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Take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally - trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy.
Take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally - trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy.
25,681 backers pledged £1,578,316 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Ratio on

      you see this statement:

      DB - Jason Schupfer - you will be able to play with vast numbers of real players (assuming vast numbers get the game!), but it will be your choice to do so. I imagine it will be the default choice, but the point is there will be a choice

      That has got me excited.. I dont really play games anymore.. as i flip flop from online to single player and never invest in either.. but thats got me excited

    2. Kerrash on

      @Jamie Pears sixty

    3. Frontier Developments Creator on

      Jamie Pears - 60 days.

    4. Kerrash on

      I am a dev but i am Not quite the big three oh yet B1gdeano, but I did start playing Frontier when I was still in single digits :)

    5. Frontier Developments Creator on

      Jason Schupfer - you will be able to play with vast numbers of real players (assuming vast numbers get the game!), but it will be your choice to do so. I imagine it will be the default choice, but the point is there will be a choice.

    6. Jamie Pears on

      i know we have 53 days to go but how many days did we get to begin with, i am just trying to understand the scale. can anyone tell me?

    7. B1gdeano on

      @Simon Waters

      I would imagine a lot of the backers here, the early ones at least are between the ages of 30 - 50!

      I am suspecting also that there is a big chunk of the backers are fellow IT Tech/Devs!

      I know a lot of people who played these games when I was a teenager went on to work in some avenue of IT!

    8. Robert Romano on

      @ Jason Schupfer. It would seem to me that allowing both options, either limited MP or jumping headfirst into the multiverse, would solve the problem. That way if you want to limit to just a few, you can, but if you don't mind a wider community of players, you can just flip a switch. Then the universe will be populated with as few or as many PCs as the user allows. Which if you can allow strangers into your game, is kind of what it sounds like?

    9. B1gdeano on

      @Jason Schupfer

      I would imagine that you would be able to allow strangers to join your game yes

      I am picturing the multiplayer aspect of this like a session based model other games have with drop in/out MP, such as Gears Of War etc

      That way you can limit it or leave it open like DB says

      How this will play out in reality of this game I dont know, as this is (or should be) a free flowing game, where there are no set paths, with people making their own way doing whatever they want. So how someone joining my session will change things im not sure?

      More details will be realeased no doubt in time, but I am glad with what has been said so far about its MP aspect. MMO isnt the way for this.

    10. deusx_ophc on

      2nd time today the lottery winner question =)
      not sure about lottery winners, but there are other ways to make money. surely there are some old farts around that have some cash to throw at worthwhile projects or even just at a chance to re-live their childhood dreams ^^

    11. Howard S on

      "Choosing a limited group of real people that can appear in your game (which could be just you alone), including allowing strangers to appear."

      I got a good feeling about such a adhoc way of doing multiplayer. What I'm thinking right now is something like; most ships out there are npc, but you never know when/if that last pirate you shot down was a PC in his own game. And maybe some anarchy or police state systems where you can bet on dogfights etc. the possibillities have me quite twichy about elite again.

    12. Kerrash on

      @Jason. You have nearly ten thousand friends right here.
      I will gladly assist you sir! ;)

    13. Jason S on

      Sorry i mean if it not proper multiplayer what is the point in the hull supporter emblem.

    14. Si Waters on

      I'm really pleased that the Multiplayer aspect of this is likely to be something I can control, rather than being thrown in at the deep end with far more experienced 10 year olds. That's what puts me off Xbox live. I played Battlefield 3 for a week, great game, but I was crap at it so I lost interest.

      Elite Frontier had so much more depth than a quick fix game, that's what I am after. (Although sometimes I used to load it up just to have a shoot out with the cops :)

      I'm very keen also in meeting up with all the backers online too, as I get the feeling we are all old farts who don't care for all that gung-ho nonsense :)

      I'm totally upping my pledge in the closing week, just need to get Christmas out the way and see what I have left.

      Any lottery winners on?

    15. deusx_ophc on

      3D printed ship models would be awesome - and easy to manage. great idea!

    16. Jason S on

      "Choosing a limited group of real people that can appear in your game (which could be just you alone), including allowing strangers to appear."

      Thing is I have friends but none that would want to play a space sim. Does allowing strangers mean anyone could join my game if I allow?

      I sort of was expecting a proper multiplayer universe like they have in MMO. Without a ship hull supporter emblem seems like bit pointless.

    17. Kerrash on

      @B1gdeano. Agree! I need a new one to put above the PC, this one is...
      Well used? ;)

    18. Kerrash on

      @Marcus I want to go up to £300, I have so many ideas...

    19. B1gdeano on

      @Nick Currie

      I would like a physical reward of a space map like frontier had!

      Used to love planning hyper jumps using that thing, and working out where I wanted to visit!

    20. Granite on

      @Marcus Lear-Jones: That's a shame. It's actually exactly what I'm after, so I'm tempted to up my pledge! :)

    21. B1gdeano on

      @DB Really good to see you picking up on some points being mentioned here, its what it needed! We all have faith in you, regardless of the negative comments! People just needed some feedback/info!

      I am glad you are not taking it the MMO route, I just dont feel the need to do that with this IP. EVE caters for that, no need to try to emulate what that has. As Econundrum, I also have little time for MMO's. I like the idea of some of them, even tried to play them, but ultimatly run out of spare time to commit, fall behind and lose interest. That and struggle to group etc with clique types for quests.

      Multiplayer is a good idea if implemented well, but could butcher the spirit of what came before if done badly

      I would be happy for E:D to be single player only, but am keen to see what the multiplayer element could bring...

    22. Kerrash on

      Single biggest thing I wanted added to Frontier was the ability to have a bigger impact on the existing galaxy by creating your own space ports for example. I imagine if the worlds and cities are procedural, this should be within reach these days?

    23. Missing avatar

      Marcus Lear-Jones on

      Thanks for the update David :) It's not multi-player enough for me, so I'm out; but wish you all the best, I know it'll be fabulous for the single players and team players. Be Dangerous everyone :)

    24. Kerrash on

      A.i. I hope it is peer to peer, I already promised I would run a server for my sister ;)

    25. A.I. on

      Thing is, Steam pretty much already provides the interface for this, with Steam Cloud. I wonder if Frontier are allowed by existing contracts to publish there (it wouldn't surprise me if Microsoft inserted clauses in their contracts for other games preventing studios from publishing at a competitor, which Steam essentially is).

    26. Robert Maynard on

      A simple (and nice to have) physical reward would be a 3D printed ship model - different ship per higher reward tier.

    27. A.I. on

      I think it implies Peer to Peer Marcus, perhaps with one or more central coordinating servers. I would hope there will be a single central server to persist player/game information. A kind-of Elite: Dangerous Cloud. This would allow players to trade valuable items and generate a market for them which could also generate revenue for Frontier.

    28. Granite on

      Hi David, nice to see you here and thanks for taking the time to drop by.

      Will there be a single player element to this game?

      Also you mention Call of Duty as an example of online play (I assume you mean relatively low player numbers). Does this mean there will be multiple servers available to play on? If so will these servers only be hosted by Frontier or will it be possible for players to run their own servers?

    29. econundrum1977 on

      That sounds ideal David multiplayer wise, and scalable graphics is good news. Goodluck I hope you make the target, (for our sakes as wella s yours since I'm really excited about this now).

    30. Melchy on

      Thanks, that confirms what I had thought and hoped the network side of the game would be.

    31. Frontier Developments Creator on

      econundrum - Yes, we plan to support scalable graphics (as we have for previous PC games like Roller Coaster Tycoon 3).

      I don't see this as an MMO in the traditional sense, unless you think of Call of Duty as an MMO. In E:D you will have the concept of saving and reloading, and choosing a limited group of real people that can appear in your game (which could be just you alone), including allowing strangers to appear.

    32. econundrum1977 on

      @A.I. If the mechanics are designed to push players into staying in one small region of a vast galaxy I don’t see the point in simulating a whole galaxy to start with. A game where 90% of players stick around a 100 central systems sound’s tedious to me. That’s why I have no interest in EVE Online.

    33. Tim Foster on

      My first comment here - but thought you might be interested to know that Elite Dangerous gets a mention in the latest BBC Click episode:

      Good luck David on reaching the funding goal!

    34. Kerrash on

      @Comet. I agree wholeheartedly with you. Elite is the single biggest driving factor that got me into software development today. Hopefully the RPi will do the same for my boy.

      Thanks a hundred billion DB ;)

    35. A.I. on

      econundrum you're assuming all players are evenly spread. The fact is they wouldn't be. Maybe 10% would pillock off into the unknown. The rest would hang around their "banker" locations (in an MMO that is), the trade hubs and regional centres and so on. Anyway it all would depend on how the economy works. No point mining gold if you can't ever trade it in for something at a hub, so you're going to have to travel there at some point to exchange. That means you can't be so far out it takes you a tediously long time to return to your hub.

    36. Jamie Steninger on

      @ Iain M Norman

      Perhaps someone should do a youtube vid series as a lead up to the development of ED. Now, how many iterations of Elite (the original game) are there? And should Oolite be counted?

    37. Iain M Norman on

      Here's a question for you good people. Should game mechanics enforce morals as they often do in MMOs at the moment, or is it possible to give players the tools to enforce their own moral majority?

    38. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Rayner on

      @DB loving the sound of modules inside the ship, I hope they have a cost and a mass, and you choose the position as well, e.g. Thargoids blow out the starboard cargo hold, doh that's where I'm keeping the Alloys from Zaonce...

    39. Kerrash on

      Hmmm interesting thanks DB.
      I can't wait to get a look at the file format to hack together some modding tools ;)

    40. Jim Collins on

      Thanks David for the update that sounds really good!

      A friend of mine got to the Elite rating after about 5 years of playing Frontier Elite 2. I am on Deadly right now but have received the Right On Commander message 3 times in the last few months. I pick a fight with anything I can. In the Imperial systems it is not uncommon for me to shoot down 3 or more Imperial Couriers / Imperial Traders within each star system I visit.

      I hope it won’t be long before I reach Elite.

    41. econundrum1977 on

      Actually my problem with MMO games is it becomes a contest of who has the most time to burn, and brother it’s not me I assure you lucky to fit in a couple of hours gaming a week at the moment.

      With a single player game I can play at my own pace without falling so far behind other players filling the world it gets silly playing. With some co-op though I can sometimes play with some real life friends.

      Also if it has at least as many stars as Frontier which I expect minimum, then it wouldn’t work as a MMO anyway lets be generous and say 10 million players divided across 10,000,000,000 stars with numerous planets, asteroids, moons in each. Just how often could you expect to meet another player by chance?

      It's that vast universe I look forward to never being able to explore 1% of.

    42. deusx_ophc on

      @iain m well one of my private projects is to assemble what my wife calls "electro-schrott", basically multiples of any personal computer/console since creation. some early commercial imb etc included for fun.

      i am sure i have elite original (not all the later versions) on most systems. the FD archive could help maybe with a list ;p

    43. Comet on

      Hi David. You probably hear this a lot but I still must say it. Your games had a great impact in my teen years. They are a big part of the reason why I've followed computer science to become a developer.
      Elite was a true showcase of what you could do with computers. And I think most will agree that it was ahead of it's time.
      I'm proud to support your new project and hope you're succefull.

    44. Andy Harrison on

      Glad to hear you're going to update the pledge rewards. I'm sure you have already decided on the changes you are going to make, but here's a couple of thoughts I wanted to throw into the mix:

      1. Clarify what 'Reserve a digital copy of the game' means. If this means that we receive a fully paid for game, then say that. When I read 'reserve' I think of booking something so that it's available for when I want to buy it, but I still have to pay for it.

      2. Physical rewards. I have seen several comments asking for physical rewards such as t-shirts and badges etc. This isn't something I'm personally interested in, so if you do decide to introduce anything like this then please make them optional add-ons (eg pledge £xxx or more and you can get a bit of shiny plastic for an additional £yy)

      3. Read-only access to backers/design forums. Allow lower pledge level to be able to *read* but not *post* in the mentioned forums, but then allow them to up their pledge at a later date if they decide they want to get more involved.

    45. Iain M Norman on

      "Kerrash - interiors in those ships are hand-crafted, but done so out of modules." - Modules which would I guess simply depend on what you've bought for your ship if you're keeping the whole equipment as tonnage model.

    46. Andrew Brown on

      I reached Elite on both Frontier and First Encounters.
      However, one problem I had was that my ship was too big for a military drive, even though it could trash most things that flew. As a result, there were a load of combat-oriented missions I couldn't get because a military drive was a prerequisite for getting them.

    47. Tim L [Paden on ED Forums] on

      Thanks @DB good to see you on here.

    48. Iain M Norman on

      @deusx @melchy I remember doing it on the Spectrum version. Press "F" whilst pause if I recall. Using that was my key to getting to Elite. All those Thargoids combined with a mining laser. Slow to fire but powerful and doesn't overheat. Thargoids are not difficult to hit, they are the proverbial barn door.

      I presumed at the time that the Thargoids would be worth more towards a rating. Not sure if that was ever the case, pretty sure we know now after reverse engineering things that rating was solely based on kills. David would know for sure though.

    49. Iain M Norman on

      @Jamie I've been considering a blog project where I document an attempt to get to Elite in every version of the original released, from the BBC to the NES. Now this would be impressive if attempted on emulators but much more of a talking point if attempted on actual hardware :)

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