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Take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally - trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy.
Take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally - trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy.
25,681 backers pledged £1,578,316 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Jason S on

      Oh so mmo multi player is on the cards if the player chooses.

      Cool, thanks for making it clearer.

    2. Missing avatar

      colin gammons on

      one good thing about wallhax to worry about!.

    3. Oddball on

      Hello folks. I have just noticed something very strange. If you type in 'Elite' in Google, you get a 'Call Of Duty' link as the first result. I think they are trying to cash in on the recently massive amounts of ' Elite ' queries into search engines. This is bad new for us all. They are obviously trying to 'steer' people away from this project and direct people to their own site. Isn't there something that DB could do like get his lawyers on to them or something?

    4. deusx_ophc on

      @juan jose saludos amigo ^^

    5. Liqua on

      @Jon - Valid concern and one I hope they will address. A complaint in general about military lasers was that you could pretty much eliminate all enemy at range which really ruined it for me too. I am hoping that less damage / more shields will prolong fights to at least allow the enemy to engage in a dog fight (but not so long that I fall asleep!)

    6. Iain Smith on

      DB/Frontier: Good to hear from you, your comments will hopefully stem the tide of dissent. Perhaps it would be wise to post an official KS update every couple of days, even if you have nothing radically new to deliver, people just need to see that something is happening on the page. We all have high hopes for the game, even the doubters; however the entire community (developers and fans) need to pull together in order to maximise the potential. As a start, it would probably be wise to add links to the official Elite page and discussion forums.

    7. Juan Jose Luna Espinosa on

      I played F:E2 as a boy and have lots of good memories, now I'm 34. I'm a programmer and been developing my 'version' of Frontier in Java and OpenGL for some years (it's not going to go nowhere but I loved to do it) It has even shaders! I'd like to join FD but I don't speak english so well to be in a british company (I'm Spanish)

      I've selected the first beta level and convinced my brother and a friend of getting two copies. I'm also spreading the word on twitter and writing a blog post about it (will post it here). I like all the info David is giving, it's just the game I want or better!

    8. amigacooke on

      @colin gammons

      Not really, Amiga Co. we're just badly managed.

    9. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    10. Missing avatar

      colin gammons on

      old school 1984!and i 'did' make Elite

    11. deusx_ophc on

      thinking of E:D and this kickstarter i feel all warm & fuzzy inside ;p

    12. deusx_ophc on

      @colin gammons and we are the army of mercenaries and battle hardened space war veterans battling to save the galaxy day after day after day =)

    13. Joe Young on

      Something doesn't seem right.... they have a potential £1.2 million coming at them if this Kickstarter campaign works out... but they can't be bothered to put more than 10 minutes into the campaign? Either Frontier Developments purposely wants this to fail, or they are just testing the waters with no serious commitment. Star Citizen like many other projects has over 22 updates, and they already reached their funding goal many, many days ago. You have a totally committed fan base here that is being absolutely left out in the cold. At least I feel a little disappointed.

    14. Missing avatar

      colin gammons on

      i miss my thing that ever happened to computing and raped by the super corporates

    15. Lars Jørgen Kire[Lortsamler] on

      Geraldine McDaid : oh yes :) Amiga,the legendary computer :)

    16. deusx_ophc on

      just in case you have missed them. here is what the creator of this kickstart said

    17. Missing avatar

      colin gammons on

      tis the haters...they're like thargoids! attacking my ship of the imagination:(

    18. Geraldine McDaid on

      @ Kerrash Thanks! Amigas are still great! ;)

    19. Kerrash on

      Geraldine McDaid. Love the avatar! :D

    20. Liqua on

      @colin - behave ... FD have said more things are coming.

      @FD - Thank you for your comments and responses. Good to know that the creator is around to answer some questions. Looking forward to some more specific information about the game. One thing - the concept art of the Cobra (?) docking - if the graphics look that good I am temped to up my pledge one more time to the max !

    21. B1gdeano on

      @colin gammons

      Have you not been keeping up? DB has been commenting, and has been answering some questions and promising that updates are on the way.....

    22. Kerrash on

      I wonder if I can throw together a tribute game on my phone before the campaign is over?
      I need something to play at work between refreshing KS...

    23. Geraldine McDaid on

      Great to see you on here David, I will look forward to your updates and as always Keep The Faith!! :D

    24. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Rayner on

      Maybe large pledges could get custom playing cards, with ships, stations, planets and inventory items as the suits, and the Elite logo as the backs.
      I dabble in a bit of conjuring, and US Playing Card company do some of the best card stock ( ) other playing card manufacturers are available (I'm in no way affiliated with them, I'm a 30-50 s/w dev in London, so not stereotypical here :-) )

    25. B1gdeano on


      Iv only just passed the big 30! (31)

      Not a dev myself, never had a knack for coding (Head feels like it will explode lol)

      Went down the sys engineer/admin path, now working in service delivery. Not as much hands on tech as used to do, more project based stuff now.

    26. Missing avatar

      colin gammons on

      maybe if the current backers start withdrawing their funding until something more substantial is forthcoming
      then perhaps D.B will get the message.I must admit my initial enthusiasm is waning fast.

    27. A.I. on

      Arg no, not an MMO. Cooperative play, pillocking around inside each others instances, that kind of thing is a thumbs-up though. I don't like MMOs all that much. The only one I play is Eve and I feel pretty powerless inside it. There are lots of players there who can play 24/7 and don't seem to have jobs.

    28. Ratio on

      you see this statement:

      DB - Jason Schupfer - you will be able to play with vast numbers of real players (assuming vast numbers get the game!), but it will be your choice to do so. I imagine it will be the default choice, but the point is there will be a choice

      That has got me excited.. I dont really play games anymore.. as i flip flop from online to single player and never invest in either.. but thats got me excited

    29. Kerrash on

      @Jamie Pears sixty

    30. Frontier Developments Creator on

      Jamie Pears - 60 days.

    31. Kerrash on

      I am a dev but i am Not quite the big three oh yet B1gdeano, but I did start playing Frontier when I was still in single digits :)

    32. Frontier Developments Creator on

      Jason Schupfer - you will be able to play with vast numbers of real players (assuming vast numbers get the game!), but it will be your choice to do so. I imagine it will be the default choice, but the point is there will be a choice.

    33. Jamie Pears on

      i know we have 53 days to go but how many days did we get to begin with, i am just trying to understand the scale. can anyone tell me?

    34. B1gdeano on

      @Simon Waters

      I would imagine a lot of the backers here, the early ones at least are between the ages of 30 - 50!

      I am suspecting also that there is a big chunk of the backers are fellow IT Tech/Devs!

      I know a lot of people who played these games when I was a teenager went on to work in some avenue of IT!

    35. Robert Romano on

      @ Jason Schupfer. It would seem to me that allowing both options, either limited MP or jumping headfirst into the multiverse, would solve the problem. That way if you want to limit to just a few, you can, but if you don't mind a wider community of players, you can just flip a switch. Then the universe will be populated with as few or as many PCs as the user allows. Which if you can allow strangers into your game, is kind of what it sounds like?

    36. B1gdeano on

      @Jason Schupfer

      I would imagine that you would be able to allow strangers to join your game yes

      I am picturing the multiplayer aspect of this like a session based model other games have with drop in/out MP, such as Gears Of War etc

      That way you can limit it or leave it open like DB says

      How this will play out in reality of this game I dont know, as this is (or should be) a free flowing game, where there are no set paths, with people making their own way doing whatever they want. So how someone joining my session will change things im not sure?

      More details will be realeased no doubt in time, but I am glad with what has been said so far about its MP aspect. MMO isnt the way for this.

    37. deusx_ophc on

      2nd time today the lottery winner question =)
      not sure about lottery winners, but there are other ways to make money. surely there are some old farts around that have some cash to throw at worthwhile projects or even just at a chance to re-live their childhood dreams ^^

    38. Howard S on

      "Choosing a limited group of real people that can appear in your game (which could be just you alone), including allowing strangers to appear."

      I got a good feeling about such a adhoc way of doing multiplayer. What I'm thinking right now is something like; most ships out there are npc, but you never know when/if that last pirate you shot down was a PC in his own game. And maybe some anarchy or police state systems where you can bet on dogfights etc. the possibillities have me quite twichy about elite again.

    39. Kerrash on

      @Jason. You have nearly ten thousand friends right here.
      I will gladly assist you sir! ;)

    40. Jason S on

      Sorry i mean if it not proper multiplayer what is the point in the hull supporter emblem.

    41. Si Waters on

      I'm really pleased that the Multiplayer aspect of this is likely to be something I can control, rather than being thrown in at the deep end with far more experienced 10 year olds. That's what puts me off Xbox live. I played Battlefield 3 for a week, great game, but I was crap at it so I lost interest.

      Elite Frontier had so much more depth than a quick fix game, that's what I am after. (Although sometimes I used to load it up just to have a shoot out with the cops :)

      I'm very keen also in meeting up with all the backers online too, as I get the feeling we are all old farts who don't care for all that gung-ho nonsense :)

      I'm totally upping my pledge in the closing week, just need to get Christmas out the way and see what I have left.

      Any lottery winners on?

    42. deusx_ophc on

      3D printed ship models would be awesome - and easy to manage. great idea!

    43. Jason S on

      "Choosing a limited group of real people that can appear in your game (which could be just you alone), including allowing strangers to appear."

      Thing is I have friends but none that would want to play a space sim. Does allowing strangers mean anyone could join my game if I allow?

      I sort of was expecting a proper multiplayer universe like they have in MMO. Without a ship hull supporter emblem seems like bit pointless.

    44. Kerrash on

      @B1gdeano. Agree! I need a new one to put above the PC, this one is...
      Well used? ;)

    45. Kerrash on

      @Marcus I want to go up to £300, I have so many ideas...

    46. B1gdeano on

      @Nick Currie

      I would like a physical reward of a space map like frontier had!

      Used to love planning hyper jumps using that thing, and working out where I wanted to visit!

    47. Granite on

      @Marcus Lear-Jones: That's a shame. It's actually exactly what I'm after, so I'm tempted to up my pledge! :)

    48. B1gdeano on

      @DB Really good to see you picking up on some points being mentioned here, its what it needed! We all have faith in you, regardless of the negative comments! People just needed some feedback/info!

      I am glad you are not taking it the MMO route, I just dont feel the need to do that with this IP. EVE caters for that, no need to try to emulate what that has. As Econundrum, I also have little time for MMO's. I like the idea of some of them, even tried to play them, but ultimatly run out of spare time to commit, fall behind and lose interest. That and struggle to group etc with clique types for quests.

      Multiplayer is a good idea if implemented well, but could butcher the spirit of what came before if done badly

      I would be happy for E:D to be single player only, but am keen to see what the multiplayer element could bring...

    49. Kerrash on

      Single biggest thing I wanted added to Frontier was the ability to have a bigger impact on the existing galaxy by creating your own space ports for example. I imagine if the worlds and cities are procedural, this should be within reach these days?

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