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Take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally - trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy.
Take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally - trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy.
25,681 backers pledged £1,578,316 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. deusx_ophc about 21 hours ago

      i was so excited buddy, pardon my spelling. i bet you can hardly contain yourself, too *roffle*

    2. Oldschool Shadowrunner 1 day ago

      do wrote "first contect?!"

      You're the FD staffer who writes the ED GalNet news full of spelling errors aren't you? :-)

    3. deusx_ophc 2 days ago

      @os you wot?!

    4. deusx_ophc 2 days ago

      i used the logitech 3d pro joystick most of my time in ED. it is a single base stick with plenty of buttons to mash and it has a small but effective thrust slider, too.
      the best budget 2handed hotas setup comes via the thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS X
      i bought a saitek x52 pro (serious piece of kit) but never really set it up, it just crowds the space on my desk way too much. though it is the flightstick of choice for all the pro commanders ^^

    5. Oldschool Shadowrunner 2 days ago

      > So, you're telling me that 'x' number of people signed up for a tournament and paid some type of registration fee. Im the end, the company provided nothing ti those who signed-up?

      What people paid for was the ED game needed to get a chance at the $100,000 tournament prizes. Eurogamer tells what happened.

      > I find it highly improbable that a company could operate in this fashion.

      This is no ordinary company. This Frontier Developments. The company that raised £1.5m crowdfunding to develop Elite Dangerous on a promise that it would either deliver the game as advertised or refund all backers, and reneged on that promise. Released a cut-down restricted-access version and then tried to charge extra for things it had advertised but missed out. Failed to deliver bonus items which backers paid thousands of pounds for. Broke its promise to finish the game before diverting effort to converting for other platforms. Broke its promise that all in-game items would be purchasable in-game, not requiring real money. Went on to break a load of other promises made to boost sales, such as never-to-be-repeated Lifetime Passes, limited time special paint jobs, special Cobra ship, pre-paid expansions to be delivered each season this year. The list goes on.

      And that's not to mention the company's extraordinary frauds against its shareholders……

      Fact is, if there was an award for the UK's most crooked games development company, Frontier would win it hands down.

    6. Joseph Pilkus 3 days ago


      Quick question...while we're able to navigate reasonably well with our RAZR mouse (it's awesome), it can't hold a candle to a controller more resembling the yoke aboard an aircraft. Do you recommend a reasonably priced one for use with ED?


    7. deusx_ophc 3 days ago

      @joseph hi there ^^ great to hear your & your daughter are having fun with ED
      @os shame that you are having no such luck ;p though i would bite my own arm off to see your actual ED game data...

    8. Joseph Pilkus 3 days ago


      Please understand that I mean no disrespect when I ask these questions, but I find it highly improbable that a company could operate in this fashion. So, you're telling me that 'x' number of people signed up for a tournament and paid some type of registration fee. Im the end, the company provided nothing ti those who signed-up?


    9. Oldschool Shadowrunner 4 days ago

      Joseph wrote "I'm not sure why you would suppose that not reaching a financial threshold should serve as the litmus test for fraudulent behavior. "

      What financial threshold?? Frontier advertised a $100,000 tournament to incentivise ED game sales, took people's money, and then reneged on the tournament. No "threshold" was involved.

    10. Joseph Pilkus 5 days ago


      I'm not sure why you would suppose that not reaching a financial threshold should serve as the litmus test for fraudulent behavior. I've run or assisted with more than a dozen KS projects, and those campaigns often had financial or social media goals which triggered something, it if met. If not, they didn't. I work in law enforcement, and I'm trying to understand the rationale.


    11. deusx_ophc 5 days ago

      @OS thank you for sharing

      as you say i am sure FDEV are amoosed…

      happy weekend everyone ^^

    12. Oldschool Shadowrunner 5 days ago

      Some good news for Frontier today. The National Fraud Investigation Bureau has said it has "not identified and leads that would lead to a successful criminal investigation"

      Champagne at the FDEV offices, for sure. Frontier lives to defraud another day!

    13. Oldschool Shadowrunner on August 24

      do wrote: "elite;dangerous is certainly NOT perfect and yet it is easily the very best VR and gaming experience for the discerning space farer"

      Everyone is entitled to their opinion! :)

      "What I would like to see is for Frontier to step up and show strong leadership, show that they know their genre, show that they know the identity of their own game and where it is going, because right now it looks like they have absolutely no clue what Elite is or what they stand to lose."…

    14. Joseph Pilkus on August 23


      Ending with "hugs" ~ classic!

      As I've mentioned, it's a great game thus far and have fun, but by no means have clocked the hundreds or thousands of hours akin to others.


    15. deusx_ophc on August 23

      say that again. SAY THAT again! and i dare you, i double dare you motherfucker! say that one more time and i make you play alternating rounds of nms and sc until you relent ^^

      elite;dangerous is certainly NOT perfect and yet it is easily the very best VR and gaming experience for the discerning space farer. for that FDEV and DB must be commended. ffs they are an independent game dev, that alone deserves respect

      @os you should try and forget the hate for a day and just try to have fun within the game. the community is (in my view) one of the very best i have ever experienced.

      all that aside, i wonder what game/dev do you really like and respect ?!


    16. Oldschool Shadowrunner on August 22

      > fresh from gamescon - DB interview 3. as always top notch, thanks for another great show FDEVs

      Did we miss the bit where David Braben explained why he's spending a fortune promiting the NEXT expansion while he has still not finished the LAST expansion, Engineers, now FOUR MONTHS past its original delivery date?

      No, I don't think we missed it. It was him that missed it out.

      Braben's priority hasn't changed since the start of this project. His priority is delivering promises rather than delivering the promised product.

    17. deusx_ophc on August 22

      i have no idea why one would use a shit 3rd party website to quote instead of the original source but yeah @os @wyzak you keep using that site.

      though specially the quality of the "share discussions" pages suits your own style ^^

      try this

    18. Missing avatar

      Wyzak on August 21…

      Frontier Dev Share PriceShare Price SpacerPrice172.50

      52 Week High 245.50 52 Week High Date 22-DEC-2015
      52 Week Low 172.50 52 Week Low Date 19-AUG-2016

    19. deusx_ophc on August 20

      fresh from gamescon - DB interview 3. as always top notch, thanks for another great show FDEVs…

    20. deusx_ophc on August 20

      @os FDEV @ GBPENCE 172,50 but never mind. one day you will get it ^^

    21. Oldschool Shadowrunner on August 20

      > the kickstarter reward "digital artbook" has arrived.

      Only two years late! Well done, Frontier.

      > it is in the ahop now as download. just showing again that FDEV in fact care ^^

      I'm sure FDEV cares ... not not to be sued by buyers losing patience.

      Meanwhile, let's see how are the company's investors taking the news the latest feeble expansion is now delayed until October. Here we go. Share price down to 165p - lowest for two and a half years.…

    22. deusx_ophc on August 18

      remember remember the 17th of november ^^

    23. deusx_ophc on August 17

      and as a sidenote #gamescon anyone !!
      oh and before i forget, drew wagar is writing his next ED novel! this time published by FDEV themselves, great news, too.

      lots of happenings

    24. deusx_ophc on August 17

      just got mail, the kickstarter reward "digital artbook" has arrived. it is in the ahop now as download. just showing again that FDEV in fact care ^^
      also the DDF has been very active with DB and other key staff taking on the crazy horde again. in a very good way, too. been a few months that way, just didn't want to report it =)

    25. deusx_ophc on August 15

      wee the mighty men are still about ^^
      will join the fray some time soonish. once back at work and with some time for this nonsense on my hands =)

      @os your are truly my special friend. i miss you �

    26. Oldschool Shadowrunner on August 12

      Dice Man wrote:
      > Yeap, another few weeks pass, still nothing for the Founder level other than a ship badge

      There was an old man from Frontier,
      Who supported us with a sneer,
      He ignored our requests,
      And feathered his nest,
      With our money and many a tear.

      -- telperion…


    27. Joseph Pilkus on August 12


      I can't speak to the scores...maybe it's a function of those who have registered or many folks simply play, like us, on our own with little or no interaction on Steam. I'm interested to learn more.


    28. Missing avatar

      Wyzak on August 11 - recent score 62% (590 reviews), overall score 65% (16,107 reviews) - recent score 57% (35 reviews), overall score 66% (457 reviews)

      @Joseph Pilkus -… - would a vocal minority have such a large effect on the scores?

    29. Dice Man on August 10

      Yeap, another few weeks pass, still nothing for the Founder level other than a ship badge and still not playing Elite because it's just too boring.

    30. Oldschool Shadowrunner on August 10

      "after watching many You Tube videos in advance of us downloading the game to learn how to fly"

      Joseph, if that's the "there's hours and hours of content for us" of yours that I asked about... then yes you might indeed enjoy the empty grindy bugfest that is Elite Dangerous.

    31. Joseph Pilkus on August 10


      My daughter, when I told her about the controversial issues surrounding the game and my response, immediately replied, "yes, we were flying around for a few hours, but that's after watching many You Tube videos in advance of us downloading the game to learn how to fly." As an Air Force officer, it came a bit easier to me. We experienced a lot of rolling when she had the stick.


    32. Missing avatar

      Wyzak on August 10

      Yeah Avalanche,

      It was confirmed that Theta Sigma was a shareholder, and deusx_ophc admitted in his own words to being a shareholder.

    33. Joseph Pilkus on August 9


      It's based on two data streams. First, I've read a number of reviews, including yours and the ones pointed-out by Avalanche which speak to 1,000+ hours of play under their belts. Second, my daughter and I had a chance to configure our ship and fly around for about two hours last night, landing on one planet and docking at a location. We'll have more "flight time" tonight and during the balance of the week.


    34. Oldschool Shadowrunner on August 9

      Joseph, I'm interested to know what makes you say "there's hours and hours of content for us" in Elite Dangerous. If I get you right, haven't played the game yet. So are you going by the developer diaries? The advertising? Reviews? Or what? Just askin.

    35. Joseph Pilkus on August 9


      Your pleas are not beyond reason. I'm a published board game designer, and while I know nothing about the intricacies of creating developing a video game, I have a more than seven years in the area of play-testing, writing, and developing board games. Regardless of the clever mechanics or the immersive environment, it has to be fun. For more than three decades, I've played RPGs...why? Because they reward good play and over time, you enhance your abilities and skills. Anyway, I can certainly sympathize with your anguish...if it's not fun, it may not be worth playing.


    36. Oldschool Shadowrunner on August 8


      Elite has no respect for people's time.

      I can't think of any other pursuit that yields so little for the time you invest.

      I'd like to play more Elite; the ships are amazing and they sound and feel great.

      However, that's not enough. I just can't justify spending hours looking for random named materials for random engineers, or trying broken missions, or broken powerplay, or driving around on bleak planets.

      There are two places I know I can go to have fun; RESs and Conflict Zones. Wait, three; nav beacons. Because I know what I'm signing up for; I arrive, I fight for as long as I like, I go. But I've been playing Elite for over a thousand hours now, and you know what? I'm bored of these.

      Since I bought the game nearly two years ago, FD has added nothing that entertains me save a few extra ships. Everything else they've added, I've tried to enjoy, but the game is so mean spirited and makes it so damn hard to get any enjoyment out of. I have a lot of things to do in my "free time", and try as I might (and I try pretty hard, people) I just can't justify spending the time on Elite when spending it any other way, any other way, is more enjoyable and productive.

      Yes, I know. It's Elite Dangerous. It doesn't hold your hand or anything, it's a living Galaxy. But it has to offer enough enjoyment from time spent playing it to justify doing so, which, I'm sorry, I'm now aware that it simply does not.(this is subjective, of course, it simply does not for me - but my requirements are quite low compared to most gamers, and I'm lucky enough to have more time than many to spend playing).

      FD are madly creating an amazing universe but they've forgotten that they need to make it something people want to spend time with. Scale and numbers mean nothing by themselves; you have to let people experience it in a way that they enjoy. You might argue that they're crafting the world's most amazing space sim, and that to expect a more "enjoyable" experience is at odds with the core of what Elite is.

      And that's a fine argument. Unless you want to people to actually PLAY IT.

      Elite is so damn disrespectful of people's time. So. Disrespectful. Doing anything takes so much time. SO much time spent "playing" is literally watching clocks count; distances, drives charging, fuel gauges charging, whatever. Elite always comes down to time, it's what the game asks of you, punishes you with, accidentally demands of you with it's archaic idiosyncrasies. And I can no longer justify this time because it is simply not enjoyable enough. I have other games that are just more rewarding to spend time with, not to mention other non-screen based pursuits.

      Clearly I've had enough of Elite and need to take a very long break. But you know, I have no great hope that the game will ever become something that appeals to me, now that I understand why it is I feel I can't play it. I think it will never embrace the fact that people want to enjoy it, I think FD are locked on a crazy path and do not understand that their game is terribly neglecting the human element. Since I first bought it, they have spent so much time and effort on it yet added so, so very little that I actually enjoy.

      And so it is with heavy heart that this Elite rated commander, who has spent so long playing this game, must condemn Elite, having realized it for what it is and knowing deep down that he can never justify the time to spend on something so cold, mean and boring when there are so much better things to do.

      I'm sorry for the rant, please understand it comes from love.

      Elite. You MUST learn to respect people's time. You. Must.

    37. Joseph Pilkus on August 8


      Thanks for the URLs. It appears as though those who were looking for intensive MMO type play are the most incensed by it all. I do hope you and the others finally get the game you expected to receive. As for the mods, a friend of mine gave my daughter access to more than 50 of them, so she'll be busy for awhile.


    38. Oldschool Shadowrunner on August 8

      > Did they both say they were shareholders?

      I think one of them, Harbinger, now works for Frontier as a moderator on the Elite Dangerous Steam forum.

      By the way, anyone trying to make sense of the old conversations here, the reason you can't find the posts by FD #1 PR agent and FD shareholder Theta Sigma is that he changed his screen name to Doctor Doom when he left here a while ago. I guess that's the furthest distance he could put between him and his comments, since he can't delete his comments entirely.

    39. Avalanche on August 8

      @ Wyzak

      Did they both say they were shareholders? I kinda recall one did, but I didn't really follow things enough on that.

      @ Joseph Pikus

      I think it's easier to link to things I've said before, if you're interested. It's just my view on things, for what such things are worth.

      On top of current issues, an earlier brief summary [ well 'brief' for me :o) ] of where the issues began so long ago:…

      Longer summary (which still doesn't cover all the details):…

      Now, I would say, people are very divided as to the actual game itself, with a foundation of a lot of the previous issues bolstering things up. Such a shame. Hopefully you'll keep enjoying the game.

      This is about how I thought Frontier Developments dealt with things via PR, which irked me:…

      Been a while since I looked, but I think Skyrim Mods are numerous, varied and yes, quite good (possibly better). I think there would be something(s) for anyone to find and include in a playthrough. Worth a look, maybe, unless of course one is strictly a vanilla player.

    40. Joseph Pilkus on August 8


      So, having read Harold_UK's entry, he's a long-time gamer with apparently a lot of time on his hands or he plays this one to the exclusion of all others. As my daughter and I will enjoy the solo mode it appears as though we'll avoid this nasty, brutish environment of ED players, but there's hours and hours of content for us.

      Interesting debate


    41. Joseph Pilkus on August 8


      Thanks for the response. Clearly, Chip Patton is quite livid about "something" but I'm not sure about what it is he's so incensed about. The game, by my limited estimation is beautifully rendered and I can take missions and fly a gorgeous ship which gets better via upgrades.

      Canyon be a bit more specific as to the vitriol a vocal minority has about the game.


    42. Oldschool Shadowrunner on August 8

      > I'm quite unfamiliar with the issues surrounding Frontier or Elite.

      The user reports on Steam will fill you in. Start with the top-rated three reviews.

      "This company, Frontier Developments is borderline fraudsters"

      "Elite may look nice on the surface, it's just a shame that what lies underneath and in the background is nothing but poisonous and toxic in the extreme. An ill thought out, badly concieved mess."

      "I can still dream they'll hire a talented game designer one day."

    43. Joseph Pilkus on August 8


      I'm quite unfamiliar with the issues surrounding Frontier or Elite. I finally downloaded the game and it is, as I expected, absolutely stunning. It appears to be, as promised. I'm curious about what I'm "missing" as the $40 USD by my estimation was well spent on a graphically stunning, richly immersive experience.

      Yes, I heard the SkyRim mods are quite good.


    44. Missing avatar

      Wyzak on August 7

      Lets not forgot that the two strongest defenders of Frontier on this page by a country mile are both proven shareholders of Frontier. Talk about a conflict of interest.

    45. Avalanche on August 6

      @ Oldschool Shadowrunner [… ]

      "If Frontier made the deduction, investors would immediately see the year's true result. A net loss of £2.9m..."

      I should probably have been clearer :o) Yes, I can see why they would want to disguise a minus *£8.9 million* from investors. I was wondering what the 'official' line was to explain why they had decided to give the information in that way in a yearly trading update of all things. I'm guessing they're not going to be asked. Not that they would answer anyway.

      The Eurogamer article thought is was... 'curious' I think their word was. I do wonder if this sort of thing means we're allowed to scribble a few extra earnings on the back page of a tax return in crayon: "£4,900 for doing stuff. Oh and £9,300 from my mate Dave." in the hope that the Inland Revenue won't notice :oD I wonder, but seriously this time, if such things ever get called out officially. Probably not.

      The $100,000 tournament issue is additionally interesting though.

      @ Joseph Pilkus

      Possibly the same could be asked more of those who've relentlessly persisted in trying to defend Frontier Developments' behaviour, against all reason, even after all FD did (or didn't do as the case may be). Behaviour which is ultimately the route cause of any such discontent (deservedly so I think). Not sure if Oldschool is angry or hates Frontier Development/David Braben, but FD'/DB's behaviour is still something that they have failed to respond to, let alone taken any responsibility for, so some of us still post (some more that others). Some may be as unhappy as they are, as they actually care(d) about Elite and wanted it to be what was promised/advertised. Some didn't get their money back.

      I'm not sure why the number of backed projects is relevant though? If Oldschool had backed 30, would that make a difference? 100? Oldschool backed *this* Project, which seems to be the only one that counts, even if it was the only one backed. Also, personally, I've played a lot of good games, but what does that have to do with how Frontier Development/Braben acted, or this Kickstarter, or Oldschool still posting here?

      Hope you enjoy all the games with your daughter. Possibly mod Skyrim :o)

    46. Joseph Pilkus on August 6

      So, I rarely visit Comment threads long after the Kickstarter ends...but I came back out here and to my surprise...okay, I wasn't really surprised, Oldschool Shadowrunner is still out here spewing hate and discontent. I'm curious as to why you're so angry? I checked-out your profile and you have backed a meager nine items...surely there must be a game you actually enjoy playing...don't you.

      Anyway, I'm finally back from a deployment and I hope to actually download the daughter and I have been waiting for a few years and as we built ourselves a computer to accommodate Skyrim (her), StarCraft II (me), and ELITE Dangerous (us), we can't wait to play.


    47. Oldschool Shadowrunner on August 2

      Frontier sets a new record for the the lowest Steam user review score??

      Elite Dangerous: Commander Pack - 9%

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