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Take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally - trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy.
Take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally - trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy.
25,681 backers pledged £1,578,316 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. deusx_ophc 3 days ago

      just the tonic required ^^
      let's see how the week pans out

    2. Harbinger 3 days ago
      It's official 500K Planet Coaster units, 2.1m Elite Dangerous by end of December.

    3. Theta Sigma 4 days ago


      Hmmm... either you own a DeLorean and a clock-tower, or you had (and continue to have) a far more objective and realistic view of FDEV's prospects than certain offline... erm... "enthusiasts" %^]
      deusx_ophc on April 13, 2016

      " early 2017 (around the same time you will stop posting here) FDEV will publish the first 6 months of #planetcoaster laughing all the way to the bank, i think it is called ^^"…


    4. Theta Sigma 5 days ago

      @Wyzak @Oldschool Shadowrunner

      #BWA (ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah)


    5. Theta Sigma 6 days ago



      Planet Coaster has shifted 568,297 ± 41,111 units since alpha release.

      ~400,000 in less than 2 months since Steam release on 17th November


    6. deusx_ophc 7 days ago

      GBX 120 #idemandakickstartercommentseditbutton!!!1212!

    7. deusx_ophc 7 days ago

      @theta sigma
      FDEV was around GBX 2,00 then (buying shy under) so yeah a decent return by any means. about 1,2 GBX or 57.5% pre tax ^^

    8. Theta Sigma 7 days ago


      I wonder what the 'virtual investment' I suggested for Oldschool Shadowrunner is worth now? %^]


    9. deusx_ophc 7 days ago

      @theta #doom indeed.

      just have a look at the FDEV share price and see for yourself what this investment has cost you!! yesterdays close at GBX 320.5 +2.89% (Up +9.00) is at an ALL TIME LOW!!!1212!1


      looks healthy

      so now what? prepare to liquidise once figures are up in feb and in time for the commemcement of #brexit in march or just indulge in FDEV until the end of time? ! i sense that the fx meltdown isn't priced in yet and that there will be some very nice opportunities around at the LSE specially based on dividend titles.

      but yeah #doom ^^

    10. Theta Sigma 7 days ago


      Woah, Ashley Jenkins and Gus Sorola really signed the death-warrant for Elite: Dangerous there. Game Over, man! Game Over! %^]

      PS where are the deluded twins? After 2 years of desperation they've gone really quiet all of a sudden.



    11. deusx_ophc on January 10

      i am getting the echo chamber blues ^^

      how about we add some lightness…


      @theta i don't care as long as we get THARGOIDS in planet coaster ^^ #cross-fertilisation

    12. Theta Sigma on January 7


      Coming to a popular space-trading-combat game near you, soon?

      "In Planet Coaster’s voxel-based sandbox we wanted to simulate 10,000 park guests at once and we wanted them to look like a real crowd. We also wanted them to be able to handle curved paths, which had proven a challenging task in crowd simulations from our previous games but something we considered essential to Planet Coaster."

    13. Theta Sigma on January 6

      @Wyzak @Oldschool Shadowrunner

      When will you guys admit that your obsession with the lack of offline mode left you blind to the fact that you were utterly wrong on almost every other claim you have made over the past two years?

    14. Theta Sigma on January 4


      This game is doomed

    15. deusx_ophc on January 3

      @theta sigma
      licensing is always iffy. there can be serious money for little/to no effort but that is rare these days. and it is always a hassle...
      FDEV showed their shrewd and prudent sides by going public & use coffers for transition. good on them ^^

      oh and @oldfool how about helping this little gem of a kickstarter to get off the ground? it is ALL OFFLINE and must be right down your oldschool shadowrun alley.

    16. Theta Sigma on January 3


      Naughty naughty Atari.
      No wonder Frontier prefer to be 100% self-publishing.

    17. deusx_ophc on January 2

      happy new year!

      @os you silly old fool^^
      you may want to ask drew that question

    18. Oldschool Shadowrunner on January 1

      Elite Dangerous licensee goes out of business.

      Are there any left alive?

    19. Matt Dobson on January 1

      Happy New Year all!

    20. deusx_ophc on December 29

      @V3teran now there is another name i recall ^^ hope you can also enjoy the festive season and all the best for 2017.

      in my mind the funding was always a certainty, just needed helping along from many commanders. FDEV and DB did a tremendous job to force the ks into the right direction,

      another critical injunction were the literary licenses

      and also i recall this place being a riot (of fun mostly)

      last but not least, after all the dust setltles seeing is believing ^^

    21. V3teran on December 28

      Hi all, hope you had a good Christmas...seems only like a few days ago when this was finally funded...remember when we all though that it was not gonna get funded at one point.

    22. deusx_ophc on December 27

      ad astra general organa
      27.12. 2016

    23. Theta Sigma on December 24

      Wyzak on 18 May 2016


      - another good run for shareholders over the last month"…


      So, in reality the share price has just risen 85% in 4 months, now at 302.5p i.e. around 4p less than the all-time peak back in 2014 despite all the #doom

      Fascinating how W&OS choose to ignore the facts

      Where is the #doom ?
      Perhaps it will finally happen in 2017 %^]

    24. Theta Sigma on December 23


      It would apparently be unethical to post objective facts about a game that didn't deliver something that was part of their Kickstarter pitch.

      How's Star Citizen looking these days? %^]

    25. deusx_ophc on December 23

      @theta i bet you everyone has run off to BUY FDEV shares after our sage advise on here over the years ^^

      btw GBX 297.45 +5.85% (Up +16.45)


    26. Theta Sigma on December 23

      It's oh so quiet.

    27. deusx_ophc on December 21

      @theta brainz it is then ^^

    28. Theta Sigma on December 21


      You're providing an important service to the tens of thousands of high-flying city traders who invest millions on the basis of the cogent insights afforded by the deep economic analysis helpfully and freely provided by obsessive fanboys on this zombie comments section %^]


    29. deusx_ophc on December 21

      GBX 275.00 +5.36% (Up +14.00) #justsaying #doom


    30. deusx_ophc on December 19

      some GBP 38K raised for special effect so far - these are the good guys

    31. deusx_ophc on December 19

      and amongst all the bitter feuding there are some gentler minds - how about trying the final 12hrs of the ED 24hrs charity stream - good clean fun for everyone ^^…

    32. Theta Sigma on December 19


      Wyzak: "you are right I did conjecture that"…

      That's a great step forward Wyzak. Publicly admitting that two years of your baseless conjecture has utterly failed to transpire is real progress. Well done you.
      As to 'massive hypocrisy':

      Wyzak on 4th April, 2015:

      "The information in that post and in all of my other posts have been factually accurate."…

      Hmmm... that's interesting, as there's an ever-growing list of statements and conjecture you've made in these comments that have all been proven to be factually incorrect/misleading/just plain wrong.
      Here's just one example of the falsity of your conjecture and prediction:

      Wyzak on 4th April, 2015:

      "...thousands of posters on the forums and the Steam community are still waiting for FDEV to tell them that they won't be receiving Steam keys."…

      Reality: FDEV announce Steam keys for all - in direct contradiction to Wyzak's prediction.


    33. Missing avatar

      Wyzak on December 19

      Theta Sigma, you are right I did conjecture that. But either I have proven that you own shares in FDEV, or I have proven that you are massively hypocritical and do exactly what you insist others should not do.

    34. deusx_ophc on December 19

      GBX 255.00 +2.62% (Up +6.50) #justsaying #doom

      oh and have a great start into the week everyone!

    35. el_tel on December 16

      Happy birthday Elite:Dangerous!

    36. deusx_ophc on December 15

      GBX 247.50 +0.81% (Up +2.00) #justsaying #doom

    37. Theta Sigma on December 14


      You conjectured that I sold the alleged shares that you conjectured that I allegedly bought? %^]

      This, in conjunction with your two years and counting (list available on request) of demonstrably failed predictions and conjecture surrounding the imminent #doom of Elite: Dangerous, Frontier Developments and David Braben.

    38. deusx_ophc on December 14

      GBX 241.50 +2.77% (Up +6.50) #justsaying #doom

    39. Missing avatar

      Wyzak on December 13

      Have I seen any evidence that you have sold your shares Theta Sigma? No.
      I conjectured as much because you haven't posted under your alias in the LSE thread for at least a year. This after you mentioned that those who don't own shares should not post there. I can't see further as I don't have an account even though you've accused me repeatedly of being biglittle456, and I honestly couldn't be bothered to create one just to see the last time you posted.

      Would you like to publicly state that you've sold your shares or alternatively that you still own shares in FDEV?

    40. Theta Sigma on December 13

      Woops! I forgot.
      Facts ain't facts (until Wyzak says so)

      Wyzak on 10th March, 2016
      "But you know that and that's why you sold your shares Theta Sigma." cursor=12738567#comment-12738566

      Wait. What?
      So, according to Wyzak - man of ethics and righteous paragon of objectivity - I ceased having "a conflict of interests" sometime around March 2016.

      Presumably the facts I've posted since that date are therefore entirely worthy of consideration (...unless of course there's some other arbitrary standard that must be met before facts can be considered facts by 'Mr Objectivity, 2014-to-present'?) %^]

    41. Theta Sigma on December 13


      I keep wondering about the relentless prescience of our posts versus Wyzak's %^]

      Theta Sigma on March 30, 2016

      "Planet Coaster Alpha footage certainly bringing in the crowds: UPDATE…

      Filters: View Count + This Week

      Top 20 Videos:

      Total views: 1,582,869

      Total likes: 70,080 (98.7% positive)

      Total dislikes: 952 (1.3% negative)

      Total comments: 14,550

      Yup, certainly looks like Frontier Developments have an epic hit franchise on their hands.
      The large majority of the comments are extremely positive.
      Many comments also referring to having already purchased the alpha, or thinking about purchasing the alpha.
      Great news for future and long-term funding of their smaller, more niche franchise Elite: Dangerous…
      Wyzak on March 31, 2016

      "...until the game (Planet Coaster) is actually out it's best not to take them on their word for anything. Less it become another "creative decision"."…
      deusx_ophc on April 13, 2016

      " early 2017 (around the same time you will stop posting here) FDEV will publish the first 6 months of #planetcoaster laughing all the way to the bank, i think it is called ^^"…
      Hmmm... let's take another look with the benefit of 7 months hind-sight...

      Planet Coaster

      Owners: 349,578 ± 15,433

      Players in the last 2 weeks: 224,958 ± 12,382 (64.35%)

      Players total: 340,829 ± 15,239 (97.5%)

      Peak concurrent players yesterday: 6,963

      YouTube stats: 5,841,269 views and 33,078 comments for videos uploaded last week

      Playtime in the last 2 weeks: 09:35 (average) 04:37 (median)

      Playtime total: 15:48 (average) 08:39 (median)

    42. deusx_ophc on December 13

      @theta i keep wondering will planet safari (as per ip registrations) be the next franchise or will it be major a planet coaster extension?

      the outsider ip is only european currently, the us invalid :/

      oh and looks like today had more in store for fdev shareholders. gathering pace

    43. Theta Sigma on December 13


      Looks as though FDEV are demonstrably astute at "protecting their financial investment" themselves.

      Corollary: if Wyzak's delusions of grandeur are true - and big-hitter investors use this backwater comments section to gauge the market - it is somewhat inexplicable that SP actually rose during the three month period in which I stopped posting here. Perhaps I should take another break? %^]

    44. deusx_ophc on December 13

      gbx 228,50 +4,58% #justsaying

    45. Richard Walker on December 13

      I tend to check in every few days for a laugh, oh and the financial advice lol.

      Oh and still enjoying ED since premium beta days :)

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