that your arrival time will still happen. so say for example it took 5 mins to travel somewhere, you get intercepted 3 mins in, thats 2 mins in 'witch space' and then you emerge in 'real space'.

    8. Captain Dangerous on

      I guess it would be instant, like the original once you had reached hyperspace. Set course. Charge hyperspace jump engines. Wait for power to build. Boom, Now on the outskirts of the new system away from gravity masses that would affect approach. Unless you got stuck in Witch Space, or the hyperspace engine malfunctioned or was interrupted by someone or something.

    9. Missing avatar

      Tony Jeffery on

      @Kerrash, yes, that was exactly what i was thinking with the hyperspace cloud analizer.

    10. Kerrash on

      @Tony, yeah I was thinking that lighter ships with better engines could fly faster through hyperspace. Great idea, still supports the hyperspace cloud analizer mechanic from Frontier

    11. Missing avatar

      Tony Jeffery on

      i guess if it took actual time to get to somewhere and the length of time depended on the ship you were in, wouldn't that enable a faster ship to follow and catch up with you, either in witch space or in 'real' space?

    12. A.I. on

      They're using CryEngine? No wonder they need the money. That's expensive tech. I think it's around $1.2m to licence it. I've read a lot of papers by the CryEngine team over the years (Screen Space Ambient Occlusion and so on). They're top-notch graphics developers. Not so hot on game-play though :).

    13. Kerrash on

      Interesting ideas. I like the idea of having control in hyperspace. You could leave it in auto pilot to navigate the tunnel, or take the helm and jump out the side to force a mis-jump :P

    14. Lami on

      @amigacooke: it depends on engine you choose. If I remember right, PA is Unity3d, which has native support for Windows and Mac, and Linux is coming to Unity 4 (already in beta). So you are "one click away". Custom engines or big ones may lack of other platform support, and if there is already some work done in such engine, it may be too late. You will have to do some things again, to fit other engine with required platform support. See Star Citizen, they don't promise multiple platforms because of lots of work is done in CryTek engine already.

    15. Captain Dangerous on

      Or farther. I keep getting those mixed up.

    16. Captain Dangerous on

      But not a countdown timer for the new game. Maybe some sort of power build-up indicator that you need to reach a certain level before the hyperdrive kicks in. And the further you are travelling the more energy/time it needs to charge. Just spit-balling here.

    17. A.I. on

      I quite like "Blam, you're there!" travel. In Eve travel can be extremely tedious. I could log in for a 3 hour session and end up spending half of it in hyperspace. More usually I get a heads-up of where a battle is taking place and because it takes so long to travel I usually go to bed before it's started. My next session is usually spent mostly travelling back from there the next day :).

    18. Andy Edgson on

      A village fête perhaps with the proceeds going the the Elite roof fund?

      Excellent! Someone tell DB we've got it covered :-)

    19. Captain Dangerous on

      Lagrange points would be bad. Remember when you were down to zero armor (armour) and had no missiles and you'd randomly select a planet and hit hyperspace and the countdown would take forever as the enemy lasers took bigger and bigger chunks out of your Cobra Mk III, but you managed to escape by the skin of your teeth? If you had to travel to a certain point in space to do that it would just be horrible.

    20. Rob Pearse on

      @Iain Downie - I think that as long as the intra-system travel isn't of the "countdown and blam! You're there!" type but rather a very fast travel so you get to see the planet getting bigger on your screen you will still have a sense of the size of the system. Totally agree with the LDS drive in I-War 2, that's been my yard stick on how you should do space sims (although I can happily lose the lagrange points!).

    21. Missing avatar

      Richard Ansell on

      "We need a more British approach."
      A village fête perhaps with the proceeds going the the Elite roof fund? ;-)

    22. amigacooke on


      The video was the reason I backed that project. It is informative and fun and I want to smash up planets with asteroids! ;-)

    23. Iain Downie on

      Alas I am not a poet, to express the feeling I got when I came found out about this being on Kickstarter... I have been hopefully telling people for the past 5 or so years that I am 'holding out for Elite IV before buying a top-of-the-range gaming PC'. It's still too early to call it, but hot damn am I looking forward to keeping my word!

      The only thing that makes me a bit apprehensive is the removal of the stardreamer for MP time syncing reasons. I realise it wouldn't be practical, but the necessary substitution with local hyperspace jumps seems regrettable to me, on the face of it. I really liked the sense of vastness and remoteness you got from having to traverse huge distances progressively. I think some kind of dedicated intermediate-range drive system would be preferable, similar to the LDS drive in Independence War 2.

    24. Andy Edgson on

      @amigacooke - good video, shows how it ought to be done ... except it's all a bit American don't you think? We need a more British approach.

    25. amigacooke on

      Who wants a sweepstake on when we get the 10K backer?

      I bags 3:12pm.

    26. Missing avatar

      Robin Chaddock on

      10k backers not far off !

    27. B1gdeano on

      I would rather have DB announce that linux support will be looked at once funding is reached and development under way, than say here that "Yes it will be" only to either run into issues once the project is live, potentially ruining the whole thing, or ending up saying "sorry guys, no linux support after all" once you had paid your monies!

      If you want it to happen then pledge, especially if you want it to happen bad enough to pledge £100 or more! If you dont pledge, and it fails, then there will be NO linux version, or any other version for that matter!

      It will likely be ported after it is finished on PC, and until that time you can dual boot as mentioned.

    28. Daniel Mordant on

      @Tim : obviously, the word "troll" has not the same meaning as in french usual language. For us, popular subjects of trolling are for example linux vs windows, xbox vs ps3, cod vs bf, iphone vs the rest... where some people love to contradict another just for the fun, stating the obvious or be of bad faith (?), often going the godwin point.

    29. Oddball on

      Hi. Just changed my name from Prof to Oddball. I'm hoping to give out some 'positive waves' around here. Have a little faith people, have a little faith.....

    30. amigacooke on

      One of the best backed Kickstarter projects, Planetary Annihilation, is producing a Windows version, a Mac OSX version and a Linux version.…

      Crazy people :-)

    31. Pete Clements on

      dont know if this has been posted yet, as not sure how to search comments...

    32. Missing avatar

      Tim on

      @Mordant - An internet troll is someone who does things like mock relatives of dead people on memorial sites. Stating a preference for an OS is not even approaching the same league sorry. I happen to like Linux, but totally realise that if I want to have a great PC gaming experience, I'll probably have to buy a Windows desktop - no problem. I don't expect Braben and co to even consider Linux at this stage. I just want this project to happen.

    33. Iain Smith on

      While Papal options can help supplement the pledges on projects which are well on the way to being funded, it could cause problems on "near things" such as Elite currently is. People may pledge on PayPal instead of Kickstarter, meaning that the Kickstarter misses its funding level. Then there's the added complication that PayPal doesn't support en-mass refunds, so anyone wanting their money back would have to be processed separately should the KS fail.

    34. Darkmoon on

      No Linux vs Windows issue here... just an OS vs . 'PC' one; a term which causes confusion. Anyway, deep breath ;-) I'll say no more...

    35. Andrew Hill on

      I think thats why DB is aiming this KS at PC (sorry Windows) - smart man...

    36. A.I. on

      Yes you can dual boot Linux. I have Windows 8 and Ubuntu on my desktop.

    37. A.I. on

      It's not Linux v Windows. I like Linux and I like Windows (running 8 at the moment). It's just that often it's a numbers game. Number of potential customers v man-hours required to port and support it. I would think a higher percentage of Linux users would enjoy this than PC users, but it's still a lot fewer as an absolute number, as a lot of PC users have desktops for gaming alone anyway.

    38. Commander Tink Founder of The Elite on

      can you dual boot linux machines like you can a mac ? I know next to nothing about linux

    39. Murray Lane on

      Not sure if this has been asked already, but wouldn't is be wise to allow Paypal as a payment option?

    40. oGGe on

      Just pledged, I'm soo looking forward to this!

    41. Commander Tink Founder of The Elite on

      I have a dell xps with a p4 processor in it was running raid but a drive went down. may reconfigure it and upgrade graphics card load windows and use purely for Elite hopefully that would be enough to run ED at a good speed if it isnt then I will have a look at a high powered gaming laptop i think. Dont really want to be dual booting my Mac if I can help it

    42. Daniel Mordant on

      Oh sh* please no linux vs windows trolling here !

    43. Andrew Hill on

      @Tim, Bob, A.I. - phew! common sense lives...
      @ Christopher H, not the time or place to start that old chestnut.

    44. A.I. on

      Nonsense? Net Applications has estimated global desktop market share of Windows 92.2%, Apple 6.36%, Linux 1.41%. MacOS Linux/Unixy/Posixy/BSD'y type thing.

    45. Ratio on

      @ Graham Tinker .. thats my plan .. exactly

    46. Missing avatar

      Tim on

      @Craig - I totally see your point about Linux. After all, I bought a laptop with Linux from the USA (System76) and I love it. I really resent the fact that I have to use a Windows VM in order to run a few pieces of software that botch up in Wine. That said however, I understand that Windows has to the OS of choice for E:D. Not only does it have the market share of regular users, it is the main OS for gamers, whether we like it or not. I really hope that this all changes, especially with the Steam for Linux developments, but I realise that this won't happen any time soon. As for Elite... I think the main priority is that it is made, and put out there. If it creates a hype then there is chance for all sorts of developments: consoles, other OSes etc... but the legacy of the original is too awesome to pass up on a chance like this. Hell... if this gets made... I'm buying a dual-boot desktop!

    47. Darkmoon on

      Sorry A.I. both of those statements are complete nonsense.

    48. A.I. on

      Technically PC = Windows because that's covering around 95% of all desktops. Mac is Linux, isn't it? :).

    49. Commander Tink Founder of The Elite on

      i only have a Mac but still happy to put in dont forget you can also partition mac and run windows

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