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Take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally - trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy.
Take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally - trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy.
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    1. deusx_ophc on


      btw if anyone is into old school shadowrun…

      how about a dollar for barrett & crew ^^

    2. Oldschool Shadowrunner on

      Frontier announces another 'improvement' to the game.

      "Sorry, guys. Do whatever you want, but dont design computer games - its simply ridiculous."

      "Give us a shout when you actually add something to the game instead of taking it away."

      "I'm sick of Elite's bullshit, alright? I do not enjoy grinding, I do not enjoy hours upon hours of travel for small things, I do not enjoy that actually cool content such as the Thargoids and whatnot, basically means I need to grind shit out to get my shit engineered just to have a real chance.

      I do not enjoy that I need to grind out Guardian stuff. I do not enjoy that CQC is dead and they gave up on it basically the day it released.

      I do not enjoy that a year and a half later, if not two years after Horizons came out, that we still only have one SRV, and you know what I especially don't enjoy?

      That, after the previous gold rush, I finally got the ships I wanted more-or-less... And I have almost fucking nothing to do with them in this barren ass fucking game.

      You know what I want? A good space sim that actually lets you do a bunch of shit, and not just take missions from an impersonal board. I want real content, actual interaction with the world, and so on.

      But knowing Frontier, all the cool shit they will ever add (and I don't think they will at this point, to be honest), will be gated off by yet more fucking grinding."

    3. Andy Watt on

      @shadowrunner mate, you really, *really* need to get a life.

    4. Oldschool Shadowrunner on

      The ED cutbacks continue. Having announced they are to shaft Mac players by disabling the game for which they paid, Frontier now says it is considering preventing solo players from participating in the PowerPlay extension.

      Join the refund debate here.

      "A vendor removing basic features from a product after its sold and the money is in the vendors pocket seems unethical, maybe fradulent, and possibly illegal."

    5. Oldschool Shadowrunner on

      Frontier it to deliver the ultimate betrayal of its Mac players. It will soon disable all the sold copies of Mac ED, citing bogus "technical barriers" that prevent people continuing to play the the game which they backed and bought.

      "Right now, I feel cheated on multiple levels:

      1. Originally, ED was supposed to work in offline mode. That promise was broken. If the game had an offline mode, I could still enjoy it on the Mac.
      2. When I pledged on the Kickstarter campaign, there was nothing that let me know I would have a limited amount of time to play the game and then it would not be supported. Basically because Frontier decided NOT to make an offline version.
      3. When the Lifetime Expansion Pass was announced, it was originally announced for both PC and Mac. Frontier later offered refund for Mac customers. But I didn't ask for a refund at that time because I was hoping that Horizons would come to the Mac. However, Frontier changed the game again by releasing only one major paying expansion, Horizons. For $180USD, I was expecting a lot more.
      4. The version of ED works fine on the latest macOS 10.13 High Sierra. I don't see any technical reason to drop the Mac version.

      As such, and because of broken promises and false representation, I feel I'm entitled to get a refund on my Lifetime Expansion Pass.

      And I've learned that Frontier is not to be trusted for anything."…

    6. Missing avatar

      Rohit on

      How do I actually play this game

    7. Oldschool Shadowrunner on

      "I think I have been disconnected from this game 50-60 times now, wither it be match-making server error, Unknown errors, and a multitude of other DC's or force restart the game, errors it's been what 4 years since Elite Dangerous has been released. And still the bullsh1T.... FIX IT!!!!!!"

      "I didn’t think it was gonna end up as poor as this. I had my doubts, as time went on, but I didnt for a minute imagine that it would be as crumby as this after 4 years."

      "I think it's beyond doubt now. The Elite Dangerous Kickstarter campaign, was more about kick-starting Frontier Developments than bringing the "game for the ages" to market.

      Since then and it seems for the foreseeable future, they'll throw the bare minimum at it to keep the justification going."…

    8. Oldschool Shadowrunner on

      From "Would you support a kickstarter for ED V2?" on the Frontier forum.

      "The wonders of the internet. You can raise money to build your first product, get the same schmucks to test it for you, pad it out with RNG, ship it incomplete and bootstrap your company with the profit."…

    9. Oldschool Shadowrunner on

      Another week, another Frontier balls-up, and yet another ED feature 'temporarily removed while we fully investigate'.

      "I swear Frontier is just running a long social experiment to see how many f!** ups it takes for people to leave the game."…

      And then Frontier bans the discussion.

    10. Dice Man on

      So two months later of being back in the game - and I am still enjoying it. Bought an Imperial Cutter - amazing ship. Started Engineering bits and pieces. It will never be quite the Elite we all hoped for, but I think it has become good enough. I was one of the haters for along time, after powerplay and a few other disasters....but time has taken it's course and I am finishing off my last comment here with a positive end. Take care, wherever you are.

    11. Oldschool Shadowrunner on

      Frontier's latest ED fix attempt goes from bad to worse, now losing live missions.

      "Maybe once this colossal fuck up is over and actually sorted they will realise that they should actually test patches before they go live."

    12. Oldschool Shadowrunner on

      "FD asks players for screenshots of the nth attempt to fix the game's missions. Possibly a bad idea.

      "They literally don't even play their own dumpster fire of a game. I shouldn't be this shocked at how out of touch Frontier is but..goddamn. This is next level incompetence."

      "This company seriously looks like it's run by a bunch of circle-jerk back-patting designers who love to "make experiences" for other people but never consider it for themselves. I have a hard time seeing how this problem is not incredibly self-evident. Where is the technical competency???"

      etc. etc.

    13. Oldschool Shadowrunner on

      Frontier attempts to fix some of the game's long-standing issues. What could possibly go wrong?

      "I honestly don't know how it's possible to break so much in such a small update."

    14. Oldschool Shadowrunner on

      "The very first time I heard David Braben bragging about how the game had 400 billion star systems, I knew there was going to be problems."…

      "The problem is that Breadbin's new vision appears to be nothing like the one that carried us here, across decades of consistent, reliable mold-breaking and pioneering innovation. ED is a massive retrograde step back in the development of a long-trusted and dependably-unique, bold and uncompromised form of gameplay..."…

      "we all knew this juggernaught was effectively derailed the moment FD's 'solutions' (read: workarounds) to the networking challenges became clear"…

    15. Oldschool Shadowrunner on

      "It's pretty sad what this "game" turned out to be compared to the original promise.

      SO many terrible decisions made by these devs, from infrastructure to ship design, so many promises broken, and the speed at which tangible new features and improvements are made could be described as somewhere between hot molasses and Snorlax.

      Several years later, I see these "content" updates and peek in the window hoping for something resembling the game I was promised, and all I see is another reminder of how disappointing the original purchase was, and how I basically gifted Frontier/devs the price of the "lifetime dlc pass" or whatever that thing was called.

      What a joke."

      "It saddens me to say this, but with all the evidence and things I can point to, subjective and objective, it's my conclusion that while there are obviously many people who enjoy E:D and would defend it, it is essentially a failure as a game and if it had never had the Elite IP name and the large initial $ success to leverage it would not have survived past 1-2 yrs. Steamspy stats also seem to confirm this."

    16. Oldschool Shadowrunner on

      "It's clear to me that the majority of Frontier's team has moved on to other projects. The simple fact is the game's sales revenue can no longer support major development.

      So they have a skeleton staff supporting the platform with incremental developments. Leaving people like me who invested $300 for the lifetime package with a bad taste in my mouth.

      Their biggest mistake was trying to cater to the console market and by doing this they watered down and limited the engine's capabilities to dated machine specs. A real shame because I doubt they got anywhere near the sales projection they predicted. You want to know what killed atmospheric landings, it's the consoles.

      And woe be to Frontier if they decide to end this support for the current game and after a short break come out with elite 2 to force everyone to buy again."…

      "I suspect the reason of all this delays is that big chunk of profits from ED was invested in other FD games instead of what we were expecting..."…

    17. Oldschool Shadowrunner on

      > How do I get my key? I never got my rewards....

      Good question. You'd think Frontier would have actually have bothered to post an update her when they released the game - or the cut-down excuse for it that they did release. But no...

      Ask Frontier Customer Support.

    18. Derick Rodriguez

      How do I get my key? I never got my rewards....

    19. Oldschool Shadowrunner on

      "DiscussionI wonder how FDev feels about the things they mentioned at the beginning of ED's development.

      I was just going back and watching some of the earlier development plan videos and listening to Braben talk about the game he wants to make. It just sort of makes me realize that what we have now, 5 years later is...nowhere near that. Personally, I doubt that we ever will have what they describe.

      Just to cherry pick some of the bigger points:

      Walking on planets littered with city scapes, wildlife, trees, etc. and doing things like big game hunting.

      Walking around on a station and seeing other people's ships loading cargo.

      Sneaking on board a ship and hiding among the cargo.

      So on and so forth.

      Listening to it now, it sounds like an entire other game being fixed onto the tail end of what we have now.

      Reading through the updates, it's slowly gone from "You will be able to do X, Y, Z" to "Well, it's our vision to hopefully be able to maybe do X, Y, and Z. One day."

      Do you think Elite will ever actually have space legs/planetary landings?

      Do you think those planetary landings will feature cityscapes and wildlife?"

    20. M Pat on

      I've been dropping in here every few months since the KS ended, wondering with a sort of grim fascination whether Oldschool Shadowrunner will still be continuing his one man protest in the vast empty echo chamber that is this comments section, or whether at some point the stream of invective will slowly peter out and die.
      But no! No sign of any weakening. What a truly relentless commitment to grumbling into the void. What is it that drives you OS? Is a link to this page permanently flashing on your desktop? What did they do to you man?

    21. Oldschool Shadowrunner on

      Let's take a peek at the customer satisfaction level on the Frontier "Dangerous Discussion" forum. Should be pretty high, seeing how the mods there are so keen to ban people still asking for and not getting the game for which they paid.

      The Top five threads. All negative.

      "Does anyone else feel like Beyond is a graceful exit strategy ?"
      "Where Elite Went Wrong, or: How NOT to craft a Sandbox Experience"
      "HazRes must be buffed, it is dead"
      "I love the game but FD ignoring 95% of folks and caving to 1% makes me want to walk away."
      "Reality Check"

    22. Oldschool Shadowrunner on

      ED's top backer speaks out on the matter of Braben's "freak show".

      "I was sold on the vision and dream by Braben, with all the hype that surrounded the kickstart, to the start of the DDF (that was really fascinating to engage with the devs), to initial release. Then reality set in and the sheen wore off. With plenty of inept decisions by Frontier my feeling towards them declined to now one of indifference. I often wonder why I am still here - perhaps it's nostalgia from the game of old; perhaps it's the vision that still haunts me; maybe I am an optimist and hope for that one killer newsletter; but after watching their management & senior members of the game make decisions that turned Elite into a freak show, I have little hope. My name will live forever in Elite, for when you visit the Founders you will think of me, but all I have left now is a vision/dream to wait for ..."

    23. Dice Man on

      Funny, but I loaded up Elite again - went to Founders, kitted up an Imperial Clipper (cause its nice to fly) and headed out to a nebulae some 8000LY away - not a huge distance but further than I ever did before.

      It's quite - nice really. Still the same but notice lots of little improvements in plotting a journey...and some nice touches in space.

      All playing in solo of course.

      Time was just right to come back for a bit.

    24. Oldschool Shadowrunner on

      "Ian was the one who, over 20 years ago, said Braben does not understand games, gamers and fun, and that he is not to be trusted (Busines>morality/friendship) and it seems he was right"…

    25. Oldschool Shadowrunner on

      "With the stagnation year of 2018, and "Beyond", little to no improvements in morale can be expected. The updates will be just as buggy, the "fixes" will be just as bad, and no real changes will occur, until Frontier has our money, in advance, again, for paid non-cosmetic content."

    26. Oldschool Shadowrunner on

      "Honestly, if FDev was an American firm, I'm 99% sure leads & creative staff would've been fired. I know you are dear and kind people on the live stream, but you fail on this game on so many levels, year after year."…

    27. Oldschool Shadowrunner on

      "I'm done getting my hopes up that FD will finally release something to make this miserable game any good. There's absolutely no reason to expect that FD will suddenly be able to turn this ship around this year when they've consistently failed time and time again to design even a single fun thing to do in the game, or anything that feels like it matters at all or exists in a context at all, come to think of it. I fully expect Beyond will be a flop of biblical proportions, just like Powerplay, CQC, Multicrew, Engineers, and everything else they've tried to do in this game."…

    28. Oldschool Shadowrunner on

      "Right now the community lives on hopes and dreams that something great is about to come out to eventually let us forget all the shortcomings and issues. At some point development has to stop and then the game should be in great shape to be enjoyed for many years without major updates. This is very far from what is going on right now."…

    29. Bruce Harlick

      Ha. One of my co-workers just asked me if I played Elite: Dangerous as he saw my name while he was playing the game. Good to know I'm in the naming database!

    30. deusx_ophc on

      elite:dangerous kickstarter comments section - the place where OFFLINE gaming is the future in 2018 ^^

    31. Oldschool Shadowrunner on

      "i think that after 2.4 frontier would be in no shape to attempt another kickstarter. gotta mop up the previous mess first, regain some credit."

      "You could run the exact same kickstarter for Elite Dangerous right now and just change the name; and people would support it because everything described in the kickstarter still sounds like a great game and that game currently *does not exist*."…

    32. Oldschool Shadowrunner on

      "When offline was ditched and allways online P2P game was announced people (the so called god awful whiners) were screaming here that it will make development of many promised features an impossibility, and that it will make this game shallow and limited... Frontier and fanboys alike were saying that it`s not true, that they know whet they are doing, and that it will only be to the benefit of us all

      But today, when we ask about early advertised main features, all we hear is: "it would be to heavy on the network", "the multiplayer nature of the game will not allow this", "this will not work in the multiplayer environment",

      For me its bad game design and poor decision-making with lack of foresight"…

      "The narrative back than was that by going always online we will get a lot of very rich new gameplay opportunities along all the good stuff we loved in former games

      the reality so far has proven that always online created technical limitations which hindered development and prevented many features from being developed yet at the same time provided almost no benefits because their online solution is very limited... multicrew limited and DOA, Wings still broken, almost no group oriented content, no guilds, poorly designed communication, no global chat, very limited player count, lag, long pauses between transitions, disconnects, and uncountable ammounts of dev time wasted on desperate attempts at fixing this mess"…

    33. Oldschool Shadowrunner on

      "With their track record, I think the best Frontier could do would be to stop "fixing" things altogether. At least that way, the game won't continue getting worse with each update."

    34. Oldschool Shadowrunner on

      "If you're trying to understand some of the disapointment, I can tell you where mine comes from. It comes from naively hoping that David's vision was what we were gonna get, with no compromises. For whatever reason, I always envisioned him as a man who wouldn't stoop to the level of marketing-speak. I thought he was above that. I was wrong."…

    35. Theta Sigma on

      OS - seek help bro

    36. Oldschool Shadowrunner on

      "Elite is prone to the same sickness it had prior to release: no consistency, no believability. Due to this and the way development continues to focus rather on adding shiny new tack-on content to get the players who went into cryosleep back every once and again, instead of working the core problematics, i deem this game still a "glorified beta"."…

      "If FD really believes that players like working together, why not fix the broken multiplayer aspects already present in the game? Adding more content to a broken platform is just so,... FD...

      Sorry, I really love this game, but dress a turd and it's still just that. Squadrons are an insult in my opinion. Fix the core (multiplayer/instancing) game first."…

      "After 'release' in 2015 a people lived a hope 'they will add something', game is new, it is long term project. Fine. I belived in that too. Now i see every update and new part of game has been done by lowest effort."!!1-quot…

    37. Matt Dobson on

      Happy New Year all!

    38. Oldschool Shadowrunner on

      "I think it's unrealistic to ask Frontier to give their plans for the game. Suppose they are actually winding down the whole thing. Do you think it would be good if they were announcing so? It would scare off any potential buyer. Better let the people hanging and sell a few more copies."…

    39. Oldschool Shadowrunner on

      News. ED is NOT bad!

      "ED is a solid example of miles wide, puddle deep, and it doesn't help that the game's systems are as basic as possible and lack any sanity checks.
      That said, I've found that setting mini-goals for myself is one way to enjoy the game. Collect all of the imperial ships, then all of the fed ships, then do something else and so on.
      The activities themselves are not exactly fun to do. ED is a foundation without a building constructed on top of that foundation. On the other hand since you've already spent money on it you may as well get enjoyment out of it.
      It's not bad, it's just barren, basic."

    40. Theta Sigma on

      Merry Christmas to all E:D Kickstarterians!

      Wishing you all Health and Happiness in 2018

    41. Oldschool Shadowrunner on

      "So what happened between the kickstarter, development, and release?! Who was ultimately responsible for the dumbed down approach? Unfortunately I wasn't active in the DDF forums here - were the "forumdads" arguing for an "80s" approach to this game or was it FDEV themselves who scaled back so massively? The worst part is that I see no signs that the grand vision is being implemented at all. It should have been priority number one, far more important than all the other stuff (wings, planet landing, engineers) yet it does seem as if the placeholder galaxy is here to stay."

    42. Oldschool Shadowrunner on

      "Elite Dangerous turned up to be ELITE with fancy graphics at its core, but this wasn't the game that was promised in the Kickstarter videos! (especially dev diary 2) Going by the FDEV videos during development, the basic idea was that you would have all this many star systems in constant political turmoil with interesting visible stuff happening all the time. Like, for example, there is tension brewing, you see warships being built in orbit, war breaks out between two systems, you can see the warhips leaving their orbit, hyperspacing to the other star system, moving to the enemy star base, actively attacking it, after the won battle the victors send out materials to build their own base there. And all this action are real events and monitorable to the players. Happening all over the galaxy. And the players wouldn't be just "small cogs" all the time, but have the chance to truly participate in the world (like the "having the chance of carrying the system president's assassin" example Braben talks about in dev diary 2). You all can't deny that exactly this was the impression FDEV was trying to make in their Kickstarter vids! Instead we got RES sites, instant spawning, signal sources, power play and all that BS. I would have never guessed during Kickstarter, that the "living, breathing universe" would be basically a board game, with wars not fought over stations and planets but happening on "RES sites", bounty hunting consisting of waiting at a spawn point (!), mostly static economy, things not being built and persistent but everything an instanced spawn, basic events not being triggered automatically by the galaxy based on algorithms but inserted manually by the devs... holy heck! That was for sure not the spirit of the kickstarter pitch. So I just wonder, what happened to the grand vision from the kickstarter? "

    43. deusx_ophc on

      in related news:

      Frontier Development Titles account for 10% of global TOP 30 steam sales ^^

    44. Theta Sigma on

      Elite: Dangerous in *shock* holiday season price reduction on 3 y.o. game %^]

      In other news, 60% off GTAV

    45. Theta Sigma on

      Typo: 1,163%

      11,630% happens in 2018 %^]

    46. Theta Sigma on

      FDEV up 11,630% since ATL of £1.06


    47. Oldschool Shadowrunner on

      "TL:DR everything they add is straight up broken for months, or if it works it doesn't make any sense gameplay wise or exaggerates the existence of other pre existing bugs.

      People are pessimistic when it comes to FDev's development because they have proven time and again and again and again that anything they add will be mechanically stilted and awkward if not outright completely broken and requiring a hot fix or 6 months of patches to get into a half working condition. "

    48. Oldschool Shadowrunner on

      Latest news in Elite Dangerous: Thargoids attack space stations! Unfortunately the servers were down at the time, so no-one saw it... except on Frontier's YouTube channel.

      "So did anyone witness the station attacks by the thargoids"

      "No. No one ever witnesses anything that's reported in Elite. The game is static. The exciting gameplay happens in one's imagination. "

      "Yeah, all the cool stuff always seems to happen during those 45 minute server downtimes. Imagine that!"

      "It never ceases to amaze me how this company misses out on potential involved gameplay."

      "Of course ! Frontier filmed a live attack"

      "I already feel sorry for all the folks buying the game after watching the devastation video, expecting the game to be like this."…

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